Roddick vs. Minar Live? Not on U.S. TV
by Sean Randall | February 9th, 2007, 9:54 am

I’m on record for being a big fan of Davis Cup. I love the format, and the crowd enthusiasm and nationalistic pride mixed in with the heightened pressure of winning makes it one of the truly great events in tennis. Unfortunately, Davis Cup is barely on the radar screen here in the U.S., if at all. More evidence of that comes this morning when surprise, surprise, the tie between the U.S. and Czech Republic is not even being shown live at all on that Versus/OLN/outdoor/fishing/rodeo channel, or whatever that damn network calls itself.

Now I can get that if ABC, NBC or CBS had bought the rights they wouldn’t want to show it live on a Friday morning because the network heads would probably figure bumping Matt Lauer or Diane Sawyer for Ivo Minar and Andy Roddick would crash their ratings. Fair enough. ADHEREL

But what Versus’s excuse? Is the “Saltwater Experience” or “Outdoors in the Heartland” such ratings bonanzas that you can’t afford to pull them one Friday out of the year for some live international sports? Are you afraid that the 10s if not 100s of die hard viewers would revolt and burn down your network building? And I’m sure fans of “Angling Edge” would understand, after all, it’s not like you’re not going to re-run that program about a thousand times this weekend.

And speaking of live, don’t forget Versus that there is this thing out there called the internet which makes it pretty easy for us tennis fans to get the score before you air the tape job. So the old “It’s hard to get the score so people will have to tune in to the tape job” strategy really doesn’t work any more. So stop it.

Tennis has a tough enough time here in the U.S. vs. just about anything. Now add Versus to that growling list.

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15 Comments for Roddick vs. Minar Live? Not on U.S. TV

ben Says:

a more important question is why isn’t the Tennis Channel showing it live?! I’m sitting here watching Haas and Ancic which is a good match but they’re not even giving the scores of the other DC matches. can’t they switch over to other matches or at least **report** on them???

zola Says:

hmm….I wonder why tennis is struggling to be a popular sport in U.S.?….

John Says:

Hey, if you want to watch this live, all you need is a little cash and a little time. How much can a round trip to Ostrava be? :)

On the other hand, how much cash are you willing to spend to see Ivo Minar (ranked 160) play?

Then again, it took Andy four sets to beat Ivo. After two sets it was even at 64, 46!

Sean Randall Says:

ben, unfortunately I don’t even get the Tennis Channel. Guess it really sucks for me! As for the rights, I imagine Versus has the Davis Cup rights so they get to show the matches before the Tennis Channel is allowed to show them.

John, if I could afford a trip to Ostrava in the winter I certaintly wouldn’t be going there. If I had my pick and I had the cash I’d put it on going to Chile where I could enjoy the sunshine and watch Marat and Co. take on Gonzo, Massu and that crazy Chilean crowd.

Kate Says:

the DC live score sucks, it is slow or doesn’t work at all. It is OK if you are in Europe but even then eurosport’s live score sucks. Is the message coming over yet?

zola Says:

I don’t have tennis Channel either. The bottom line is, you have to have cable subscription to see “some” tennis ( not all). This is ridiculus! Davis cup is like the soccer world cup. All nations are involved , with their top players and here what is on TV? The strongest man in the world, paintball ?

John Says:

Sean says “If I had my pick and I had the cash I’d put it on going to Chile where I could enjoy the sunshine and watch Marat and Co. take on Gonzo, Massu and that crazy Chilean crowd.”

That would be my pick too.

I would have especially enjoyed Marat beating Massu 63, 62, 62.

John Says:

re: Chile

What I would find strange is first rooting for Marat against Massu and then rooting for Gonzo against Andreev. I find it hard to switch from favorite player to favorite team.

John Says:

re: Ostrava

Blake lost his match to Berdych. USA 1-1.

Let’s assume for the moment that the Bryan’s (ranked 3rd) lose to Lukas Dlouhy (ranked 17) and Pavel Vizner (ranked 15). I know that’s a stretch. USA 1-2.

Then it’s up to Andy to beat Berdych to stay alive!!! Could this become Tursunov part II?

Sean Randall Says:

Bryans losing to Dlouhy and Vizner. Let’s not assume that because it simply isn’t going to happen. I doubt the twins drop a set. Clay is their best surface and we know how well they play in Davis Cup.

As for Sunday, I would expect Berdych to take out Roddick leaving Blake to play hero in a win over either Minar or possible sub Dlouhy. Actually, they should sub in Korka or Lendl. Probably give them a better chance…

Pretty awful effort by Chile today scraping just one set at home against Russia. Ouch!

John Says:

re: assume

Actually the score (64, 64, 64) was a lot closer than I thought. I certainly didn’t think the Bryan’s would lose, however they did fall from #1 to #3. So they are vulnerable.

The purpose of my post was to set up a scenario where Andy might duplicate his Tursunov match.

If the Bryan’s lost and Andy lost, I wanted to see his “after match” interview. I guess I wanted to see if Andy would self destruct.

Heartless? Maybe. I guess I’m not a big A-Rod fan.

John Says:

re: Chile

I would love to see the doubles match were Chile won 76, 63, 64. I also want to see the Safin-Gonzales match coming up. As far as I know, neither Versus nor TTC are showing these. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

jonakaa Says:

richard blacht doesnt have the cajones to put arrogant federer in the trunk for bailing on his country and davis cup lol !!!!

wayne Says:

Bring on Nadal to the hard courts in April so we can beat up on him. His clay game is ineffective here.

jonakaa Says:

oh no! rod-dick won for his team on clay away from home! john-dick and sean randall-dick both self destruct and committ suicide thereby saving tennisx from mor eof their drivel.

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