Andy Murray Is A Grand Slam Champion; Scot Outlasts Novak Djokovic In Five Set Epic To Win The US Open
by Sean Randall | September 10th, 2012, 9:36 pm

The drought is over. For the first time since 1936 a British man has won a singles Grand Slam title. And that man is Andy Murray. The 25-year-old Murray ended years of English futility by outlasting rival Novak Djokovic 7-6, 7-5, 2-6 ,3-6, 6-2 to win his first Major at the US Open in an exhausting 4 hours, 54 minutes.

“It was incredibly tricky conditions, after the third and fourth sets it was tough mentally for me,” Murray told the crowd afterwards. “I don’t know how I managed to come through in the end.”

The final, delayed for the fifth straight year because of rain, began in windy conditions similar to Saturday when both guys handled the elements differently. Murray battled through Tomas Berdych while an agitated Djokovic was out of sorts against David Ferrer.

Today, because of the conditions it was another disjointed start. The two traded multiple breaks before Murray jumped out 4-2. Djokovic finally found his game in the bluster to regain the break and force a pulse-pounding tiebreak, eventually won on his sixth set point by the Scot 12-10 to close a 90 minute opening stanza.

Djokovic then letdown and found himself quickly in a 4-0 hole in the second. But as Murray eased up and started playing defensive, perhaps prematurely smelling victory or feeling the weight of the pressure, Djokovic began firing. The Serb rebounded to get to level at 5-5 but it was all for not as Murray pulled through with the set 7-5.

Up two sets it looked over. It wasn’t.

The third and fourth sets belonged to Djokovic. The Serb carried the momentum he found in the second to roll in the third and then build a break lead the fourth. Murray, who looked down and out early in the fourth, began playing freely and showed signs of rejuvenation as Novak pushed it to a decider.

Just when things were all pointing Novak’s way, now, Murray stunningly broke to open the fifth and then broke again. Djokovic got one break back but with his body failing it was too big a climb. And when a Djokovic forehand sailed long Murray became a champion, at last.

Murray’s win caps a unbelievable year in which four different players won the four Grand Slams, a rarity in this Federer-Nadal era. And as remarkable Murray’s the fifth different US Open men’s winner in the last five years.

Andy has now won the last two big titles, the Olympics and the US Open, and while it’s a longshot he’ll contend for No. 1 this year (he’ll move to No. 3 with the win), next year he just might if he can build on tonight and with Federer getting up there in years and Nadal fighting that knee, who knows. For a man who had won just one set in four prior Slam finals, he put on a show tonight, and he credited new coach Ivan Lendl who also suffered early Slam setbacks for his help.

“It’s great to have him helping me and supporting me in the tough moments,” Murray said about Lendl.

For Djokovic, it was a tough loss and the wind didn’t do him any favors. Murray’s defensive game is much more adaptable in windy conditions and in it he was just the better player. And also credit to Murray for not succumbing to the collapse at the end. It did look bleak entering the fifth.

“It’ wasn’t to be,” Djokovic said on the court. “I want to congratulate Andy on his first Grand Slam. He absolutely deserves it.

“I really tried my best,” Novak added. “I gave it my all, it was another tremendous match to be a part of.”

Overall, it was quite a match between the two 25-year-olds who first began playing when they were just entering their teens. At first, rather horrible, but as the wind eased and the stakes rose some of the rallies were simply jawdropping – both guys are two of the best defensive players on the planet.

And when all is said and done, Andy Murray is finally a Grand Slam champion. And a well deserved one at that. Cue the bagpipes…

(Bagpipes added – Tom)

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215 Comments for Andy Murray Is A Grand Slam Champion; Scot Outlasts Novak Djokovic In Five Set Epic To Win The US Open

El Flaco Says:


Tennisfan Says:

Hardly epic. Congrats to Andy … but not a very good tennis match no matter what J Mac or Sean Randall want to tell you.
Two players struggling in a moderate breeze.

Syam Lee Says:

Hope the monkey is off Andy’s back now… and hope he can go on to win more slams like coach Ivan Lendl. Great partnership!

Karthick Says:

Congrats Andy!!! A well deserved champion after a long wait :). Hope Nadal will be happy for murray as he had always told in any GS tournament, he will be supporting Murray to win (of course, after he loses in that tournament).

jamie Says:


rave Says:

Congratulations to Andy and his fans. I was rooting for him to win his fist slam.Nole plyed an awesome game too. Two awesome champions at the USO.

Discoeverd I could watch the match on my iphone, sneaking long peaks at work. What an exciting match.

Wog boy Says:

Congrats to Andy and his fans. It was long overdue.

Ike Says:

I think Andy should appear on David Letterman’s show with a hat + t-shirt reading “FINALLY!”

M Says:

Heartiest congratulations to Andy and fans (whom, from all I can glean, also include Duchess Kate)!

An astounding performance.

jane Says:

Cue the bagpipes indeed: I left a longer message on the other thread, but congrats again here, to Andy, of course, and to his fans here, Margot, Colin, racquet and all others – helfy match, that – well done!!

SG1 Says:

The conditions definitely put a damper on the quality of the match. However, there were numerous nerve jangling rallies of 30 to 50 shots in duration. Very impressive given the wind.

I am very happy for Andy Murray. And Novak was incredibly gracious in defeat. I have a lot of respect for Novak. He is class guy through and through. He was clearly hurt at the end of the fifth set but there weren’t any excuses.

I was more than a little concerned for Andy after losing the two set lead. Even while winning, I felt that he was too passive for my liking. There were many opportunities for him to take balls in the air and cut off shots but he instead seemed more content to re-start rallies from the back of the court. I don’t know if Lendl can help him with this or not. He has to find a way to increase his aggressiveness. The conditions allowed him to get away with this today. I hope he’ll be more aggressive going forward.

All this being said, here’s to you Andy. Great tournament! The proverbial monkey is off your back. Enjoy the victory. It was well deserved.

Lou_tennisfan Says:

“The spirit,the will to win,and the will to excel are the things that endure.These qualities are so much more imp than the events that occur”. Djokovic and Murray both played great tennis today. What a treat it was to watch both of them fight it out there like two hungry lions…

Murray finally won his first GS. Murray showed it to us that “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Love the way he has gone about winning his first Gs title.

ONE BRICK AT A TIME : Journey of Andy Murray from Choker to the US Open Champion.

Ike Says:

IMHO, both Andy & Nole will have more Winners than Unforced Errors only at Wimbledon. Because of their playing style I don’t think it will happen in any other grand-slam. Typically, their matches are going to be like this one, (of course not this “tough”, once the wind factor is taken out)

SG1 Says:

Lendl almost smiled… Love to see his wedding pics with Samantha just to prove he actually has teeth.

Ike Says:

Did Andy “choke” in his previous GS finals?
I think that can be said only of Australian Open 2011. That match was like Andy just totally didn’t show up.
I don’t think he choked in Wimby 2012 or USO 2008…Roger was simply better than Andy.
2010 Aussie Open…Again, I think Roger’s best tennis was simply better than Andy’s best tennis on that day.

SG1 Says:

To all of Andy’s fans…Margot et al, Cheers! A great and well deserved win for your guy.

Scratch the trivalry. Enter the quadralry. Murray has thrown himself into the mix for the foreseeable future.

I think it will be tough for anyone to run up Roger, Pete and Rafa slam numbers in this era. And both DelPo and Berdych are coming as well. So many really talented guys at the top. What a great time to be a tennis fan!

Kimmi Says:

congrats muzza. what a year he is having. the olympics must have given him the belief. Hope he wins many more to come.

lots of people thought USO will be his first, and they were right. i think wimbledon will be his second. he has great game for grass. good luck andy.

jane Says:

SG1, super nice & thoughtful post at 10:30. Could be that Andy was less aggressive because of the wind. I haven’t even seen the match as I had to work! Arrrgh, down with Monday afternoon finals. I think this will be the last for a while: sounds like changes are afoot.

Kimmi Says:

Yes, i saw those shots SG1 is referring to. Andy hit big shots several times where nole was defensively stretching for returns but murray would let the balls float back to the baseline. ugh! the point is started again..

I thought nole net game in set 3 and 4 was brilliant. (only started watching from end of set 3) he went to the net more that 50 times in the match i believe, which was twice as much as andy, and won quiet a lot of them, so incredible!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

What a fantastic win by Andy. I never thought I would root for Murray after his victory over Roger at cincy may years ago.

The guy had grown up so much in front of fans for past 3-4 years, specially in last 1 year. He took all the losses to improve his tennis rather than demoralizing and going down the drains.

I always believed even if he lost this match, still he would have been a strong contender for the slams in next 2-3 years unless he is injured. Now that he has the slam, the expectations would be even more. I just hope he does not get complacent and rather goes on a tear since he lost few years fighting against few of the greatest tennis players. It would have been a bit down if he had to beat Ferrer or any other non-slam player in the final. This is a fitting way to prove himself by defeating the defending champ.

Kimberly Says:

Special and well deserved day for Andy,

harry Says:

Congratulations to Andy Murray! Really touching interview by Muzza:

I wish the interviewers had shown some empathy though…

andrea Says:

well, congrats to andy. he finally won a GS. still not a fan, but cheers to him anyway. hard to believe novak fought back to force a fifth.

can’t say that watching endless rallies is my favorite style of match and there seems to be a trend towards long gruelling five setters these days.

skeezer Says:

“can’t say that watching endless rallies is my favorite style of match”
Alas mine either. But the wind played a big part today. If it was indoors ( haha ) the quality I am sure would have been top notch..

Michael Says:

Now with the monkey out of his back, Murray is destined for more glory. It was obvious that he had the variety in his game but somehow things didn’t just jell together for him so far. Not so today. He battled the tough conditions, competitive opponent and secured a well deserved victory. Now the question is will he emulate his coach Ivan Lendl who too failed for the first four times to secure a grand slam win and then went on to win about 8 majors overall. Murray too might just emulate him if all things goes well and that is my guess.

Sienna Says:

Murray totally deserved his slam.
He was the dominating player attacking. grinding serving passing mental.
Everything he did he was better then djokovic.

It is unbelievable it went to 5 sets. the rebreaks in thefirst set were prob because of unbelief he broke djoker so easy.
He should have finished thatset prior to breaker.
Also the second set should have seen a stick or a bagel.
Choking? Is what happened. But it doesnot matter he got it in the end.

