David Nalbandian Has Retired From Tennis
by Staff | October 1st, 2013, 4:46 pm

In a surprising press conference in Buenos Aires earlier today, David Nalbandian announced his retirement from pro tennis.

The 31-year-old who underwent shoulder surgery in May which kept him from playing this summer and eventually led to his retirement.

“It’s not easy what’s happening to me now, my shoulder is not helping me to train as I should for the circuit,” Nalbandian told the media.

“It’s a tough day to announce my retirement.”

Armed with one of the best backhands in the sport, the sometimes surly, often injured Nalbandian is known for collecting wins over the like of Rafael Nadal (2 wins) and Roger Federer (8) including a five set victory in the 2005 Shanghai final. He also famously held a matchpoint against Andy Roddick in the 2003 US Open semifinals.

But an assortment of injuries and inconsistency prevented the talented Argentine from making a bigger impact on the game.

A former No. 3, Nalbandian finishes with $11.12M in earnings, 383 career victories, 11 singles titles and one Grand Slam final at the 2002 Wimbledon losing Lleyton Hewitt.

The Cordoba native was victorious in his last match, an April 6th doubles win with Horacio Zeballos over France in Davis Cup. His last Grand Slam match was a loss at Wimbledon in 2012 to Janko Tipsarevic.

Nalbandian said his exhibition matches against Nadal next month in Argentina are still on.

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14 Comments for David Nalbandian Has Retired From Tennis

Steve 27 Says:

Is not a surprise. Good Luck. Adiós, amigo.

Teeg Says:

One of my favourites, just never appeared to have that fighting spirit. I was thrilled when he defeated Roger to win the Masters Cup, devastated when he lost to Roddick at the 2003 US Open, and happy for him when he won back-to-back Masters in Madrid and Paris (even though he beat Rafa at both events). He should’ve made the 2006 AO final, that loss to Baghdatis was just inexplicable. But that was David, he had some incredible highs and frustrating lows. Like I said, I liked the guy
and will miss seeing him on the court. Best wishes for the future David.

The Great Davy Says:

To da loo fellow but lesser underachiever!

Brando Says:

You’ll be missed Nalby!

IMHO he along with Marat Safin are the 2 biggest unfulfilled talents of the post 2000 era.

David should have been a slam winner but for a variety of reasons it really just was not meant to be.

Like Marat at his best: he really could handle the best and be not only their equal: but their better.

Have a happy future Nalby!

Perfect fan Says:

David was one such player, I looked onto for his fighting spirit and sportsmanship. A great warrior of his times with a never-say-die attitude. Sometimes gets bugged down by wrong selection of shots but never the less a great fighter.

One such player who was once named ‘federer’s nemesis’ untill federer turned tables at him. I really feel honoured to see guys like nalby,tommy,rusty still slugging it out, still believe in themselves to be up for the challenge from the younger crop of players. Unfortunately, nalby had to take this decision giving in to the injuries.

But anyways, I truly wish that….u have a glorious and satisfying life ahead. Stick around to tennis, if possible….we wud appreciate that.

Thanx for the memories…..cheers!! :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

No one timed the ball better than the Pregnant One. I have never seen someone pregnant for 10 years until I ran into him. He is a good choke for the most part.

He owned the Arrogant One in the juniors like I own him in grown up tennis.

Enjoy the retirement, amigo. May your pregnancy yield more babies.

Commentator debate: David or Davide. STFU already. He has retired.

Michael Says:

Another great career of a Tennis Golden mine comes to an end. Nalbandian is one of the most talented players in Tennis circuit. He gave few frights to Roger when he was at his peak in 2006/2007. His career would have only zoomed higher if not for the physical drag which woefully cut short a zooming personality. It is difficult to imagine that Nalbandian has never won a major in his career given his talent. But, that is the way it goes in Tennis sometimes which is cruel to most of the competitors who may be enriched with talent but handicapped otherwise. To win a major, you need something more than just raw talent. Nevertheless, wish Nalbandian all the best and he should take up Coaching in right earnest since my perception is that he will become a great coach.

Nadline Says:

See, 2 wins over Rafa is enough to dine on for life.

Margot Says:

Really liked him too. Brilliant to watch in his prime.
Amazing to talk about “retirement” at 31 though. Most of us in UK must now work till 70…EEK!

Skorocel Says:

Brando: “IMHO he along with Marat Safin are the 2 biggest unfulfilled talents of the post 2000 era.nts of the post 2000 era.”

Agree. Technically, he had all the tools to be great, but (sadly) lacked that all-needed discipline and work ethic of the likes of Nadal or the calmness of, say, Federer. Pity…

Giles Says:

Shame he didn’t fulfil his Davis Cup dream.
Good luck David. Enjoy your retirement.
Please let Rafa win the upcoming Exos later this year! Lol

the DA Says:

Hope he has a happy retirement. His BH was a thing of beauty. I’ll remember many of his epic clashes, especially against Fed and Rafa. Also a couple with Andy that were memorable.

Polo Says:

Nalbandian is that player who when he is playing at his best has the ability to beat even the best players playing at their best. The other one is Safin.

SG1 Says:

If only David Ferrer’s head could have been screwed onto Nalbandian’s body.

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