Djokovic, Ferrer Set Semifinal Meeting at US Open; Blisters Could Hinder
by Jeremy Davis | September 6th, 2012, 11:36 pm

No. 2 seed Novak Djokovic and No. 4 David Ferrer advanced to a semifinal meeting on Thursday at the US Open, where last year’s dominating Serb will meet the top grinder on tour. We’re envisioning four sets at the least — 3-1/2 hours?
Ferrer was up first, coming back from a break down in the fifth set to win 6-3, 6-7(5), 2-6, 6-3, 7-6(4) over Janko Tipsarevic in four hours and 31 minutes. That’s a light jog for Ferrer.

“It was a very emotional match, one of the best emotional matches of my career,” Ferrer said. “My opponent, he also deserved to win this match. In one tiebreak it’s a lottery, and I had luck in important moments. My respect to Janko Tipsarevic, because he’s playing really good and having a really good season the last year and this year also.”

Ferrer was treated for blisters on his feet after the match.

The Spaniard improved to 17-9 in career five-set matches. At 30 years of age, another 30 or 30+ age player thriving on tour, Ferrer is in the midst of his best career year with five titles on three different surfaces, advancing to the quarterfinals or better at all four Slams.

Djokovic had a less-taxing match, but a loooooooong three-setter in beating No. 7 seed Juan Martin del Potro 6-2, 7-6(3), 6-4.

“Even though it was straight sets win it was closer than that,” Djokovic said after the match. “We had played some incredible rallies and incredible points…I’m really happy to be in the semifinals. I tried to be close to the lines and move him around the court, I knew my chances if I moved him one to the other side of the court, and it worked well.”

Djokovic leads the head-to-head with Ferrer 8-5, winning both their meetings this year in straight sets at the Australian Open and Miami.

The doubles final will be the No. 2-seeded Bryan brothers, who defeated No. 9 Qureshi/Rojer in the semis, against No. 5 Leander Paes and Radek “The Worm” Stepanek, who beat the No. 6-seeded Spaniards Granollers/Lopez when they retired in the first set due to a Lopez calf strain.

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85 Comments for Djokovic, Ferrer Set Semifinal Meeting at US Open; Blisters Could Hinder

Lou_tennisfan Says:

The way Djokovic is playing, he seems to be on a roll and clearly the favorite for this year at US Open. It looks almost impossible for anyone to get past his defense, offense, everything. The key point to take away from today’s match was – Absence of fear in Djokovic’s mind which propelled him to play more confidently when faced with crucial points esp the tiebreak.

As someone has said that when a person loses any fear at all in his mind, he becomes the most dangerous and powerful person at that time.

Novak Djokovic- The Fearless Champion!

rave Says:

Looks like Novak is back in the egg zone gain.

Michael Says:

From what I see, Novak is playing some breathtaking Tennis which is difficult to beat. Del Potro played probably one of his best matches and still was beaten in straight sets. That tells you the incredibly high level of Novak who is playing as one possessed. For sure, he is the favourite and I do not see either Murray or Berdych beating him in the finals unless they play the game of their life.

mat4 Says:


“This was the 10th consecutive Grand Slam semifinal for Djokovic, tying Rod Laver and Ivan Lendl for second on a list that goes back to 1925.”

alison Says:

JMO but as much as i love Delpo i think he lacks the stamina to go toe to toe with the top players over 5 sets,the match might have been a long 3 setter but i dont think the result was ever in any doubt,Delpo saved Novak the bother of winning the match over 4 or 5 sets which is what would have happened anyway,and after Ferrers marathon match yesterday,i doubt he will have enough left in the tank to test Novak anyway,Berych and Murray will probably go the distance,Novaks fans are been kind and not thinking too far ahead,which is what sensible fans do i suppose,but with Roger gone even they would have to admit hes now a shoo for the title.

Polo Says:

I called Novak’s 2011 a fluke. He won all those tournaments because he was very good, better than anyone. This year, he may not have won as much but still has done better than anyone. I must admit now that I was wrong.

