Davydenko, Bryans Win Year-end Titles; Tennis-X Notes
by Staff | November 29th, 2009, 9:54 pm

No. 7-seeded Nikolay Davydenko of Russian eclipsed Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and the elite eight at the ATP World Tour Final, on Sunday defeating Juan Martin del Potro 6-3, 6-4 in the final to capture the title at the O2 Arena in London.
“In 2009, Davydenko forever on this trophy,” said the first Russian to win the year-end championship after finishing runner-up last year. “I think it’s amazing…for my name to be there is something amazing for me.”

Davydenko, who has yet to win a Grand Slam title, beat all four 2009 Slam winners in London — Nadal (Aussie Open), Federer (French and Wimbledon) and del Potro (US Open).

“This tournament has a great champion, like Nikolay,” said del Potro of the Russian, who ironically was brutally investigated for over a year by the ATP for alleged match-fixing.

“He’s very fast,” del Potro said of the Russian. “He plays like PlayStation. He runs down everything. It is very difficult to hit winners. But I think he is a great champion. Nobody knows how we can beat him.”

Davydenko missed the first five months of the 2009 season with a foot injury, but ended up with a perfect 5-0 record in tournament finals.

In the doubles final, Bob and Mike Bryan finished the year No. 1 by defeating Max Mirnyi and Andy Ram 7-6(5), 6-3, for their third year-end championship title.

Last year Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic finished No. 1 by beating the Bryans in the final, and this year the twins knocked the pair out of the top spot with their win in the final.

“It means so much,” said Bob Bryan. “It’s pretty much what we play for now. That’s the goal. Play well in the Slams, but the ultimate goal is to finish No. 1. We felt like it was stolen from us last year. Now we kind of crept up on those guys and stole it from them this year. We feel like it’s a little bit of a payback.”

It was the 56th career title for the Bryans, leaving them now only five titles behind the all-time tally of 61 by Australians Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde, the “Woodies.”

“It’s in our sights now to catch them,” said Bob Bryan. “To be even considered in the same sentence with the Woodies makes us proud. Those guys are our idols. I assume if we stay healthy, it’s going to happen some day. Definitely want to honor those guys. That’s the standard of doubles. Those guys were the best players ever. To be mentioned with those two is awesome.”


KANTARIAN REVEALED TO…MAKE BANK — So it was revealed that former USTA CEO of Professional Tennis Arlen Kantarian (who was cut because some in the organization thought he had too much power and was making too much money) made $9+ million in salary and bonuses in 2008 before he was let go. Too much cash? Not in light of what he achieved for the USTA from 2000-2008. “The USTA made a conscious decision to invest in its professional staff, and these investments have paid off,” said USTA spokesman Chris Widmaier. “Revenue at the USTA is up $93 million between 2000 and 2008, and we’ve hit other record benchmarks, including 30 million tennis players, the highest USTA membership in our history, and three consecutive record US Opens in attendance and revenue.” Up $93 million? Enough said. Question is, why did they cut him loose?…

PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC — Chris Kermode, managing director of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, talking to the Telegraph Sport on letting the players make an entrance on the court to music of their choice. “We asked the eight players’ agents if they would like to come out to their own choice of music. Some didn’t want too, it wasn’t their thing. Other players chose tracks that were unbelievably inappropriate. I can’t say who. I’m a massive Neil Young fan and I think the audience would be disgusted if I started playing that [particular song].”…

Andy Roddick on the knee injury that kept him out the of the ATP year-end championship: “The injury, it’s coming along well. We’re probably a little bit ahead of where we thought we would be. I’ve been able to run in a straight line, and hopefully next week I’ll be able to get back out on the courts and practice. The two weeks after Shanghai were probably about the two most boring weeks of my life. Literally I was on a couch. You went from 20 minutes on ice, 20 minutes off. Not a whole lot. There wasn’t a lot of walking to be done — or a lot of anything else, for that matter. The progress has been very good, especially in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been able to run in straight lines. Now it’s just a matter of getting the lateral movement back. I’m thankful that I’m able to make a full recovery for next season.”…

FOX Business news channel is now advertising on Tennis Channel? Tennis Channel viewers are the demographic for FOX News? Ewwwww….

