Mardy Fish Quotes

"Usually, when I get tired, I usually get tired and I keep getting tired. I mean, I don't really know. After he came back from the bathroom break, you know, I mean, it just all of a sudden he's -- you know, he's fresh again. I'm not quite sure how that happens."
-- Mardy Fish on losing to an exhausted Nicolas Massu in the gold medal match at the Athens Olympics.

"It wasn't like we were best friends or anything, we were more like brothers. We fought all the time. We were very competitive. We played a lot of one-on-one basketball, and we'd race to school every day."
-- Mardy Fish on staying at the Roddick household and going to school with Andy Roddick.

"Besides my strokes improving, I've gotten a lot more comfortable with the game. The travel's not so tough any more, I'm learning my way around the circuit. I'm learning to cope and I'm having fun. That's the key -- the tennis is fun and I'm really enjoying it."
-- Mardy Fish, on the verge of breaking into the Top 20 for the first time.

"It was amazing to see somebody just with so much confidence. You know, he didn't have a serve that was like Roddick's or Rusedski's. Actually, Rusedski is a bad example. But like Andy's, just blows it by you. He could hit it if he wanted to, but he took a lot of pace off it and he placed it. There's nobody better, ever."
-- Mardy Fish on the Pete Sampras serve.

"I'm almost in the Top 50. Looking back, I used to go down the list of guys that were in the Top 50. I'd say, `Those guys are so good. Hopefully I'll get there someday.' Now looking at the rankings and seeing my name there is special to me." -- Star-struck American Mardy Fish, trying to figure out if he'll settle for Top 50.

"I'm very exciting to make my first final. I'm also really happy that all my family and friends could come and watch. My sister is here who is in college and my dad doesn't get to see many of my matches because of his work. I also had a couple of my best friends here who never get to see me play. It was a very special moment." -- Mardy Fish about reaching the Delray Beach final.

"I'm disappointed because it was a winnable match for me. But it's no disgrace to lose a tight one to Rainer, who is a Top 30 player. But I was pleased to play five matches this week. Going into the Australian Open I didn't expect that I would have played five matches and had a win over a Top 5 player. That was one of the best wins of my life." -- American Mardy Fish, ousted by Rainer Schuettler after beating Richard Krajicek and Carlos Moya in Sydney

"I'm very relieved to win a match like that. I've been in a position to win matches like that before and I haven't come through. I kept saying to myself that this is the year for me to win these type of matches." -- American Mardy Fish, after ousting Carlos Moya in Sydney

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