Murray Beats Ferrer, to Face Pal Djokovic in Australian Open Final
by Staff | January 28th, 2011, 8:33 am

World No. 5 Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic will do battle for the 2011 Australian Open title after Murray moved into the final for the second year in a row, defeating Spain’s David Ferrer 4-6, 7-6(2), 6-1, 7-6(2).

The 23-year-old Murray lost to Roger Federer in last year’s final and also lost to the Swiss in the 2008 US Open title match.

Murray is again one match away from ending a 75-year run without a Grand Slam title for a British male, since Fred Perry in 1936. He will also try to become the first British man to win the Australian Open since 1934.

With World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki watching from his player box, Murray started slowly, losing the first set with 16 unforced errors off his backhand side alone. In the second set Murray scraped out the tiebreak after saving three break points in the sixth game of the set and held off a set point at 4-5. The third set was all Murray as he raced to a 5-1 lead before closing it out.

And in the fourth and final set, after blowing a break lead early in the set and later forgetting the score – thinking he was serving 3-4 not 4-5, Murray held on and dominated the tiebreak 7-2.

“He’s an unbelievable athlete, he works so hard, he’s in great shape, he’s such a tough player to play against,” said Murray of Ferrer after the 3-hour, 46-minute slugfest. “The conditions are very different in the evenings than during the day, he was dictating all the points at the start. The second set I started to go for my shots a bit more and it paid off. Grand Slam semifinal, there’s always going to be some nerves, and that was the case today…Both of us did a lot of running tonight, it was a pretty physical match. I’m going to jump in the ice bath and try and recover properly.”

Murray says his third Slam final against his friend Djokovic, who gets an extra day of rest, will be a different experience.

“The first Slam final I played against Federer I didn’t know what was going on, it went by really, really quick; last year was better, and I hope this one is going to be better than last year’s,” Murray said. “Novak’s had a great tournament, it’s going to be a tough match. We’re good friends, we practiced a lot in Perth, and here, it’s going to be a brutal match I think. I’ve had great support back home and great atmosphere here again tonight.”

Ferrer was playing in his second career Grand Slam semifinal after upsetting an injured Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals.

“The first set and second set was a lot of rallies,” the 28-year-old Ferrer said. “I had my chance in the set point in the second set, but in the important moments he served really well. In the tiebreak, maybe he start better than me. I play little bit short sometimes in the start of the tiebreak. And really was the key the serve. Andy in important moments serve better than me. So I can’t do nothing more. I fight a lot. I tried my best game all the time, but Andy’s a very, very great player.”

Against Djokovic, the Serb leads 4-3 but Murray has won their last three meetings in straight sets, all on hardcourt. However, the two have not played since 2009 Miami and Djokovic already has a Grand Slam title having come on Rod Laver Arena court.

Temperatures are expected to warm up significantly with highs over 100F on Sunday. The final begins at 7:40pm local time in Melbourne. The match will be the first Grand Slam final without Roger Federer or Nadal since the 2008 Australian Open when Djokovic beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

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103 Comments for Murray Beats Ferrer, to Face Pal Djokovic in Australian Open Final

grendel Says:

Colin:” Against Nole, Andy will be facing someone with far more power than Ferrer, and equally fleet-footed.” (from previous thread, relevant to this one).

Yes, that’s one of the intriguing aspects of the match up. How will Murray handle Djokovic’s power? In general, Murray handles power very well, but he hasn’t come across somone who hits as consistently hard as Djokovic since – well, delPO, I’d say. delPo in his pomp actually hits harder than Djokovic and is just as consistent but of course he is relatively slow.

Just have no idea how this one will go. Somehow, you know that Djokovic will be playing at or near his limit. You absolutely don’t know that with Murray. let’s hope he does, and this could be a memorable match.

jane Says:

Yay!!!!!!! And Finally, Andy and Nole have broken through! Gods are appeased. margot :) :) :)

Colin Says:

The top article is incorrect in saying no British male has won a slam title since 1934. Fred Perry won a genuine old style Grand Slam that year, but he also won the French and Wimbledon in 1935,and those two again, plus the US Open, in 1936.
Much as I hope Murray can win, the fact that he won’t be fresh, and his up-and-down performance against Ferrer, lead me to exoect Djokovic to take it, very likely in 5 sets. But I’ll never be happier to be proved wrong!

