Djokoland: Inside the World of Novak Djokovic [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 16th, 2011, 1:00 pm

Inside Sport of Canal+ was given access to the best player in tennis right now, Novak Djokovic, for an exclusive look at the behind the scenes feature during the Serbian Open in Belgrade last month.

Djokovic went on the to win the title defeating Feliciano Lopez and yesterday he won his seventh of the season beating another Spanish lefty Rafael Nadal 64, 64 in Rome, and his win streak now stands at 39.

The documentary is French but many of the interviews – which include Novak’s parents, Srdan and Djinan, his brothers Marko and Djordje, the mayor of Belgrade, Nenad Zimonjic, are in English.

Countryman and friend Viktor Troicki calls Djokovic, “the best athlete in Serbia ever.”

There’s also a lot of match footage and focuses on the birth of tennis in Belgrade which start out many years ago with nothing.

You can also catch some shots of Novak hitting tennis balls as a youngster complemented by a tour of Djokovic’s old club where he learned the game.

The feature also gets into the lighter side of Djokovic showcasing his personality through his impersonations and unique on-court persona.

If you are a Djokovic fan and you have about 25 minutes, get you favorite food and drink and enjoy!

And here’s part two of the show:

Djokovic will be the No. 2 seed at the French Open which begins in less than a week. He’ll have a terrific chance to pass Nadal in the ranking and would do it if he reaches the final.

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14 Comments for Djokoland: Inside the World of Novak Djokovic [Video]

skeezerweezer Says:

Stu, Duro Jane and all,

So funny the 1rst Vid @ 4:30 min when he was a little guy, see him running for that BH? He hasn’t changed!!lol….

Great story..thanks Tom!

jane Says:

Interesting piece Tom. Thanks for posting it. That video makes it clear how strong Nole’s link to his country is and how fun-loving he truly is, a natural entertainer, as contador put it.

Must be tough for the little brothers. I have 3 brothers, but it’s the youngest one who was kind of the over-achiever. These two will have to really prove themselves tennis-wise to rise up to Novak’s success. I heard the youngest is very talented. It’s cute how they are such fans too.

It is different for me seeing “all that” – “Novak” restaurant, goods, pens, cups, tournament, etc. All that branded stuff must carry with it some ramifications: it could either seem like a burden, to live up to it, or like a confidence builder. Maybe both, like a double-edged sword.

Locally, when the Canucks lost their lead in the first round series versus Chicago, newscasters were interviewing sporting good stores who were discussing how their business in selling jerseys, hats, etc, had dropped off, and how the local bars said people weren’t coming in for game-time pints, etc. Winning really is good for business.

I am not a fan of all the marketing stuff myself, but I sincerely admire the way the Djokovic family has made it a mission to make tennis in Serbia bigger, and to fund an academy for other players. That’s great for the sport.

For me, it’s simple: I just love Nole’s tennis and personality.

stu Says:

Awww, thanks Tom. Skeeze, who would ya pick in a Nole vs Fed RG semi?

Tone Says:

Great story, really enjoyed!

Milos Says:

Nice one, thanks! Can someone say what Gilles Simon
was talking about? Cant understand a word of french :(

skeezerweezer Says:



I pick your man of course, then Rafa then Fed. But my heart says Fed as a BIG dark horse ;-). And Murray…OMG…gonna be fun I hope :D

skeezerweezer Says:

But all respect to Rafa, he should be the fav, and deservedly so @ FO, he has been the King there, and is, until further notice…

stu Says:

I think Fed will be the dark horse at the FO too. Andy? Not so sure, but we’ll see!

Nina Says:

Love the videos, they show Nole’s charisma and incredible personality. I must say that’s the first reason I support him. Please Nole never change. :)

Nina Says:

I already like Djorde Djokovic a lot, he’s the splitting image of his older brother. He’s so expressive too. And they say he could even become a better player than Novak. Wow.

marko Says:

Tom, I think you may be confusing the Mayor of Belgrade, I didn’t see him in the videos..But I did see Serbia’s Foreign Minister (handing out the passports)..Is that what you were referring to?

dari Says:

I hope we get another great tennis family in the djokovic’s! The boys are cute. And it was nice to hear from the mom- id never heard her speak before.
Thanks for the great videos!

kat Says:

Really nice videos. Novak has great personality!

Dory Says:

Novak is an incredibly talented and great tennis player with a strong personality to boot. Great documentary.

He always seems to place Davis Cup far ahead of the Grand Slams!! Not quite right. Davis Cup is a far less important tournament. That’s why we have the ranking points system to show how important each tournament is.

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