Lesco Says:

Congrats Andy, you will no longer be called a “mental midget” by Humble Rafa hahahaha.

That win over Federer at the gold medal match was the tonic Andy needed. It surely gave him the belief that he is indeed part of the big four.

Margot Says:

Still can’t quite believe it. Still giddy with joy. Still tearful lol
Oh us Andy fans on here: racquet, Colin, the DA and Puckbandit, sorry if I’ve left anyone out, our time has surely come.
It’s been a long, long wait but so proud and happy for Andy.
Big hugs to Nole fans on here, jane, Wog boy and all. Us Murray fans sure know how you feel!
Hey Huh and harry, crafy wolf beats fearless tiger. YAY!
Do hope this silences the cynics on here but doubt it, when spite gets into your heart, difficult to shift.
But, ending on the positive, a gr8 big than you for all the lovely congratulations from the many, many lovely fans of all the different players on here. We are so privileged to be alive in this era.
Finally, big thumbs up to Sean for another jinx.

harry Says:

@Margot —

Really happy for you :)

Margot Says:

Thanx so much and thanx for keeping me company yesterday.
Here’s a poem from me to Huh:
Cloud nine
Feels fine :)

harry Says:

@Margot —

No worries.

I think even the hard-core writers are shocked by Muzza’s win; So far, I have read many posts — either they get too melodramatic or they fall back on the safety of mundane numbers…

Muzza’s own interview was the most eloquent expression of his win; understated, almost mute, a trace of joy, mostly relief, tearful, disbelieving, forced to reflect, proud, a tinge of sadness — an interview straight from his heart…

Rahul Says:

For me the biggest thing is that now we officially have a “big 4”. Four slams four different champs. With this monkey off his back hopefully Andy can show more confidence in the bigger moments. As a tennis fan I couldnt have asked for more this year, except for another stellar year end finish for Roger ;)

Brando Says:

Good stuff: Rafa congratulates andy on his facebook account, posting a photo of him with andy.

Say’s that it was a great final and BOTH he and nole deserved to win.

Have to agree- despite the loss, nole was close to winning himself. Well played final by both, despite the conditions!

RZ Says:

So happy for Andy! With the Big 4 playing such amazing tennis, it’s good to be a tennis fan these days.

Brando Says:

Reports say that apparently the USTA will have a PERMANENT MONDAY FINAL FROM NEXT YEAR!

About time i say!

Brando Says:

Has Britain won it’s 1st slam in 76 years? Well according to Sean ‘The names Bond, James Bond’ Connery- NOT!

‘Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery, who was at the Arthur Ashe Stadium tells BBC Sport: “I always felt he had everything and now it’s really come to fruition. I met him for the first time a couple of days ago, and it’s great for Scotland.
“We’ve had a really great landslide victory, and stop saying he’s British – he’s Scottish for Christ’s sake. I have to go now because the champion is waiting.”‘


Margot Says:

From Connery, who loves Scotland so much he now lives in the Bahamas, that quote is extremely funny.

Brando Says:

@margot: LOL! Sean’s quite a character. He’s the ONLY Russian in film history, to have a Scottish accent whilst having been born and raised in Moscow! Lmao, what a legend! :-))))

Lulu Iberica Says:

Congrats to Andy Murray and all his fans — Margot, Colin, and alison (I know he’s you’re second fave after Rafa). I thought it was a very exciting match with many unbelievable rallies. Andy cracks me up. Even after he won it was like he was in shock and could hardly believe he’d done it. I guess we are never going to see him jump up and down?

alison Says:

Thanks Lulu it was really dissapointing to see Rafa pull out of the USO,BUT THIS IS THE NEXT BEST THING FOR ME,AND im delighted that both have slams this year,and im looking forward to Rafa bouncing back which ive no doubt he will do soon enough,loved Brandos link about Rafa on Facebook congratulating Andy on his 1st GS,and saying niether player deserved to loose,and to think that pepole say he has no class,now if thats not class then i dont know what is.

alison Says:

Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski will surely both be seething with jealousy,and green with envy,as Andy is now the best British player since Fred Perry,neither of them even came close to winning a GS.

the mind reels Says:

A very well-deserved congratulations to Murray, who played exceptionally well given the conditions. He frustrated Djokovic with his defense and kept him honest on his forehand side. I’d not seen that kind of mental toughness from Murray before — very, very impressive! I’m glad he was able to pull through and finally win a major title.

Djokovic, meanwhile, has nothing to be ashamed of. He competed really well but ran out of gas at the end, I think. Somehow Murray was the fresher looking guy at the start of the fifth.

This certainly makes the rest of the year a bit more entertaining, as Murray is now only 1,900 points behind Djokovic, and Djokovic’s loss has given Federer an extra cushion of about 440 points. Djokovic is still leading the race, of course, but Federer can make up ground in Shanghai, which he didn’t play last year.

I hope Murray relishes this win and returns home now to celebrate properly both his Olympic gold and this victory. Also, Sean Connery’s quote is amazing.

Congrats to all Murray fans!

dari Says:

Well this is fantastic. all tennis fans should be happy that this talented and hard working man finally reallized this major goal!!
Gigantic congratulations to margot, raquet, I know tjere was another big Murray fan from some time back i cant remember the name and i surely left out many names. But this is for you, the ones who hold him as your #1 player and who have waited and supported so long.
Oh, just so happy! And he did it in FIVE sets with windy conditions. Who ever said Murray would make it easy on uou?!
Excuse for bringing it up, but I also found the exchange with Dani and Kim so funny, when he went up to the box and she was saying where are your shoes, and he says where is the watch and Dani all motherly says its in the black bag, in the small pocket to boot! HAHAHA gotta love team Murray :)
Enjoy it guys

Sienna Says:

On a totally different note.

Roger Federer has extended the lead in the South African Airways ATP Rankings.

Nadal has dropped to # 4. But I think he would be safe from ferrer. He has a lot of points to defend upcomming masters and yearend championship.

So Maybe we can take a look at other contenders to overtake Nadal in the ranking. but his top 5 place looks secure at the moment.

jamie Says:

I think Murray will win the AO 2013… He has everything aligned there if you know what I mean. Djokovic’s not that great season from February 2012-February 2013 will continue at the slams….

juljo724 Says:

Best quote from Nole:

” there is no reason to go back and say, What if? What if? He’s a Grand Slam winner and he deserves to be there.”

racquet Says:

The US Open 2012 champ with the trophy in Central Park. adorkable

Margot Says:

“adorkable” darling…still drinking?..;)
but they most certainly are :)
So pleased and proud and still teary…

Huh Says:

”Hey Huh and harry, crafy wolf beats fearless tiger. YAY!”

no mrs.margot!

you didn’t see that then! the wolf was long gone(the wolf in andy poked the fed in wimby 12 and was battered and bruised real bad!), and also gone was the cute chinese bear in andy(which showed up for US 08, AO 10 & A0 11 finals, only to be taned by the beasts there!)! ;)

the british lion in murray that preyed on the spanish bull twice at AO 10 and US 08 was also not to be seen! ;)


But told ya, TIGER would fight, HE DID!!!

Hats off to the tiger, but this is grizzly victory!!!

Huh Says:

COLIN, puckbandit, RACQUET N DEAR MRS.MARGOT!!! :) :P :D

then also HUGE CONGRATS to alison, brando n other fans for rootin hard for murray, also our Ike, the DA, Eric and all others!!! :D

also congrats to those who had faith on muzz, moreso than me! ;)


racquet Says:

@margot – haven’t had a drop, just a natural high. The term is an amalgam of “adorable” and “dork” – which describes him perfectly, imo. Watched highlights again today with the comfort of knowing the result (so much better) and can’t stop smiling :)

Kimberly Says:

Chrstian_Miami=Kaiser has won the bracket challenge. A good challenge for my family, Colin won the ladies, Kaiser won the mens, and Grandma actually did ok, and did all of the picks by herself. Conty came in 2nd in the atp.

Huh Says:




I dedicate this poem to Mrs. Margot, written in the honour of Muzza. This is of course not original piece but a modified version of a british nationalistic theme song. I’ve been inspired by the great British Pride to present this poem for Mrs. Margot. Hope she likes it, as it is more about love than showin intelligence. 


When Muzz At Last at Mrs. Margot’s Command…..
Arose! Arose! Arose!
Out of The Quiet Dunblane..!
And Fought and Fought Like a Lion..
To Win His First Grandslam..!!

That Was The Charter,
The Charter of Muzzans..!
We Tennis-X Murray Freaks
Sang The Strain…!!


WTF Says:

Congratulations Andy. You’ve done it at last. Well and truly among the elite now. The monkey is off your back.

Bit of luck with the draw, with Nadal out and Federer upset by Berdych, it does take a little from his win, however, any slam that’s won by beating Djokovic is a legit slam.

A Brit has finally won a slam in Open Era. Too bad an Englishman still hasn’t done it since Perry… ;)

WTF Says:

Sienna Says:

“On a totally different note.

Roger Federer has extended the lead in the South African Airways ATP Rankings.

Nadal has dropped to # 4. But I think he would be safe from ferrer. He has a lot of points to defend upcomming masters and yearend championship.

So Maybe we can take a look at other contenders to overtake Nadal in the ranking. but his top 5 place looks secure at the moment.”

Pretty sure Nadal will be eligible for protected ranking if he’s out for 6 months or more. That means he’ll be seeded at tournaments based on the ranking he was when he first stopped playing, which is #2 or #3 (I think it was #3).

Huh Says:

hahaha, sienna again postin just to show her wish of nadal goin down, poor thing.

nothin i’ve seen her doin here most of the time except jumpin to childish ill-arrived conclusions(e.g. she really thinks that in this match murray was outplayin djoko, lol. thank god actually, thanks to the wind for not allowin djoko to get into his groove, coz for all his aggression, murray was still the less aggressive player here. only thing that made the difference in the end is the ”much needed belief of murray” or else andy was toast!) and feverish continuous predicition of nadal’s demise, also criticisin nadal for whatever he does(justified or unjustified), haha.

the only thing that stopped djoko from winning the 5th set was that he did not see a shaky guy playin in front, instead he saw a ”ready to die on court” type of guy facin him today or nole’d definitely have made a comeback and won the match, just like the AO 12 where nadal’s doubtful and unsure demeanour was enough for djoko to push his creakin body to go pass the finishin line; same’d have happened here too, but for muzz’s determination n unrelentingness.