JCZ Says:

This is definitely cool. The two up and comers are here for a real showdown. Hopefully we get a great game without nerves taking over.

thark Says:

stand tall daveeed – great effort!

congrats to muzza and fans!

thanks to conty and grendel for keeping me awake through at least a couple sets ;)

this final will be great tennis (and great for tennis) no matter who wins. think i’m gonna pull for muzza since he’s slamless, but on paper i have to give nole the edge.

where’s skeezer? can i get a shaaaaammmmon?!

stu Says:

And now we have to wait _another_ whole day and a half?!

Skeezerweezer Says:

Have to see the replay of this. Sounds like a great tennis match. It’s a NolAndy! Shaaaaammmmon!

thark Says:

@stu i’m no WTA fanatic, i admit, but i think the chance for li to make some history, and the likelihood that li and kimmie will both bring their top form should make it a little easier to pass the time ;)

thanks for the shamon skeeze!

jane Says:

Just read article, and apparently only Nadal and now Nole have taken out Fed at two grand slams in a row. Yet for some reason, I feel like Murray will win the title.

kriket Says:

I don’t feel that. You can’t really tell, but Đoković seemed more powerful in this tournament, and after all he outranks Murray. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Twocents Says:

The empire strikes back!

Welcome back to RLA final, blazing young guns :-)). About time. A bit overdue, as a matter of fact.

Serb rebel vs. Royal Navy or RAF?

You Brits better shut up your Fleet Street b4 Sunday’s final.

And I’ll be enjoying a great great refreshing Sunday tennis.

The sun still rises.

Twocents Says:


If Murray loses, blame British tabloids.

If Djok loses, blame his mom.

jane Says:

kriket, true.You cannot tell, especially because it’s been so long since these two played!

These are my thoughts on the final (which I already shared with someone on tourneytopia).

I am torn, mainly for these reasons: 1) Nole just lost a grand slam final, and if he loses again, especially after taking out Fed again, he may go into a slump, etc. As Daniel has said more than once, it could be devastating. Also, I feel like this is his best chance at a slam this year. By the USO, everyone will be cooking. :) 2) On the other hand, if Murray does not win, *he* will be totally and utterly bummed, as he is yet to get that first slam, and also you’d have to cue all the annoying discussion about his never winning a slam, etc. Silly because he is only 23 and is getting to finals! Plus, I do feel that Murray has an excellent shot on grass, especially if, as grendel mentioned, he would use those god-given volleying ability a little more. I would say Nole has a great shot on clay, too, but there is Rafa standing in everyone’s way on that surface. Grass may be slightly more open???

Basically, I do not want either Nole or Murray to be disheartened by a loss, since I love both (though Nole just a little more as he’s been my top fave for a while, since 07). Anyhow, it is just a game, :-) and my deepest hope is that this leads to a burgeoning but friendly rivalry.

My gut feeling is that Murray will win as he will mix up the pace and frustrate Nole. In his presser he said he watched the entire Djoko Fed match, so he would’ve seen what happened in set 2. It may depend on how each serves, too, as they can both go off the boil in that department (woe to margot and I : /) and possibly weather – some say it will be hot there for the final – but it is held in the evening so Nole should be okay I would think.

In any case, we will soon find out. And much as I am conflicted (wanting to see both win), I am so happy to see these two finally break through!!! I will be happy to see Murray lift his first slam trophy or Nole his second. I look forward to their speeches on the podium, all of it.

Stefani Germanotta Says:

The truth is that other than tennis fans, other casual sports fan don’t care if it doesn’t feature Fed or Rafa.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Tough one, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Murray get his first Slam. Novak has one, Murray is due. Then the young blood rivalry starts /:)

thark Says:

@stefani – that is the whole point. if slams are more evenly distributed, rather than domination by just a couple of players, then awareness of these 1st tier players (that have been painted as 2nd tier because of fedal dominance at slams) will grow. fed and rafa got into their position by winning slams – guess what happens when someone else starts winning slams? that’s why matchups like this in slam finals are good for tennis.

@jane – i think muzza is definitely more emotionally fragile and would not take a loss as well as nole. i am pulling for him because it will be his first slam, even though i am a bit of a nole fan. i think it will be bad for the sport if muzza gets thoroughly discouraged again, because he is such a talented player but he only brings it when he believes.

jane Says:

thark, yes, I understand what you mean about Muzza; and he was so sad last year here after the loss. But I would be thrilled for Nole too if he wins.

