Rafael Nadal Spotted with…Shakira
by Tom Gainey | February 15th, 2010, 12:48 pm

Here’s an item out of the NY Post adding fuel to the rumors that Rafael Nadal and pop star Shakira may be more than friends. ADHEREL

The blurb says that the bootylicious buds were spotted dining at the W Hotel in Barcelona. The two were there together for a video shoot.

Nadal’s management brushed off the dinner saying the star tennis player was dining with his team and the video director when Shakira came over for a drink later during the meal.

Shakira is engaged to Antonio De La Rua. Nadal has been dating high school sweetheart Maria Francisca “Xisca” Perello. If both are still tied up as stated I’ll call Yahtzee on this story!

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46 Comments for Rafael Nadal Spotted with…Shakira

Kimmi Says:

Let me remind myself what you wrote on your first post couple of weeks ago..

“I’ll mostly be writing quick notes, side items and gossipy tidbits circulating in and around the tennis world”

Gossip hmmm! Nadal and Shakira? I doubt it but that will steer things up. lol

jane Says:

Nice “B” alliteration here Tom: “The blurb says that the bootylicious buds were spotted dining at the W Hotel in Barcelona.”

“bootylicious buds” = phrase of the day. : D

Tom Gainey Says:

@kimmi: I do have a reputation to protect. I could have made the story more salacious but I’ll leave that to others.

@jane: For the record I have no interest in Rafa’s backside! However I’m sure other do.

sidmore Says:

They may not be an item but it is funny how they ALWAYS manage to end up somewhere together which would seem to be extremely difficult since both live in different countries YET somehow they manage it. No…there is no coordination going on there. Men always have incredibly sexy women as pals. LOL!

Andrew Miller Says:

If true, poor Xisca. If false, Nadal still wins. Nadal wins either way.

skeezerweezer Says:

That’s right Tom leave that to us, LOL

Shakira? I would be taking my time re-habbing those knees! Go Rafa!

Tennis Racket Says:

Would Shakira be with Rafa if he was not the 2nd best tennis player in the world? I don’t think so.

Michael Says:

It seems that Nadal is more bothered about his girl friends than about his declining game. Now seeing this news Xisca must be fuming. Afterall, how can everyone be fortunate as Mirka ? Federer is with her for over ten years not looking at another girl.

st4r5 Says:

Hmmm… Michael my friend, that’s because Federer only looks at the tennis ball and not at girls.

Michael Says:

Well said st4r5. Federer has once proved that he is a cut above the rest and is a role model to follow whether it is in Tennis or real life.

olivia Says:

all rubbish stuffs!!! this can neva b tru dat shakira n rafa r dating…dey came up 2geder 4m dere shoots 4 dinner…n wabbout d phrase of d day -bootylicious buds,huh?? just spreading off rumours!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer has been with Mirka since he was 19, right? No way he’s never looked at other girls.

Ben Pronin Says:

Oh and Shakira is super hot so if true, kudos Nadal.

contador Says:

“…I’ll call yahtzee on this story!’ LOL!

we’ll see, that miami tourny is coming up fast. isn’t last year miami, where the rumour 1st started?

neither are married. no kids involved.


andrea Says:

ok, so i’m watching olymic coverage last night and they go to the curling arena and there are 3 commentators. when they start describing the two lead men on the rival teams, one commentator says “it’s like the federer nadal rivalry”, which of course is hilarious.

god bless the curlers!

contador Says:

lol, andrea.

curling, that is the name of the sport i was trying to recall last week. it’s popular in canada and other parts of the world but little known where i live in the US.

in other news: gulbis got the first set, i see from live score! one wish for this day in tennis fulfilled!

but poor gilles simon lost his first set to olivier rochus. i

Desirai Says:

Roger Federer likes girls plenty. IMO, Federer is just another Tiger Woods level fiasco waiting to happen. He appears to be arrogant, disingenuous, and self-centered. I would never want my child to see him as a role model for anything other than how to hit a tennis ball.

GlobalTennisForum Says:

Rafa is too young for Shakira. Actually 10 years younger.

