Nadal Stunned In 2015 Opener, Falls To Qualifier Berrer In Doha Title Defense
by Staff | January 6th, 2015, 3:47 pm

Rafael Nadal began 2015 on an ominous losing to German qualifier Michael Berrer 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 earlier today in the first round at Doha.

The defending champion, who was playing his first official match since an appendectomy in November, had never lost before the quarters in Doha where this year World No. 1 Novak Djokovic also happens to be.

“He played well,” said Nadal of the lefty. “I was playing with more nerves than usual. I knew that winning [a] couple of matches here will help me, so that makes me play a little bit more under more tension.”

Berrer, 34 and ranked No. 127, joins Nick Kyrgios and Borna Coric as other players ranked outside the Top 100 to have beaten Nadal in the last six months.

“These things happen after [a] long time without being on the road, being on rhythm, being in competition,” said Nadal. “So I think I played a great first set [with] a lot of winners with my forehand [and] no mistakes.”

Nadal, who admitted he’s unsure if he’ll take a wildcard next week, understands it’s not easy coming back after injury.

“There is risk,” he said. “You can see all the comebacks from a lot of players when they were injured from long time. The comebacks are tough; I’m not an exception.

“At the end, that’s the sport. I’m going to work hard to try to make it less tough as possible, but my motivation and my hunger to keep doing the things well [are] still the same. I am sure that I’m going to come back to my best. I hope to be soon.”

In other early round matches, Djokovic prevailed over compatriot Dusan Lajovic and Tomas Berdych and David Ferrer also advanced.

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83 Comments for Nadal Stunned In 2015 Opener, Falls To Qualifier Berrer In Doha Title Defense

El_Flaco Says:

Rue the day until the clay.

Brando Says:

‘ I am sure that I’m going to come back to my best. I hope to be soon.”’:

Did Rafael Nadal really say that since according to a genius who claims to know Nadal’s motives, thoughts better than the man himself tells us all he does is underplay his chances.


Rafa must have been caught off- guard there by showing some self belief and musing over his situation in a honest manner.


It’s all good champ.

Your fans fully understand your situation, your perspective in your approach to your comeback and more than anything else:

Have full faith and confidence in your talent and willing to accept whatever may come regarding the results as ultimately they rather be down for the ride with the fighter such as you who regardless of his results plays with as much passion, fight as he can possibly muster in the circumstance and situation he faces on a given day, is capable of dealing with adversity in the same graceful manner as he embraces the joyous moments that he’s so many of in his glittering career.

They appreciate your return, and the results are always a distant second compared to the joy of just seeing you play on court, in a unique, charismatic manner that has not been seen before nor will it be after you one day bid adieu one day, yet leaves both past and present champions to look on in awe and say sincerely this guy is a rarity unlike any other.

Your a phenomenon in this sport whose seen as possessing the spirit of a warrior on court for a reason: since you always to face a challenge head held high, no matter how bleak your matter in a manner others are incapable of doing so.

It’s what separates you from the rest, and it’s what will see you conquer this situation- should your body permit- be it today, tomorrow or many weeks from now.

That defiant spirit to conquer whatever lies infront regardless of how many losses you have to experience, pain you have to suffer through since the soul still cries out loud:

I will not be broken. No matter how bad the experience, my will is strong to find a way.

It’s a privilege to be your fan Rafa for as great as your record is, it’s a distant second to individual whose enamoured us all with a spirit, charm, charisma, individuality, sense of being that you just rarely see in the world today, and millions around the world in their great number feel the same!

Vamos Rafa is always the call for your fans regardless of the situation, Vamos Rafa!

Humble Rafa Says:

I have to give credit to my opponent. He played well today. I am going to practice hard and get better.

skeezer Says:

Love letters would be better served on Rafa’s FB page.

Think Rafa will be fine at AO. He just needs to get as many matches ( health permitting ) as he can in. He has done this routine before. If he can’t , he’ll be rocking by the Clay court season for sure.

Michael Says:

Brando, I hope Rafa read your above post which would be really motivating and inspiration for him.