Gordo Says:

I think whenever someone is constantly labelled “the best active player never to have won a slam” the ice is about to break.

Good luck to both men, but I am hoping Murray can make it 4 in a row against Nole, as there is nothing better than watching Brits get excited and if Murray does win and one is standing on the shores of Normandy you may be able to hear the celebration noises.

As for Stefani Germanotta’s comment of “The truth is that other than tennis fans, other casual sports fan don’t care if it doesn’t feature Fed or Rafa.” – I am not sure what your comment means. Is it that they don’t care to watch it unless it is Fed or Rafa? Or they don’t care who is playing – they will watch it anyway?

Either way, Djokovic and Murray are making history on Sunday and good on them!

margot Says:

Wow! Team Nolandy! Am so proud of Andy, he won even though for much of the time his game was off.
Re the final, not too much hope really, could hear a well rested Nole really enjoying that sure I could hear him laughing as they slugged it out, and Andy was wincing and limping at one stage :( boo 24 hours is not long enough to recover, I’m very sad to say and of course Nole has looked in spectacular form, especially in the second set against Berdych.
However, being a Polyanna type, I feel this’ll be the first of many slam encounters between these two. It is the noble time of Andole, and about bloody time too!

margot Says:

PS in case u didn’t get this on other topic, discussion on Radio as to when , in the British Press, Andy changes from “grumpy Scot” to “plucky Scot” not quite yet, I feel…;)

skeezerweezer Says:

So margot..

are u goin to pull an all nighter now for Nolandy? will u sleep at all????? ;-)

jane Says:

Lol, margot. Just read NYT’s article, and apparently some elderly lady stopped Judy Murray in the street and said “we are all praying for Tim to win.” ha ha ha ha :)

Did not know Andy pulled a muscle; that Ferrer makes players run and run and run. But keep the faith. Murray knows carpe diem, and will do his utter best. Hope both play well and it is a cracker.

Lulu Iberica Says:

I think I have to pull for the Joker, as I just generally like him better. I don’t know who has the upper hand here. I agree with grendel that Djokovic seems more reliable in terms of bringing his “A” game. On the other hand, I feel that Murray’s had a psychological block when facing Federer in slams. Hopefully he won’t have any such issues against Djoko, and we’ll see both guys at their best!

Major kudos to David Ferrer, by the way, for getting a set and taking 2 others to tiebreaks!

dAri Says:

Congrats to AndYM on getting through to the final!
Certainly fell asleep before the first set was over, but watching now!
Well done to ferrer for a great tournament and keeping it close in the semi!
I hope Murray can play his best on Sunday and get his first!
Gear up, muzzheads!

stu Says:

Whats strange to me is how confident both Nole and Muzz seem in their pressers, when asked about playing against the other. Each one thinks he has this in the bag, now that Fedal aren’t in the way. That’s the kind of attitude that will bring us fans the best match methinks!

RSP Says:

Being a fed-fan, I am a bit sad that Fed lost, but this matchup in a final was loooong overdue!
Djoko in 4.

margot Says:

skeeze: the match will be 8.30 am here, Sunday morning. Just purrrfect..:) However, as I couldn’t watch much after the first set, this one might as well be in the middle of the night.. ;) Repeated on the beeb tonight, I shall watch, nice glass of wine sweet smile…..
jane: yes, that was hilarious! Judy tweeted that one. Wish people would realise how un up themselves all the Murrays are!

jane Says:

margot, agree re: Murrays. ESPN pundits noted that the AO winner the last two time was the one who had less recovery time (Rafa then Fed) maybe because they don’t get too cushy and mellow and/or overthink.

stu Says:

what about the previous time, jane? coz we all know history is repeating itself from 2008 and not 2010…

jane Says:

Stu, I honestly did not know as The ESPN guys only mentioned the last two, but I checked, and Nole/Fed were the second semi in 2008 as well. Tsonga had already beaten Rafa. Nole will have to buckled down if he wants to win.;)

stu Says:

Oops, sorry you had to check Jane, I could have done that myself!

I didn’t watch too much of the Murray match – just a few games in the final set but I honestly think Nole is playing a lot better right now. His serve is firing, his groundstrokes are as precise as they’ve ever been…He is focussed, comes in with a game plan and sticks to it so he will come in _expecting_ Murray to change it up and frustrate him. I think he’s got this. The Nolandy party was fun while it lasted but now that it’s down to business, AJDE NOLE!

leo vixen Says:

Hope Andy is too tired and will feel the grinding and 41 stroke rallies that David Ferrer gave him. Let’s go Djokovic. He’s been playing amazing,will be rested and will be full of confidence that was consolidated with the Davis Cup win for Serbia.