Cruise Says:

men’s tennis has never been this ugly, i must say. it was like watching a WTA match. neither player knew how to WIN a point.

atp better hope there will be some one to replace fedal.

murray has so much variety but he plays like a wuss! yuck!

this much is clear he will always be miles behind the top 3.

djokovic pretty much donated this slam to murray, maybe out of pity.

when all is said and done, murray is nothing compared to the top 3.

f$#k murray. may you never win another slam! a disgusting player and person.

Cruise Says:

is federer the only guy in the open-era to follow-up a 3slam season with multiple slam season? [did it twice].

novak was so close. but for the wind, he would have won this in 3 sets. let’s hope novak recreates 2011 magic in 2013.

Huh Says:

the thing is murray’d already earn so much riding on this slam success alone that it’ll be bizarre almost! i mean, the guy’s one slam just, n yeat he’s all-time leader in earnings already, lol! i mean just WTF!

Huh Says:

one thing that definitely makes me a bit sad is that muzza, though so talented, is nowhere close to nole in terms of aggression, even now! i hope muzz stops playin passiv and adopt a more aggressive game, otherwise he’s very less chances of beating nole in conditions favouring nole, but the vice versa isn’t true!

may be by being mentally strong in future, murray can make up to some extent for his lack of sufficent aggression.

Alok Says:

Do hope this silences the cynics on here but doubt it, when spite gets into your heart, difficult to shift.

Was this necessary? It speaks more of the writer’s state of mind, than the so-called cynics whose hearts are full of spite. Why not enjoy Murray’s win instead of venting at other people?

I didn’t see this person congratulating Fed for his Wimbledon win, but Fed fans didn’t get into this kind of tongue lashing.

Remember not everyone has to like your player and this is a forum where we all should have equal right to expression of our opinions. I won’t go into the the sarcastic comments,e.g., thumpity tu, happily scrolling, and rants shoved my way because I dared to express an opinion.

courtside Says:

John McEnroe called Novak the better tennis player even while he was losing the first two sets. Simon Reed says that Novak will be at the top the next few years. He has a great tennis body and unless something happens, I suspect Novak will have a great 2013.

courtside Says:

How many years will Novak’s struggles at the slams continue, according to the psychic?

Alok Says:

@WTF, Nadal was ranked at No. 3 when he stopped playing. You’re correct, after 6 months he’ll be entitled to a protected seeding, which means come the AO, he’ll be seeded as the No. 3 player. It’s strange how that works. If say, either Fed, djokovic or Murray are ranked 3 at the time of the AO, then Nadal’s protected ranking will trump the player ranked No. 3. That’s some kind of predicament to face, but it’s only 1 and 2 that are guaranteed not to face each other until the finals. All others are randomly placed. Nadal could face either djokovic or Murray and that will be a fire-cracker match for sure.

Angel Says:

Alok, why not Federer? Are you suggesting he will be number 3 by AO? Do you have some kind of cristal ball you haven’t been telling us about? Well I also have the right for one prediction so I’m going with this: I really doubt Nadal will be making the semifinals at the AO after 6 months of inactivity.

the DA Says:

Poor cruise.

Alok Says:

@angel, “Why not Federer? what about Federer? I don’t understand what you’re asking here.

Fed is my fave and I’m not suggesting anything, and no crystal ball used here. Did you notice the small word ‘if’? It was a hypothetical situation I was constructing.

Fed can only drop to No. 2, if he does not defend hiks points from this year.

SG1 Says:

Thanks for the nice words Jane. I was commenting somewhere else that the USTA needs to get this Monday final business cleaned up ASAP. Tennis fans deserve to see the finals of the big tournaments in their entirety. It’s time to get round 1 done in two days (or start on Sunday like at Roland Garros). It’s time to play the men’s semis on Friday (one at say 4pm, the other at 8PM). This makes the Sunday final a whole lot more feasible. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Super Saturday. I watched all the matches on the final Saturday in 1984 and loved every minute. However, the last bunch of years have proven that some schedule slack is required to ensure that the final is played on Sunday. The weather these days is a little less stable than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Anyway, I hope you’re right about the USTA getting this fixed for next year. Perhaps the USTA would consider a roof on Armstrong. It doesn’t hold the mass of people that Ashe does but it is a more likely candidate for a roof. Just a thought. I know it won’t happen.

Alok Says:

@SG1, I know your post was not addressed to me, but the USTA has stated, rather emphatically, that it’s not possible to build a roof on Ashe, but it’s doable on Armstrong. They further stated that Armstrong is due for renovations as it has remained the same since being built in 1964. Hence, there probably will be a roof on Armstrong and other renovations to that stadium soon. I believe USTA also plans on building one other stadium with a roof.

As you know, these things take time, but at least they are listening and are probably more upset about the delays and resceduling of matches than we know. After all, no organization likes to be criticized.

SG1 Says:


Hadn’t heard about the plans to renovate Armstrong or the plan to build another stadium with a roof. This is great news. Thanks for the info. Something to look forward to.

Margot Says:

Huh: Cheers for that *waves and smiles*
Aah, poor, poor old cruisey, never mind eh? Like a choccy, cheer you up?
Yay! Andy is No1 in the Funk. Knew he’d have to do something PRETTY spectacular to get there…;)

Margot Says:

For Murray fans:

Super article about Andy, during which he talks with great honesty about how winning a grand slam might change his life and how he really didn’t want that spotlight.
But surely he’ll walk a bit lighter now with that monkey off his back.
And good news for us fans, reckons he’s got 5 more years. YAY!

Brando Says:


Thanks for that excellent article.

Love that rafa sent andy a personal message as well as a public one acknowledging his win.

‘He revealed that Rafael Nadal, resting his injured knees in Mallorca, had been in touch. “He messaged me after the match and said, ‘Just enjoy it, I’m very happy for you. You deserved it.’ That means a lot to me. I got a lot of congratulations from a lot of people but, when you get it from someone you competing against and he’s one of the best players ever, it means a little bit more.”‘

Awesome to see andy SINGLE OUT RAFA like that- it shows that these 2 genuinely like and admire one another.

Rafa ALWAYS said andy is good enough to win a slam, and i am very glad andy has done so.


Giles Says:

Hope Rafa and Andy remain friends no matter what. They obviously have great admiration for one another.

Colin Says:

There was a character calling himself Trufan who posted some choice comments here during the year, including these gems:
“Murray doesn’t have a shot at being No 1 – he will always choke…”
“Murray…doesn’t have it mentally to win big matches.”
I wonder what happened to Trufan – something uncomfortable, I hope.

harry Says:

@all —

Massive hangover from 3.5 months of tennis. I need a tennis detox…

alison Says:

Colin and a certain poster called Ray, i think those people have been left with egg on their faces,it would be nice if they actually showed their faces with an apology to Murray and his fans for ever doubting him,but to be quite honest i wouldnt hold my breath,had he lost i expect they would have filled the forum with hot air about how Murray will never win a GS,and how he chokes in the important moments etc etc,TBH they are not worth the bother of getting upset over,congrats to you on Murrays 1st GS.

El Flaco Says:

I felt Andy should have won that match easier. Djokovic was really struggling against the wind because you have to muscle the ball and he couldn’t put enough on the ball to stay neutral in the rallies. Murray is physically stronger than Djokovic and did a better job of hitting into the wind.

Huh Says:

i know that it’s not my thing to be nasty or mean when somebody’s down, but in this cruel world, m not gonna be good as before and am gonna give somthin to somebody who mistook me for bein upset at fed’s loss to berd and came here to whine and lie that i’ve claimed that fed would surely win against berd(but i never did so, althou i was as right as ever when i said that fed should beat berd if fed’s even close to bein his best in that match).

so a special nasty mean reminder for that fellow:

WHERE ARE U POOR KRIKET??? were makin fun of fed losin to berd, so how did u feel when your own guy was outplayed by murray, eh??? and even worse is that people are thinkin that nole woulda lost to ferrer had wind not interferred, hahaha! how is it? sweet or sour? ;)

SUCK IT UP now that your fave was denied USO, and yeah, remember always: comeuppance is a F…… B….!

alison Says:

Huh i love your posts,you sound very much like another poster who used to post here on tennis x called Ajet,who actually vanished one day,or are you the same poster with a different name?sorry just wondering.

Huh Says:

sorry alison, i’m not Ajet.

I’m Huh, a very old poster (since 2009) who has been postin here. I’m from chinese manchuria, stayin in myanmar, but will soon move to hongkong where my engineer dad’s to get an assignment of project construction.

i’ve not been here for some months, so don’t know much about that guy, but i know my fellow older posters, some of them stopped postin here, but they were awesome.i miss them bad. they were fair posters too(best of whom was mrs.von). now few posters like you, brando, Kimberly, dave are fantastic, i am comin to know. but it’s my fate and also habit to vanish for days together coz our net is restricted by our government. may be movin outside’ll make me keep contact with this site forever, uncut. God save us if were caught doin net durin the banned period!

And the world is too damn big for two people not to have similar likes or dislikes. May be that’s the case here. But it’s actually funny that you’d notice here many posters think that a certain poster is same as another poster, and the abuses start, lol ;) even you, brando sound similar, lol, the only noticeabl differenc is the CAPS lock often used by brando, lol ;)

I hope ajet comes back so that we may have chat together, if he’s indeed the same likes as me, that’s quite interesting!

Huh Says:

actually we’ve been settled in myanmar for long now alison, but am ethnically chinese. the culture of both’ve much similarity thou, so that’s a good thing…

Thangs Says:

/* one thing that definitely makes me a bit sad is that muzza, though so talented, is nowhere close to nole in terms of aggression, even now! i hope muzz stops playin passiv and adopt a more aggressive game, otherwise he’s very less chances of beating nole in conditions favouring nole, but the vice versa isn’t true!

may be by being mentally strong in future, murray can make up to some extent for his lack of sufficent aggression.*/

When time comes, all things will be aligned to favour the person. In 2011, Nole was playing fantastic. But, he had luck and time on his side on many occassions. I honestly think 2012 AO should have been to Nadal after his hard earned wins against Berdych QF and Federer SF. 2011 USO semi against Fed was lucky escape too..

Similiarly, Nadal had his luck and time favouring in USA 2010. Also, Olympic 2008 semi against Nole was lucky escape.. Same applies to Federer for FO 2009 & Wimbys 2007, 2010

So my point is that Murray will win few more slams while playing passive..even worse

the DA Says:

@Colin – I also remember all the taunts by trufan. Only brave enough to post when Andy’s losing. Always believed his fans would have the last laugh.