When you come back from a long lay off, such set backs are bound to happen which you need to take in yr stride. I didn’t have the opportunity to watch this match and so I am not able to comment in its quality. But from the scoreline, it is evident that Rafa had a great start but just couldn’t sustain it. May be this outcome was a result of Rafa’s bad play or his opponent’s brilliance or a mixture of both. Nevertheless, losing to qualifiers will do yr confidence no good and this is morale deboosting. I hope Rafa takes a leaf out of his earlier successful come backs and thereby makes amends. Where else he can prove it but only at the Australian Open ?!

kjb Says:

Maybe all of Rafas tennis skill and genius was located in his appendix?……I kinda think that he will be back to his old tricks by the time clay season comes around.

safira Says:

Nadal: “You can see all the comebacks from a lot of players when they were injured from long time. The comebacks are tough; I’m not an exception.”

Well… maybe this time he was injuried for real, instead of all other times when he just blame painful loses to “faked injuries”
not to mention that silent ban of half year after wimbledon with drug tests from olympics got him then he and atp covered up with “another faked injury”

Colin Says:

This emphasises the fact that we can’t read too much into Andy’s recent victory over Rafa. From Andy’s viewpoint though, things are going very well in the Hopman Cup. He just beat Janowicz in straight sets.

Heather Watson can’t deal with top players and I fear never will, as she’s just not big enough. She combines well with Andy in doubles, though, and the Hopman Cup must be doing wonders for him mentally.

Meanwhile, what can you say about Serena Williams? In the same day, she is crushed by Bouchard, then is able to take part in a doubles win. “Unpredictable” isn’t a strong enough word!

jane Says:

true about serena; although the doubles was fairly close, 6-3, 7-5.

sienna Says:

probably he cannot help himself downplaying his role and chances. Its in his gens.

but that takes nothing away from the fact that he wants to be considered as GOAT with more slams then current GOAT.

He will try to get there with relative low pressure.
Unthinkable. after 14 slams the underdog role is out of the way. Fulltime profile in getting his next slam. Media should focus on Nadal. Why would tennisworld give him a easy path to record?

Sampras, Federer were being haunted when they came within 3 or less slams.

attention and focus on Nadal. Those halfhearted attemps to claim that he is no candidate. LAUGHABLE.
Stating about his nerves against a 34 yo opponent in first rounder 250??!? WTF is hè trying to do?

Humble Rafa Says:


The sun still rises in the east. So you have that going for you.

Next time, watch out for spelling, no? There is no need for exclamation points between 2 question marks. It shows a few things about you which I will not mention in a public forum

I am a Humble person, I don’t seek out media coverage. You will surprised to know how often the Arrogant One’s agent, appropriately named, Godsick (who else would the God choose as his agent?) calls the media everytime something “significant” happens. Naturally, significant things happen every day. So, the Arrogant One has his own media entourage.

Humble Highness travels with Uncle Toni and a knee machine.

fumus Says:

” Rafael Nadal began 2015 on an ominous losing to German qualifier Michael Berrer ” (??)

An ominous note? An ominous start? I’m confused.

Do you guys even proof read or are you just too busy creaming your pants after an early Nadal loss to bother?

Nothing ominous here .. like Taylor said haters gonna hate hate hate.

skeezer Says:

^good song.

Ben Pronin Says:

Some people would love to see Nadal just shake shake shake it off, amirite?

Giles Says:

Win, win, win even!

RZ Says:

Random fact – apparently Berrer has a Master’s degree in sports psychology.

courbon Says:

I was inspired by Brando’s love letter to Rafa, so I decide it to write one to Novak.
It goes like this:

Dear Novak,

this year you have to win at least to slams, otherwise you should be ashamed!
One slam a year?Not good enough, damn it!!!
And what is this about nappy changing???
Can’t you afford nanny to do this??????
Concentrate on following instead:
Your smash shots, which are awful.
Lear about tennis rules ( specially about touching net )
and just get focused on the court!!!
This year is your best chance-Fed is old, Andy is crap and Rafa is injured 24/7;;;
so if you can do it this year-you are disgrace!!!!
Basically, get a grip and kick some ass!!!!!