Naydal Says:

The problem is that they have passed “breakthrough age.” At this point, they already have the next generation including Tomic and Raonic on their heels. Anyway, good for them, but they already missed some of their prime years to win slams.

FedRafaFan Says:

Up until now only three players have broken the Fedal Grand Slam dominance since 2005 Australian Open and all of them had one thing in common: they all beat Federer en route to the title. I expect this trend to continue. Nole has been the better player this tournament. Nole will win it in 4 with at least one tiebreak set and expect more tears from Murray at the trophy presentation.

stu Says:

Nick was too chick (en) to pick:

Nick’s Pick – Djokovic in 3 or a short 4, Murray in a long 4 or 5 sets

dAri Says:

As excited as I am for the nolandy match, my heart and brain are swelling watching even just the mubadala exho with Rog and rafa. Im very curious/excited to see how i feel with nolandy on Sunday.
Surely there is going to be quite a stir inside if Murray looks like he is going to get his first. Looking forward to some way to prepare me for when fedal is gone, trying to get wrapped up in this next possible rivalry. We got so spoiled, with roger/Rafa, but we are for a new treat with the new bunch coming in. Ah, cut the drama nobody has retired yet!

Duro Says:

There’s one particular word said by Andy M. which should describe the Sunday’s finals best: Brutal!

It could definitely be brutal…

dAri Says:

Novak has a real killer attitude right now. Andy of course has great intensity, but nole I think is showing to be more bold/brutal at the moment. Whew, can’t wait.

Grand Slam Says:

Murray for the Crown!!! It is now or never!!!!!! Hell, the Queen of England should come to the finals, because it will remain written in history, that in the same year Prince Williams got married, the Scot Andy Murray brought Great Britain a long-awaited slam…….

Seriously, Nole is in good form, but Nole is also an emotional roller-coster and he will bend backwards this time around for his dear friend Andy, just to get the twisted British media and monkey off Murray’s back!!!!!!!!!! Nole will have the edge, but he will be a chocker and drama associated with Melbourne, heat and humidity…….. Never a dull moment with Nole!!!!!!! He sure is the drama king in tennis… You can never know what trick he will pull this time around? I guess that is the reason why so many people like his personality!!!!! He is not boring by any means…..

Anyway, I vote for a great final and goood tennis…. We finally don’t have the boring Fedal combination and it is suspensful and refreshing, for a change…… Let’s hope the Fedals will enjoy this encounter too and stop moaning and complaining about their idols being hurt and or out of tennis form…….

Twocents Says:

My head says Djok.

My heart says Murray.

What a great start for the season.

Kimmi Says:

So happy for murray! Go win it buddy.

Go check the tapes, 3 times when you beat Djoko. You can do it again.

They say it will be a little bit warmer..maybe a little bit faster too. All that suites murray.

Duro, sorry for your guys’s loss, what can you do. there is always next time :))

steve-o Says:

Djokovic played straightforward power baseline tennis to beat both Berdych and Federer, but he won’t be able to do that against Murray.

Murray is going to slow things down to a crawl and trap Djokovic in long, off-pace, junkball rallies, a lot of weird slices and spins. Aggressive power hitting will only result in unforced errors for Djokovic. Plus Murray defends better than Berdych and Federer. Djokovic’s attempted winners will come back more often.

My guess is Murray will come out on top.

contador Says:

grendel- thanks for watching the match with me. it was 1:30 am my time when it started.

thark too. it was work staying awake…and i was very slow to pick up the some fun observations both of you saw. thark on the yellow shirt…bad idea ferru…for one, unlucky lemon yellow.

and i think grendel’s match summaries are some of the best around!

but about delpo being “relatively slow,” i watch him and think, “reasonably fast,” for a giant. plus that reach. what a stretch! and delpo’s mentality about federer and nadal, respectful but not too much. that mind set was convincing me he’d pass murray and djokovic. but it’s irrelevant now. atm this is about murray and novak. we have no idea if delpo can actually comeback.

can’t pick a winner between djokovic or murray today,

go la ni!

pretty soon we’ll have another GS winner not named nadal or federer. it is weird not having one or the other in a GS final.