The ATP Kitzbuhel event is moving to Nice in 2010, the first time Nice has hosted an ATP event since 1995. Reportedly Kitzbuhel local authorities failed to sign a stadium contract for the 65-year-old tournament to go on…

Rafael Nadal went 0-3 at the ATP year-end championship…

Andy Murray has split with his girlfriend of four years Kim Sears…

ANYONE HAVE A CALCULATOR? — From The Telegraph on the ATP’s bungle during the year-end championships: “The ATP was so unsure about how to interpret its own round-robin rules — even though they have been in place for several years — that Juan Mart�n del Potro said he did not receive confirmation that he had qualified for the semi-finals until 25 minutes after he had beaten Roger Federer, and Andy Murray was so bewildered about whether he was in or out that he posted a message on Twitter, the micro-blogging website, asking: “Does anyone know what’s going on?” For almost half an hour, there was no official confirmation that Federer and Del Potro had reached the semi-finals, and that Murray’s season was over — the great majority of the 17,000 spectators would have left the O2 Arena not knowing who had qualified from Group A. The spectators in the stadium received no information about the qualification scenarios.” — Boris Becker said it was a disgrace, and you know it is a low if Boris is dumping on you…

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68 Comments for Davydenko, Bryans Win Year-end Titles; Tennis-X Notes

Mary Says:

“Andy Murray was so bewildered about whether he was in or out that he posted a message on Twitter, the micro-blogging website, asking: “Does anyone know what’s going on?” ”

How hard is it to add up the sets, and mat— oh I forgot we are talking about Murray.

Kimo Says:

Congrats DAVYYYYYYYYYY. WOW. It was a great performance. Conratulations to Delpo too for finding the kind of form that has eluded him since the US Open.

2010 will be a thiller season.

Gannu Says:

Though I was very disappointed that Fedex lost against Davydenko (and even cursed Sean for having jinxed Fedex), after watching yesterday’s match , I believe Koyla really deserved it.. fantastic shot making,,,Was brilliant and he completely outplayed Del Po.. really deserved to get this trophy by beating all top players.. Well done Koyla… (will not say keep it up ;-)

margot Says:

Hi folks! Had a gr8 time and SO exciting to see top 5 in action. Have come away with renewed respect for the players. JMDP was serving so fast you could NOT see the ball BUT Fed was getting it back, incredible. Looks as if Andy was nursing a back injury during match with Verdasco, he kept rubbing his back and his serve was awful. Do not think he would’ve done very well, even if he had gone through. All these injuries are not good news. Plus Kim, oh no!!
Am very glad Davydenko won, a) I like his style of play and,b) I know Delpot has many many fans on this site, but once you’ve got over a very big man hitting the ball very, very hard, what are you left with? Or am I missing something here? Very funny during his match people were shouting “Come on Delboy” which is a reference to a South East London wheeler dealer from a TV soap! Don’t suppose he got it.
jane, sar: hope you read this cos Djko was on the practise court with his coach Tod Martin, so I was able to get up close and personal and can confidently report he is even better looking in real life…
The players looked tired and a bit jaded to me. It’s the end of a long, long season.

Duro Says:

Margot, are you there?

madmax Says:


I wondered where you had got to! your ticket was okay then? I didnt realise you managed to see so many of the other players.

I cant wait for next year. The venue itself is so awesome, isnt it?

Though, I like delpotro, it never ceases to amaze me how skysports have now predicted he is the “next best thing” (I’m not entirely disagreeing with them, by the way), but they have been saying this about murray now for the last two years. And the usual ‘roger is over’ is being banned about, ugh! this time makes for a very disgruntled federer fan, who has to hear this crap, over and over again.