Slightly off topic, but too cute to resist. Before the Big 4, there was a Little 4:

MMT Says:

Ike, that’s nothing – get a load of this:

and this:

I have to admit…I LOVE IT!

harry Says:

@the DA —

the little 4, lol :)

jamie Says:


Nole will struggle to win AO but that is because nobody was able to win 3 AOs in a row. Murray will probably win there next year.

After AO, I think Nadal will win RG which could be his last slam. Wimbledon and USO will be fought between Murray and Nole.

jamie Says:


AO Murray

FO Nadal

Wimbledon Murray or Djokovic

USO Djokovic or Murray

jamie Says:

Can Djokovic become the first in the Open Era to win 3 consecutive AO titles?

9 times now a man has won 2 in row, but failed to win 3 in a row…

1.) Ken Rosewall 1971-1972, failed in 1973.
2.) Guillermo Vilas 1978-1979, failed in 1980.
3.) Johan Kriek 1981-1982, failed in 1983.
4.) Mats Wilander, 1983-1984, failed in 1985.
5.) Stefan Edberg 1985, 1987, failed in 1988 (AO not held in 1986)
6.) Ivan Lendl 1989-1990, failed in 1991 (even made the final, 1 match short, 20 consecutive matches won).
7.) Jim Courier 1992-1993, failed in 1994.
8.) Andre Agassi 2000-2001, failed in 2002 but did not play it in 2002 at all but won again in 2003 (last grand slam for him).
9.) Roger Federer 2006-2007, failed in 2008 (lost in the SF to Djokovic, Djokovic’s first grand slam).

Now we have Djokovic, he won in 2011 over Murray and 2012 over Rafa, but will he win 3 in a row in 2013?

courtside Says:

I don’t know Jamie but it’s worth a shot.

skeezer Says:


I do not get your predictions obsesson. Is it like a orgasm? I mean, if its right, so what? Do you get 1mil dollars? Is your health better? Do your friends give you a booby prize?
Such a friggin waste of time…..

Michael Says:

In all probability, the World Tour Finals will determine the No.1. So far, Roger is ahead by about 1300 points but he has much to hold on to during the rest of the calendar year. I think he should surely take part in Shanghai Masters which will give him some added points as he has not played there last year. Since it is a fast hard court, Roger will have his chances there and if he wins it then he might finish the year as No.1 in my opinion. On the other hand for Novak, from now he has everything going for him because last time around he did not take part in Shanghai as wel as Parrys Masters and also he didn’t perform well in the World Tour Finals. So, that should be soothing for him to gain more points.

moam Says:

Andy Murray has finally gotten over the hump. Congrats to him and all of UK. The jinx is over. It took 76 years but, Great Britain, you can get your party on!

Margot Says:

Amazing interview, but only for true fans…;)
Lasts 20 minutes:

harry Says:

^yeah, Andy sounds relaxed when he compares his and Nole’s styles of play… liked the bit about his take on how to spot talent on the court…

Margot Says:

Glad u r a true fan…;)

Colin Says:

Tennisfan – “moderate breeze”? Come on!
As for the remarks by JMac and Sean Randall, they were by no means the only ones calling it an epic. Surely “epic” doesn’t necessarily mean “great tennis”. Isn’t there any drama in watching someone dealing with the wind (sorry, breeze)?
Huh – I think you’ll find Murray will be more aggressive when the conditions allow it, as he was in the Olympics.
Asked to sum up his coaching philosophy the other day, Lendl said “It’s simple – win the last point”. I doubt if he ever thought about elegant tennis for the fans. He wanted to WIN. And he did.

Trufan Says:

Collin, the DA, you girls are missing me??

yes, Murray did surprise me. I didn’t think he had it in him. He has really upped his game under Lendl this year.

That said, he has been NadAl’s pigeon even outside of clay. Both Fed and Djoke can boast of a winning record against Nadal outside of clay – not Murray. He got lucky he didn’t have to face either Federer or Nadal. Djokovic has been sub par all year. And his Wimbledon victory was over a very tired Federer.

So yes, he did win it, but was quite lucky to get it. He still isn’t even close to No 1, and I still think he doesn’t have it to be no 1.

And what a boring match – like women’s tennis. Neither player could win a point – they could only lose it.

Trufan Says:

Let’s see if Djokovic can pull it together and be the year end no 1. He has a great chance since he has very few points to defend the rest of the season, while Federer has 3000 to defend. Let’s also see how Federer reacts to his earliest hard court slam exit since 2003. Then next year, let’s see if Nadal can get back to his level after such a long break.

All in all, good time for Murray to peak!

grendel Says:

harry – I agree. Murray actually said:”we’ve got different game styles, different bodies, we play a very different type of tennis”. Basically (he said), Murray relying on variety and change of pace, Djokovic on speed and flexibility – Murray didn’t mention power, which is strange, since Djokovic is definitely (among other things) a power player.

I recall Djokovic – before one of their AO meetings, can’t remember which one – saying he and Murray had very similar games and I just couldn’t see it. And McEnroe, on the eve of the final, repeated this. Don’t understand. Obviously they have certain things in common – they’re both terrific counter punchers for instance -but that’s not remotely enough to imply some kind of near identity.

Murray is always likeable in interviews, but he is no more candid than anyone else when the questions get a bit near the bone. Rose, for example, asked what happened after the 2nd set, 2-6 in the 3rd and so on. Murray laughed a touch uneasily and switched the emphasis – how come, after being down for 2 sets, he won the 5th 6-2? And then, gathering confidence, he went on to talk about how you can always expect a change of momentum in a 5 setter with a great player. Very true, but dodging the point. Since there surely is something you can say.

When did the wind change? We know from the semis that Murray handles the wind much better than Djokovic – so you would expect Djokovic to exploit the calmer conditions. And then, the first 2 sets, which were so frenetically up and down, must have been terribly ennervating. Completely exhausting to watch, that’s for sure. Murray wouldn’t have been human if he hadn’t given a huge and extended sigh of relief, and thereby lost some focus. Djokovic might have gone either way – he could have been disheartened, or angrily determined to turn the match around. Being the formidable warrior he is, of course he did the latter. The worry I think is the 4th set – Murray still had that lost look about him. And the 5th set? Well, Djokovic looked blown to me. That’s not to deny credit to Murray, of course not. But a sensible person, planning future campaigns, will look at the underside of this victory afer the celebrations and so on have been completed.

I much prefer Murray’s style to Djokovic’s, but to me it is more fragile. That’s partly what’s attractive about it of course – and also what’s dangerous. Powerful players like Djokovic and Berdych can always potentially exploit the fragility. I don’t think the McEnroe comparison, which is sometimes made, works exactly, although it is tempting. The American, it is true, was a touch player like Murray, even better in that respect, and he certainly lacked power. But that didn’t matter because he was such a great serve and volleyer, and that option is simply closed to today’s players. And note that even so, when McEnroe lost half a step, he couldn’t quite do it any more. The ferocious Lendl overpowered him. So I hope Murray continues to advance his fh. As Becker said – he can, but doesn’t much.

harry Says:

@grendel —

I agree about your point about the similarity between the styles of Andy and Nole’s play; yes, they are great defenders etc, but beyond that, I also do not see their styles as that similar — I think Nole pulls the “trigger” sooner than Murray does.

My “proof” o the differences in styles (well there are no proofs in such things except in math, but i like the word!), is to point out the the ways Fed plays both of them, which are entirely different. Fed (n GS) rushes the net a lot more against Muzza than he does against Nole; eg this Wimby, AO 2010 etc.

On the other hand, mat4 thinks their styles are very similar, and he is an astute observer (at least of Nole). So I think we need to ask him to chip in.

mat4, are you back?

grendel Says:

“Fed (n GS) rushes the net a lot more against Muzza than he does against Nole” That’s interesting.Presumably because he feels he has more time?

I mentioned a certain lack of candour in Murray’s interview in previous post. I’ve just found this quote, accounting for his comeback against Cilic:”it wasn’t necessarily through my great play in the 2nd set why I got back into it. He got nervous. That was the main difference”. Now that is unusually honest, very impressive.

harry Says:

grendel, I think Fed has (at least had) a better approach shot against Andy than he does against Nole: the backhand slice to Andy’s FH. Secondly, Noles plays closer to the baseline than Andy does; so he is a bit more difficult to drop volley (i guess). But of course Andy has different strengths — bigger first serve, better BH slice etc…

Yes, i agree he was honest about the Cilic match :)

Huh Says:


in all honesty, I’ve to say that nole was prevented more from playin his best than muzza was prevented from playin his. but that said, i’ve to say here that i just think muzza most of the time just takes arelatively less aggressiv approacj than nole, not that muzza isn’t capable of playin aggresivly.

moreover, in the AO semi, it was muzza who was completely outplayin nole for a great portion of the match, but couldn’t win just coz nole just outplayed him in critical moments. muzza lost it coz he didn’t have belief to win… either that or that he wasn’t as wilin as nole to win it! but that was probably one of the best matches i’ve seen muzza playin!

IMO, muzza’s top 5 matches are

1.olympic final
2.AO 12 semifinal
3.2010 AO match against nadal
4.2008 USO semifinal
5.2012 wim final
Other fave murrayu performance of mine was last year’s Tokyo win over nadal, n that match, murray was pretty much unplayable for most of the part. One could get the feelin that if muzzza’s able to take this form to a slam, he could win!
Interestingly enough, among the important matches, muzza played worst in the uso 08 final against fed n also in ao final against nole.
now movin on to the excuses put up by murray critics that he wouldn’t have won if he played fed n blah blah blah, WOW, did you not see that murray NOT SURRENDER to novak in the final? it just showed muzza wasn’t prepared to let the match away from him this time, he was mentally totally prepared n unyielding. he woulda beaten anyway who dared to come in his way, including even federer n nadal! I’d rather say fed n rafa were lucky that they didn’t fall in the path of the muarray, who was the DESTINED ONE to win USO 12! murray here was the destiny’s child, nobody coulda denied it to him! murray always had the game to win a slam, what he previously didn’t have is the mentality! but this was a new murray, completely different n mentally strong! so give up the ifs and butts, he would’ve beaten whoever had come in his way, he proved it just! And so far as beatin berd is concerned, berdych wouldn’t beat this murray, who was determined not to lose. I firmly believe desite what the hell soever may be their h2h, murray’s just much better. I never felt while watching berd that he’s gonna win a slam, but guys like murray, when I saw him beatin gasquet in wim 2008, then and there I thought, that this guy’s something, clearly! And when I saw him beatin nadal at 2008 uso, i just had a sure kind of feelin that murray’s gonna win a slam. murray in that match for greater parts, especially while servin, was, simply ‘’unplayable’’. nobody ordinary can mak nadal look so helpless, but that was muray. Thankfully I was vindicated with this uso happenin that I was right. THERE’S NO DENYING DESTINY, it was God’s will that murray’d win, you or me not goin to change it!
Then comin to Jamie, dude, get a life soon! Why’re you predictin tha nadal would never win a slam after winnin next year’s FO, that’s BS, pure and simpl! Just watch what the future holds instead of makin lame predictions. And what’s up with u sayin fed won’t win slams, most of the times you post! That’s bull crap!