Kimmi Says:

contador says – go la ni!

haha well, i know the name is kind of confusing but La Ni, oh no!

I am a Kim girl. she has only this year for a full season. Li Na has plenty of chances. Go kim.

Duro Says:

Kimmiiiiiii… Celebrating in advance? Very brave of you. Respect.

contador Says:

Kimmi… no excuse. sorry.

La Ni isn’t in the final? go Li Na!

i cheer for her but think kim will win. what do you mean, is Kim retiring?

isn’t Li Na “older” too, for a tennis player? but then there’s frankie. frankie says she has 10 more years!

Duro Says:

Countess, maybe it’s the time for you to take into a consideration the possibility of officially becoming a Countess here. Alberto significantly embarrassed your name…

Kimmi Says:

conty – no worries! i was just having a laugh..with you.

You are right Li Na is “old”, i think she is 28..older than Kim actually. but kim will retire soon, thats what i meant.

Actually I fell in love with Li Na this oz open. she has the best personality in the tour. haha her on-court interviews are funny. To have a chinese woman winning the major will be fantastic.

Plus, Kim has three majors already. Though i really like Kim. then I say let the best “wife” win.

Duro – respect! Go Muzza

contador Says:

: ) Count Duro. but my noblesse oblige is to defend his: “it was in the meat” excuse and be very miffed with spanish cycling bureaurocrazzies for having the nerve to ban him for a year. i mean if he really is guilty, he should get the usual 2 years. typical cyclists…all do some doping. surely lance bent the rules but the tests were not so sensitive.

love the way contador rides and climbs. i stay with my man, Count D, whether he goes to jail for a night in Stockholm or takes a teensy little bit of something

do you think your man will win tomorrow?.

contador Says:

but please do feel free to call me “countess.” i am far from that but it sounds great!

one thing about contador i don’t like is when he talks. that voice…oh man, could it be worse?

unlike gael monfils, who when he speaks…wow, i could listen to that voice…

but it’s funny how voices sound don’t really match the person. what i think.

Kimmi…i was laughing too. not being swayed to Kim. she’s won enough already. and yes, li na’s interview sealed the deal with me…the part about her husband snoring….lol…i;m a li na fan!

Polo Says:

The way the Chinese write their names is they put the family name first followed by the given (or first name in Western style of writing). Li is the family name. Na is her given name. So in China, it should be Li Na.

Kimmi Says:

watching a recorded of murray vs ferrer. This match has so many long points. i mean, maybe average of 10 to 13 shots. incredible.

Hopeful murray will have enough energy in the final, ugh!

contador Says:

meant that first sentence above to be addressed to Duro.

Duro Says:

Oh Countess… Don’t hurt me in the weakest spot. I DON’T KNOW!!! I have to sleep now, don’t ask me the questions to think the whole night of! God, I wished Rafa in the finals… No chance Novak would lose this time to him. But Anday, Andy… The most difficult player to be beaten right now, or even in general. Perfect, geometry programmed – court covering machine, with brain.

Good night. So depressed…

Polo Says:

I feel too lazy to look it up but what is the Djokovic-Murray head-to-head?

contador Says:

to Duro abt calling me “countess” in my post above.

otherwise, i think i can still fool some new posters here with “contador” ; )

Kimmi Says:

Polo – thanks. so, in that case, which ever way you write is correct. depending on which part of the world you are coming from.

contador Says:

ah, sorry, Duro. try to sleep well. i am pulling for nolee but i do honestly wonder which one. have reason to be happy for either one who wins.

Polo Says:

Duro, I believe you’ll get over your depression rather quickly. Before you know it, the French Open will be upon us. Nadal would have fully recovered by then and fully loaded with all kinds of motivations to add to his FO titles.

stu Says:

Polo, 4-3 in Novak’s favor, 3-3 on HC. Muzz has won the last 3 in straights, all on hard. But they haven’t played since the 2008 Miami final.

Polo Says:

Yes Kimmi, nobody is wrong. Just remember, the Chinese write their names the way we do our telephone book directories here.