Why cant media just enjoy the best era tennis has ever had, I mean the players right now, it’s anyone’s game. I think that davy has done incredibly well with having had 5 months off at the beginning of the year, he has done brilliantly to come back fighting year end.

It was a cracker of a match TV seat side!

Cannot wait to see Federer again in January. Also rafa playing davis cup this friday, I wonder how he is going to hold up – he has had his fair share of criticism too.

madmax Says:

I still think that delpo needs to show more consistency on the court. He didnt play particularly well at wimbledon this year, out in the second round, but then I dont think he likes grass and whilst he has the killer forehand, like you say, there needs to be more to his game – though, I will have to do more analysis of his shots – i dont enough about them as of now.

Dave B Says:

Davydenko’s victory is a great inspiration for all those who are not six foot six and do not weigh over 200 pounds. It’s great to see the little guy-the runt- win out with sheer skill and determination. DelPotro looked like a lumbering golem. He has no charm and no style. No wonder he had to keep crossing himself.

margot Says:

madmax, duro: got tickets for 3 sessions in the end. Just grand! YET is booked for 5 years at the O2 so come on 2010.
duro: although Djko was clearly tired, the lovely variety of his game was plain to see.
madmax: kept waiting for Fed to weave his magic over Delpot, but I guess he was tired too. There were flashes of brilliance, usually when he came to the net, but he seemed to be trying to out hit JMDP which is not the way to play him. Am sure he’ll figure it out!

jane Says:

margot!!!!! I am so happy to hear from you. I looked for you in the HUGE stadium whenever I was watching, but I didn’t see any “Hi to Tennis-Xers” signs. LOL. Hope you had fun in the posh box. Oh, so you got up close and personal with Djoko eh? I am green with jealousy. : ) I think even us distant t.v. viewers could tell that the players were looking somewhat slow and flat at times. It is SUCH a long season for these guys. Good that Davy /Delpo came up with some nice shots in the final. Davy really had a fab tournament didn’t he? Anyhow must get ready for work. Cheerio margot!!

Johanna Says:

This is a good tennis blog and a consistent bonus – many of the readers/commentators here have good insights. But a extra fun bonus – a reader, like Margot, attending an event and sharing thoughts, as the event is being reported. It’s refreshing – as it’s her comments people are responding to… So you get the Tennis X writers, the commentators here, and then someone actually watching them play, from some 100s of feet away, and sharing the glorious fun of tennis. Yay Margot!

Duro Says:

Margot, I remember you mentioned that Murray had some difficulties with his groins prior to WTF. He didn’t just keep rubbing his back but his groins too. Did you notice that? I also do not think he would’ve done very well, even if he had gone through.

About Davy… He deserved it, all right, but not thrilled with his style of play at all. He’s fast, he’s fast, he’s really fast, but… Hard to beat him these days, that’s for sure.

About Novak, He did all right. Not better, not worse than others. I’m glad he finished the year with a win over his big big rival. 400 additional points in his chase for number 2, some more money earned, improved H2H against Rafa to a bearable 7:14 and a REST finally! It’s enough for this year, especially compared to its very start and a loss in the first match to Gulbis. Who would have thought it would turn to be a year with the most wins on the Tour!

Anyway, 2010 will give many answers. Nole, Murray JMDP and the “old guys” 1 and 2. Oh boy! Easy for no one!

sar Says:

Nole did OK in my opinion too.

sar Says:

Glad you had a good time and got to see the big boys.

been there Says:

Margot, lucky you! Thanks for sharing your observations & quick recap.

jane (u keep the blog alive!!), SS/DD, contador, madmax, i am it, david, kimo,kimmi, BB and the rest, it’s been nice discussing tennis & sharing fanaticism with you. C u in Jan…..erm…if we don’t bump into each other this weekend over Davis Cup. haha.
Happy holidays.

been there Says:

I should say it’s been nice: discussing & debating tennis, putting out little fires & sharing fanaticism. :)

Roll on 2010. Happy holidays.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Apparently, the break-up has been due for some time, and the Scottish model, Andy’s childhood classmate, and family friend Katherine Brown had been at the center of all this. Lucky Andy and Kathy, they are destined to be together. She is smoky hot. An old story reveals the background. Check out the “Great Scot!”