Wog boy Says:


Respects !

alison Says:

I would just give Novak the trophy now,the way hes playing no one will beat him ,he and Roger have been the best players all year,and now Novaks in his comfort zone.

mat4 Says:

Alison wrote:

“Novaks fans are been kind and not thinking too far ahead,which is what sensible fans do i suppose”

What else? I watched Nole against Harrison and Fed against Julien Benneteau at WB. Nole was imperial, Roger struggled. Who could have predict the result of their semi? I was fortunate enough to miss that match.

It would be very unreasonable to underestimate Murray, who has a good record against Nole. Then, yesterday, the result of the second set — and perhaps the result of the whole match — depended of a few net cords, lines, fortunate challenges… Things could have gone the other way.

But, when I am at it: Nole will probably win because the result is fixed in advance. They made a deal: Rafa got RG and a record, Roger WB and another record, Andy got the Olympic gold, and Nole the USO and the no 1 ranking at the end of the year. Look at the draw: WB: semi Novak vs Roger, Andy in the other half, then the OI: Andy vs Novak, Roger in the other half, the the USO: Roger vs Andy, Nole in the other half. Inspiring, isn’t it? [This time, I shall wrote the smilies otherwise I won’t survive the troll attack.] :-) ;-) :-o

alison Says:

Mat4 i was not been disrespectfull just honest,yes things can go either way,but my opinion still stands,i think its Noles title to loose now,i very much doubt Ferrer will be much of a threat having been in that marathon match,as i think he will be emotionally and physically spent,Murray and Berdych will most likely go the distance,Novaks hardest match was against Delpo and he came through that with flying colours,its my belief,but maybe just my belief,but then again i could be wrong who knows,matches are played on courts not on blogs.

Dan Martin Says: I think the Ferrer match was just unreal – I posted a poll about the story of the US Open to this point – life has thrown me a curveball this week – my family was displaced by a fire in our complex, but I am trying to post what I can on tennis. Stop by and check things out. Thanks, Dan

alison Says:

Mat4 for what its worth i only give an opinion,others are free to agree or disagree as they wish,but one thing i dont do is troll,i dont bring hate onto an internet forum with a bunch of people im unlikely to ever meet,believe me i get enough agrivation and get into enough arguments in the real world,no ifs,buts,maybes or conspriacy theories,its just my belief Novak will take the title,and good luck and more power to him too,enjoy.

mat4 Says:


I know that you weren’t disrespectful. But life is such a b.t.h. When Safin won his first slam, I was persuaded that he would won ten at least. Who could have predict that JMac won’t win a slam after his most successful year?

When I was young, I couldn’t sleep after Jimbo’s defeat. The worst was that semi against Borg in WB, when Connors won the first two sets 60, 64… I thought that defeats will become easier to accept with age, but it isn’t true.

So, I hope that Novak will continue to win slams, to improve his game and that versatile, aggressive brand of ball bashing I like so much. But, who knows? that AO was perhaps his last. I am always expected of Murray domination, a Nadal devastation, a DelPo destruction…

So, yes, you’re right, he is the favorite, but until Sampras, Federer, and now Nadal and Djokovic favorites weren’t suppose to win, just to be that, favorites. The best thing that could happen in my opinion, I suppose, is Nole winning with two walkovers. Indeed, that’s what I would like.

mat4 Says:

… I always expect a Murray…

mat4 Says:


The second paragraph, when I was joking, was not in any connection with you. Sorry!

mat4 Says:

Sorry, the last paragraph, beginning by “When I am at it…”

Once again, I am very sorry for that regrettable misunderstanding. I never, NEVER thought that you are a troll.

mat4 Says:

In the future, I will draw a line in my posts when I change the topic.

alison Says:

Mat4 Sorry i misunderstood,no hard feelings.

mat4 Says:

Of course not! And I am the one to blame. I wasn’t clear enough!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anyway, hope you will all enjoy a delightful tennis week-end. “See” you Monday.

Giles Says:

Nole’s crazy parents are in town!

RZ Says:

Alison, I agree with your point that Delpo lacks the stamina to go toe to toe with the top players over 5 sets, but I think he can fix that with more conditioning. I think a bigger worry is his lack of speed. He didn’t get to a lot of balls last night that Murray, Fed, Rafa, Ferrer and even Tsonga probably would have gotten to. (Lack of stamina is part of that too). It’ll be hard for him at his height to gain that speed, but just imagine if he did!

