WTA Launches “Strong is Beautiful” Ad Campaign [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 12th, 2011, 10:00 am

This WTA has announced a new ad campaign “Strong is Beautiful” with the motto that being physically and mentally strong is beautiful.

The two-year campaign features 38 current players and will include TV, print and digital ads along with social media applications across 80 markets.

The WTA says the new platform will help fans develop a deeper engagement with the players.

“We want to develop a closer relationship with our fans and attract a new generation of fans to women’s tennis, and the Strong is Beautiful campaign is one way to get it done. This campaign will serve as a creative marketing platform for our players, tournaments, year-end WTA Championships and the entire sport,” said Stacey Allaster, Chairman & CEO of the WTA. “The personal stories are inspirational. The unique combination of athleticism, strength and determination on the court and success, interests and inner beauty off the court is what makes women’s tennis so attractive to millions around the world.”

Here’s a sampling of the new 30-second TV commercials which come from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. They are very well done. If you are a fan of women’s tennis you’ll enjoy these.

Sugar and Spice: (The voice sounds like Keira Knightley??)

Victoria Azarenka:

Ana Ivanovic:

Serena Williams:

Kim Clijsters:

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3 Comments for WTA Launches “Strong is Beautiful” Ad Campaign [Video]

Super Says:

Ouch! This is just another ‘sex sells’ advertisement under a new moniker, imo.

If they stood behind what they preach they’d be showing the likes of Schiavone and other less effeminate women (I’m by no means trying to disrespect Schiavone, she may not be Mrs. Italy material but her tennis is beautiful to watch).

Azarenka’s bit was the only one that was decent. Ivanovich is made into some kind of hero for playing tennis. Heroes aren’t concerned with games, they dedicate their time and effort to helping nurture life on this planet, so let’s keep things in perspective. Clijsters was pretty good up until the point where she said she gives her time: 100% for tennis and 100% to her baby. To the WTA-being mathematically juvenile does not make one cool.

Serena’s appearance is a little awkward as she has been out of the game for a while, and her ‘7 outfits’ have nike endorsement $$$ all over them. Notice how she says ‘Before every Grand Slam…’. Newsflash Mrs. Serena, if you gave a damn about women’s tennis you would pick a suitable outfit for every tour match and not just for the sake of collecting GS trophies. Now that she’s been injured for a while, I hope she comes back strong and changes this attitude of hers.

If the WTA actually wants to make some headway and to make women’s tennis as well-respected as the men’s, then they should cut back on this ‘image’ advertisement and focus on substance. How about 3/5 sets for GS finals for a change? How about helping less-popular tennis girls get their foot in the door? Funding public tennis courts in countries that can’t afford them?

Instead it’s equal prize money for unequal effort and commercials that show grown women and claim that they’re ‘little girls’. There’s a lot of growing up that needs to happen here. I’m speaking as a fan. I’m going to continue enjoying quality tennis from both the ATP and the WTA, but as far as such advertisement campaigns are concerned, I doubt it will win them any new fans. I shall continue to give this type of advertisement the cold shoulder until women’s tennis receives the attention and respect that it deserves.

Jsimeon Says:

I actually started coordinating tennis tournaments before I could play. I had to learn quickly and did so by watching women’s professional players. Their technique and form helped me to develop. I shortly became an ‘A’ flight player due to my athleticism. I didn’t mind mixing it up with people I had to meet with and was able to teach my wife and kids….. FOOTNOTE; I learned golf the same way.

Jsimeon Says:

In my previous statement, I forgot to say how beautifully done these videos are. They also give extraordinary closeups of the players that photos can’t really accomplish. Maximum Cudos to all who contributed. This is modern art!

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