And so far as murray winnin olympic over a tired fed is concerned, I’d say may be there’s a grain of truth in it in the sense that may be if fed was not tired, the score coulda been closer! But I’m damn sure that even if fed was not tired, the end result wouldn’t have been any different, fed still would’ve been beaten, albeit less humiliatingly!

Huh Says:

thangs, there was no luck whatsoevr involved for federer in 2007 wimby, there was no way nadal was goin to beat that fed, he was just too good, no matter how much other’d like to bring up the excuse about the nadal playin back to back matches. fed of 2007 wimbledon was a mentaly strong titan whom no nadal could’ve overcom, no matter how many days rest nadal had got then.

Huh Says:

where’s that my old eternal enemy, i.e. mean nasty old woman called cindy brady aka goat galz who wrote a snide post about how she’d enjoy murray goin 0-5 in slam finals! that was defintely the meanest post towards murray among all the nasty posts directed at him so far.

come now B….!

Huh Says:

nole, in the matches that he’d won, the imp ones mainly, had played some tear-away aggressiv tennis! sometimes watchin his ballistic inexplicabl FHs just make me go mad,especisally the sick ones that he plays against federer! how can he just do it, i had to wonder so many times.

Cruise Says:

yes margot, you are one to talk. always bad mouthing federer on tennis talk. you want to preach peace here like you are dalai lama?

murray won 1 slam. so what? even thomas johannason won a slam. he will always be a loser compared to federer/djokovic or even nadal. that is reality. i know the british are starved off sports achievements, but in other parts of the world where people have seen real sporting heroes, murray is just that loser from scotland who doesn’t even know which country he belongs to.

is there one quality that makes murray better than the top 3? as a person or as a player? none absolutely nothing.

the DA Says:

Poor cruise seems very bitter. Such a poor attempt at trolling – standards have dropped.

Huh Says:

lol DA, that was GOOD! :D

skeezer Says:


“always bad mouthing federer on tennis talk”, Soooo true.

However,I don’t agree that margot does that, but the rest of that TT pack, well, just read that sh!t.

Lets all keepin mind that Murray has had a great year, so his fans want and deserve some smack talk, so let them have it. Its well deserved, no? A Gold medal and his first Slam. His TRUE fans deserve some blogging time and Andy has improved greatly. He deserves to be, now, a serious contender for any Slam. How can you not like a guy that Sir Sean Connery backs?

Re; TT. TT is simple, never ever critisize Rafa on that site as you will become the Devil. However, Sh!tting on Fed is very welcome. All manipulations for the Rafa-dom are done there. It’s not a tennis fan site but a Rafa love fest site, controlled by the buttards of the most highest fantasy one day he will be mine.
They will welcome Murray fans( =anyone who is not Fed) who love Rafa and / or anyone who is “tired” of Fed winning to manipulate further there man of there dreams. Losers, imo. Too each there own and Tennis X rocks!

jamie Says:

Imagine the pressure Murray had… 76 years.

Margot Says:

Cruisey honey, u just ring up your Rogie and ask him to send you a lorry full of Lindt, obviously one choccie couldn’t fix things.
For the VERY last time, I’ve said here and repeatedly on TT, that Roger is one of the most beautiful players I’ve ever had the privilege of watching. His movement on court was/is amazing. However, I don’t like his personality and I don’t want him to come to tea thank you.
On the other hand, your comments about Andy were something else.
Poor old chap, so much spite in your heart.
The end.

Huh Says:

can’t believe tennistalk is so full of fed hater losers, gotta check it immediately!

Huh Says:

mrs. margot

what’s so bad about fed’s persona that you don’t like? :(

harry Says:

@Cruise —

“murray won 1 slam. so what? ”
Fed won the Wimby, so what? Rafa won the FO, so what? Nole won the AO, so what? Spain won the WC in football, so what? “So what” is such a profound question, and if you use that as a yardstick, you should not be discussing tennis; may be you should not even be talking sports :)

“he will always be a loser compared to federer/djokovic or even nadal. that is reality.”
This is pure conjecture and spite.

“is there one quality that makes murray better than the top 3?”
Should Murray be better than the top 3 to deserve discussion here? And who decides who is better? If you want to discuss anybody else, by all means do so. As long as you are polite and nice…

“yes margot, you are one to talk. always bad mouthing federer on tennis talk”
She is clearly respectful to all tennis players here. I dont know that we hold universal consistency contests here ;)

alison Says:

Cruise the British are starved of sporting achievements err excuse me Mo Farrah,Jess Ennis,Victoria Pendleton,Greg Ruthersford,Tom Daly,Bradley Wiggins,Chris Hoy,Alistair and Johnny Brownlee,and Andy Murray need i go on yeah sure the Brits are so starved of sporting achievements.
Firstly Murray is not a looser hes been in the top 4 concistently for many years now and has just won a GS and has plenty of years to add many more to that time will tell give him a break,secondly a looser compared with Federer/Djokovic and even Nadal errr even Nadal the last time i looked Nadal had 11 GS,Federers the greatest ever and Djokovic is an amazing player but correct me if im wrong Nadal still has far more GS than Djokovic ATM.

harry Says:

@alison —

“and even Nadal errr even Nadal…….”
Good one! I meant to add my reply for this too, but missed it; you have done it. Thanks :)

alison Says:

No problem Harry,sometimes there are some idiotic comments from idiotic people on this forum,but that one just about takes the biscuit.

grendel Says:

cruise missile self-implodes!

grendel Says:

I’d like to have Federer to tea. But I wouldn’t have Andrew Castle. If Andrew Castle strolls along to my house one day, you can bet it won’t be tea I’ll be giving him.

Huh Says:

hmm, england is third best in olympics 12, murray winnin GS, always remaini top-8 in a great game like football. my god, how starved sportin nation! ;)

and well, went to tennis talk, saw fed bashin, all i can say is let people like nadline & co. come here, then they’ll see what is nastiness! :D

Huh Says:

brilliant posts by harry, alison n nice to see grendel continuin here. even i saw his ”fed/djoko n even nadal” portion, lol

even nadal!!! ;)

good on alison to point it out, i coulda done but left it to lazy rafa fans to do it, haha :D

Margot Says:

@ harry
Thank you, that’s very supportive and kind :) You’re one of the reasons I stick around here. BTW have never been anything, anywhere, except highly respectful of Fed’s game. How could u love tennis and not be?
And that’s positively THE END of that one.
Ooh now, that’s a verry tricky choice…wonder if Fed likes cream teas…;)

harry Says:

^– thanks to Huh, and smiles to Alison and Margot…

harry Says:

@Margot, grendel —

“harry” appears to be a piece of “virtual real estate” that many want to possess. After the recent claim of its use by somebody on another thread, I am thinking of shifting to “fyodor” — always liked Dostoyevesky’s writings. May be “fyodo” or “fedora”? “noldo” sounds good, but feels snooty… What do you think ;)?

grendel Says:

harry – Dostoyevski was my favourite writer in years gone by. Especially I viewed him as a great comedian. I look forward to reading him again, my special indulgence. I don’t know what Margot thinks (I notice sh’s changed hers from margot to Margot – and it does make a difference),but these internet names are a bit personal, so I would be wary of advising anyone on this score! I’m sure you’ll find something good.

rogerafa Says:

@ harry

FWIW, I think harry sounds very nice and simple. Please do not worry too much about another harry on this site. Most regular posters will be able to differentiate between the writing styles.

harry Says:

thanks grendel and rogerafa…

harry Says:

re Dostoyevsky: interesting that you liked him too and viewed him as a comedian. I have read two of his books (Crime & Punishment and The Gambler), and thought they were serious; but i haven’t read his most famous work: Brothers Karamazov – may be it is funny?

Alok Says:

I have been contemplating whether I should say something or keep quiet, but after reading some of the posts above, I can’t remain quiet.

@skeezer: “always bad mouthing federer on tennis talk”, Soooo true.

However,I don’t agree that margot does that, but the rest of that TT pack, well, just read that sh!t.”

I’m sorry I have to disagree with you here. Cruise is right, Margot/deuce bad-mouths Fed on TT continuously. She joins in with the Rafa fans beating up on the Fed fans who defend Fed. some of the stuff she writes is really sick.
She’s very cruel. It’s not only Fed’s personality she dislikes, she hates him for his skill in beating up the other guys and feels he should retire. That’s not just disliking someone’s personality, that’s deep hate.She also hates DelPotro, because he had some argument with Murray over his mother?

BTW, that resume Huh wrote, prompted me to go back and read some old blogs, which showed me that at one time, Margot disliked Rafa, the person, and his game. WOW, now she likes him and djokovic also. She also referred tos a another player as a one-trick pony. LOL. It’s amazing how things come back in a circle. hehe

I have a friend who posts on TT, although he’s taken a sabbatical, he’s a very peaceful guy who doesn’t curse and is a true Fed fan. You wouldn’t believe the stuff that was shovelled at him by deuce and her cronies. It was so sad. Whenever Fed beats Murray deuce vents her venom even more. My friend showed me a post where she and her other buddy talked about using weed killer to eliminate two posters sienna and fleur, who they think is Maxi.

You’d have to read the posts on that site on a daily basis to get the full understanding of what transpires, and how this deuce person plays up to the Rafa fans. She also joins in bad-mouthing this site whenever someone criticizes Murray here. Her statement that harry is one of the reasons she comes here, speaks a lot about this site.