RZ Says:

Giles, you say crazy, I say obnoxious (though they were ok last night).

jane Says:

JMDP’s interview is very nice and not really negative at all. He seems to feel good about where his game is at and says he is always working, of course; he mentions having reached the quarters of all the slams. He mentions Tsonga, Ferrer, Berdych, compliments Nole, and compliments Rafa too, at the end; he thanks the crowd, and so on. Very much a positive vibe interview I thought.

Also watched Berdych’s interview from the other day, and he was a little perturbed when someone compared his win to Rosol’s.

Giles Says:

RZ. Let’s just say we ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till he lifts the trophy!

Huh Says:

what, compared berd’s win to rosol’s???!!! lol ;)

even i wouldn’t give such a high compliment to berd despite dislikin his personality so much, lol! ;)

skeezer Says:

Delpo gets a standing “O” from me this tourney. He is such a class act and the most humble gentile giant on Tour. He handled Roddicks match with class, never trying to be a showman or upstage Roddick, but quietly put him into retirement. When all was done, no real on court interview, saying it was Roddick who the crowd wanted to hear from. When the match was over, he stood with the fans clapping for Roddick, and he just won the match!

With Novaks match, no fist pumping jumping required, just playing his heart out. A hug of congratulations to Nole and a wave to the crowd, and a gentle walk off court. The guy is a mans man, and a great role model for the game of Tennis. Go Delpo!

Brando Says:


Also read that interview too. Very fair and honest assessment of things by delpo. Loved this bit:

‘Q. It seems to us from the outside that when you were in rallies with him, you were hitting four and five shots perhaps that nobody else could have returned but Nole, it seemed to us. Does it seem like that to you or not?

JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Yeah. Nole and Rafa can return and can play very long rallies. Well, it’s not many players can do that, but they are the best of the world. It’s amazing what they do.’



He’ll be 24 by the end of this month, so he is entering his peak years.

IMHO, he needs to work on the physical side quite ALOT- since should that improve i see him winning a fair few more slams.

Due to his height, he’ll never really have the athleticism or explosive movement of rafa, nole or muzza BUT what he can do is greatly improve his stamina and footwork in order to help him change directions in a better manner than present during a point.

This SHALL GREATLY AID HIM since it would help eliminate would nole, rafa, fed, muzza do against him (in the main)- just move him around the court and tire him out.

Adding more variety would also help- for example he played a shocking drop shot in the 2nd set last night (a point he won, when he should not have) that showed that he needs to work more so on the delicate side of the game, i.e. drop shot, slice shots etc.

So all in all, much to improve but also look forward to for JMDP, imo.

Huh Says:

FANTASTIC POST BY SKEEZER @September 7th, 2012 at 11:40 am

Huh Says:


delpo by mentioning rafa as among the best of the world clearly showed that he doesn’t have IQ, lol ;)

Brando Says:


SPOT ON- 11.40 post!

Hope JMDP improves the physical side of things as a i see him as a genuine multi- slam winner material.

Brando Says:


LMAO huh, true- his IQ may be somewhat suspect by believing such silly things.

I mean what on earth could make JMDP think such a thing. :-)

Brando Says:

Novak saying some VERY COMPLIMENTARY & TRUE things about ferrer:

‘ So, I mean, David is a fighter. He’s one of the biggest competitors we have in the game. People do not, I think, talk too much. They overlook him. But he has been one of the most consistent players on the tour. He plays great on every surface. You need to earn your points against him.’

SO TRUE- people do not realise that david is 30 now and yet he seems to be having his BEST CAREER YEAR EVER!


jane Says:

The other cool thing about Delpo last night and in the US Open 2009 final is he will play to the crowd a little, like when he hit that amazing cross-court volley, I think in the 3rd set, he jumped on the sideboard and lifted his arms. He lifted his arms to get the crowd to cheer once or twice too. And in the 2009 USO final, at one point he ran along and high-fived some of the crowd members too. He seems to relish the big matches/atmosphere.