Andrew Miller Says:

We have no idea who Federer knows. Or Mirka. She is the power behind the throne!

contador Says:

“She is the power behind the throne!”

absolutely, Andrew Miller!

mirka and rpger are the quintessential power couple. it is evident that mirka ‘allows’ him to hang around w/ anna wintour, now and then, which gives me the creeps to imagine, it’s anything more than keeping RF styled and gorgeous in those suits with his perfect hair or something.

10 year difference between rafa and shakira? don’t be silly. think: demi moore and ashton kutshner! shakira is HOT.

madmax Says:

Roger Federer likes girls plenty. IMO, Federer is just another Tiger Woods level fiasco waiting to happen. He appears to be arrogant, disingenuous, and self-centered.

February 16th, 2010 at 4:36 pm

You know him do you desirai?

What a lot of rubbish. So self-centred that he spends a million dollars a year on schooling for children in south africa, arranged hitforhaiti, sends all money from sale of his baseball cap to roger federer foundation and a third of all sales of other tennis kit to his foundation.

But wait. Desirai, my apologies. I realise you must be joking.

Recently, when playing at the AO, two presenters were talking about federer in a “personal way”, something along these lines.

“Ahhhh, roger federer, married to his gorgeous childhood sweetheart, a multi millionaire, houses in switzerland and dubai, two beautiful children, world no. 1, 5 Laureut sportsmanship awards – the accolades just went on and on….

Then there was a huge pause – and one presenter said to the other –

“Yes —————

but is he happy?!

just had me rolling!

contador Says:

hi madmax. up early to accomplish something this week- like keep job. and since this is a gossip thread will add- i read tt regularly but post rarely. i like the daily brief match previews and reports.

the news and blogs? i commend you for remaining, let me say. end of story. ;-))

madmax Says:

ahhhh contador, tt never been my home – always tennis.x, this is full of fabulous posters (and good to see you post here more often too), there is a sense of intelligence on this site, more than tt (with the constant squabbling from a certain few – boring). But so many fabulous posters with years of tennis experience and tennis insight. I learn so much more here.

when you say “I remain”, I dont really. I drop in every now and again, and dont really converse with many over there, more here.

And I know what you mean about keeping the job – so difficult when you have the itch to type tennis, conty. It is a driven thing, you know. I read your posts about Gulbis (hehhheee), you love him dont you conty? (that’s nice).

When I watched gulbis for the first time at the AO this year, I didnt like the attitude. thought he came across as very spoilt, almost brattish. didnt know a lot about him, so read up on him. spoilt rich kid? why does he even bother playing tennis if he doesnt want to take it seriously? He doesnt need to the money? SO I suppose the only answer must be that apart from the obvious talent, he loves to play? So why doesnt he improve? take it more seriously conty? have a word, eh?

But this is a much better home, for everyone I think. So I hope you stay. Cos you seem very nice to me.

contador Says:

yes, yes ernests is likely a spoilt rich boy and yet, it was love at first watching him play tennis….back in 2008.

he is very talented, too articulate in his soft-spoken english for me to totally write him off. his attitude? well, i think he’s misunderstood, LOL!

it’s pretty clear he hasn’t a lot of incentive to move up rankings and i guess, doesn’t care about his talent and playing tennis so much to put in the time with his coach (he could about hire anyone).

love his serve. love his natural clean ball stricking or bashing, as it is. not big on strategy, my gulbis.

but, he could be! c’mon ernests , YES YOU CAN! your fan(s) still love you!!

he is holding his own against sexy steps at the moment. and even has blasted 10 aces, 3 in his first service game. first set 5-4, each holding serve.

haas went out in a decider v x-man malisse

ernie appears to need to get the first set, if not, i think he simply gets bored or starts thinking of playtime elsewhere. :))

contador Says:

oh and thanks, madmax. i am nice, so i am told ( real life)

i just got off to a very rough start a year ago after ao 09 there when i 1st started posting about tennis at all. and ya know why i jumped in. federer and fedfans needed help! fed was being written off and mocked. but a few posters i particularly loved disappeared and for me it’s just gone downhill, unless you are a hypersensitive rafa fan.

end of story.

looks like gulbis and steps are headed for a first set tiebreak.

goooo ernie!