P.S.-Sorry for the hash words, but I think you need some tough love…..

You are truly and sincerely,


sienna Says:

Answer the question!

Wog Boy Says:

Don’t worry about nappy changing, that is called “bonding with the baby” (my mother and wife were forcing me to do that), until “accidentaly” we stick the sticker part of the narry for the baby’s skin and are never asked to do it it again;) but we do like to walk (push) our kids outdoor, particulary in the area where other mothers are doing it too, and to exhange nice words about each other’s kids and how beautiful they are, I loved it, I guess you love it too Frenchie;)?

Wog Boy Says:

“nappy” and not “narry”

courbon Says:

Absolutely right-What is with the Dads and babys?When I was walking in the park with my little girls I was never more popular with the woman..(-:

Humble Rafa Says:

Why would tennisworld give him a easy path to record?

Those so called journalist are looking for people with twins, fat wives, etc. Humble has nothing interesting for them – just gets the job done.

Rich Says:

Why do so few tennis followers talk about the following related to Nadal?

1. Rippling physique
2. Tirelessness
3. Years of nagging injuries, especially joint breakdowns

All of the above are characteristics of steroid/HGH use, and yet so little speculation seems to exist, or calls for serious drug testing.

On the bright side regarding undiscussed Nadal issues, he’s one of the most underrated, and perhaps even one of the best, volleyers on Tour, better than Club Fed or the most overrated volleyer of them all, Serena Williams (who cannot execute a standard below shoulder height volley in singles play).

SG1 Says:

I have no issue with someone floating the idea that Rafa may be juiced. But, saying he’s juiced because he has a “rippled physique”? Because he has great endurance? Because he has injuries? These are specious arguments.

I personally know someone who barely works out and is put together way better than Rafa and is about as injury prone as anyone can possibly be. And he’s never touched any HGH or performance enhancing drug in his life.

Humble Rafa Says:

I have no issue with someone floating the idea that Rafa may be juiced.

I have no problem with someone saying that you are mentally challenged.

Humble Rafa Says:

All of the above are characteristics of steroid/HGH use

The honorable admins have to shut down these type of useless discussions. Andre Bald Head Doper is a hero and I am the villain.

These folks are not getting any action at home and are bored. They show up on these forums with wierd discussions.

Humble Rafa Says:

Applying the same standard, what about the dishonorable man who quit the WTF final but was able to play well at the Davis Cup. Did God give him magical powers in 3 days?

skeezer Says:

“Did God give him magical powers in 3 days?”
ohhh now you’re desperate in your fakeness of being someone your not. Did you read the article?
I don’t read anywhere in the media that Fed has admitted getting stem cell injections for his back, his knees and anywhere else on his body. Just hope your injections are from your own and not some others Baby…

BTW, accusing dishonorable is something you should look in the mirror first..

Oh..that DC cup match by Fed to win the DC Cup of 2014? One of of the best ever displays of Tennis….. ever. It’s on Youtube…give it a watch ;)


For others that are seriously interested, I don’t endorse the article, just posted it for viewing discussion. I said when Rafa came on the scene that his body type and play, it would wreak havoc on his body and be prone to injury and ….in fact… it has. If I was Rafa, I would be doing exactly the same, looking for any legal method to overcome the injuries. However, it will not change the fact that his style of play his very hard on the body, and this is something he cannot change. Hopefully for his fans his methods of healing and recovery will elongate his career to attain the records and play they all want to see.

Okiegal Says:

Fox news always has a medical focus on their Sunday show. The focus was on stem cell therapy. A doctor said that it was getting so advanced that they believe eventually an organ can be created……far out, man!! Akin to cloning, I suppose. Modern medicine is OTT, me thinks! I’m not positive the word created was used but that was the gist of it.

Goose Egg Says:

Ben Pronin Says:
Some people would love to see Nadal just shake shake shake it off, amirite?

