Novak Djokovic: “I Feel Great On The Court”
by Tom Gainey | September 2nd, 2012, 6:07 pm

World No. 2 Novak Djokovic is in prime form at the US Open. Today, the Serb sqaushed Juliean Benneteau 63, 62, 62 in the third round at the US Open.

Djokovic hasn’t lost a set all week, losing just 14 games. He has won 10 straight matches at the event and he’s won the last three Grand Slams played on hardcourts. No wonder he’s feeling so great on the hardcourts.

“I have been playing really well in US Open last five years,” Djokovic said. “My goal was to, in these seven, eight days I had off after Cincinnati final, to really try to recover, charge my batteries, work on some things in my game, and come out strong from the start. That’s what I’ve done. I feel great on the court. I’m really trying to keep that up.”

Djokovic’s match today was at 11am, a little earlier than he’s been used now that he has become a premier attraction. So early, in fact, that he joked he had to shave last night.

“I haven’t played the first match of the day session for a long time, so it’s not that easy,” he said. “Not always the morning person, to be honest. You try to go to bed early and try to wake up early and get your body moving obviously. As I said, you know, I wanted to start very sharp from the first point, and I’ve done that.”

Djokovic moves on to play Roger Federer’s countryman Stanislas Wawrinka Tuesday afternoon in the fourth round at the US Open.

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28 Comments for Novak Djokovic: “I Feel Great On The Court”

goat galz Says:

Looks like Novak’s got a great shot here.

Kimmi Says:

I think so, he will be very hard to beat.

jane Says:

Good luck Nole!

Brando Says:

Yep- he looks extremely good. IMHO, ONLY fed on his A game can compete with and maybe beat him. To me he’s playing better than he did last year at the USO.

goat galz Says:

As much as I want Roger,I just don’t see him winning it this time. I said before that when Rogi retires I will root for Novak.

Michael Says:

It appears that Novak is in ominous form. Granted that he did not have to face tough opponents and so he has not been tasted. But still looking at his all court game, it appears that he has regained that deadly form he had in 2011 for the first time in this year. I expect him to go all through and win this one. If there is anyone who can beat him in the finals, it can only be Roger and none else.

Michael Says:

It should not read as tasted, but tested.

juljo724 Says:

IF the final is a Nole/fed final, I’m sure both will bring their A games and put it all out on the court. I don’t think fed has played his A game yet. I think he has played as well as he has had to without expending too much energy in order to get a win. But no doubt if he is in the final, he will have to play that other level that they all have when playing each other (the top 4 that is)

skeezer Says:

“I’m sure both will bring their A games..”

Wow. Sure? How so you know that? “If”…. Alot of Tennis yet to play….


Same here.

juljo724 Says:

I posted a totally unbiased tennis comment about a possible final matchup, and my opinion of it.

skeezer, if you want me gone and go back to not posting, just keep it up with your snarky comments.

juljo724 Says:

Will just prove my point even further that this is a fed site.

skeezer Says:



Unbiased. And my comment was not?

I did not mention Rafa, nor “pro” Fed in my comment on this topic, what gives? Just sayin that we are starting week 2 only, and alot of tennis to be played, nobody is gauranteed bringng a “A” game the final, yet. Yes they are both playing great for now.

Huh Says:

federer’s A-Game beats nole’s A-Game… anywhere and everywhere…

Wog boy Says:

Can you please clarify, you are saying that in all those losses against Nole (I think 12) Federer didn’t play his A-game?

jamie Says:

A prediction from my favorite Argie forum:

Djokovic does not repeat championship, Murray neither. I put my chips to the great Roger Federer, Del Potro and Ferrer. Watch out for Raonic vs Murray tomorrow.



Winner of the US Open this year coming from Roger Federer, Del Potro or Ferrer.

IMO no way it will be Ferrer.

Federer or Del Potro could be.

jamie Says:

But I can’t see Del Potro or Ferrer beating Nole.

Only Federer can beat Nole…

Huh Says:


well, fed was playing close to his A-Game(not exactly A-Game) in US0 11 where nole did beat him and he also was playing his A-Game surely in Montreal 2007 where nole again beat him, but other than that fed hasn’t played really great in the losses to nole IMO.

moreover, fed’s A-Game is just better than Nole’s A-Game, no matter what the venue, and fed’s definitely gonna beat nole many more times if both meet at their A-Games thsn nole can actually beat fed. it has happened. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, everybody starting from henman to sampras, borg to laver have prettymuch said time and time again that it’s prettyhard to beat the A-Fed unless you’re nadal on clay…

in matches where fed and nole have played well only in patces as per their standards, more often than not fed has emerged victorious.

And though I’m a fedfan, for life, but the post where i opined fed’s game being good enough to nole’s game, anywhere and everywhere is as a neutral observer of the game of tennis, and not as a fed fan. seriously, federer is that good. even if he’s not playing his A-game, stil he has genuine chances of winning, but if he’s playing his A-Game with his real focus, I dunno how othrs can beat him.