Brando, Delpo showed signs of that variety last night with some lobs, volleys and slices, but could use all more. Maybe he moves forward better than side to side.

jane Says:

And indeed, Ferrer is a stalwart competitor.

jimmy Says:

Djokovic again gets the shaft with the schedule – Murray semi if first up, rain is expected throughout the day too.

jimmy Says:

Novak is in the second half of the draw so he gets one day less rest, he is the last quarterfinal on thurs night, has to play 4 matches in 5 days to win the tourney, and he might finish his semi at 7 pm if it rains.

jamie Says:

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal will never win another hard court Slam

Consider the guard officially changed. Novak Djokovic will now carry the day for the next one or two years on these unforgiving pavements, along with occasional guest appearances by Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Potro and Berdych.



Roger Federer is never going to win another U.S. Open, says Filip Bondy. The hard court is just too tough.

Here is one of those opinions to clip, save and throw back in a columnist’s face should the time come (which it won’t, by the way): Neither Roger Federer nor Rafael Nadal will ever win another major title on hard court. Their championship runs at Melbourne and Flushing Meadows are done, history, a closed draw sheet.

This is not really such a radical statement, particularly in light of what happened late Wednesday at the Open. Roger Federer was thoroughly outplayed on DecoTurf II by sixth-seeded Tomas Berdych in a one-sided quarterfinal, despite plenty of rest, avid crowd support and a comfortable climate. His forehands lacked direction, his game lacked energy. Federer was cooked after dropping the first set tiebreaker.

As a result of this, and of Nadal’s knee problems, we will soon have our first Grand Slam final without either Federer or Nadal since the 2005 Australian Open, when Marat Safin beat Lleyton Hewitt; our first semifinal round at a major without Federer or Nadal since the 2004 French Open.

“I guess it’s good news for the rest of us,” said Janko Tipsarevic.

Consider the guard officially changed. Novak Djokovic will now carry the day for the next one or two years on these unforgiving pavements, along with occasional guest appearances by Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Potro and Berdych. Nadal will win two or three more French Opens. Federer will be a threat at Wimbledon, nowhere else. Andy Roddick has missed his time slot again.

This is not to disparage the two most brilliant players in the history of the sport. But despite Federer’s resilience and Nadal’s persistence, this pair now requires organic surfaces and cooler temperatures.

“Put it this way,” Brad Gilbert said . “How many sports do you know that they play on cement?”

The answer is none, really, that don’t involve wheels. It’s just not natural. You want to compete on cement, find a NASCAR sponsor or learn to flip on a skateboard.

Or play the U.S. Open.

The Open wasn’t always played on cement, of course. It started out on grass in Forest Hills and then went to clay in 1975 before settling on hard court in 1978. This was the surface that most American kids knew best, and it certainly suited the games of flat, hard hitters like Jimmy Connors and Andre Agassi. Neither of those stars seemed to notice that their bodies were aging. Then again, Connors hadn’t played that many tournaments on hard courts when he was younger.

“I think the days of players lasting as long as Jimmy did are over, just because there’s more tennis on hard courts,” Lindsay Davenport said.

Grass isn’t necessarily the answer, either. Gilbert believes Wimbledon, too, is a pitiless place for old-timers.

“For me, as I got older, grass was the toughest,” he said. “It was harder going for low shots. Harder on my hamstrings and harder on my butt.”

Federer and Nadal are European. They prefer later dinners and softer stepping places. Don’t expect any concession speeches, however, from Federer, who loves to prove the cynics wrong.

“Such an amazing summer I had,” Federer said, on his way out the door. “Back to World No. 1 … I won Wimbledon, I could not have asked for more. I’ve got to get back to the drawing board and see what’s the priority. The season is not over. I hope to finish strong.”

The season finishes indoors, on carpet, where Federer has always dominated. Carpet has bounce, suppleness. Hard court is for the hard core, for the young men and their young menisci.

Meanwhile, we get no Federer, no Nadal in the semis on Super Saturday, first time in nine years at the Open – a throwback to September 2003.

George W. Bush’s first term, all over again.

jamie Says:

Fedal are too old to win HC slams.

jamie Says:

“Nadal will win two or three more French Opens. Federer will be a threat at Wimbledon, nowhere else”

Accurate prediction.

jimmy Says:

And if Djokovic gets scheduling like this he will never win again either.

jamie Says:


Nole is winning this USO. Period.

Brando Says:

What a silly article.

Fedal over- how many times has that been announced, usually by the same critics? Numerous occasions, far too many to even keep count!

