Marseille Management Wants Murray Suspended (Maybe Not)
by Tom Gainey | February 15th, 2010, 10:36 am

Here’s a funny story out of England on Andy Murray. In one article from the Daily Express the tournament director for the Marseille event, which Murray withdrew from last week, is calling for Murray to be suspended from the ATP for not upholding his “responsibility” and respecting his “commitments” toward the tournament. ADHEREL

But now TD Jean-Francois Caujolle has backtracked telling Sky Sports he never asked for the Scot to be suspended. Caujolle says he was merely “disappointed” over Murray’s withdrawal.

However Caujolle truly feels might already be irrelevant, the damage has likely been done. Unless Marseille offers even more money for Murray next year or makes some serious amends it’s doubtful Andy will return to the French city after the shots fired by Caujolle.

Murray was to be the top seed at the tournament before he pulled out on Friday.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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20 Comments for Marseille Management Wants Murray Suspended (Maybe Not)

andrea Says:

totally unrelated but canada won an olympic gold medal for the first time on native soil last night!!!

we were thinking of leaving vancouver during the olympics and escape to some warm destination but the city is hopping and i’ve never seen it so busy in my life.

i can only imagine what this town will turn into if we win men’s hockey…..fingers crossed!!!

Kimmi Says:

hehehehe! I am sure the tournament is very disappointed but then federer would be suspended 10 times for pulling out of tournaments at the last minute because of fatigue.

Tom, I agree, if I was Murray i will never return again to this crappy 250 tourney.

Von Says:

I doubt Marseille would want to offer Murray more money for 2011. They’ll find another player to satisfy their marquee needs. I suppose there’s no love lost between Murray and Marseille, and the tourney directors are just venting their frustration.

jane Says:

Why on earth would they say Murray should be suspended (if in fact that was said)? The guy just lost a grand slam final and may have tweaked a wrist injury in the process. I understand they have a tournament to promote, but Murray is hardly shirking his “responsibilities”. Ah, too bad to hear these things.

jane Says:

andrea – Kimmi and I were celebrating the gold on another thread last night. Woot! Also, totally agree with you about the city hopping and the Olympic atmosphere catching; mind you the weather could be a little more cooperative. I have the entire 2 weeks off, so I have no complaints.

Kimmi Says:

“…2 weeks off, so I have no complaints.” Lucky you jane. Did you just take the 2 weeks off because of Olympics? I would if I had enough vacation days I tell you.

Since I am kinds new here, I was surprised to hear the story that Canada have never won gold medal on home soil..very poignant, I shed a tear yesterday. And the guy with his brother, made it very a good story.

jane Says:

Kimmi, I didn’t have to take off any time because all of the post-secondary schools here closed (not K-12 though, my son is still in school); I guess they figured older students would be skipping etc, so they just shut down. Plus it’s not exactly easy to get around with all sorts of parking issues, lane closures and beefed up security. Anyhow, it means the term’s a little longer, but I’ll take the trade off. : )

margot Says:

jane,kimmi: v funny pic in today’s press of Andy, trying to look incognito in an old parka, eating a sausage sandwich, a true British delicacy…, in a caff on Wimbledon common with….KIM……!!
jane: as you were talking about literature, how astonishing that so many marvellous female novelists come from Canada, off the top of my head, Attwood, Shields, Monroe not to mention Reichs. Attwood is one of my very favourite novelists of all time, “Cat’s Eyes” is wondrous.

Kimmi Says:

margot, just saw the pic and lol lol. Good one though. They look cozy.

Mitch Says:

If you look at the whole story, Murray had recently asked for a doubles wildcard for him and his brother, plus something like 5 hotel rooms. Kind of a jerk move.

Kimmi Says:

ATP supports Murray over Marseille withdrawal

“There are clear rules and regulations in place with regard to player withdrawals and Andy Murray followed them,” read their statement.

“We understand a situation like this can be frustrating for a tournament, but we are looking forward to a great week of tennis in Marseille with a strong field led by six of the world’s Top 20 players.”

jane Says:

margot, yes, we do have some word-ish women; I do like Atwood. Some of her short fiction and poetry is also wonderful, in addition to the novels. So I wonder if Murray and Kim are reuniting?

Duro Says:

Jane, are you still there?

jane Says:

Popping in and out Duro – have a bit of a cold, so kind of tired. Interesting to read your “bloody head” take on things on the other thread. If he does have that attitude it’s not good. Nole should remember this: it’s great to raise your game when facing the best, but if you want to be at the top, you have to beat the rest.

Duro Says:

Jane, yes. Pretty much so… Get well. Gotta sleep now. Good night.

margot Says:

jane, Duro: I often used to feel, not quite so much now, that Andy would get bored playing “lesser” players. He’s certainly go walkabout much more than he does now.
re: kim, it would be nice, but they are both so young, so much pressure. Am watching some of Winter Olympics, men’s downhill looked truly terrifying! The mountains look amazing.

cha cha Says:

Murray screwed them two years in a row. Nice. Hope the fans remember him at RG.

margot Says:

cha cha: well, the French at RG don’t seem to like Rafa so what the hecks that about?

contador Says:

Ooo, Jane. margaret atwood. was given a compilation of Atwood’s short stories….very funny, great stuff! i remember a short called “Hairball.” lol

gulbis holding his own, so far, in 2nd set and managed to win the first set, woooooot!

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