Polo Says:

Thanks Stu. That makes it even harder to figure out who will win this Open. I just hope they both play their best. And that whoever loses would not have the need for psychotherapy.

stu Says:

thark, I tried in vain to get excited about the WTA and there just isn’t enough testosterone in their matches for me. instead, i decided to spend the last couple of hours of my work day compiling a list of “expert” predictions for the men’s final:

Bollettieri – Novak (short match), Andy (long match)
Becker – Murray
Wertheim – Djokovic in 4
Cahill – Djokovic
Price (SI) – Murray in 5
Jenkins (SI) – Djokovic in 4
Deitsch (SI) – Djokovic in 4
Graham (SI) – Djokovic in 5
Lawrence (SI) – Djokovic in 4

That’s 2 for Murray and 7 for Djokovic. Of course this list excludes a lot of experts that I couldn’t find, especially Brad Gilbert and Bodo who will probably pick Murray.

Since the experts are always wrong, I guess this means Muzz will take it :)

Kimmi Says:

duro say “The most difficult player to be beaten right now, or even in general. Perfect, geometry programmed – court covering machine, with brain.”

ah, well said duro. very sorry for you. but dont despair is only sport.

Hope muzza is programming his brain ready for the final right now!

stu Says:

umm…2.5 for Muzz and 6.5 for Nole.

Polo Says:

Nice job Stu. But for me, the best barometer for the eventual winner is Mary Carillo. She always picks the wrong guy. I also wish to express my utmost pleasure in not hearing Mary at all during this tournament.

Kimmi Says:

ha ha Polo! me too.

contador Says:

wasn’t that the 2009 miami final? i mean i do believe i remember that tourny because of a federer meltdown. delpo beat rafa? have to go check my memory.

i prefer carillo over pam shriver and dick endburg. infact even cahill bugged me this time. but he’s recovered his senses after rafa lost.

contador Says:

yep. 2009 final….and i do remember thinking while watching….”pathetic match”…..and “somebody hit the ball wouldya!”

i don’t think this will be like that 2009 miami final.

i’ll be listening to AO radio with ESPN commentary muted. also stream going so the commercials don’t interfere with changeover dramas…cursing, bottle throwing, conversations with umpires and players boxes, etc..

stu Says:

You’re probably right conty…I think Nole won Miami in 08. Dunno I’m getting all my stats mixed up but it doesnt matter. They’re evenly matched and the final is a toss up.

I miss Carillo too!

stu Says:

Wrong again, Nole won Miami in 2007, seeded 10 :). Ashamed to call myself a long-time fan!

Kimmi Says:

I remember that match too contador. it was a very sunny and hot day. Djoko was not feeling it at all. I remember he called the trainer to complain about the heat.

muzza was dicing, slicing and covering the court very really put off djoko.

this match is at night here. no heat issues. and the court a little slower. Its very tough to call.

Polo Says:

The only time I liked Carillo was when she was covering the Beijing Olympics and she was sent on an assignment where she had to eat bugs, spiders scorpions, etc., etc.

Danica Says:

Argh, Murray, it seems, can pretty much get to every ball, and I mean EVERY one! He runs like crazy and manages to hit those exceptional diagonals. It will be pretty hard to win this against him. I want Nole to win (please, please) but my gut feeling is that Murray will lift his first major trophy.

jane Says:

Danica, your gut & my gut have the same feeling. :) or :/

contador Says:

ha! Polo. funny. her voice is off putting to many, cos she sounds like a man. but i like that better than endburg. it’s creepy to me when he calls a shot “delicious.” and shriver sounds cranky and redundant to me a lot. prefer ozzie or british commentators for AO.

pmac and cahill are the ones i like and mj fernandez. pmac and cahill were just so into rafa slam this AO. they have recovered.

Kimmi, that’s right….nole was getting faint in the heat and murray was just slicing and dicing. i remember i was hoping for some ball pounding rallies and that didn’t happen.

supposing murray will apply similar tactics, if he can keep his head. or can novak keep his head? hard to guess. just hope they can bring the best out in each other and not be tentative or think about “friendship.” stakes are higher here.

Danica Says:

Jane, I hope it’s going to be “:)” and not “:/”
Go Noleee! :))

Nina Says:

Duro, Jane, Margot, Contador and every other Djoko or Muzza sympathizer. Our guys are in a slam final, a dream come true. I will be rooting for Nole like crazy, but if Muzza wins I’ll be also happy for him. I’m so elated and pumped up about this final!! :)))))

This is an historic moment. A moment many many tennis fans have been waiting for and will surely treasure (sorry Tennis Fan, you’re not really a tennis fan when you say so many nasty things about these incredible players; Djoko has LEGIONS of fans around the world because of his charisma, personality and incredible talent; learn to respect other players and his fandoms).