The FedFans gonna hate hate hate hate hate,
And don’t wanna see Rafa play play play play play,
Rafa’s just got to shake shake shake, shake it off…

Want Rafa to lose in straights straights straights straights,
Hope every injury is fake fake fake fake fake,
Rafa’s just got to shake it off, shake it off…

Ben Pronin Says:

Wait, SG1, your friend is built better how? Looks-wise? Because I agree, that doesn’t mean much of anything. And I’m personally very injury prone and the only supplements I take is a protein shake.

I don’t know if it’s HGH or IGF-1 or whatever, but it is weird that Nadal is both the most fit player on tour while being the most unfit player at the same time. I’ve read that some PEDs cause joints to become more fragile and prone to breakdowns easier. Not to say it’s not possible to have flimsy joints without PEDs.

I don’t know if anyone watches the NFL here, but the way the NFL works is absurd. A player is carted off every other play for some injury or another. Their return is questionable. Suddenly they might not even play next weekend. So all week long I’m checking updates. They’re injured Sunday. On Monday they get scanned and diagnosed. Tuesday they miss practice. Wednesday they miss practice. Thursday they’re limited! Friday they take most of the snaps. And on Sunday they’re 100% ready to go. It’s the most absurd thing ever and it’s so commonplace it’s insane. It’s like they live in a time bubble where 1 week is actually 1 year for them. Tennis injuries and recoveries look like a joke in comparison.

Sorry about the tangent, I just had to get this out there.

brando Says:

@skeezer: fair post and reasonable also ‘re Rafael @10.17. Props to you for that.

brando Says:

Re Rafael Nadal and these accusations: he’s been on the scene for 10 plus years. All his issues are public knowledge. So is his conduct. He’s also been very public about whatever treatment he’s done or whatever issue he’s gone through. In essence: he’s been extremely transparent regarding his actions. And yet he’s: 1- never been investigated by any sporting body 2- never had to answer to any body for any official complaint/investigation. And yet he still gets these silly accusations labeled by posters (not on about here specifically but generally) that oh he’s a cheat, he’s juiced up etc. Based on what?where’s your evidence?cite you case? Present it to the world at large if you believe it to be true. This has never happened nor will it be the case since really the accusers have no evidence to offer: just a deep lying hate, dislike for Nadal, his success and wish to knock it with these silly accusations. It’s sad, pathetic but we find this not in tennis but even other fields when fans of a rival team rather shower disdain, diminish credibility of those they hate even though what they say lacks completely in fact or evidence. Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? And seeing he’s never faced any investigation and his colleagues applaud him- even give him the Stefan edberg sportsmanship award once- we are to believe he’s a devious player. The absolute definition of petty hate.

Ben Pronin Says:

Brandon, I’m not trying to attack Nadal here, but there are a lot of things wrong with what you said.

First of all, how can you be so sure he’s completely transparent? Sure he tells us about some procedures and injuries and whatnot, but there’s simply no way he’s telling us everything. Not even in the sense that he’s hiding something, but just in the general fact that no one tells the general public everything that’s going on.

Second, where’s the evidence? Cite the case? How? Seriously, how am I, living in the US, knowing absolutely no one affiliated with Nadal, supposed to gather evidence on a guy that lives in Spain and travels all around the world 11 months out of the year? It makes no sense to tell a internet poster that the claim is baseless because they are personally unable to provide evidence. All we can do is watch and speculate. It’s within our rights to do so, and it’s impossible to expect anyone sitting behind their keyboards on tennis-x to go out and gather evidence of Rafael Nadal doping. Can I conduct his blood test? Can I test it? Can I analyze it? Can I record him injecting or something? Seriously. All we can do is speculate. If you disagree, that’s completely within your right to do so as well. But complaining about lack of evidence is as baseless as these accusations.

Giles Says:

Why is Nadal always accused or suspected of doping? Why not Federer and Djokovic as well? To me they are the most likely candidates and should be investigated!!

