Roger Federer: Super Saturday Is Not Feasible [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 9th, 2011, 1:12 pm

Roger Federer has spoken out on the many issues the players have brought up at the US Open this year. Federer, who won yesterday night over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, expressed his displeasure over the long-standing Saturday semifinals, Sunday finals schedule at the US Open.

“This is the fourth year in a row I think we’re playing a Monday final. Might as well just make it a Monday final, right?” Federer said. “I think the three early first rounds is not working, and then the Super Saturday I just think is not feasible. In all the Grand Slams you do not really have that competitive advantage over another player, which I don’t think should be the case here. I’m sure that there has been many finals played here where one player had a huge advantage, and I don’t think that should be happening before such a huge match here in the final. So I think that’s where, you know, it was a good decision to make it a Monday final again. But without the roof, I just don’t think Saturday/Sunday is feasible any longer at this point.”

Federer applauded the US Open’s decision to move the men’s final to Monday, but reminded us that the back-to-back scheduling was in mind when he lost to Djokovic in the semifinals last year.

“It is true that I did think of the Rafa final and the prospect, you know, trying to get there without maybe losing too much energy,” he said. “Maybe that was one of the reasons I was not able to stay tougher in two of the sets I lost, actually Still should have won the match maybe, but it’s just a tough prospect. You never have it that we have to play back to back best of five set matches, and only here before the final at the US Open. It just somehow doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.”

Federer, who also serves as president of the ATP player council, then addressed the issues of Grand Slam representation, echoing the words of his fellow top players. “We just hope that they (Grand Slams) understand the issues and the protection of the players are very important. Whatever that means, you know. I think it’s very important that we do get to a table and speak, which never actually happens.”

In the semifinals tomorrow Federer meet Djokovic again the semifinals for the fourth time at the US Open.

“I think we’re both gonna play aggressive,” he said. “He’s moving well since years now. He’s probably taken his game up to a bit of a higher level, but mostly in terms of confidence I think. But I think when we do play against each other it’s always exciting. We have great rallies against each other. You know, I like playing against him because it’s a battle of the baseline a bit if you like. He’s been having an amazing season so far, so it’s a challenge right now in the men’s game. That’s what I like, who I like to play against.”

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10 Comments for Roger Federer: Super Saturday Is Not Feasible [Video]

margaret c Says:

Since I’ll be watching on TV, I don’t really mind whether or not its on Sunday or Monday. Good luck Roger! I’d love to see you in the finals!

SG1 Says:

This is one of the quirks of the US Open. Every major has its little quirky issues. Deal with it the way Edberg, Connors, McEnroe, Lendl, Sampras and others have.

Did Fed complain like this when he was winning 5 in a row?

Craig Says:

Federer did not complain when he had to face the citizens like Agassi and physically fragile players like Nalby in the USO finals he won.
Now he knows that Nole and Rafa are better than him in terms of GS fitness….and he is whining now.

Federer is always a winner or a whiner

Michael Says:

Federer is the Ambassador of Sport. It is welcome that he is taking up such issues which trouble the players. The USTA has a lot to improve upon and the US Open is a major only by name sake with facilities not supporting it. It is high time that the US Open catches up with the other majors. First and foremost, they must address the issue on the proper scheduling of matches which does not give undue advantage to any player. Then there is the rain issue and how they are going to tackle that. These issues should invite immediate attention.

David C. Says:

Well I am not sure Fed is really complaining here. But I don’t think he has been a fan of Super Saturday in the past either. Below is the transcript from his 05 Open after beating Hewitt in the Semifinal. Judge for yourself.

Q. Do you think it’s much of a disadvantage to play the second match on Saturday versus the first match on Saturday going into a Sunday final?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I would say so.

Q. Were you given the option to play first? I would assume you would have taken it if you had.

ROGER FEDERER: That was the plan in the first place.

Q. So what happened?

ROGER FEDERER: Phone call, I don’t know (smiling).

Q. I mean, I don’t know, what do you feel by that? Are you bothered by that?

ROGER FEDERER: I’m through to the final, you know. We both have to win, but something like that happens. But what have we got, three more hours of rest? So, I mean, could be crucial, I don’t know. I don’t think so, but… Well, I mean, it’s not also the TV that should decide on things like that. So you can ask the players or just the tournament should not even ask anybody and just put up who they think is the prime-time match. It’s always hard, you know, two Americans, you get the No. 1 and No. 3 in the one section. It’s their call. I’m not really angry.

Another one from the 07 Semifinal,

Q. This will be your 10th Grand Slam final in a row. You’re going to be going for your 12th win. Do these numbers come into play at all when you’re on the court? Are they in the back of your mind?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, I hope they do. We’ll see how it goes really. I’m feeling well. You know, that’s the main thing right now, right before the finals. Obviously the Saturday/Sunday thing is kind of tough on the players, you know.
All of a sudden the rhythm changes entirely so instead of talking about a match you just played 45 minutes ago I have to start thinking already about the upcoming match against Djokovic tomorrow.
I’m feeling great, you know. I know how to play him. I hope I can just do what I do best and hopefully win tomorrow.

Deborah Says:

Considering the fact that all the players have expressed similar concerns, this is hardly a case of Roger complaining now that things are different for him. Last year, Nadal was very angry when the final got moved because he wanted to play before Djokovic could get additional rest. This shouldn’t be an issue. Each slam has it’s own quirks but one of them should not be the schedule.

Chrisy Says:

A nice read!

Federer Vs Djokovic- What Does Stats Have To Say?

WTF Says:

He isn’t “complaining” he’s just representing the players and their concerns. No one wants to play 4 or 5 best of five set matches in a row, especially if a guy on the other side of the draw doesn’t have to.

King Says:

I support/agree with players, no one should play best of 5 matches on two consecutive days especially when it comes down to semis and finals.

carlene jernigan Says:

I think Roger lost this match on purpose. I feel this because you just do not go from full explosiveness to not even trying to get the balls it was very noticeable to me. This is just my opinon and I have notice him doing it on two different occassions.

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