Petra Kvitova Interview - Wimbledon, June 28

Posted on June 28, 2010

Petra Kvitova Interview
Monday, 28 June 2010

Q. Great match today. Can I just ask, why are you such a dangerous opponent on grass?

PETRA KVITOVA: So I play very well on the grass, and I play very fast. So she didn't play her game, so maybe that's why was quick.

Q. Are there any particular shots that you were pleased with today? Was anything working well in particular?

PETRA KVITOVA: So it was working, every shot.

Q. Everything?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, the serve was great, and also my fast game from the baseline, so...

Q. What are your thoughts on your next match against Kanepi?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, we'll see. Kanepi play very well right now. We play already three times, I think. Two I lost and one I won.

So we will see. It will be tough match, but it's open, the match.

Q. We don't know you very well. Can you tell us a little bit who you are.

PETRA KVITOVA: So I was born in Bilovec, Fulnek is my residence, and I'm practicing in Prostejov. I am practicing also with Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova.

Q. There is a challenger in Prostejov?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, yeah.

Q. There is an academy, too?

PETRA KVITOVA: It's the big tennis center in the Czech, so...

Q. The national tennis center?


Q. So you practice with Lucie Safarova and Berdych?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, in the same club.

Q. The name of your coach is in the media guide, or you have a new one?

PETRA KVITOVA: I don't know if it's in the media, but it's David Kotyza.

Q. Did you expect to be so good at this tournament? Did you improve your practice specially for this tournament?

PETRA KVITOVA: I did just practicing my serve. But, yeah, I practiced a lot. Now it's good.

Q. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

PETRA KVITOVA: So I don't know. (Laughing.) The weaknesses, I think it's my fast game from baseline, and my left‑handed on the serve on the grass.

And I don't know what is worst. Maybe moving on the court. Yeah.

Q. What does Wimbledon mean to you? This is your best Grand Slam so far. How special is it?

PETRA KVITOVA: So, yeah, it's playing on the grass, what is special, and special indoor season, so it's nice here.

And also, the Wimbledon has traditional, so it's nice to be here.

Q. Are you close to Safarova? You are good friends?

PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, we are good friends. We play also the Fed Cup together. Yeah, she's nice. And yeah.