Huh Says:

of course i don’t claim that what i say is absolute truth, but i’ve a valid point if i say that i’ve not really often seen anyone beating fed if he’s playin his A-Game, but there’re few exceptions…

e.g. the best example being safin in 05 AO, and rafa in 2005-07 & 2011 FO. And then come some of the defeats of fed by nalby in slams in 2003 which were also absolutely first rate. Nalby’s actually been the player who has made even a A-Fed look out of sorts and bewildered at times. these were the first rate defeats inflicted on fed by anyone. Then that thrashing of fed by guga in 04 FO was also absolutely first rate against A-Fed. Nole’s best win over fed was in the USO 11 which also was a first rate win over fed. Nadal came agonizingly close to beating a first rate Fed in non-clay in WIM 08, but just missed it.
then the 2nd rated wins vs fed have been like when fed was also playin ok, but nole straight-setted him in AO 08(that was prior to people raising questions about fed’s confidence, that’s why it is damn impressive from nole to really THRASH fed when fed has that invincibility cloak in non-clay slams). so it’s highly creditable. nole’s demolition of an ok playing fed at AO 11 was also damn tough thing made look easy. and fed’s defeat by nole in 2010 USO was also very good. and of course fed was playing well when nadal beat him in 4 sets in AO 12, that was a better level of fed than the AO 09 or 10 or 11, so that was also fantastic.
But in these second rated wins, fed was definitely capable of playing better, but his form prevented him from doing so. It’s only in the first rated wins abovementioned that fed could’ve done nothing more, and lost deservingly.

kriket Says:

Huh, it’s just the opposite – Nole’s A-game beats anyone else’s A-game including Federer. It’s just that Novak’s A-game is not as consistent as Fed’s in his heyday.

Federer’s A-game against Novak is his 1st serve. If it clicks, he’s got a chance of winning, even if Novak plays great (FO ’11 semi). If Federer’s 1st serve doesn’t work there’s no way he beats in-the-zone Novak. No way in hell.

So he’d better pray his 1st serve works on the big-match day, or he’s doomed. Goes without saying, Novak has to be in-the-zone too, leaving whatever personal issues hi might have outside the court, once he goes in.

Huh Says:


it’s not bad to dream sometimes! ;)

we’ve seen numerous instances of how nole’s A-Game has fared against fed when he is pumped up, I needn’t elaborate more! ;)

Huh Says:

and why should fed’s game be his A-Game without his serve?? care to think what people’ve done to novak when his own serve is not firing, lol ;)

in fact, fed’s B-Game can even win him slams, unlike novak ;)

Huh Says:

like murray said, only if it were the traditional fast low bouncing courts, he’d have been continuously no.1 for about 9 or 10 years now.

Huh Says:

i mean, “like murray said, only if it were the traditional fast low bouncing courts, fed’d have been continuously no.1 for about 9 or 10 years now.

Huh Says:

i really mean people must’ve definitely forgotten how miserable nole used to do with his B-Game just 2 years ago, but glad tennis history’s longer than that ;)

Wog boy Says:


I will agree to disagree with you. You don’t beat GOAT 12 times and then come to say that most times out of 12 GOAT didn’t bring his A-game or the tournament wasn’t important. When you beat GOAT in front of his home crowd on his favorite surface it is importan regardles of being 500 Basel tournament. When you beat GOAT five times in GS matches you must be doing something right, and three times of five GOAT didn’t win a set. I do belive that Nole’s A-game can beat Federer’s A-game based on his 12 wins against GOAT and few close losses.
Huh, did you ever consider possibility that in some of those 12 wins (important one :))Nole didn’t let Federer produce his A-game, it can be as simply as that.
Nice talking to you.

Huh Says:

yeah wogboy,
basel was also a match on even terms which nole won, so you’re right.

and i agree that somethings nole does prevents fed from doing a few things better, but i’m talking also about those things in my mind which fed coulda done better to snatch the match from nole. nevertheless, i don’t find anything illogical or false to disagree with your last post. I concede that of late I’ve started worrying about nole’s consistency and high level of play quite a bit. :)

Huh Says:

nice talking to you too wogboy btw. :)

juljo724 Says:

I posted earlier this week:
“IF the final is a Nole/fed final, I’m sure both will bring their A games and put it all out on the court. I don’t think fed has played his A game yet. I think he has played as well as he has had to without expending too much energy in order to get a win. But no doubt if he is in the final, he will have to play that other level that they all have when playing each other (the top 4 that is)”

Now do you understand why I said “IF” skeezer?

Fed did not play his best yet and I stick to that assertion. He played as well as he had to, except last night. Berdych played great and deserves some respect regardless of what number of titles he has or has not won!

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