Bjorn Borg Says:

Katherine Brown’s pics and her charity work with Judy have been in Andy Murray’s website since June.

margot Says:

Hey guys! Thans for your gr8 comments. Sean and Dan better watch out! BTW The stadium is fab. It’s like an amphitheatre. You’ve got superb views wherever you sit, a kind of blue flashing strip that goes all round the arena and lights up at key moments, the song “London Calling” being played and yes, they’re already asking for ball girls and boys for 2010. It seats 17,000 too so you can imagine the noise and the excitement. My hands were sweaty and I’m hoarse from shouting!! Loved it!
johanna: yay to you too darling! Next year come!

sar Says:

Jane/ Duro, Novak and Troicki played a charity match today with proceeds going to children.


Diane Says:

Actually, Tennis Channel viewers, as a whole, probably DO watch Fox News. But now that CNN and MSNBC are simply really bad versions of Fox, it makes no difference.

The news about the music selections made me think of Jennifer Capriati when she chose to enter the court to “Bombs Over Baghdad.”

jane Says:

Sweet picture sar: looks like Novak is right in the thick of it, with possibly a child hanging off his back! It’s such a good cause, any time anyone devotes time/effort for children. They’re the future, after all. I hope Novak has plans to rest for a few weeks now.

jane Says:

Here’s a list of ten of the best/most successful tennis players in the last decade.


Duro Says:

Sar, thanks! Of course I’ve seen it. They love him big time!

huh Says:

Not exactly what I wanted to happen at WTF, but credit to Davy, he won it! Congrats to Davy for beating , as someone beautifully put it, the 2009 AO, FO, WIM & USO champ. Now that’s really something which I can’t deny!


However My Dearest madmax, dear Kimo, Kimmi, Daniel, Gordo, NachoF, Fot and other Fed fans, DD included of course:

Despite some stinging losses here and there, Fed has done ok, quite ok, I mean! :) So CONGRATS TO OUR CHAMP FEDERER! FED STILL RULES! :)

My heartiest congrats to Rafa fans too as he and only he comes close to Fed in terms of overall achievements this year. AO, IW Masters, MC, Barc, Rome, semi in USO and semis and finals in many other important tournaments. He deserves to end this year as the No.2, only behind Roger; Rafa and only Rafa’s the real No.2 of this year, performance-wise.


HUGE HUGE CONGRATS to Del Po and his fans as well. He’s done it by winning USO 09. I can hope and wish only better and better for him as he’s my guy right after FED & Rod, no doubt in my mind about it right now. Com what may, I’d root for DP besides Fed & Rod. DP may never win another match in his life, but I’m his fan now , and forever’d remain so.

Super Dear Mrs. Margot:

I however wanna make it quite clear that I’d be rooting for Muzza next year at the WIM/USO , more than even Fed. Muzza’s my 4th fav after Fed, Rod & DP. I pray for Muzza’s success in slam next year. I think, if Muzza wins 1st slam, he would win the second one and more too.

For my dear Nole fans, Dear Mrs. Jane, Dear Duro, sar and others, your guy has finally won a masters event this year after all the hard work he put in. He also got 3 important victories over Rafa, and I can assure you people that I was with you celebrating then seeing Nole triumphing over Rafa thrice. And he also played very well, I won’t say super great, he can play much better, but still he did very well during the clay season. I was not happy actually seeing his misery , I’d rather see him happy. So Good Luck to Nole too for 2010.

And I hope super dear dear Rod to come back strong in 2010 and win that elusive Wimbledon title. God Bless Him! He deserves Wimby.

huh Says:

I want, clearly want, Muzza to win his 1st slam before Nole, Rafa or DP (much thou I like him n even know Muzza’s his rival no.1 in true sense of the term) win another slam as I don’t wanna see Murray under pressure. I hope Muzza gives a shit to what others say/ think or even he thinks of himself and rather CONCENTRATE and work SUPER HARD to lift his 1st slam.