@harry, I’m sorry but I disagree with you. People can use as many virtual names as they want, but they need to be consistent, or else they are being hypocritical and also untrue to even themselves.

deuce says to harry: “You’re one of the reasons I stick around here”

I like this, it plays right into the male ego, as the rescuer. Being a man myself, I’d be flattered, but one has to stop and think about the circumstances that prompt such a statement and wonder.

“Cruisey honey, u just ring up your Rogie and ask him to send you a lorry full of Lindt, obviously one choccie couldn’t fix things” deuce

The above is an example of whenever roger loses and is used a lot on TT by some of the Rafa fans to poke fun at Fed fans, and deuce joins in. I suppose on that site, you either be thick with the Rafa fans or you’re excluded.

You guys can hate me for speaking up, but I’m OK with that. I don’t need to be liked so as to trade my conscience for a few virtual friends.

harry Says:

@Alok —

Believe what you will: you have your opinions and I have mine ;)

But it is sad to see somebody being so angry on a nice Friday evening/night, when you could be out happy with your friends. BTW, i don’t hate you; i have no reason to. Gotta go…

Alok Says:

@harry, sorry to disappoint you, I’m not angry at all, only voicing my observations as I see them. To be truthful, I’m sad that my friend was so demoralized and accused of being sanctimonious, etc., because he dared to defend his fave, Fed. I’m sure you would have felt the same if it was your fave, who was being torn down. BTW, were you angry at Cruise when you were defending Margot?

Enjoy your beautifl friday evening. every night is beautiful to me, not just Friday.

Lazlo Says:

I agree with everything you wrote about Deuce and that whole strange crew over on the other site. Very, very astute observations. The Cunning One is another example of this behaviour. This pair resort to a cheerleader mentality in order to curry favour with the others. It’s really phony and unoriginal thinking.

skeezer Says:

Interesting, educational and enlightening comments here. Good night everyone and Go Fed!

harry Says:

ha ha skeezer!

Margot Says:

Oh lol, lol and lol again Alok, Laslo and Cruise :) all singing from the same hymn sheet now, must go to church and practise. The church of spite that is.
Just carry on people, you’re giving me such a good laugh.. Don’t you realise that the more you write the more you prove my point :)
Alok, you’re meant to be a man… ;) aren’t you, so shouldn’t I be flattering your ego? oh lol again.
@ grendel
capital “M”? Thought I was always thus?
@Andy fans
Where are you all? let’s get back to the serious business of discussing how many slams Andy’s gonna get.

harry Says:

@Margot, just ignore the haters ;)

Margot Says:

Oh shucks. I’m having such fun….;)
Totally boring for everyone else though. So will now shut up :)

alison Says:

Personally i think this is just the start for Andy who will go from strength to strength after this win,the 1st one was always going to be the hardest,unlike Delpo who was derailed with a wrist injury after winning his 1st slam Andy doesnt seem to have any physical problems so theres nothing stopping him,and he now has the mental belief when facing the top players,a major break through for him the shackles are off his feet now.

alison Says:

The only site i ever post on is tennis x,ive thought for some time about having a look at TT,but changed my mind when i heard what people say about its reputation about Rafa fans ganging up on Fed fans,im a diehard Rafa fan but that site sounds very Rafa biased and its not the way i opperate,however i have to say as much as i love this site and although ive never had a problem with objective critisism, it too has its fair share of haters Rafa haters in fact,some of the comments have been way below the belt at times and i have to say have to say have left me vowing to leave and never to return,but then i think why the hell should i let a bunch of haters drive me away,so here i am still blogging,anyway despite the haters all in all tennis x is a great forum to be part of and theres also alot of good stuff here,the haters are all part of it unfortunatly,so i try to ignore them and hopefully they will go away,and for the most part they have as people seem to be happy just lately talking about the tennis.

grendel Says:


it’s a matter of perspective, I guess. Of course Dostoyevsky is serious,but he is, in my view, compulsively comic. And I wouldn’t try to seperate these aspects. Somehow, he is able to be very funny and deadly serious at the same time. That’s a most unusual gift, but then D was a most unusual writer – though not quite unique. Kafka, for example, is sort of like that. Such writers live on the extreme margins of existence and of society. Dostoyevsky, b.t.w., would not, in my opinion, have accepted the premise underlying the last few posts on this thread – namely, that what you see is what you get. Dostoyevesky never believed that, especially when people are getting agitated, and he makes great comedy out of these conflicts and confrontations, but not heartlessly so – we are always just one step from tragedy.

Huh Says:


NEVER STOP POSTING HERE PLEASE! you’re one of the best! moreover, it doesn’t depend on who hates which player, fed and rafa are very great, nothin can change that!

Huh Says:


i agree thou that TT is too much fed-bashin! i’ hav registred n started postin ther wid full venom against the fed-hatin morons there, but then though, my precious time shouldn’t be wasted like that! i enjoy so much more here! don’t go to any other site coz that also’d be waste of your precious time, this is the best! people in other sites’re full of idiots n haters, this site is however most sensible, at least among all other tennis sites! CHEERS! :D

btw, you must always defend rafa when it’s too much here, just like i defend fed! its not the players which’re bad, but some fans which’re mainly nasty, e.g. goat galz(she’s shame on womanhood!).

skeezer Says:


Here here!

skeezer Says:

Wait, is it hear hear? Colin is gonna bust me for that for sure :(

Huh Says:

omg, wat the hell i wrote.

sorry alison,

this ”i’ hav registred n started postin ther wid full venom against the fed-hatin morons there, but then though, my precious time shouldn’t be wasted like that!” isn’t what i intended to write in previos post.

instead it should’ve been ”i thought to be registered n start postin ther wid full venom against the fed-hatin morons there, but then thought, my precious time shouldn’t be wasted like that!”, this is what i intended to say!

harry Says:

@grendel: That is a very interesting take on Destoyevsky. Will keep in mind… I guess I did not find Dostoyevsky funny because i have shared ideas with some of his characters — that made me an insider in the stories. With Kafka though, i have had the same thoughts you have… In Metamorphosis for example, the protagonist wakes as a beetle — it is funny and sad at the same time. Talking about Kafka and tragicomedies — wonder if you have read Max Beerbohm’s book Zuleika Dobson? A special work: gothic mood but baroque setting and writing…

@Margot: “I’m having such fun”, lol ;)

the DA Says:

It’s definitely hear hear.

alison Says:

Skeezer,Harry and Margot thanks.
Huh thanks to you too,as long as i have a computer i will never stop posting,there may be times if im too busy so i will post less,sometimes i may take a break when the haters become too much but all in all i do enjoy this forum for the most part,its just the select few that become irritating sometimes.

harry Says:

to Alison!

harry Says:

^it was meant to be *waves* to Alison :) Tried a fancy symbol and it did not appear, lol. Going out for the day, see you all later.

alison Says:

LOL Waves to you too Harry have a nice day,will speak soon.

Cruise Says:

lazlo – The Cunning One! LOL! I like that one – very apt description. She has totally earned that. The one thing she cannot hide though is her hatred for Federer! Ofcourse, fools get deceived, but I am sure most can see through her act.

and regarding maggot or deuce – anyone who knows deuce on TT will tell you how much bile this b#$ch has for federer.

she doesn’t like federer’s personality. atleast he has one. that’s much more than you can say about that guy with the fangs who has the personality of a circus clown.

whether murray wins another slam or not. i guess most tennis fans agree he will always be a loser compared to the real top 3. you got to be a delusional old hag like maggot to even contest such a statement.

grendel Says:

I’ve had my own arguments with Margot. I was surprised by the accusations of Alok, and went on TT (for the first time) to see how true they might have been. I saw a few comments from deuce – obviously Margot -including one responding to a blog on Federer by cheryl murray, something to do with Federer’s hair – and all were standard Margot, as of TennisX and not nasty at all. I decided not to bring that up, not my business, but now Cruise has repeated the charge in intemperate language. I don’t know my way about the TT site, so I haven’t seen enough to draw any definite conclusions – even so, the charges just don’t ring true. For them to have resonance, we’re going to need actual quotes.

But so far as Margot disliking Federer’s personality is concerned, well of course she has made no bones about that. It is just childish to respond that Murray has no personality. That doesn’t mean you’ve got to like it, though.

There was a very good poster here a few years ago called SG who disliked Federer, whilst admiring his tennis. It annoyed me that SG disliked Federer, and I tried to find reasons to criticise him, but I couldn’t, not properly. He just disliked him. Mainly because he thought he was vain. I had arguments with a poster called Zola on those grounds too.

Vanity is a difficult thing to judge, especially when you’ve had the kind of almost insane attention Federer has had. You could argue that if it hasn’t gone to his head just a little, then there really must be something amiss with him. The kind of idolatry which accrues to superstars is not natural, a form of inverted abuse some might say – and that is phrasing it as mildly as I can.

At any rate, if Zola, SG and Margot dislike Federer, that is their absolute right – and I was in the wrong not to more candidly acknowledge this. At the same time, Margot cannot complain, if she wishes to be consistent, if some people dislike Murray. As a matter of fact, my younger son can’t stand him, and no amount of arguing on my part that he has matured will sway him – but then, he can be a stubborn little prat (my son), guess who he gets it from.

So I reckon we can all admit to likes and dislikes and prejudices too as being perfectly normal – within reason, that’s the thing. I have been accused of having chased a particular poster off this site – Von, for those who remember. Personally, I think we kind of shared the responsibility, Von was probably as much out of control as I was a lot of the time. But I do regret it. She had in her way a great deal to offer – and now she’s gone. I now think it is foolish to antagonize posters so much they feel they have to depart. After all, posters are the life blood of it, and you want different types, different enthusiasms and different prejudices, too.

Huh Says:

Grendel, absolutely brilliant post! Thanks for restoring sanity here!
But onething here is I don’t think you’re responsilbl for absence of mrs. Von. However I’m concerned about her absence thinkin how could such a passionate tennis fan like her stay away from this fave site of hers for so long! I can only hope that she’s alright n nothing untoward has happened to her.
Another thing is that zola was full of spite for fed, it’s better if she doesn’t come, not for my sake, but for the sake of rafa fans actually. Her beina rafan n also full of hatred for fed, thou she could hide it from few gullibl people by her sugar-coatd hypocritic words, was a thing to watch, lol! But if she brings her jealousy n venom against fed, I’m afraid nobody can stop this site from getting extremely nasty for rafa! So she better stay away.
Criticisin fed’s behavior or certain other qualities or habits of him is one thing, but spewing garbage n venom about fed is another altogether! Zola did the latter!