Okiegal Says:

I think Rafa’s biggest problem is being from Spain and being associated with Dr. Fuentes (probably not spelled correctly) but you know who I mean. I would hate to think I would be guilty of accusing someone of something so dastardly w/o proof. I don’t know if he is or isn’t, but I would give any player the benefit of the doubt until there was come concrete proof. I will say this, obviously if he is it’s not been beneficial in any way……he’s still losing and to lesser players. The football players…..not sure, but I hear they get shots in their knees… it to numb the knees? I remember when Rafa was having his foot problem he said he got an injection in the foot and it was “sleeping”……I heard him say this. That is so dangerous to the body. You’re playing through pain you can’t feel. If that is what football players do…..very stupid. Rafa is so paranoid about his body I would be shocked if he took the chance to endanger it in any way. He doesn’t like digs for fear of getting bitten by one. I don’t like dogs either because I nearly got my ankle chewed off by one. But whatever, everyone has an opinion about the issue and its their right.

Giles Says:

No, “it’s not their right”. These accusations which have been going on for years now are a slur on Rafa’s character, which is impeccable IMO , and on his career. These accusations have emanated from the Federer cult and it needs to stop!!

SG1 Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
I have no issue with someone floating the idea that Rafa may be juiced.

I have no problem with someone saying that you are mentally challenged.


If you believe it’s impossible that Rafa’s on something (…remember…I’m saying impossible so keep up with me if you can), than you’re not just Humble Rafa but Naïve Rafa as well.

I have stated on many occasions that I believe Rafa is clean. However, I also believe it would be ignorant to blindly believe that any elite athlete is clean when there is so much money at stake. There are cheaters out there. I don’t think Rafa is one of them, but no one other than Rafa knows this for sure.

SG1 Says:

Rafa doesn’t beat others on a tennis court because of his physique. There are stronger guys out there. Rafa beats opponents by being mentally tougher than any of them. PED’s don’t improve mental performance. If playing great tennis was simply about good physique and an ability to recover, I suspect there’d be a lot more cheaters out there and few more players being caught.

The other reason I believe Rafa is clean is that I think he has a tremendous respect for the game of tennis. Maybe naïve on my part, but I think he would never want to risk the legacy of what he’s accomplished.

SG1 Says:

Giles Says:
Why is Nadal always accused or suspected of doping? Why not Federer and Djokovic as well? To me they are the most likely candidates and should be investigated!!


When something (…or someone) is too good to be true, the natural instinct should be to question it.

This being said, I agree with you. Federer and Djokovic deserve the same scrutiny. I don’t think it’s right to accuse someone of doing something illegal without facts but at the same time, just because the evidence isn’t readily apparent, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

SG1 Says:

Ben Pronin Says:
Wait, SG1, your friend is built better how? Looks-wise? Because I agree, that doesn’t mean much of anything. And I’m personally very injury prone and the only supplements I take is a protein shake.


Rich blogged that one of the reasons Rafa could be using PED’s is that he has a “rippled physique”. The reasoning seemed so absurd that I felt I had to say something. And my friend is 17 years older than Rafa and is much more “rippled”. No ‘roids of any kind involved.

sienna Says:

facts are that he mysteriously takes time of tennis for months up to 6 and out of the blue demolish his opponentopponents. He has claimed slams on dubious bloodvalues after suspicious threatment where no supervision of any doping institute was possible.

He has done the same the last couple of months. We are in for another chapterof mystery in medical threatment from dopecountry #1 of the zero’s.

Thangs Says:

Federer never sweats or look tired in 5 set matches..Whatever the floating style it is, it can not be natural.

Nole was known to be quitter. Sudden rise in 2011 is a big question, playing back to back 5 set matches lasting 5+ hrs.. gluten free

RZ Says:

@Giles – it’s not fair to claim that the juicing/doping allegations against Rafa are coming from the Fed camp. The most outspoken allegations that I have heard have come from France, between various TV shows (there was that weird one with puppets that insinuated that the Spaniards were doping) and Yannick Noah’s accusations.

As to your question about why the allegations are made against Rafa more than other players, I think many have been suspicious since Rafa was very muscular as a 17 year-old and has come back strong from extended breaks. But I’ve heard allegations against Djokovic too, especially for his 2011 years.