I think the ONLY NEUTRAL opinion about fedal and their GS slam potential, specifically on hard courts, that matters is of nole, muzza and JMDP- as they are the ones who play these guys, on the big courts, in the big matches!

And i could almost GUARANTEE that all 3 would feel such a article is ridiculous as they know both fed and rafa are STILL A THREAT to them on a hard court!

Rafa was JUST 2 GAMES AWAY from winning the last HC slam he played, AO, whilst fed just won cincy WITHOUT DROPPING SERVE ONCE- let alone a set!

Seriously, it’s almost like some people are hoping, praying to see fed and rafa finished ASAP!

Pretty sad, if that’s the case!

jamie Says:

“Rafa was JUST 2 GAMES AWAY from winning the last HC slam he played, AO, whilst fed just won cincy WITHOUT DROPPING SERVE ONCE- let alone a set!”

Cincinnati is NOT a slam.

jamie Says:


I don’t think Nadal will reach the AO final in 2013. He won’t reach the USO final next year either. His best bet are RG titles. He has not won a title off clay in two years. He will only continue declining. Off clay he won’t even be reaching slam finals. Nole, Murray and Del Potro are in their primes. Nadal is not anymore. Federer needs the Wimbledon roof to win another slam.

juljo724 Says:

Jamie seems to be leading the parade in putting Rafa and fed out to pasture. And to top it off, actually thinks people will believe her predictions..LOL

Jamie, Dave passed on the swampland, if you’re interested? LMAO

Anyone who thinks Rafa and fed are done seriously has a screw loose!!!!

jimmy Says:

Maybe the whole Royal Family will show up for Murray’s coronation on Sunday.

jamie Says:

I’m not saying they are done.

But they are finished winning HC slams.

jamie Says:


LOL. Murray might win a set in the final.

Nole wins the final in 4.

jamie Says:

Federer might win 18 slams(1 more Wimbledon) and Nadal 13 or 14 slams(2 or 3 more FO).

That is a good prediction.

Sienna Says:

The sad thing about Rafa is the strong decline he is in. And his team is not willing or ready to face the music. They keep him safely tucked inside. And then for some strange reason throw in a different injury every other week.

Because the rosol match has thaught 1 thing his winning days on the fast court are defintely behind him. If he ever reaches another fast slam he will be just their for the stats.
No chance at all and he will go down at the hands of Roger on Wimbly and US Open at the hands of the other members of the top 10.

Brando Says:


As Jamie has so eloquantly announced, fed and rafa are pretty much done on the tennis scene- despite the following:

1- This present USO is the FIRST SLAM in over EIGHT YEARS that neither one of fed or rafa is in the SF’s- after 8 LONG YEARS!

2- From fed’s 1st slam win Wimby 2003 until AO 2011, fedal won 25 out of a possible 30 slams- 25/30, the BIGGEST MONOPOLY ON SLAMS IN TENNIS HISTORY!

3- From january 2011, they have won 3/ 7 slams in their great decline- competing in 6/7 finals- the end is close based on that stat alone!

4- Fedal have a total of 28 SLAMS- the competition (nole, muzza, JMDP) a total of 6 SLAMS!

5- should rafa, at the old age of 26, win another 3 more slams (some fools think it is possible) then Fed and Rafa have WON MORE SLAMS THAN ANYONE ELSE IN TENNIS HISTORY! THEY WOULD BE NUMBER ONE AND TWO!

6- Fedal have CAREER SLAMS and have played ATLEAST 2 finals at EACH AND EVERY SLAM!

7- Some people, only the foolish, believe that fedal has the GREATEST GRASS, HARD COURT, INDOOR (fed) and CLAY (Rafa) combination of all time- how foolish of them to think as such!

8- last but not least: 2012 MOST TROPHIES WON TABLE out of fed, rafa, nole, muzza, delpo:

1- Roger federer: 6 trophies!
2- Rafael Nadal: 4 trophies (stopped playing in june)!


Giles Says:

Jimmy. Don’t worry, Nole has a weapon to recover – THE EGG!!

jamie Says:

I think Nadal is embarrassed to lose to Rosol. A challenger player, FFS! He has the knee injury but I don’t think it is that serious. Not career ending at all. He just needs some rest. No surgery. Watch him win RG and Monte Carlo next year at least. Maybe even Rome. But his huge ego is hurt. He has a bigger ego than anyone else on tour, except for Federer.