contador Says:

correction: ‘ball striking’ is what i like and his clever drop shot, not stricking i don’t think that is a word, lol

contador Says:

to comment something on topic, that shakira and rafa thing has to be BS. just BB’s, “bootylicious buds’ as the ever reliable gossip pages of NY Post reports. actually i thought that sighting was reported by ‘perez hilton,’ hmm…

pitiful to have anxiety while watching the steps v gulbis live score!

i get the sense ernests is about to lose focus after such a great effort winning the tiebreak and first set! *heavy sighs*

contador Says:

ace race aside. stats show gulbis is slightly outplaying steps, for the moment.

talking to self about now. doesn’t appear there is even an online audience for this match. duh.

contador Says:

hey, this steps v gulbis would be a fun match to watch people!

ernie, showing some fight. just denied steps 2 set points, 2nd set.

maybe some grudge going on. gulbis beat steps in tokyo, last time they played. ( i think ) he beat steps the last time they played, somewhere.

and ernie just broke steps and the score is 6-5 to ernie! ernie serving for match. arrrrrrghh gag-a-roo time.

contador Says:

woooooot! ernest gulbis, i love you!!

straight set win! ahhhh, i breathe now.

speaking of heavy breathing. back on topic…bootyliciocious buds- rafa + shakira, only a crush, a perfectly innocent crush, mmkay?

Kimmi Says:

Contador! LOOOOLz. You make me laugh.

So Gulbis won a second match..Congrats to you and Gulbis ofcourse. Something must be clicking for Ernest..really, when was the last time he won two matches in a row, this requires a celebration! WOOT!

OK, back to earth, who is he playing next? Looks like I will join you for the cheers on his next match. Great job.

“speaking of heavy breathing. back on topic…bootyliciocious buds- rafa + shakira, only a crush, a perfectly innocent crush, mmkay?”

Only friends, no? Nothing serious! lol

contador Says:

kimmi, i was completely using all my powers, willing ernests on and absolutely certain that is the whole entire reason he won. woot! staring sooo hard at live score, was i, making him fire off those 20 aces during match and win the first set tiebreak, plus forced him to not get bored and gag while serving for the match in the 2nd set!

c’moon, a round of applause for ernie! and by all means, if at all possible, kimmi, lets get on it! i could use your help, thank you very much!

okay, already checked out his next hurdle. ’tis likely that unpredictable bad boy berdie. they only played once. it was 2009- you know, ernie was injured and such and such. any excuse will do.

or, short 30 something guy, michael russell? ( feeling a little guilty and unpatriotic. i have no idea who he is). it’s possible the home crowd cheers michael russell on enough to get by berdych.

my *expert* theory of gulbi, uhh right, he has a better chance against berdie, guessing that against russell, ernie is more likely to be completely uninterested, get bored; or go beyond his attention span and lose to someone he really should beat easily, being the more talented player, of course.

gulbis prefers a big stage; another guess, since he nearly beat tsonga last fall, i think it was in tokyo.

gooooo gulbis!

friday kimmi, match will be on friday, i believe.

contador Says:

okay kimmi, my last post on topic of ernests gulbis.


here is a link Andrew Miller posted on another thread. doha match 2010

amazing speed from gulbis and gives a look at what my boy ernie could do. federer beat him in a decider but so inspired is ernie against the top players that he out-played federer won the 2nd set.

federer seemed irritated at the end of the match, when he finally won the vid is a little unclear but, it appears fed drop kicks the tennis ball instead of whacking it into crowd. lolzzzzz

ernie beat roddick i think, have to look up that one. he also played well against rafa. point here: if somehow gulbis could get a free ticket into the top 30? my guess is that he’d have more work harder off court and do something.

go gulbis!

contador Says:

meant- gulbis would have more incentive to work and train harder off court and do something with all that natural talent.

no more typing today and going home. all typed out. dinner and olympics, yay!