For the record, I don’t think that any of the very top players are doping. But the ATP/ITF should probably do some more testing than they are.

Wog Boy Says:

“Federer never sweats or look tired in 5 set matches..Whatever the floating style it is, it can not be natural.”

Have yiu seen Federer last night against Millmam? He was soaking wet after few games, he is just a human like anybody else, we shiuld ask Mirka if he sweats and when:)

Wog Boy Says:

^^ “should” Says:

All tennis players are tested constantly. The problem is that testing is always based on last years knowledge, and cheaters are using next year. As well, I believe ATP has refused to let WADA run their tests, so they are a) not the most advanced and b) subject to internal interference.
I don’t think there is any reason to suspect one of the big three over the other. They all have abnormal physical greatness. That’s why they’re the BIG FREAKING THREE. But unless someone starts ratting, a la Armstrong, we’ll most likely never know for sure so there’s not much point pointing fingers.

Rich Says:

Looks like at the very least I started an interesting debate.

According to a The Daily Beast article from 2013 (link immediately below):

The ITF has “[a] flimsy oversight program and its lack of transparency appear largely to blame for fueling the doping suspicions.”

“After Armstrong’s admission, Swiss player Roger Federer, currently the world No. 3, said it would be “naïve” to think the sport is clean.”

Also, in 2012, tennis conducted 63 out-of-competition tests, while cycling conducted 3,314.

Finally, the article explains that sometimes when a player tests positive, his/her name is never even revealed – he/she just has to serve the suspension.

To that end, the writer states “some tennis watchers suspect that Nadal’s seven-month absence from the professional circuit between July 2012 to February 2013, and his loss at the 2009 French Open and withdrawal from Wimbledon that year, may actually have been a “silent doping ban” that was never publicly disclosed.”

My suspicions of Nadal are purely circumstantial, but with how closely I follow horse racing and cycling, and to a lesser extent track & field, I feel I have developed some good instincts about doping. I would bet big money that Rafa dopes. Doper or not, he arguably is the greatest ATP player ever (Sampras/Laver/Borg being my other candidates).

elina Says:

Hilarious when you can tell who’s one’s favourite player is only by what he says about other players (particularly Nadal) lol.

You could make a circumstantial doping argument for any of the Top 4.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa and Pico…..RAFICO 2015 Doha Dubs champs!! Vamos!

I have a question to the tennis players on this forum. Wouldn’t playing doubles mess up your singles game because of the doubles alleys?? Looks like to me trying to hit the lines might cause a problem after playing doubles where the whole court is fair game. I’ve always wondered about this if it could be hazardous to your singles game…….??????

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^ Or do you still shoot for the inside lines and if it misses you’re still OK?? This is probably a stupid assumption and also a stupid question all together. I would appreciate some input..Thanks!

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – I mostly play doubles but will sometimes play singles when my league team needs someone to fill in a singles slot. It doesn’t really mess up the game – you get used to not having the alleys really quick. For me it was more important to remember that while in doubles hitting down the middle is often the go-to shot for a winner, that’s not usually the case with singles.

james Says:

Nadal is the fittest guy on tour? Really???? Tireless??? I wish that were true. I wish he had the fitness of Djokovic who is the fittest player on tour today. Nadal should be as fit as that guy but no, to me Nadal looks tired easily after playing a tight set. If he wasn’t this injury prone, I would like him to work more on his fitness.

james Says:

I hear Nadal looked good today in the doubles final. Should give him some confidence as he heads to Melbourne.
He’s gonna need to practice a lot more to have any chance Down Under. Still expect him to do well there.

Brando Says:


Great to see you post here:

‘Djokovic who is the fittest player on tour today’:

Completely agree. Fitness wise: Novak is best on tour and better than Federer. His only real issue ever was breathing problems in the spring and quite obviously that;s something rather genetic, personal than a game or fitness methods issue.

He’s hardly ever had an issue.

‘to me Nadal looks tired easily after playing a tight set.’:

Yeah but that’s more a heat humidity thing, getting into the grind as opposed to anything else.

