Rafael Nadal Confirms He’ll Skip Wimbledon, Focus On Olympics

by Staff | June 13th, 2024, 10:42 am

Rafael Nadal said at the French Open that Wimbledon wasn’t in the plans. Today, he confirmed it.

Nadal said instead of Wimbledon he’ll take a spot in Bastad on clay to prepare for the Paris Olympics at the end of July.

“During my post match press conference at Roland Garros I was asked about my summer calendar and since then I have been practicing on clay. It was announced yesterday that I will play at the summer Olympics in Paris, my last Olympics,” Nadal posted on Twitter/X.

“With this goal, we believe that the best for my body is not to change surface and keep playing on clay until then. It’s for this reason that I will miss playing at the Championships this year at Wimbledon. I am saddened not to be able to live this year the great atmosphere of that amazing event that will always be in my heart, and be with all the British fans that always gave me great support. I will miss you all.

“In order to prepare for the Olympic Games, I will play the tournament in Bastad, Sweden. A tournament that I played earlier in my career and where I had a great time both on and off the court. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Thank you”

Nadal will likely never play Wimbledon again. He’s a 2-time champion there. He last played on the grass at the AELTC defeating Taylor Fritz in the 2022 quarterfinals in five sets. He then had to withdraw from his semifinal from Nick Kyrgios.

With Nadal not playing, Roger Federer retired and Novak Djokovic likely out, it would be the first Wimbledon without the Big 3 since 1998.

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14 Comments for Rafael Nadal Confirms He’ll Skip Wimbledon, Focus On Olympics

SG1 Says:

“Nadal will likely never play Wimbledon again.”

Sad when you think about it. A truly remarkable era coming to an end pretty soon. Only Djokovic left and even he is starting to show signs that his career is winding down.

Here’s hoping that Alcaraz and Sinner give us a brilliant rivalry. The signs are there.

Giles Says:

https://x.com/holmes_hive/status/1801328251802988745?s=61 And they have the audacity to call this punk the Goat!?

PK Says:

Everybody has a bad day at the office once in a while…

Wog Boy Says:

The GOAT does it the way GOAT should do it, efficiently and with passion, GOAT way👍👏

skeezer Says:

Fans getting tired of all those antics, they are not GOAT material.

Meanwhile, fans are starting to come back to tennis. Record turnout for FO:


chrisford1 Says:

Ooooooo! PK and Skeezer go full-on Karen. Clutching their pearls. Only perfectly behaved athletes can be called champion. People like LeBron and Michael J, Messi, Maradona, Tiger, Rory, and Michael Phelps..

They miss that Nadal doesn’t bash rackets because when he acted up as a boy, he was physically punished. Mildly beaten and cuffed around, or locked in a dark closet with no water for 4-5 hours after practice if he smashed a racket.
Some call what they did to an outstanding boy athlete with psychological issues and bad OCD “the molding a champion”. I call it child abuse.

Rather than beat Novak to enforce behavior, his coach recognized he was also a gifted student and needed grounding in poetry and classical music. So when Nadal was in a dark closet, Novak was reading Pushkin in Russian.

Wog Boy Says:

“Meanwhile, fans are starting to come back to tennis”

😝hahaha, someone is butthurt, try nearest pharmacy, they might have vaseline on special.

You might check this one too, but you’ll need double dose of vaseline after😉:


You should be familiar with Wiki, remember the time when your man was briefly GOAT, you, as the leader of the cult used to post regularly Wiki records of The Arrogant one, hardly any record is left these days, guess who is holding them?!

Alison hodge Says:

https://youtu.be/p9Xn8Olq5-0?si=9dOxtwX0SP-OWJgT Skeezer, Madmax, Federer fans just found this on YouTube coming soon to Amazon Prime….

skeezer Says:

Thanks Allison 😃👍

FYI In retirement, Fed is still getting big sponsors like with ON, hottest rising global sports brand on the planet.

That said, again it is fabulous to see new talent taking over and represent the game well, proven by the fact of a record turnout at FO!

Alison hodge Says:

Your welcome Skeezer, enjoy the documentary, I believe it’s available now, gone but never forgotten, enjoy 🤗

Alison hodge Says:

And yes the FO, was very enjoyable, there are some great young players coming through 😎

chrisford1 Says:

Nadal’s worst big events are the ATP Finals Championships he will never win, and Wimbledon where he hasn’t made even a final in 13 years. Makes sense to skip it. Everyone knows, inc. Rafa for many years – he won’t do very well there.

skeezer Says:

Rafa’s FO record will never be broken, unlike the Slam records, which now have proven to be a revolving door.

Alison hodge Says:

Shame he’s not playing Wimbledon, win or lose, he can be ranked 1 or 1000, US Brits love Rafa, and nothing will ever change that, one of the most popular players ever, even when he beat Murray he commented on how lovely the British fans were to him 🤗

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