Kimmi Says:

Contador, I saw that clip the other day and enjoyed it. It was a great match by both..(mind you i did not see the actual match live, I would have gone crazy for Federer). You can see Gulbis talent in this match,yap..he gave the maestro a scare.

berdych will be tough. (i think he will come thru against Russell) but as you said Gulbis has the talent to win (or lose) this kind of match. Fingers crossed… but don’t get too excited yet, just one point at a time.


madmax Says:

I have something on Ernst Gulbis, which would like an independent opinion on, and as you seem to be his biggest fan, would be grateful for some feedback, so when you have a moment, could you email me (if you pick this up),



There is something about Gulbis’ game (will admit that), but he is also a bit of a bad boy right contador? in more ways than one!

contador Says:

okay madmax. will do.

keeping an open mind, my friend. can it be worse than the arrest last fall in sweden? you have me curious.

doubtful he’s aiming for any future exemplary moral character awards, lol

madmax Says:

email me conty and i’ll tell you all about it and whether you think i should post it here. I’m waiting.

madmax Says:

Hey conty! speak later – been watching some of the winter olympics today – shaun white! wow!!!!! and Jane, your Lindsay Von is doing well, eh?!!!!

Cant believe some of those moves those skiers perform! Showoffs! :)

madmax Says:

i cant believe that lindsay von has fallen? what happened? she did so well yesterday –

I still dont get “curling”. I just DON’T get it?!

Kimmi Says:

madmax, can’t get “Curling” too. Now you got me curious..what is that thing with Gulbis ?

Contador, it is the Berdy guy waiting for Gulbis tomorrow. Do you think he will be up to it?

contador Says:

woot! oh, can-a-da! i’s great to know that you even bother to remember the the berdi v gulbi quarterfinal in memphis.

must go look up the time, though. that is sometimes a challenge on a friday, during the day. i imagine it will be on early, like noon my time.

but my theory on gulbi, again: i ‘fancy’ he is completely uninterested in the likes of even someone of tomas berdych’s ranking. i’ve done enough homework on ernests gulbis to see he brings out his best when playing higher profile players than berdie; he relishes the top ranked players the most. if he only had more incentive or a natural love of tennis to match his talent, he’s already be right up there at least in the top 30.

but the situation as it is. it’s my guess that his mind wanders on court, whilst grinding out a match with someone like berdych. and off court, well… i see him slacking, maybe not the gamer like the muzza, but you know, distracted, hormonally challenged? maybe?

he beat roddick, he beat nolee, he is impressive against tsonga or fed and nadal. plays well on all surfaces. the question is obviously not about his natural talent: speed, moves well, some fantasic shot-making (mostly unplanned ) a great ball striker, backhand especially and forehand, love his serve and he’s sooo charming in post match interviews.

the question and reality is what must be an utter lack of incentive to put in the work and have a desire to move up the ranks like everyone else. he’s 21. i prefer to postpone his tennis epitaph, giving him a little more time.

the thing with berdie is: he is inconsistent too. he seems capable enough but, i dunno. it might be a real dud of a match tomorrow.

steps wanted revenge. ernie was not going to give it to him. so, it was a surprisingly great match with ernie firing off those 20 aces, his mind on the moment and did not gag serving for match!

we’ll have to see, kimmi. it’s worth checking out, i think. and it is great to know someone else is even thinking about gulbis v berdie! :-))

contador Says:

here’s the memphis men’s order of play, central standard time:

10 a.m.-pppetzschner v lukas lako ( a three-setter )
followed by
dr. ivo v isner uh boy, ( i pick isner gets it done in 2)
followed by
gulbis v berdie goooo gulbis! c’mon, thinking cap on! ( i can’t even venture a guess )

7 p.m. – roddick v samurai sam (roddick in 3)

followed by the main event:

screaming masha winner

Kimmi Says:

contador..great analysis and spot on. I will take a peek at the score (hopefully live) when I get a chance tomorrow. Yes..its afternoon..bad timing for me, in the middle of “everything”.

It will be amazing if he wins but if not it’s OK too..its a good start to the year and that bodes well for the rest. Since my fav Verdasco hot sauce is gone…Goooo Gulbis indeed!

Shakira Video with Rafael Nadal Says:

[…] in sports world today (however if you live in the U.S. it sure feels like it!). To follow up on the “non-dating” story the other day with Shakira and Rafael Nadal, I give you a sneak peak preview of the upcoming video […]

van Says:

do you know something i love rafa and shakira is my idol so i’m so happy for them and rafa go

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