Roger Federer Confirms He’ll Skip The Clay Season
by Staff | March 24th, 2018, 11:06 pm

Following a shock loss Saturday to Thanasi Kokkinakis in his Miami opener, Roger Federer confirmed that he will skip the clay season for a second straight year.

“Yeah, I decided not to play,” Federer said playing on the clay. “I didn’t play great last week either, I felt, overall. Nothing new, in my opinion. I’m trying to figure things out.

“I’m a positive thinker. I feel like every match is another opportunity. Especially after losing one, clearly I’m down right now. I’m disappointed. I’m frustrated a little bit that I couldn’t find a way. It’s unfortunate how it goes.

“It’s pretty simple at the end of the day. You go back to the practice court or go on vacation, you really take a break, get away from it all. When you come back to the practice court to work, whatever it is, you do it at 100 per cent.”

Federer’s vacation during the clay season last year paid off as the Swiss went on to win Wimbledon which helped him return to No. 1 last month.

Federer, though, hasn’t played the French since 2015, and at 36, will he ever return? And as of now, Federer’s last match on the slippery surface was a fourth round loss to Dominic Thiem at Rome in 2016.

He’ll also more than likely not have his No. 1 ranking going into the grass season.

His next event is scheduled for Halle in three months!

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52 Comments for Roger Federer Confirms He’ll Skip The Clay Season

Mjj288 Says:

3 months… :(

vk Says:

3 months… :)

Rick Says:

Rooferer! Get a roof! lol He would had beaten at the Aussie Open. If the semi and the final weren’t playing indoor.

Markus Says:

It is an urban myth that Federer would have lost without a roof. He beats Cilic more (very much more) often than not with or without a roof.

Willow Says:

Thank goodness for that lol ….

James Says:

Nadal is now 100 points ahead of Fed, but has 4680 clay points to defend. So unless he cleans up the clay season again, Fed could become No. 1 again before Wimbledon. Heck, it could happen after Monte Carlo if Nadal can’t defend the title. Will he? Who knows. If he is 100% healthy, he most likely will. Is he 100% healthy? Hard to know. Lets see.

Regardless, Fed has reached a level that may not be surpassed for a long long time. 20 slams and 309 weeks at No. 1 – Djokovic was threatening both, but seems to be in a deep slump that has lasted longer than expected. And he is close to 31. Will he win 8 more slams and another couple of years at No 1? Nadal is close to 32, and also breaking down again. Will he win 4 more slams, and 3 more years at No. 1?

One thing is for sure. I can’t see any of the young guns winning 20 slams. So its upto the two of these (Djoke and Nadal) to threaten the two main records Fed holds. If they don’t, this could stand for decades, or even longer.

And BTW, smart decision again to skip the dirt. A possible 9th Wimbledon would mean a lot more for him than anything else.

Willow Says:

If Federer gets it back all power to him, just want Rafa fit to play, anything else is secondary given he aint played for yonks ….

Rick Says:

Poor Rooferer! They didn’t put him on night sessions. So he could rests and sleeps all day, then play his match. No wonder Rooferer picked to play at Rotterdam instead of Dubai. Which is an indoor event. Sucks to Rooferer. He wanted to steal that number 1 ranking so badly. Then he wrecked his rest schedule for the Miami.

Rick Says:

Instant karma for Rooferer for trying to rob the number 1 from someone unfairly.

Rick Says:

With his old body. When Rooferer plays an event. He has to rest for a week or two. To get himself fresh and ready for the next one. And for a two weeks Grand Slams event. He has to rest for months. If not, don’t expect him to do well for it.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Very disappointing news. I had hoped the extra time off and early loss would have motivated a return to clay.

The clay season can go two very different ways: if Rafa comes back at strength, as usual, he can absolutely eat it up. I mean, there has never been less competition on clay for him than this season. If he does not come back at strength, it is just wide open. Who do we like on clay after Rafa, in absence of Real Novak, Stan, Rog, Thiem?

Del Potro? Zverev? Not a lot of bona fide clay players out there. Ferrer??

Margot Says:

^ Thiem. And I’m expecting Chung to do well too.

Rick Says:

Rooferer finds his roof again. He will be staying indoor,to be a housewife for the next three months. Haha

chofer Says:


Chung is my dark horse for the clay swing!


That is unnecesary vitriol.

Giles Says:
Nice of Laureus to congratulate Rafa. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

skeezer Says:

^maybe next time they’ll give him an award.

skeezer Says:

Glad Fed is skipping Clay. He looked spent and was losing his aggressiveness( on returns especially ). Rest up and try for #9 at Wimby. Can’t wait.

Markus Says:

Rooferer is a great moniker for Roger because his achievements are through the roof. Hurray to Rooferer! Thanks, Ricketty Rick!

Giles Says:

Rafa already has 3 Laureus Awards!

Markus Says:

Sometimes, it is good for Federer to lose because there are a few people out there who have been waiting so long with their planned insults fo use when Roger loses. It can get really frustrating to keep waiting match after match. So guys, feel free to use them now.

Giles Says:

Why is he skipping clay? Is he injured?

skeezer Says:

So true.
You were sayin?

Humble Rafa Says:

Tony Godsick can’t find a roofing company to sponsor the Arrogant One. It’s a shame.

skeezer Says:

^Read 11:48 post. You’re so yesterday.

Willow Says:

Tennis Vagabond just because its clay and its Rafa, im not taking it for granted he will clean up and win everything ….

Humble Rafa Says:

^Read 11:48 post. You’re so yesterday.

I am fighting a battle against demons. I want to do what is right for tennis and the world. I have to deal with cat owners and the like. But victory is for greater good.