Djokovic was extremely solid, intelligent and composed against Federer. He was the right winner and he did almost everything well. He was really clutch in his serve and what a serve he has now! Two straight slam semis won against Federer are no fluke!

My take is that Novak will play the best tennis of his life in the following two/tree years and Muzza too. Any of these two, if Nadal permits, will be n#1. Federer is not over at all and all this decline talk is bullshit. He will win a lot of tournaments and will dominate in best of 3 formats on faster surfaces which suit his aggressive style.

But I don’t want to talk one bit about Roger or Rafa. Enough is enough. We have an historic slam final between the best two tennis players behind Fedal. They have been consistenly good for four years now and they are in a league of their own ahead of the rest of the pack (sod, berdych, etc). We can finally talk about the Big 4 with propiety, something i knew all along.

I predicted this final and we got it. I will be nervous as hell come Sunday but I hope I won’t feel devastated if Nole loses because Andy also needs this a lot. However i will be rooting for Novak, he will always be my n#1 champ. Good luck to both!


What the hell I was saying… I’LL BE DEVASTATED AS HELL IF NOVAK LOSES.

I try to convince myself that another lost final won’t be as hard to take this time because I love Muzza and he deserves to win his first slam. But I’m not good at polarizing emotions and besides it doesn’t really work (except for Jane it seems, LOL). You only can have a n#1 in your heart and that for me is Novak, no matter how much I like Andy.

The final is on Sunday and I’mhaving a nervous breakdown already just reading through this blog. Good god, i can’t watch! I want this done and over.

Polo Says:

Nina, you are so conflicted! I would have considered it funny but I would have to reserve that judgment until after the finals and know for sure that you did not have a nervous breakdown.

Good luck to whoever you are rooting for…Djokovic, right? Or maybe Murray? No? Djokovic then…

Polo Says:

Much as I dislike Carillo, I have to give her credit for the wealth of information she has about tennis. Horrible with predictions but accurate with tennis information. But I still find her irritating.

funches Says:

Djokovic will win 6-2, 6-2, 6-2, or something close to that.

He dominated Murray before he started having serve/head problems in 2008. He will dominate him again tomorrow.

Nina Says:

Thanks Polo, I have to rationalize that this is just a sport, lol.

stu Says:

just watched parts of their Cincy final – the one Muzz won 7-6, 7-6. i think the tennis we’re going to see will be more like that than Miami….

Colin Says:

I’m afraid some of the remarks about British reaction to a Murray win are not realistic. There would be some headlines, sure, and British tennis fans would be overjoyed, but in this country football completely dominates, and tennis is a minority interest. I’ll guarantee the viewing figures for Nole-Andy will pale into insignificance compared to those for a really big international football match.
Indeed, as far as I can tell, tennis is a minority interest in the USA, too.

Swiss Maestro Says:

pathetic to read people acting so cool that they predicted a murray-djokovic final. even a broken clock is right 2times a day! for 2years, people have been crowing murray-djokovic and they now act as if they had the aussie open predicted to the T. grow up people.

i am positive, this is an abberration like 2005 aus open, 2008 aus open and normal service will resume shortly. fedal will be back soon to kick some nolandy butt. mediocrity can have its fun in the sun, but it is no match for the genius of fedal in the long run.

Madmax, thank you for that link. i can see rafa slapping immature r@f@tards like pR!ck, fed is afraid and i like tennis bullies for being as stupid as only they can be.

Michael Says:

I thought Murray was fortunate to reach the finals courtesy his first serve at the right moments. In both the first and second sets, Ferrer was getting the better of him in rallies and taking almost all his service games to break points but he was not able to convert them mainly due to Murray serving well at the right moments. It was Murray’s day obviously and poor Ferrer can do nothing about that. But Murray took a stranglehold in the third set and again in the fourth he was lucky not to be broken by Ferrer. If Murray makes so much unforced errors in the finals, then it is game, set and match to Djokovic. Murray will have his chances only if he brings his A game into the finals. I hope for is sake, Murray does that. If he is not able to win the tournament this time around, he will never win in any grand slam again and that is for sure. The jinx will spoil the rest of his career.

Swiss Maestro Says:

Here is the dirt on oracene price and kim clijsters. Looks like the mom is joining her kids in putting her foot in the mouth. utterly classless. where was the provocation? calling kim dubious? medusa stare? oracene is officially a b!tch! someone should slap her so she comes to her senses!

