Rafael Nadal Interview, Highlights After Tokyo Title [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 10th, 2010, 10:47 am

Rafael Nadal won his seventh title of the 2010 ATP season this morning defeating Gael Monfils 61, 75 in the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships Tokyo final.

“Every tournament is very important; it is nice to win another big title like this one,” said Nadal. “I won a lot this year but I have to appreciate how difficult it is and how much hard work you have to do. I improved a lot my serve and it is a big thing on a surface as quick as here in Tokyo.”

Nadal, who had saved two matchpoints in his victory over Troicki, won his 43rd ATP title.

The World No. 1 will pack his bags and travel to Shanghai where he’ll play the winner of the Stanislas Wawrinka-Gilles Simon match.

Here’s Nadal after his win over Monfils:

And the full trophy ceremony:

Here are the highlights from the final:

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10 Comments for Rafael Nadal Interview, Highlights After Tokyo Title [Video]

Vulcan Says:


I must say that I sorely miss all of the crybaby naysayers who would incessantly post on here arguing that Nadal will never be able to win on faster court surfaces. Nevertheless, Nadal incredibly still has only won a single indoor tournament to date…which is likely mainly because his end of year/indoor season results are so much weaker do to his scheduling.

Anna Says:

What a great match for Nadal fans. Wasn’t sure he would have enough left for the final after his semi with VT. Hope he can take all this good momentum to Shanghai.

grendel Says:

Anna, I disagree. When Nadal has a close shave like he did against Troicki, you can guarantee he’ll come roaring back in the next match – especially if his opponent looks hot.

Vulcan, I think what you call the “naysayers” were just being typically conservative in the way most of us are most of the time – the logic being, if something has gone such and such a way, it will continue to go that way. It’s bad logic, but difficult to resist. And Nadal, after all, is exceptional in the way he regularly overturns expectations – it still catches people on the hop! contador and I, and I daresay other Federer fans (NELTA?), were adamant from Wimbledon on that Nadal was huge favourite to win US Open, but not many people bought that.

Of course, the new default position is that Nadal will from now on win everything worth winning for a couple of years to come or so. I will express a degree of scepticism here, but I can barely begin to imagine what, if anything, will cause the derailing. But something will at some point.

b.t.w., those who condemn Monfils to eternal clownhood are following exactly the same logic. I am not as confident that Monfils will renew himself as I was that Nadal would master fast hard. But nor am I inclined to write him off.

Vulcan Says:


Nadal has worked his butt off to become a better hardcourt player and has courageously led the charge to break the stereotype of the slow, dimwitted dirtballer that needs all that extra time due to some deficiency in their mental faculties.
Recall that there was a time when many of the “clay court specialists” didn’t even bother to show up at Wimbledon – that time is no more (the reciprocal is not true of many of the “hard court specialists” who still don’t even bother to show up at some of the Masters Series Clay Court events). A lot of credit also goes to guys like Carlos Moya for shifting this paradigm. As Woody Allen said…most of life is about showing up. It’s the condescension that I find offensive.

About Monfils, if you saw his first set against Nadal at USO you would likely agree that he can be as serious as a heart attack when his game is on and he’s focused. There are many worse things to be than a clown…and if he entertains the crowd, even if it’s at his own expense, in his mind it may all be worth it…money and winning aren’t everything.

Anna Says:

Grendel – You say that as if you could put money on it, and yet by your own words betting is not a winning proposition for you. It is an interesting observation though, and I’ll look for that. As far as Nadal not having enough in the tank, it’s been discussed (maybe not here) that Rafa must be exhausted after his winning season, playing so many matches. The match with Troiki was a battle that all fans hope for. Still, you’d think there would be a let down. Maybe that particular scenario is in Rafa’s practice regimen as well.
One thing I never get tired of is watching him win titles. Must have been like that for you and

Anna Says:

Vulcan – I agree about Monfils. Prior to the match he sat totally composed for several minutes. But I had the feeling he had to work at his meditation and it wasn’t very helpful considering the first set. People do things for different reasons. I think Gael is happy to win spectacular points. If those points lead to games, matches, tournaments, then great, if not he’s had his fun. Take the fun out of tennis for Gael and you don’t get a Djokovic, Nadal or Fed, you just get an unhappy tennis player.

Vulcan Says:


It would be one thing if people were criticizing him for his tactical decisions but they are criticizing him over who he is as a person. The guy likes to have fun and occasionally acts like a goofball…there are enough stodgy players on the tour to keep things serious enough. I can’t fathom how people can not even get a chuckle out of some of the wacky stuff that he does.

grendel Says:

Anna – “One thing I never get tired of is watching him win titles. Must have been like that for you and Fed.” Absolutely. We were spoilt, which is why we’re all wondering around in a daze now, holding our heads in our hands, scarcely able to believe what is happening. However, don’t feel too smug. Your turn will come……

Vulcan, I do basically agree with you. I think what the anti-Monfils brigade are getting at is that the “showmanship” gets in the way of concentration and focus – getting which right is at least half the battle. perhaps I have been overinfluenced by them. Perhaps he can do full justice to his huge talents whilst still being a goofball. I honestly don’t know. I’d love to see him win a slam.

Anna Says:

Grendel – On the contrary. Nadal fans know only to well what it’s like to stare down doom. There were quite a few posters alleging he’d never win another tournament. Thank God for the likes of Roger who stated clearly that Rafa’s best was still to come, and boy was he right. Don’t think Fed’s best is still to come, but come on, it was a heck of a ride and he’s still got alot of tennis left. I’m not a babe in the woods, I know only to well that all things come to an end, so all the better to enjoy NOW.

Vulcan Says:

Nadal weighs in on his chances of achieving the calendar slam:


Certainly doesn’t sound like HE has spent any time thinking about it…but the discussion is starting to heat up.

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