My guys in order of preference of my rooting for them at the next year’s slams:

1.Fed 2.Muzza 3.Rod 4.DP

1.Fed 2.DP 3.Nole 4.Rafa

1.Rod 2.Muzza 3.Fed 4.DP

1.Muzza 2.Rod 3.Fed 4.DP

All these subject to change keeping in view the needs and miseries of other guys. Only FIRST FED FOR OZ IS UNCHANGEABLE!

huh Says:


jane Says:

huh, hello! Thanks for that article on Rafa; it really puts his changes and dedication into perspective. I’ll be interested to see what happens with him in 2010. One part of the article I kind of disagree with is that: “the physical transformation had not begun until half way through 2009.” To me, Rafa looked thinner at the very beginning of 2009, at the AO. Some of us here commented, including one of Rafa’s biggest fans Zola. So I wonder if the weight loss wasn’t already underway at the end of the 2008 season, which ended with him pulling out of the YECs with an injury? In any case, I believe what the writer says is true, that we can never doubt Rafa’s competitiveness and that he’ll be giving his best on the court next year.

I also enjoyed reading your “slam cheering hierarchy list.” You seem to have it quite clear in your mind. I am hoping Roddick, Murray, Djoko and Rafa and/or JMDP win slams next year. No offense to Fed but he does have 15 already! :) Most important for Roger, imo, is to win the Olympic’s singles gold medal in 2012. If he could do that it would make him very happy. Roger is top fave at Wimbledon though, but I’d like to see Roddick get it, or Murray. It’d be great to see Rafa somehow peak for the USO and win it, so he’d complete the career slam, but I doubt that’ll happen. JMDP has a great shot at defending his title there I think.

Anyhow, other people winning won’t even disappoint me, especially break through performances by people like Cilic or Monfils or Tsonga. I just hope it’s a competitive and exciting season like this one, with lots of ups and downs and surprises.

sar Says:

Huh, here is my list for GS’s.
AO Nole
FO Nole
WM Nole
US Nole


sar Says:

Lendl, for one, is excited about 2010.

“I think the playing field is going to level at the Australian,” he said.

Djokovic, Lendl added, seems to have figured out how to win with his new racket. Del Potro is making great strides. Murray appears poised for a Grand Slam breakthrough. Nadal has a lot to prove.

“And then we’ll see where Roger fits into all of this,” Lendl said. “As you get older, your skills diminish and the guys catch up with you. Your priorities change and majors are what you care about the most. Your motivation in between is not that high.

“I think you might see four different winners in the Grand Slams. It will be fascinating to watch.”

contador Says:

hey sar…..i was just going to post that espn link for madmax to get her opinion of what mr. lendl has to say. i would definitely pick nole to win one of the slams :-) gotta spread the love.

i like that bleacher writer, madmax, thanks. honestly, i think i land somewhere between ruffin and lendl; which is a bit of a wide gap, the way garber in the above espn link, uses the lendl quotes. and garber in the espn article makes one rather glaring mistake when he lists the names of the top guys in 2004 when federer assumed #1 and he names hewitt as being the only one now even in the top 50. say what? what about andy roddick-HELLO?

what i thought was particularly interesting was federer;s win loss ratio and percentages for each of the years holding #1.

i think it’s a combination of both theories-but would LOVE to hear the federer’s candid opinion!

and just for fun or not fun, get a load of two recent blog offerings by TT. they’ve just thrown out all credibility as being anything other than a rafa nadal fan blog or a anti-fed talk site.

http://www.tennistalk.com/en/blog/Ricky_Dimon/20091201/Handing_out_World_Tour_Finals_grades site


contador Says:

not that there is anything wrong with being a rafa fan site; not inferring anything like that. i’m rather partial to gototennis for the glossy roger and rafa fan articles, vids and pictures.

just calling a spade a proper spade. very biased talk site otter be called what it is, is all.

huh Says:

“sar Says:
Huh, here is my list for GS’s.
AO Nole
FO Nole
WM Nole
US Nole


And lol Lol LOL ! ;) You’re a great fan indeed!

huh Says:

I knew I was missing someone’s name dearly in my 1st post on this blog. And I now realise that it was indeed contador, whom I missed to address despite my wishing to do so.