Giles Says:

Here comes sienna trashing Rafa again. What’s with you? Are you so madly in love with Rafa that you have to mention him in every post?

Brando Says:


‘The sad thing about Rafa is the strong decline he is in.’

Who on earth are you fooling, pretending that rafa’s demise is a sad thing? NO ONE.

roger is out, your nowehere to be seen on this blog (as noted by others) and then all of a sudden you make a guest appearance as soon as rafa is discussed.


Please, do not kid yourself or others that you are ‘sad’ or it is sad to see rafa’s alleged demise- as it is the ONLY thing that you obsess about on these blogs!

There have been some hateful characters on this blog, BUT YOU are a phenomena of your known- the embodiment of petty hatred!

jane Says:

Brando, pay no mind. People were writing off Rafa in 2009 when he was out with injury, and look how he did in 2010. Also people said Fed wouldn’t win another slam, and he did, in 2012. I am sure the players and most tennis fans know they’ll BOTH be ongoing contenders.

Brando Says:


Thanks- i’ll try to use that advice.

It’s just so damn annoying at times when you see these pointless, in the main baseless, articles writing of player x, y or z just because they are going through a bad patch.

As the saying goes: form is temporary, class is permanent- and class is something that both fed and rafa have in bucket loads!

P.S: the good thing about seeing the likes of nole, murray etc win other than them fulfilling their potential is to see nice fans such as yourself witnessing their fav win, especially when they supported them through the difficult times. Kudos to fans such as yourself!:-)

jane Says:

Yeah Brando: They’ve all gone through bad patches, but they’ve all bounced back too. That’s admirable for sure. Definitely the Year of the Double Fault (i.e., Nole in 2010) was rather difficult to weather. ;)

Daniel Says:

Has anybody ever won US Open without dropping a set, male?

This could be quit a feat, since this is the most difficult Slam to win, the one with less different winners of all.

Huh Says:

LOL juljo @ your September 7th, 2012 at 12:55 pm, that was very funny! :p

keep posting. :)

Huh Says:

”Jamie, Dave passed on the swampland, if you’re interested? LMAO”

this was articularly funny by juljo, hahaha! loved it!

Huh Says:

Brando @September 7th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

SUPER DUPER POST with eye-catching mind blowing stats! KUDOS!!! :D

Huh Says:

Jamie and sienna with their very own predictions of future wins and losses of fed and rafa are definitely out to kick the crystal-balled butts of menteperfecta and other argie astrologers!

And btw, can’t believe sienna is sad about rafa’s decline! :O

kriket Says:

Huh, I’ve just seen your nick, and remebered your rants from a few days back about Federer playing out-of-this-world, and how nobody could beat him blahblahblah.
What was that against Berdych then? I remeber you and your fed-fan buddies havin’ a party here on TX, about how Fed is unbeatable, how he would brush Đoković in the final if Novak reaches it, for there was no doubt in your mind that Federer would win the USO, let alone reach the finals.
I guess when you fly very high, you land very low.

This is not to bash Federer, just to remind you about your rants. Looked for your comments after the Berdych match – not a word. Tough sh1t huh?

Huh Says:

”Looked for your comments after the Berdych match – not a word. Tough sh1t huh?”

now that you’ve forced me to say, listen, i didn’t want to speak out truth and take the credit of berdych, but for idiots like you, let’s face it:

fed lost to berd in a match where fed was playing his C-Grade tennis!

And I said then, will say now and forever:

fed’s the daddy of djoker in tennis!

your guy would always be regarded as the second best HC of this generation! and let’s not talk about his clay where he’s nowhere near nadal and definitely lesser than fed!

and it’ll be an insult to fed to even compare him with djoker w.r.t. grass, hehe!

happy now??? :D

Huh Says:

dude kriket, my last post here was for you.

And I again repeat:

Fed at his best will always be and had always been too good for djoker!

you don’t even have shame when all you’ve to do is to compare your boy with his true senior federer, hehehe. good for you!