Stamina wise: Rafael has always been a beast.

Brando Says:


Great to hear some note of good for Rafael after 6 months of none stop negativity.

And major, major props to Juan Monaco: a great friend of Rafael who has always been there to help him whenever he’s needed his help with practise, doubles, just good cheer.

This one is for Juan I am sure Rafael is thinking as it’s great to see a nice guy have some success!

Congrats to both of them!

Giles Says:
Great to see that Rafa salvaged something in Doha by winning the dubs. Here is MP and trophy presentation.
Vamos Rafa!
Well done Rafico!

Okiegal Says:

@RZ…..Thanks so much for your input. You see, I never watch doubles matches. I probably haven’t watched over five dubs in my life, mainly because they were rarely televised. Do I like them…..heck yeah! They are full of action and the cross the net close up battles are so exciting. So, doesn’t mess up the singles game at all. You’re right about hitting down the middle, that seemed to be the strategy of both teams……it was a great fun match. I thoroughly enjoyed it……and my guy and his friend won…..which made it better! VAMOS team RAFICO!!!

@Brando……I think Rafa and Jaun are indeed very good friends and they had a great time out there today. Loved this match! I’m gonna try to hook up and watch more doubles on my PC. Dubs are fun!!

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – you are welcome. I love watching doubles and would love it if there was more coverage. When I go to Indian Wells each year I spend more time watching doubles than singles. Some of these doubles specialists who don’t get a lot of exposure outside of the ATP website are really fun to watch. My favorite to watch is Leander Paes, but I also like watching Colin Fleming, Robert Lindstedt, Eric Butorac, Bruno Soares, and Johnny Marray.

Okiegal Says:

@RZ…..I watched Paes in a match last year…..he’s very good. I want to go to Indian Wells so bad. I don’t fly and I think that would be a low traffic trip. I’ve driven straight through to Vegas twice….hit I-40 and you’re on your way. I’ve got to get this done before Rafa calls it quits! Maybe if his body won’t cooperate for singles he can become a dubs specialist!

Hamza Says:


If Nadal uses PEDs, it’d be out in the open eventually. On the other hand, Federer is considered the brand ambassador of tennis. Now, if Federer uses PEDS, I simply don’t see how we will EVER get to know about it. The implications of such a finding are simply too damning. It will be all hushed.

If Nadal is caught taking PEDs, people like you would say: I always knew this guy was a doper. I as his fan will be disappointed. But tennis as a sport will live, because Roger Federer has shown us the how tennis should be played.

If Fed is caught taking PEDS, the entire tennis fraternity would say: you too Brutus (or Fed in this case)? Then you’ll have those who’ll say: if somebody as tennis-holy as Federer uses PEDs, then EVERYBODY – including Nadal – must be using PEDs. They would then further imply that this entire sport is filled with dopers. People would stop following tennis, their faith will be shattered.

I’m more worried about Federer than Nadal when it comes to PEDs TBH. But, that’s just me.

skeezer Says:

“I’m more worried about Federer than Nadal when it comes to PEDs”.
If if if if if if……..ugh!

Thats cool, but you’re in a majority minority. Do a search and you’ll find the majoirity of writers in the game differ from yours.

Trying to throw Fed under the bus to defend Rafa’s controversial treatments is not fair by any means. Fed has no ducumented questionable treatments, period.

Hamza Says:


Talk when you have proof. Mud-slinging will only make you look more dirty.

skeezer Says:

You mis read me. I am not nor have ever claimed Rafa uses PEDS, so there is no proof that needs to be presented by me to you or anyone. The media/sports writers have written all about this subject. It is out there, but you are right nothing is proven. My original point, which is proven, is the controversial treatments he has been using for recovery/healing such as prp and stem cell injections. It was to start a discussion about that, not to accuse him of anything illegal.
Now really, who is doing the mudslinging?

Margot Says:

Johnnie Mac famously preferred playing doubles to any form of practising :) He was a superb volleyer, must’ve helped.
Glad u decided to stay btw.