However, I’ve never seen mrs margot speakin intolerably bad things about fed, rather I thought she was a fed fan readin some of her posts where she praised fed so much(for his outstandin tennis)! Actually I’m surprised that she doesn’t like fed’s persona thou, however I can live with that. It doesn’t matter if anybody likes not fed’s nature. To me fed is best both w.r.t. tennis n behavior/nature.
SG at least liked fed’s tennis n praised it very very highly, that too sincerely(unlike zola). So SG was always likeable to me, thou we had frequent fights too.

Alok Says:

@lazlo, thanks for giving credence to my statements. I’m not happy about the situation, especially being referred to as a *hater* but I can live with it. But,ego can be very blind. Some people will defend their friends and say anything especially if it’s not their fave who’s at the receiving end of the trash pole.

This was a situation where Cruise was being made out to be a liar, and I felt I had to say something, because I knew exactly what he was referring to. To reiterate my friend used to blog there (only recently called it quits) and he had a terrible time with the non-Fed posters.

Again, thanks, your input is greatly appreciated.

harry Says:

@grendel and Huh, thanks for your thoughts!

@Alok, we will have to agree to disagree (not that there is a choice for either of us!).

Alok Says:

@harry, we are OK. This was not our war to begin with, but sometimes we have to go with our hearts.

Have a nice night!

Margot Says:

Now don’t forget to read ALL my posts on TT, you Stalinist Thought Police on here.

Huh Says:


you n mrs margot are always welcome! :)

harry Says:

@Alok —

“This was not our war to begin with, but sometimes we have to go with our hearts. ”

There was no war and nobody went with their hearts. It is a case of a good poster here at tennisx being abused with hateful language (b#$ch, maggot for example) which I object, and which you clearly approve. To boot, you also applied your idea of psychology on “my male ego”.

Clearly, neither of us are going to be able to convince the other of the correctness of our viewpoints, and i just see further discussion on this as being futile. This is what I meant by “we will have to agree to disagree”.

In any case, good night to you as well.

Alok Says:

harry, normally, I’d let this go, just like I did with respect to your *haters* comment.

I agree, we are not going to see the other’s point of view. However, I think you have your facts somewhat twisted around. Plz show me when and where I approved of the use of bad language?

Go back to the comment from Cruise on September 13th, 2012 at 4:41 pm, and show me what bad language was used there. It was after that post that I commented. Also, if indeed there was bad language, why/how is it you didn’t object in your comments on September 14th, 2012 at 5:21 am?

Plz, let’s be fair about the accusations. I see it’s Ok for you to brand others as *haters*, because they spoke up on behalf of their fave player, but it’s not OK for me to mention your ego being flattered? Come on!

Margot Says:

thanx so much for that vote of confidence. Last time,I have NEVER said anything there, that I wouldn’t have said there. Ironically I’m always sticking up for Fed’s beautiful game on there. I don’t play games, I’m a very honest person. Lol seeing the lies on here being re-invented as truth, it does begin to resemble Stalin’s Russia. I’m also really upset about truly decent and fair- minded poster like jane being repeatedly called “cunning” too. WTF’s that about???
I HATE these virtual scraps, how tedious for the neutral fan who just wants to talk about tennis, but I will NOT be intimidated or bullied or frightened. Never happened in my life b4 and it’s certainly not going to happen here.
BTW R u sure Von’s left? I’d start ducking if I were you…;)

Margot Says:

Please go onto TT read Cheryl Murray’s blog “There’s something about Roger Federer,” a very complimentary article btw. Read my comment @9.32am.
Oh my word, that post is so sucking up to Rafa fans….not.
Excellent journalism on that site, especially Cheryl.

Margot Says:

Please check out on TT following 2011 matches:
“Fed Begins Campaign Against Mannarinho” @5pm
“Djkovich Faces Federer in Blockbuster Semi” @ 9.39am
but especially “Fed Wins Sixth World Tour Final” 27/11/2011 @ 8.20am. My resume of a match I saw between Fed and Ferrer at the 02. Oh my word, what a “jealous hater” I am…what an a**e l****r I am ROFL.
And if you go there tennisxers, be sure to check out Alok’s “friend” lol, scoretracker’s interminable, pity party, passive aggressive posts and be very, very glad you have been spared…. so far.

Kimberly Says:

Margot, don’t let these comments bother you. Even if you did not like fed so what? It’s not like Dave and Skeezer, two quality posters like Rafa, and that’s cool. Don’t really love fed, djokovic, Murray or anyone not Rafa or American myself. Don’t wish them I’ll but doesn’t mean I have to like them. Murray has grown on me a little because he supports the heat.

On another note, Isner is playing like cr-p and the US is about to lose. I convinced myself last night we really had a chance but down we go.

Huh Says:

mrs margot

that’s the spirit, you should never back down even if somebody lies about you. i’ve also actually never seen you sayin a thing bad about fed. mrs jane of course had been tough on fed at times(and i’ve also, as u must remember, have called her out about that on more than one occassion), but then again she’s also not been that unreasonable ever for me to find it difficult to respect her. of course everybody has some prejudice, but so far as you and mrs jane are concerned, you’ve been graceful enough to stay as two of the very best n respected posters among women in tennis-x n would always remain so.

i don’t even ask for provin your supposed guilt, as i’m one who can see who’s what very clearly. i’m with you on this thing, enough said. if anything, i hope you’ll equally counter the arguments of people accusin you with vigour n zeal.

last but not the least, ask the moderators to take appropriate action if any poster personally insults you on this site usin unparliamentary language. so long as you’ve not insulted anyone personally, nobody has right to insult you either.

skeezer Says:

“Andy Murray Is A Grand Slam Champion; Scot Outlasts Novak Djokovic In Five Set Epic To Win The US Open”

Just sayin…….

Huh Says:

and so far as mrs jane not likin or hatin or doin whatever about fed is concerned, it’s ok so long as she doesn’t have a voodoo doll of fed stickin pins into it.

moreover, if jane doesn’t like fed, so what? should we go on insultin her till she’s driven away? and she didn’t exactly name-called anyone or offended anyone to invite such spite, unlike a certain FAIR poster who invited a backlash from me by callin me ”a wolf in sheep’s clothin” n even questionin my sncerity to fed!

Huh Says:

lol skeeze, just sayin… ;) :p

Margot Says:

Thankx Kimberly, star :)
Thanx Huh, OMG you’ve got me watering up again.:)
Skeeze, exactly. That’s what we’re here for, tennis.

Kimberly Says:

I was just thinking, because tennis blogs are so much smaller and more personal, and believe it or not more civil than blogs of other sports, we take it personally so much more. I have had my feelings hurt, and been upset by comments on tennisx because it feels like family where on some of the basketball/football blogs I have been told some of the vilest things ever and simply shake my head and laugh, because by being there you are open to that. Even with a gender neutral pseudo, I was told to choke on somebodys, errr well, you can guess. Tennisx and even what I have read of tennistalk calm by comparison.

jane Says:

Congrats to SpaIN and Czech Republic. Final will be in CR, not sure of the surface.

Ugh, am so sick, I can’t read straight, but anyhow, Margot, please carry on posting as you always have: jovial, pithy, perfect posts. :)

I agree with Harry about some of the ruder language; I wish that was moderated here. Kimberly, don’t think I could stomach those other types of blogs you mention; have visited some hockey ones, but they weren’t too bad at all. Sadly there may be no pro-hockey this year.

Anyhow…need tea or something. :/

jane Says:

huh, best wishes. skeeze, agree. Margot brought up an interesting question that’s related – how many slams do we think Andy Murray will finish his career with? 4? 6? 8?

harry Says:

@jane —

“Final will be in CR, not sure of the surface.”
Having clay would be committing harakiri ;)

“Andy Murray will finish his career with? 4? 6? 8?”
If Rafa comes out super strong next year like he has done after a break (with Fed and Nole playing the way they are now), then 8 looks very optimistic ;)

@Margot —


@Huh —


jane Says:

So what do you think harry? 6 is reasonable? Or 4-5?

I love this, and you’re so right: “Having clay would be committing harakiri ;)”

What do you think – fast indoor surface perhaps?

courtside Says:

On a CNN interview Andy Murray has said he will win 3 more total. I believe the rest will be won by the Big 3.

Huh Says:

i say andy would win somethin between 1-6 slams at best. more than 6, i don’t think he can. he’s already 25 for god’s sake!

and i’m certain that delpo would win at least one more slam. nobody thought even in his wildest dreams that nole can do what he did of late! similarly even the most ardent murray fan cannot clam that he/she didn’t have doubt about him winnin a slam after watchin 2011 AO. but well, what happened next is history! simlarly right now nobody’s givin a chanc to delpo of winnin against the top-4, but i’m sure he’ll win at least one more slam unless he’s really that unlucky, coz after all is said and done, delpo is one of the best players i’ve ever seen wieldin a tennis racquet. muzz n delpo has somethin in common for sure, when their serve is on song n when their FH is ok(n these two’re capable of playin like that throughout a match to earn victory even in GS!), they’re close to untouchable! delpo may not show it in the most appealin way, but when he’s ON, he plays some real tough tennis difficult to overcome even by the best men!

and take it to the bank, by 2014 or 2015, we’re gonna see a new grand slam winner!

after rod’s retirement, it’s obviously muzza n delpo whom i support(of course after fed in all cases), so i’d love to see them win slams! n for all the hardwork that nole has done, he deserves at least 3 more slams (and not to mention nole’s talent)!

last but not the least, nothin seems more odd than fed endin win odd no. of slams, so hopefully he ends up with even no. of slams(i.e. 1 or 3 more than he already has)! ;)

harry Says:

^lol jane. I thought I could get away with just an upper bound ;)

6 looks a marginally high; 4 looks a bit low, especially if Fed retires next year and Rafa does not come back strong. 5 seems the safest bet… I think what Muzz has in his favor though (apart from his beautiful game) is that nobody seems to be coming up to challenge the top 10. Two years back, I thought Raonic, Tomic and Dimitrov would get to the top 10 by this time. So in that sense, Andy has time ;)

What is your call on Andy’s count?

Yes, the Czechs need a lightning fast indoor court, where Tomas’ serve and Radek’s volleys have a chance ;) Even then I am not sure!

jane Says:

huh, yes, you’re right; Delpo should win another. On which surface I wonder? I’m always curious to see what he can do on clay. He played both Fed and Nole in tough matches at the FO.

