Nalbandian Wins in Return
by Tom Gainey | February 16th, 2010, 7:04 pm

I’m a big fan of the American guys as I said last week but of the international players I’d have to put David Nalbandian as one of my favs (he was unable to win that match point against Andy Roddick at the 03 US Open which turned into Roddick’s and for American men the last Slam win!). ADHEREL

Nalbandian who had hip surgery last summer won his first match since May today after he finished off Potito Starache6-2, 7-6(2) in Buenos Aires.

“I’ll take things day by day. I’ll need four, five, six tournaments to (start) getting the rhythm of the circuit,” he said.

David tried to make a comeback at the start of the season but suffered a stomach muscle problem in Auckland. Good to see he’s OK now (fingers crossed!). David Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero are the tops seeds down there in Argentina.

Returning to the subject of American tennis, tomorrow night have a dandy between Andy Roddick and James Blake in Memphis!

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14 Comments for Nalbandian Wins in Return

ines Says:

I saw the Nalby´s match and really he´s a very talented player, and the first tournament after his surgery. In my opinion if he´s fit he´s a better player than Djoko, Murray, Davy, I think he can beat everyone…even Delpo.

Steve Says:

I find it strange people can be ‘big fan of my country’s players’ no matter which style or character. Maybe it’s because I’m from a small country but I always want Federer (and some others) to beat my countrymen, I couldn’t care less which nationality someone has.

jane Says:

Nalbandian H2Hs versus top guys (his number first):

Federer: 8-10
Djokovic: 1-2
Nadal: 2-1
Murray: 2-0
Del Potro: 3-1
Davydenko: 6-5
Roddick: 2-3
Soderling: 5-1
Tsonga: 0-1
Cilic: 1-0
Verdasco: 0-1

While Nalby has losing H2Hs with Federer, Djoko, Roddick, Tsonga and Verdasco, they are out by 1 or 2 matches only. Most definitely, Nalby can beat ANYONE when he is playing his best. I hope this hip surgery brings out his best.

Kimmi Says:

He loves the indoors and for couple of years he was the King. Love Nalbandian too (when he is on)

Tom Gainey Says:

@Steve: What country are you from? I have to admit that with the Olympics ongoing I do feel that much more patriotic. I’m sure posters here from outside the U.S. feel much the same.

jane Says:

Kimmi, did you see that Verdasco lost to Chardy? I guess that confidence couldn’t carry him through. Chardy has been in a bit of a slump. Maybe he’s coming around.

During the Olympics, I feel very patriotic too. But less so with tennis – mind you, we don’t have many stars from Canada. I might be prone to cheering on our players if we had more, but since it’s an individual sport I find myself liking certain players/personalities regardless of country.

Tom Gainey Says:

@jane: I am correct in congratulating Canada on their second gold today (Ricker?). NBC showed her xboard cross win an hour ago.

Kimmi Says:

jane, I took a peek at the live score while watching figure skating. I saw he lost to chardy. i kind of thought it could be the hangover from San Jose..maybe too much partying:)and dreaming about how good he is getting…it was a big win for him. Well, he can now go get prepared for IW and Miami.

I watched that figure skater Evgeni PLUSHENKO, he is very good, he actually could win Gold but very arrogant..YACK! I hope somebody else wins.

Kimmi Says:

Tom, Yay!..Another Gold medal. keep them coming!

jane Says:

Yep two gold for us now Tom; it was a good ride for Ricker. I watched some of the qualifying, quarters, semis, etc, and while she kept making it through, I honestly didn’t expect her to nab the gold. But when it came to that final run, she brought it, big time.

contador Says:

jane / kimmi

i slacked job for tennis last week and have olympics ( and of course new episodes of Lost, skeeezerweezer – on dvr ) now to find some time. olympics are way better live, of course. wanted to watch bode miller and lindsey von in the downhill and super combo but.., think recorded wrong one.

nalby adds spice to any tourny. last time i watched him, it was v rafa. a great match, it a quarter or a semi?? indian wells last march.

anyway, glad he’s back. and, today – 2nd round in memphis; gulbis v the worm at @ 8 or 9 a.m.

was down with a flu early half of last month, it was awful. hope you’re feeling better, jane.

madmax Says:


not patriotic at all about any UK tennis player. But very “patriotic” about swiss players (not just federer), but warwinka too. I like him a lot.

Am so pleased that David Nalby is back. Always loved to watch him play. I remember (just before his hip surgery), he gave an interview – it was a strange one at that- saying he must be “the most unfit tennis player on the circuit because he loved eating burgers and drinking beer a lot of the time! What an admission!

Contador, yes, the dreaded flu bug – two weeks over christmas for me too – knocks you out big time.

contador Says:

sheesh, i was thinking memphis, tenn, was east coast time.

finally googled us time zones. no wonder no live score yet.

jane Says:

contador, thanks – yep i think this is a flu for me too. It’s lasting too long, but at least I am off work right now (other than marking). Hope you get to catch up on some of the tennis/Olympics now. :)

And yeah, that Nalby /Nadal match last spring was a thriller; I thought Nalby had it and then Rafa turned the whole thing around on a dime and ran away with it, as he is wont to do.

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