Margot Says:

In fact Rafa has the most amazing biceps, which figures, but his body looks quite “soft” to me.

Okiegal Says:

@Margot……Yes, thanks, I had a change of heart. I’m a night owl and reading and posting makes sleepy time come faster, plus I’m bored….plus I love to read everybody’s 2 cents!! LOL I’ll try to stay out of controversy…….

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..Rafa does have amazing biceps and a big bum to go with them! He doesn’t look as slim as last season and do think his bum is bigger than it was. Maybe weight gain is common in the off season. He just looks heavier to me, but may be the exact same weight.

Margot Says:

I’m an early bird and we’ve caught each other across time and distance and are managing to “chat.”
Awesome :)

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..I wish more dubs were televised…… they are so entertaining!

Okiegal Says:

@Margot 2:30…..Yes, it is awesome, appreciate your kind words. I love to read your posts…..and nobody ever gets cross ways with you…….you’re a respected poster……unlike myself….I seem to get in hot water from time to time…

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer……do you go to IW???

skeezer Says:

Yes, been there, great venue.

Margot Says:

Met a lovely poster from tx there too. I seem to remember ;)

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer…..I want to go there before Rafa retires. I think that would be the easiest to get to from Oklahoma……A very long drive, however.

skeezer Says:

A great venue. You easily access many matches in a day. You can grt real flose up to see your fav on the practice courts.

Really? Me too! Rarely posts here anymore and I think so does yours :(. It was a blast hooking up with another tennis fan from here.

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer……I can tell from watching it on the TV that it would be a great one to go to. Maybe some day I can. I’m nursing a twisted knee at the moment…..I won’t be going anywhere for awhile……I now know how Rafa felt……

@Margot……You and Skeezer have met other posters?? That’s cool. I would love to meet other
TXers. I once said we should have a get together…..we might actually like each other…

Margot Says:

Ah, Skeeze, meant u there at IW :) My bad. Would love to go tho. From the descriptions given it sounds a fab tournament. Unfortunately on the wrong side of US for us Brits, but on the other hand the USOpen…
One of these days!

Hamza Says:


What’s the controversy other than a headstrongo Fed fan trying to stir an empty pot ? If there is something illegal about it, Nadal would be called out. All I see is people like you unable to pinpoint the illegality of what he’s doing.

You see, just because Agassi lied about Crystal Meth, or Armstrong being caught taking PEDs, or the fact that more than 20 NFL players have been suspended this year for taking PEDs doesn’t implicate everybody else. That’s like saying “O because doping is so common in NFL, I bet Manning and Brady are dopers. But NFL is protecting them because they are too big to be called out”. Being skeptical is fine as long as you don’t become a conspiracy theorist.

I can’t change the fact that you believe Nadal is a doper. But I certainly do think that despite tennis and other sports trying to become more transparent, it’s a belief based more on Nadal’s hatred rather than genuine suspicions. Let me end by saying that it is as irrational as somebody who believes all American tennis players were/are/will be dopers because Agassi admitted to lying about his drug abuse.

skeezer Says:

I don’t appreciate you trying to accuse me of calling Nadal a Doper, I have never said he was, so stop the lying. You may be confusing me with some other posters,as you continue to misconstrue my posts. The controversy is about his treatments to heal, not to perform. They in fact have been controversial treatments in the past, Stem cell treatment is one of them. if you care to read up on stem cells as an example. It is not illegal some places, some places it is. It’s controversial, like I said.
Read up on stuff before you try to win a argument. And yes it’s not all about Nadal, but it’s not all of the sudden about Fed, or you trying to blame haters for all the media reports about Rafa.

Ben Pronin Says:

LOL @ Manning and Brady doping. Not to say that they’re above it but have you seen those barely passable for an athlete clowns?

I don’t fully agree that Federer getting busted would be bigger than Nadal getting busted. They’re like co-faces of tennis. I think it’d be a huge hit for tennis for either guy to get busted. But tennis would eventually recover as all sports do.

Humble Rafa Says:

I can confirm that met Skeeze at IW. His cats scared me.

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