3 more for Nole would be awesome, but especially if one of them is the FO. Fingers crossed he can get that before he hangs up his shoes.

I can see Andy winning a few more for sure: perhaps he’s the next best “natural” grass courter after Fed? What I mean is that he seems like a natural on that surface. Obviously Rafa is the next most successful after Fed (still playing) but he seems more “at home” on clay, of course. Nole’s a hard court guy first and foremost.

Anyhow, lots to look forward to.

Any thoughts, huh, on who you think the next “new” slam winner will be? Will it be someone from the “old” guard to break through, like Berdych or Tsonga, or will it be a newbie, like Raonic or someone?

jane Says:

harry, your numbers seem reasonable to me too.

harry Says:

^and I think Nole will get to 8 or even 9 ;) delBoy will want to fill his coffers too, and I’d say he will…

Alok Says:

Oh WOW, this is unreal.

Alok Says:

Reading through, it’s so sad to see so many people *LIED* and re-invented those tales. They are beating up on this poor woman, who is the epitome of honesty but can use ‘WTF’ in her vocabulary. And, one of them is someone else who has not left but is in hiding? Bad, bad liars all of them and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

the DA Says:

Oh grow up!

Huh Says:

well said DA!

Alok Says:

And if you go there tennisxers, be sure to check out Alok’s “friend” lol, scoretracker’s interminable, pity party, passive aggressive posts and be very, very glad you have been spared…. so far.

September 16th, 2012 at 8:08 am

See below, One of my friend’s ‘pity party, passive aggressive posts. Aren’t you all glad you’ve been spared?

“Also, who mentioned that Sean Randall predicted Nadal to win Wimby just last week? Yet in the post on 6/28/12 @ 10:12pm, this person stated they wouldn’t visit Tennis-x for all the Tea in China. Some people have poor memories.

It’s pathetic that Fed’s brought into every thread by some Nadal fans, but if a Fed fan replies, we are accused of trolling and stinking up the Nadal threads. Same ol, same ol, so what else is new? Only the distortion of facts and the usual display of entitlement of Rafafans on this site.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 9:24 AM

Huh Says:

mrs jane

i cannot say where delpo’d win his next slam fpr sure, but i think that’ll be either at WIM/USO, but again i’d say it may not be at USO as he won his 1st slam at USO, so it’s unlikly that the 2nd slam’d again be at USO. but even if he wins his 2nd slam at USO, then i’d not be surprised, and i may totally not be surprised on delpo winning his 2nd slam at wimby, thats for sure!

delpo, if he serves wel in grass, can finish off anybody imo.

now comin to the new probabl winner, forget about raonic/dimitrov/berd/tomic. it’ll either be a new guy or it can be tsonga. coz only tsonga has proved that he has game, HE DEFINITELY HAS! but most probably som new guy’ll win a slam to emerge as new champ, althou it’d be super-wonderful if tsonga can win one finally! tsonga on song is just a beast! and what a beautiful smooth game!

jane Says:

True about Tsonga “on song”, huh, and he can play on all the surfaces, although so far I think the USO has been least successful for him. I hope he wins a slam, too. Delpo up until now had never broken through on grass, but this year at the Olympics maybe he showed that he can indeed win Wimbledon some day. I have a feeling it may be the FO!?! Just a hunch.

harry Says:

^Huh and jane — do you think the BigBird will kick on from this inspirational DC win and make it big next year? i know he is not popular and all here; that aside, when he is playing well, the ball just flies of his racket. There is a part of me that wants to see him, Tsonga and delBoy say more than a “hi & bye” to the top4.

Huh Says:

mrs jane

delpo is capable of winnin at FO too, and I’d not be surprised if he wins there either. delpo’s just very very good, n most importantly-AGGRESSIVE, that’s what i like about him! but what i say is i’d be least surprised if delpo wins at wimby.

but mrs jane, how do u think tsonga can play on clay? he’s just too good on most surfaces when playin his best, that i admit, but he’s certainly not versatile.

Huh Says:


actually things’re jusyt not clicin for delpo, that’s why he’s been unable to take the next step. otherwise, the ferocity of delpo serve bombin n missile FH firin along with that sometimes ”overpowering” BH is a breathtakin all in business together sight to watch! and tsonga, he’s just UNREAL! i think he’s the closest to fed(moreso even than murray/delpo on their fave surface) in terms of invincibilty when he’s playin his best game.

Huh Says:

berd thou probably good, isn’t better than the big 3 or murray/delpo/tsonga.

harry Says:

^Huh, agree with you completely on joAli and delBoy ;) in full flight, both are truly fascinating to watch; i feel close to nature — like those predator/prey episodes of natl geographic ;) With Bird — when playing well — what I like is the almost effortless power and the the easy switching of gears (like a new audi!).

jane Says:

huh, Tsonga almost beat Nole this year at the FO, and he was doing alright at Rome too. But he’s more of a natural on grass or maybe slow hard; he loves to volley, dive and be dynamic. So he seems to love it on grass most. Only at the FO, it’s possible he could ride the momentum of the crowd, something else he clearly loves.

harry, I was actually thinking that about Berd. Just as DC inspired Nole and Olympics inspired Andy, it crossed my mind that if CR were to win the DC over Spain, maybe Berd would get to the next step and win a slam? He’s been in semis of 3 slams hasn’t he? And he’s played a final too. But maybe huh’s right that he just couldn’t get through 3 of the big 4? He might need some openings. He does seem, however, stronger both mentally and physically now.

harry Says:

^ oh, i see what you and Huh…

Huh Says:

of course fluke may happen n berd may win a slam, but i’d go with what i’ve seen, and i don’t feel he’s a slam material. and i’d bet berd won’t win, that much risk even i may take, instead of bettin on him winnin a slam some day.

and moreover, nole’s a different animal altogether, so just becaus he was inspired by DC win n went on to win slams, it doesn’t mean berd can do it. he’s good enough to take down one of the top-4, he’s good enough to take down even 2 of them, but rest assured, berdych CANNOT beat three of the top-4, not in this era. particularly in a slam final, forget about berd beatin top-3 or murray/delpo, and we cannot have any slamfinal where one of these guys’re not playin.

harry Says:

^Huh, fair pojnt!

But Bird will be in the top half or bottom half, so he will only face 2 (not 3) of the top 4.

Nevertheless i agree with your larger point: that is, he will have to take down 2 of top4 plus, very likely, one of Ferrer/Tsonga/delPo — which looks daunting and very unlikely.

Viewing that way, it is very hard to see even Tsonga or delPo breaking through.

harry Says:

ugh: pojnt –> point

harry Says:

^Huh, i am completely wrong — clearly, he can face, for example, Fed in the quarters, Murray in the Semis and Nole/Rafa in the finals.

harry Says:

Interesting story about Murray’s prize check, that the winner is given an empty envelope.

harry Says:

jane — Re your question on the estimates of what Andy could end up with, Cash and Wilander pitch in (about 6):

harry Says:

And what was Murray searching for just after winning the final? A $2000 designer watch ;)

harry Says:

^^but boomBoom is a bit more evasive — says 2, 3, 4 or 5 ;)

harry Says:

The England joke is always brought up:

The twitter joke referred to in the article is so true ;) I was watching the Fed-Muzz (2009 WTF) with a Swiss and a Brit. The Brit was delighted and proud when Muzz won the first set… But after the first set he referred to Andy as “that Scot” and said a few more things ;) Margot ;)

Jamie Says:

I like what Wilander and Cash are predicting for Andy.

Murray will end up tier 3 like Wilander, Edberg, and Becker.

Nole will end up tier 2 like Lendl, Connors, Agassi and McEnroe.

Nadal will end up tier 1 like Sampras and Borg.

Federer is GOAT tier like Laver.

Jamie Says:

Cash thinks Andy could win the Australian Open and Wimbledon, possibly even next year. Good call. Nadal wins RG and Nole wins the USO. 2013 will be Murray’s year.

grendel Says:

the role of luck has not been mentioned. For good reason, in that you can’t know what shape it will take, so you can’t take it into account as a predictor. Even so, it’s the blind joker in the pack. Consider the wind in the semis, that was a freak wind by any standards – and it did for Berdych. I believe Berdych would otherwise have beaten Murray, but probably lost to Djokovic. Berdych is, imo, more dangerous than del Potro – and we still haven’t seen the best of him.

harry Says:


As soon as I read your (September 13, 10:55 am) post, I felt uneasy about it — the post made it out as if a law was violated, and hence a trail was held, a verdict passed, and its report duly published; when in fact all that happened was a breach in somebody’s privacy. True, anybody could have checked it for themselves after the identities were “revealed”; but doing it the way it was done removed an element of “shame” (of checking up on somebody) on the doer that would have otherwise accompanied it.

True, it was nothing very personal, but still those two sets of messages were intended to be separate by the poster. The sites in question respect it (hence the monikers), and the respective communities believe in it (their creative usage of the monikers).

These kind of privacy breaches happen all the time, but it still makes me uneasy when it happens. Hence I lodge my protest here. It is just a criticism of that particular post: as you know, I enjoy reading your posts and i look forward to reading them again when I come back, especially your views on Zuleika ;)

skeezer Says:

I hope Tennis fans who visit here, “get” it, that is, some intelligence about Tennis and there favs. Other “pretender” sites(TT) are just fav “Love” fests, and a group that “protects” there fav’s Realm. They protect it with there infamous words like bile, venom, spew, and oh yeah the really big ones, “Haters” and “Hatespeak”. What a nice place to talk tennis, no?

This blog rocks with freedom, some great intellect at times, some trash talk, and soe insults for sure. The thick skins see through the trash.

There is some great tennis knowledge to find and share here, and above all, great “dysfunctionality”. Stick around and you’ll see. :-)

grendel Says:

harry – I can make no sense of your post. Obviously it does not relate to Sept 13 10.55. Possibly you meant Sept 15 4.24p.m? Again, I can’t make much sense of it. There was no “breach in somebody’s privacy”. The identity of the 2 monikers in question had already been made, the poster had not objected to that, which simply meant there was no secret. I myself have occasionally taken on a different name, have been pretty quickly “outed”, and that too was fine.

“the post made it out as if a law was violated, and hence a trail was held, a verdict passed, and its report duly published”. Sorry, no idea what you mean. Cheers, have a good hibernation.

Reyals Says:

Expected. His best years lie ahead.

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