JUST HI CONTADOR! :) You’re so nice.

BTW, sar, thanks ever so much for the Lendl article. :D A great champ with his great views is great for my taste.

huh Says:

I watched the 08 OZ semifinal video clip of the match between Fed & Nole and am really shocked to see that Fed was actually straight -setted in that match. Fed was plaing so well and yet he lost! Not just lost, but also in straight sets!!:( Nole was truly unbelieveable! It’s hard to believe that he’s actually capable of playing at such a high level! Oh Nole!

huh Says:

Nole’s impersonation of Mc Enroe is probably one of the most extremely hilarious stuffs I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Nole! :)

sar Says:

Nole is trimming his scedule, skipping Sydney and Brisbane and just doing Kooyong before AO. What kind of prize money do they get in Kooyong?

jane Says:

I noticed that too sar, but his clay schedule is still very intense. I was hoping he’d cut out one of the clay events, only because it leads directly into the FO and then Wimbledon. I don’t know about the money at Kooyong, only that it’s an exhibition event. In the past Fed played it, of course, but he’s now playing Doha, as are Rafa and Murray I think. And I read somewhere that Roddick will play Brisbane.

I think it’s a good decision; the year Novak won the AO, I don’t think he did any lead up – maybe the hopman cup? But that’s it.

Kimmi Says:

This year Novak had only Brisbane before AO in his schedule I think.. but things did not go according to plan, losing in the first round to gulbis which prompted him to take last minute WC in Sydney..so, he ended up playing two tourneys

His plan next year like this year is to play only one tournament before AO. The only difference next year is.. instead of playing a real tournament, he is play an exhibition, which does not count in ranking but great prep for AO. Fed has done this way few times I think…I read somewhere that delpo is playing Kooyong too.

Murray schedule shows he is playing exhibition only too.. Hopman’s cup..not playing Doha..not abu dhabi or kooyong either. While Fed and Nadal are playing both abu dhabi and doha I think.

jane Says:

I had thought Murray was playing Doha Kimmi. Interesting. I knew he is playing Hopman’s cup, teaming up with little Laura in doubles. Hope they do well there!

sar Says:

Murray is playing Capitalia?

Kimmi Says:

jane, Here is Murray schedule. I heard about Laura Robson too. Hope they do well


Few changes before AO but not much difference after AO.

This year like next year he has marseille, Tokyo and Shanghai in his schedule but pulled out due to injury. let see what he can do nexy year.

Kimmi Says:

New ranking 5 ?? What ?

sar Says:

Kooyong:The players are lured by negotiated appearance money (not prizemoney) and the guarantee of three matches against quality opposition on Rebound Ace, the surface the Open is played on.

jane Says:

Kimmi, Murray’s still number 4; he has exactly 245 more points than Del Potro.

sar, since it’s the same surface as the AO, and they are guaranteed 3 matches, it sounds like a solid lead-in to the Open. One thing I worried about this year was how much energy Novak expended on the “smaller” events so that when he got to the slams he was a little spent, especially that clay stretch. Hopefully that’s not a factor this coming season. I want him to get another slam next year!

madmax Says:

Hi Jane.

tho’ murray is ranked 4, he will be seeded 5 at the Australian Open.

contador! Yes. I know what you mean about TT. It has become so terribly biased. Biased journalism/blogging. How can that be? I am much, much happier here and you too are now in with THE ‘HUH’ crowd! lovely people over here.

Yes, I too read bleacher. And I will be reading those comments from Lendl. I am in my lunch hour right now, so will check it out.

