Andy Roddick Interview - Miami, Mar 26

Posted on March 26, 2011

Andy Roddick Interview
Sony Ericsson Open - Miami, Fl., U.S.A.
March 26, 2011
P. CUEVAS/A. Roddick 6 4, 7 6

 THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

 Q.  Are you contagious?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I don't know.  Come here.

 Q.  So what is it?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I don't know.  I had a little trouble breathing out there today.  I've had something for a little while, but I'm going to have it checked out when I get home.

 Q.  Looked like you were limping.  Anything wrong with your foot?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I don't have any new information.  I have to get some stuff looked at.

 Q.  When did it start bothering you?
 ANDY RODDICK:  What's that?

 Q.  Breathing.
 ANDY RODDICK:  I didn't feel good all day.

 Q.  Did you feel bad...
 ANDY RODDICK:  I have had it dating back to Memphis off and on.  That's a little too long, I think.  I don't know.  I don't have anything more than that for you guys.

 Q.  You're concerned obviously because of the mono last year?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, we all know the history.  I mean, you guys know as much as I do at this point.  So we'll try to figure it out next week.

 Q.  Did you have any indication though?  You were coughing the other day and stuff like that.  Did you have any indication that you just weren't feeling well going into the match?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I mean, I have been coughing, but it hasn't been affecting my or breathing or energy levels until last couple days.  Cough is fine as long as you feel fine, you know, running and breathing and all that stuff.

 Q.  Even so, did you feel like you had a chance to get into the match, or you just put in the time and were trying to put in a good effort?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I didn't feel very optimistic throughout the day.

 Q.  You weren't moving on some those aces.  Was that your sickness or your injury?
 ANDY RODDICK:  It was    you want me to put a percentage to know?

 Q.  Was it both?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, there was some stuff going on.

 Q.  Do you think way Cuevas' play was good enough?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, I mean, he played well.  He hit some good passing shots.  He definitely had more game than I did today, that's for sure.

 Q.  What hurt you most about his play?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Well, he was hitting that kick serve pretty well on the ad side.  I had a couple looks in the second set, and he hit a couple good ones.

 Q.  If you weren't defending champ, you might have bagged it early, you think?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I don't know.  No, I don't think that had much bearing on it.  No, I didn't think about that.

 Q.  Can you just tell us how you feel?  I mean, just how bummed you are, how emotionally...
 ANDY RODDICK:  Just frustrated.  You know, you don't like going out there with, you know, less than what you got, and I feel like I have been doing that a lot.  It's just frustrating.
 Yeah, I mean, it's not like I'm super mad because I had chances or lost or didn't play    I mean, it's just frustrating.

 Q.  What's your schedule like coming up?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Ah, like what?

 Q.  What's your next tournament?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Well, I'm going to get to the clay a lot earlier than I did last year hopefully.  I probably    I haven't talked    I'm going to have to talk to my coach about that.  There is a lot coming in here I don't have the answers for you.
 You normally regroup after this tournament and see where you're at.

 Q.  You went to your doctors in Texas after Delray; did they tell you anything?
 ANDY RODDICK:  I was sick.  I got on antibiotics.  Had a bronchial infection of some sort, and I got a little better for Davis Cup.  I felt fine during Palm Springs, and then, you know, came back a little bit when I was down here.

 Q.  Is it the same?  Does it feel the same as what you had just before Delray?
 ANDY RODDICK:  Yeah, it's deep in the chest.  It's not even so much nasally or throat or anything like that.  It's just, you know, when I laugh, I start sounding like a car trying to start.