Huh Says:

whiner kriket:

your guy can’t master fed even when fed’s past his prime and loses in FO and WIM, I can’t imagine what terror fed would’ve unleashed when he was that peak young fast super confident federer from 2004-07 on your boy, hehehe! hope that was SSSSWWWEEEET! :P

Huh Says:

sorry mrs. jane and other nole fans, but i love fed just way too much to keep quiet when some noletard like kriket povokes me!

i said what i believe, but i won’t open my mouth about this unless next time provoked by similarly idiotic and provocative comment subtly and craftily and even sarcastically bashing my faith on federer! peace and sorry again…

Huh Says:







Huh Says:



Huh Says:

the real sh#t moreover is that nadal too hasn’t beaten prime fed anywhere other than clay in slams.

Steve 27 Says:

hat peak young fast super confident federer from 2004-07
Federer was in his peak the others not.

Alok Says:

Ferrer, after playing so many long matches, now has developed blisters on his feet. That will definitely put him at a disadvantage in his SF match with djokovic, due to his speed being one of his weapons. I’m sure djokovic will hear of this bit of information and he’ll deliberately run Ferer from side to side, as he did with JMDP. djokovic’s plan coming into the match was to run JMDP ragged because he knows that JMDP is not good on his legs like Murray and Nadal.

Before the djokovic fan disputes my statement of djokovic running Delpo around, know this, I didn’t make it up, djokovic said so after the match in his on-court interview that his plan was to run Delpo from side to side. That was why JMDP got tired so fast.

Steve 27 Says:

Huh you dont considered Djokovic is a evolution of Federer in hardcourt?
With less imagination but more powerful and even more complete in this surface. Nobody has de defense of The Djoker in hardcourt and his flat forehands are really penetrating Not to mention his backhand down the line, one of the best.
And his service is getting better.
Hopefully when he turns 28 or 29 years to consider the Serb the best on hard courts of all time surpassing the legendary Federer.

stu Says:

Alok, why do you make excuses for Djokovic’s opponents before the match even starts? You did the same thing with JMDP.

Alok Says:

@stu, it’s not an excuse. Even the headline on this thread stated that blisters could hinder the match for ferrer. It was stated on two other websites. I’m not making an excuse for Ferrer.

JMDP was suffering with wrist problems even before the USO began. The commentators also mentioned his wrist during their pre-match speculation.Gilbert on court-side stated that JMDP looks like he’s afraid to hit the ball at times.

blah Says:

Anyone know if djokovic return to no. 1 if he wins? Or does he have to take it from federer post uso?

jane Says:

Hi blah, I think Eric said Fed will still be number 1 post-USO. Nole doesn’t have much to defend after the USO (maybe 600 pts?) so if he defends the title or even gets to the final he should have a chance to be #1 by year’s end.

Also, I think Murray can get to #3 soon.

Wog boy Says:

I am pretty sure If Nole wins Federer is still #1 with far to many points to defend after USO, close to 3000 and Nole has something around 500. What is more important is , if Nole wins he will be close to 2000 clear from Federer considering Year to Date Points and I don’t thonk Federer will be able to get him unless Nole doesn’t play until the end of the year.
This what I think without checking ATP stats.

Wog boy Says:


You are too fast for me:)

jane Says:

Wog Boy, :) i didn’t check either, but we had this discussion a while back and “the mind reels” provided a really detailed break down of the numbers. So going from memory there too.

blah Says:

Thanks for the info. Regardless of points, if Djokovics defends, he’s the best player this year for me as he would have two slams to Nadal and Federer’s one. If someone else, say, Murray, wins, then the conversation gets interesting.

Huh Says:


I am sure most of your fellow nadal fans also were dreaming of nadal surpassing the same legendary federer in no time, that too in all courts, and we clearly saw what happened! so stop kidding yourself that novak of prime is better than fed of prime on HC. it took the so-called prime novak 5 ridicuous sets two years in a row to stop federer, who was not only not playing his best tennis, but not even he’s the same age as nole.

you have to be kidding yourself if you think that fed of prime is not that much worse than this current federer! it’s only coz fed has no equals that he still whoops @$$ of djoko and nadal from time to time, who’re so much younger than fed, duh!

Huh Says:

in my previous post I meant to say
”you have to be kidding yourself if you think that this current federer is not that much worse than the federer of prime!”

tah tah steve27!

and if anybody lost to djokovic in his prime on his favoured clay, grass and slow AO HC, it is your favourite rafael nadal only, hahaha!

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