Thanks so much for that. Catch you later zoey. xx

jane Says:

Do you know why madmax? I don’t understand. Doesn’t the AO follow the normal rankings when it comes to seeding the players? I know Wimbledon has a different seeding system but I thought that it was the only slam that did that.

madmax Says:

No worries Jane.

Any of the tennis.x crew, there apparently is a position of tennis writer on tennistalk? If any of you are interested, hop over to TT and see what they are offering – Jane and Margot, Huh, I am it, Sensationalsafin, been there, I think you would have an excellent chance of getting the job – i would also enjoy reading your articles too!

Contador – I also think that you would make a brilliant writer. I think you would be far more objective than cheryl murray and ricky dimon – i read the links you sent me – i think they are completely biased – and that is NOT good news for tt. I think if you can remain objective and fair, that would be the key.

Catch you all later – the deadline by the way is 21st December. I may even go for it myself – but then again -?

Kimmi Says:

Jane, read your post re: Murray seeding. I don’t understand Murray has to opt out defending his title and playing Hopman’s cup instead while his # 4 seeding is on the line. Number 4 and 5 seeding in a grandslam is very important. As what the article has indicated, he gets to play the top seeds in quarters instead of the semi. He is making his GS run difficult, while he could play in a tournament and defend his points.

Also that article mentioned something that is not very clear to me.

“The Scot currently has a 245 point lead over Juan Martin Del Potro in the ATP rankings, but the Argentinian has no points to defend in the first week of the season and will overhaul his rival when Murray’s Qatar Open pointscome off on January 11.”

I swear Delpo played in Auckland this year. I watched the match and he defeated Sam Querry in the final. I thought he also had 250 points to defend in Auckland, a week before AO. Since I always get confused on which points drops when (where is i am it when I need him ?)..maybe this is another one of those points that drops early ??

I am very dissapointed with Murray for allowing this to happen but I hope he has a good reason….

Kimmi Says:

Just looked at Delpo points breakdown and yes he won auckland but the points drop out on 18 jan, the day AO starts…seeding would already be done by then. Oh well, still dissapointed but wishing him Murray) the best on his 2010 campain.

While I am dissapointed with Murray :(, I would like to again congratulated delpo for his achievement in 2009. Great year indeed and will be great to see him seeded number four in a GS for the first time.

jane Says:

Exactly Kimmi, it’s all about *when* the Doha vs Auckland points drop off. Clearly, when Murray planned his schedule for early 2010, none of this was in the cards. But then Delpo won the USO and did better than Murray at the WTF, so he caught up in the rankings. And then, there is the flukey thing that Murray’s points come off a week sooner than Delpo’s do, meaning that by 5 points (!!) Murray will drop to number 5 precisely for the week during which seeding for the Australian Open is decided. Bad luck for Murray, really, but I think he should still do well! And Delpo certainly deserves to be nipping at these guys’ heels since he did win one of the slams & reached the final of WTF!

jane Says:

madmax, you’re too kind. I don’t think I have either the time or the inclination to write actual articles. : ) I prefer to just blather on when I can find a moment about this, that and the other thing too. But thanks for thinking of me and others; that was nice of you.

sar Says:

I still wonder how much appearance money Novak is getting.

Found this old post:
1) it’s 3 guaranteed matches, whereas tournaments you could lose early
2) those matches are all of highest quality – so where a tourney you might get lower ranked players most of the way through, at Kooyong they’re guaranteed 3 decent matches, no players outside the top 100 or anything. Forces them to get into form quickly.
3) it’s in Melbourne, so the weather and related conditions are the same. Moreover, it’s easier on the players mentally b/c they come a week before, don’t have to move hotels, etc. So they’re on the same surface in the same city with the same weather in the same hotel and are close enough to Melbourne Park so that they can practice there on the courts there, too, in between the exho. So while getting some matches in, they’re also getting used to the actual AO conditions way in advance of their colleagues who are off in Sydney and New Zealand.
4) Several of the guys use this as their only AO preparation – instead of starting Jan 2, they start Jan 11. That’s basically adding a whole extra week onto the off-season and considering how short that season is to begin with, an extra week is certainly valuable to them.