Michael Says:

Whether this setup of Murray-Djokovic in a grand slam final is a mere aberration or the sign of things to come remains to be seen. Right from 2003 to 2007, we had the Federer domination in grand slams save the French Open where Nadal was invincible. In 2008, Nadal dominated but Federer still managed to win the US Open and came to the finals in each of the grand slam events. The Year 2009 belonged to Federer and he was helped to an extent with the absence of Nadal at Wimbledon. But still Federer deserves the credit. In 2010, he had the Australian Open and then the great slide began when Federer fell to Soderling in the quarters at French Open and again at Wimbledon to Berdych. This continued at the US Open where he was felled by Djokovic in the Semis and now once again he has been denied a place in the finals by Djokovic. Whether this is temporal or terminal decline remains to be seen as future is hard to guess. But the key to Federer will be Wimbledon 2011 and if he manages to win that, then he will end all such premature talks about his seeming decline. His only obstacle there will be Nadal who can upset his applecart as Djokovic and Murray are lilliputians in Grass and cannot stand Federer. I am sure Federer will once again win Wimbledon and make his fans proud and compel them to sign paegns about the peerless Champion that he is.

margot Says:

kimmi@5.37: u did make me laugh, girl! But I hope u hastily rushed off and made a sacrifice to the tennis gods…..or hoped they hadn’t heard you!

Wade Says:

Sweet watching this match live can’t wait… Me wanted a FEDAL final but a NOLANDY second best should be good!!

WTF Says:

It’s going to be 40C (104F) on Sunday. Even though it’s a night match, Djokovic might struggle. Murray I would think is fit as a fiddle. I hope the Djoker did his hard yards and will be prepared. It’s not going to be easy.

Previously I would have said anyone who can draw Djokovic as an opponent on a very hot day should lick their chops. He did say he prepared himself for the conditions, which we have to admit have been very mild for a Melbourne summer thus far, so I hope he can prove me wrong. I think he is a more complete player than Murray, but also a lot more frail too.

Rick Says:

Like it or not, Wade! You’re getting to get alot of NOLANDY! Nadal Djokovic and Nadal Murray finals alot this year! Embrace the new era of tennis! So what if Federer won the best of three sets YEC? Davydenko won it in 2009 as well. And he had a bad year in 2010. So you really can’t judge how well a player would performs just by the YEC!

Rick Says:

Like it or not, Wade! You’re going to get alot of NOLANDY! Nadal Djokovic and Nadal Murray finals alot this year! Embrace the new era of tennis! So what if Federer won the best of three sets YEC? Davydenko won it in 2009 as well. And he had a bad year in 2010. So you really can’t judge how well a player would performs just by the YEC!

Mg Mg Says:

I have been waking up at 3 am since the AO second week. I am torn between Nole and Andy. I want both of them to win :) I actually thought Fed was going to win this title again based on his current form. Nole was able to beat the king. It seems to me Nole was playing a little better than Andy in semi final. It was very impressive. The best player will win. Can’t wait.

Nina Says:

People, Sunday is coming! Mjau!
I’m bitting my nails now, this is too much to take. A dream come true.

Kimmi Says:

margot – i am praying to all gods.

ah, how nice will it be to finally see muzza holding a GS trophy…oh noo! i am dreaming too much!

GOOOOOOOO MUZZA. Third time lucky my friend!

margot Says:

kimmi: u gotta dream….said on other thread I’ll cry if he wins and cry if he loses…..

jane Says:

These two are so great!!! I am so happy they are playing, watching BBC video interviews with them and both seem so excited to be playing in a grand slam final and against each other.

margot, will be crying at the end too, no matter what happens! Looking forward to their speeches and just the different atmosphere. :)

margot Says:

jane: we shall have to pass each other some virtual hankies, expect you will read of flooding in the UK… :) I really, really feel that at long last the times they are a changing.

Swiss Maestro Says:

This is murray’s best shot. no fed no rafa. i am sure he would have easily taken this situation, if he was offered it at the start of the open. he has got to serve well and let his return game do the magic.

He has way more talent than djokovic does, but he should step up and take the opportunities when presented. no waiting for djokovic to roll-over like he used to do a year or even 6months ago.

i hope he shows more killer instinct than the normal english sportsman. i hope the scottish people are much more tougher than the english.

Go Andy! get those last 3sets dude.

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