Soon, I will be #1 and on top of the world.

anthony Says:

bad to worse…bad enough that Djokovic, nadal, murray and wawrinka are benched with injury or close to it and have been for a long time….now federer out again for 3 months.

If there was a next gen player really ready to step up this would be the time to do it.

j-kath Says:

Agree Anthony.

BBB Says:

Was Federer not in the #MSD video?

Humble Rafa Says:

Once again it’s up to me to save tennis. Of course, no one will give me credit.

Rick Says:

Rooferer back to where he belongs. Indoor! Lol

Markus Says:

Telltale sign that some posters have been holding on to their bad comments that they keep spinning in their heads waiting for that rare time that Federer loses: You hardly ever hear from them for long stretches time, then Roger loses and boom! Like a fly to a turd, they come swooping by.

I take the time to read them because like good wine, they have aged, collecting dust and cobwebs in their heads waiting for that brief window of opportunity when it can finally be opened.

Come on, Rick. I want to drink to that.

Chris Ford Says:

Fed bows out of clay, Rafa says thanks. Fed is the 3rd best clay player in his era. This is a great opportunity for excellent clay players like Thiem, for Delpo to blow Rafa off a clay court at some point, perhaps for Djokovic to end being a sad, physically hurting head case.

Markus Says:

A 100% Rafa is a sure bet to win the French with a 100% Djokovic as his only real threat. At 90%, Rafa can still beat anybody who is not 100%.

skeezer Says:

Enjoying a nice glass of vino atm and saw your post.
Beautiful description of a poster.
“Like a fly to a turd…”
Well done!

Daniel Says:

Its actually 2 full months and around 20 days off. He lost yesterday March 24th and he returns for Stuttgart on June 11th.


I think after what happened in IW and Miami, slower HCs, he realized that on clay it would be even more difficult for him to hit through opponents and apply his supers aggressive game. He played a kind go clay game with Kokki, not taking many risks, a lot of spins, not flattening shots and it cost him.

He menos he has to maximize his powers a his age and after clay, is grass and medium to fast HC.

Also, one blink for Nadal and his back to #1. If Nadal doesn’t defend one of MC and Barcelona, in back to back weeks, Fed returns to #1, for at least till Rome, where Nadal may have a shot of getting it back depending on what he does in Madrid and there.

So, he is controlling what he can, his schedule, his fitness and his body in order to charge second half of season.

#1 wise, Federer is in a better position this year than last year, even without the sunshine double. He has 3110 pts to Nadal’s 360, whereas last year he had 4045 to Nadal’s 2280.
A higher cushion of 2750 compared to last year, 1750 entering clay.

Add to that a not fully fit, match ready Nadal (as last year just coming out of Miami finals and AO finals entering clay).

It’s like a poker game, he increases the ANTE and the pressure is on Nadal now.

Markus Says:

skeeze, we do have the best shield to any attack on Federer, don’t we?

Rick Says:

Rooferer “The Best Indoor Player”! Lol

rognadfan Says:

Lol these haters now suddenly got new pair of wings.

skeezer Says:

Fed apparently is currently magnificent at no roof tourneys, he won last years IW & Miami, and finals at this years IW. Where was Rickys love Rafa?
Lost and AOL.

rognadfan Says:

skeezer, Nah, his/her/their posts say loud and clear the person is just a hater. No love for the game or a player there for that matter.

Markus Says:

Flies do have wings but they can’t fly high. They have short life spans. You won’t even need a swatter to get rid of them.

Rick Says:

Markusova! I do agree with what you said. But how dare you calling “Rooferer” a fly? Is it because he had that number 1 ranking for a few weeks only? Or it is because other players have to be on tour 11 months a year, Rooferer only has to plays 8 months? But afterall, Rooferer is “The Best Indoor Player” this year! Haha

Rick Says:

Rooferer and his fans are flies. Lol

Willow Says:

Fed bows out of clay and Rafa says thanks ?, WTF i think its down to everybody to beat Rafa on clay, not the other way round, not exactly sure what Rafa has left to prove anymore when it comes to winning RG, 10 titles there but whatever ?

Rick Says:

Wow! Another fly! Don’t expect when Rooferer returns, he will returns with the confidence he had like last year. Especially with 2 consecutive losses. And being beaten by a 175th rank player. The danger for him being indoor for three months. He will be building up his doubts. Just like those people who are out of jobs for a few months. And when they are free.

Markus Says:

Willow, some people don’t have enough brain cells to think properly. They crave attention. This one guy already got more than he deserves for his one simple thught that has now become redundant, tiring and old.

Willow Says:

Thanks Markus lol ….

SG1 Says:

Roofs are great! Would have a hard time falling asleep every night without one.

Martin rivkin Says:

Funny on these comments pages what jealous people are driven to write …what happens when there star player wins a title when a roof is closed or due to being older can’t maintain a full season and misses grass season it clay etc still express so much comment then …bet not

Madmax Says:

God. Rick is back.

Rick Says:
Rooferer! Get a roof! lol He would had beaten at the Aussie Open. If the semi and the final weren’t playing indoor.

March 25th, 2018 at 6:45 am

Rick, have you been ‘injured’ emotionally? physically? been off the tour for how long now? Anything you want to tell us about. Because if you are just coming back with talking about Federer, I think you need to switch camps. Seriously Rick. Worried for you.

Madmax Says:

3 months does seem a long time to wait. But we can wait. Not long to see Fed play at Halle and then Wimbledon, hopefully.

In the meantime, the clay court tournaments abound – let’s see.

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