Kimmi Says:

jane says: “And then, there is the flukey thing that Murray’s points come off a week sooner than Delpo’s do, meaning that by 5 points (!!) Murray will drop to number 5 precisely for the week during which seeding for the Australian Open is decided.”

Yap, Sooo lucky ! Delpo gets to # 4 a week the seeding for AO is made then back to # 5 when AO starts, unless he collects some 250 point somewhere. WOW ! All in all as you said jane, its his good results throughout the year that made all this possible. I can’t wait for this to start already.

jane Says:

Thanks for posting that sar. Such a cutie!! ; )

contador Says:

hi everybody! confusing where to post to find some of you these days.

sar – thx
nole is so cute in that vid talking about the ‘dresser,’ “…this guy does it all for me, i was naked 5 minutes ago.” hahaha…

i have never been to a live match. a good friend went to indian wells in 2006. she tells me i MUST see federer live. i dunno, indian wells is the closest and most likely for me, it’s possible. wimbledon is my ultimate dream trip tho.

and huh, YOU are the nice one! xo

3 long weeks, kimmi. at least there is davis cup this weekend, right?

Kimmi Says:

Yeah contador..davis cup. Since my faves are not playing, I will root for the underdogs…Come on CZECHs

BTW..is contador the name of that cyclist who won the tour de france ? if Yes, are you his fan ? I respect those cyclists, that is one gruelling sport.

puckbandit Says:


I read an article, (don’t remember where) about Murray’s changed schedule and training pre-AO.

If I remember correctly, this year he will be going to his place in Miami early and staying through the holidays to train in the hot and humid climate. He is skipping the long travel and drastic climate adjustments by doing this and skipping Doha.

I’m sure the risk of losing his ranking to number 5 and affecting his seeding was not a major factor at the time. But I could be wrong. With a few exceptions (including this year) it’s not often that 1-4 make to the semi’s.

puckbandit Says:


Here’s a link where Andy talks about his upcoming schedule. I think spending the holidays with only his coach in Miami indicates the kind of commitment he is making toward achieving success in 2010.


madmax Says:


With a few exceptions (including this year) it’s not often that 1-4 make to the semi’s.


Fed is THE ONLY PLAYER that has reached the semi’s of a grand slam 22 CONSECUTIVE TIMES – who are the other ‘few exceptions?’

Kimmi Says:

puckbandit: thanks for Murray article. I see he wants to train longer in Miami, arriving in Australia a little late he says..29 Dec, he needs get used to those hot humid conditions, we all know how hot it gets in melborne in january .

I agree with you and jane that, this must have been planned before he knew the risk of losing his ranking…but I guess all will depend on the draw, though higher ranking always helps..

Anyways, its great to see he is aiming for GS glory. Hope things work out for him in 2010.

puckbandit Says:


my quote:

With a few exceptions (including this year) it’s not often that 1-4 make to the semi’s.

Your response:

Fed is THE ONLY PLAYER that has reached the semi’s of a grand slam 22 CONSECUTIVE TIMES – who are the other ‘few exceptions?’

I was talking about ALL FOUR seeds, #1,#2,#3 AND #4 all making it to the finals. Usually there is an upset of at least one of those four seeds.

No one on the men’s side can touch Roger’s semifinal appearance slam record. Chris Evert on the women’s side has a pretty impressive record. She reached the semi-finals for 34 straight slams entered from early 70’s to 1983 when an illness contributed to an early round loss at Wimbledon.

puckbandit Says:

Kimmi, Madmax and other Fed fans,

You may have seen this when it was first published, if not.\,
here’s a link to a great article and interactive breakdown of Feds footwork from the NYT’s.

Be sure to also click on the “related article” link under the headline for the full article. I think you will like it.



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