Carlos Moya Quotes

"The good thing about him is that he doesn't do anything special but he wins most of his matches easily. That means that he's good.
-- Carlos Moya on Andy Murray.

"I was worried a bit at the beginning because I didn't know how the situation was. Once the ATP wanted to do the tournament, I realised there was no risk at all. I'm very sorry about what happened. It's not easy to be here knowing so many people were killed very near from here."
-- Carlos Moya on making the trip to Chennai, India this week after the tsunami disaster.

"It's not easy to play your best for 40 weeks. It happens every year, I don't play well in Rome or Hamburg -- I don't know why -- but then I play well after that." -- Carlos Moya gearing up for Roland Garros.

"The competition, at least for me, is to be number one in the world, not number one in Spain. I have to admit that right now it's a goal to be number one. I mean, I'm just a few steps away from being number one, but there are many points between the first and the third. But it would be a good first step to win here." -- Carlos Moya in Monte Carlo.

"I think he's very good, and you never know what can happen because he's still very young. But he has a lot of potential. I think in two years maximum he's going to be Top 10 player." -- Carlos Moya on 16-year-old fellow Mallorcan Rafael Nadal, who tuned Karol Kucera Tuesday 6-1, 6-2, and beat defending Roland Garros champion Albert Costa at the TMS-Monte Carlo.

"I honestly think I am a better player than I was four years ago, when I was No. 1 in the world." -- Carlos Moya in Miami.

"They can be very good, but I don't think they're going to be as good as the other guys, not as a group. Maybe one of them can be as good as Agassi, Sampras, Courier and Chang. But I don't think as a group they're going to achieve as much." -- Carlos Moya on the crop of young Americans.

"I'm not too worried about the final against Coria tomorrow. Even though the crowd will be with him, I have eight years of experience with this and I hope the crowd will be a little bit with me too, because I love Buenos Aires and Argentina." -- Carlos Moya, talking smack and looking to pound Guillermo Coria in the Buenos Aires final.

"Today's been better than the last days. I did treatment yesterday, and it looks like it work out pretty well. Still, I wasn't able to serve 100 percent but the way I been serving was I didn't feel any pain so that's good. It's also good to win in straight sets, because I have to force my elbow a lot. So I have a treatment tomorrow again and hopefully it's gonna be fine for Wednesday." -- Carlos Moya on his elbow injury

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