Nadal, Rosol Reunite in Title Efforts Sunday
by Staff | April 28th, 2013, 10:23 pm

8th Career Barcelona Title for Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal won his eighth Barcelona title in nine years on Sunday, defeating fellow Spaniard Nicolas Almagro 6-4, 6-3 in the final of the rainy Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell.

“The conditions were very difficult today, especially in the first six games as it was raining a lot,” said Nadal, who improved to 10-0 career against his countryman despite being down a double break in the opening set. “I am extremely satisfied about being able to defeat a player like Nico in straight sets in the final. I played better and better as the match went on and the break at 1-3 in the first set was vital for me.”

Nadal has reached the finals in all six events he has played since returning from a knee injury in February, and is the first player to win four titles in 2013. Almagro dropped to 12-8 in career finals.

Emotional Rosol Wins 1st Career Title at Bucharest

Lukas Rosol, best known for beating Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon last year, is now known as a title winner. On Sunday Rosol defeated Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-3, 6-2 for the title at the BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy in Bucharest, Romania, his first career title.

“I wanted to dedicate this trophy to someone, so I found the energy,” said Rosol, whose father died 10 days earlier. “I felt somebody was helping me from up top. It’s not just about me. My family has always supported me and my tennis. I felt match after match, my dream was coming true…It was very emotional for me and is something special. I found a way to beat some good players and succeed.”

Rosol is the third first-time winner this season, joining Bernard Tomic (Sydney) and Horacio Zeballos (Vina del Mar). Garcia-Lopez fell to 2-2 in career finals.


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27 Comments for Nadal, Rosol Reunite in Title Efforts Sunday

Humble Rafa Says:

We have nothing in common, so there is nothing to unite us.

In fact, I vaguely remember him playing tennis with the cows..but that’s about it.

The Great Davy Says:


Would you say Your Great Davy and Rosol have little thing in common?

skeezer Says:

“I am extremely satisfied about being able to defeat a player like Nico in straight sets in the final”


Ok HR, this is your cue…….

Michael Says:

Rosol became a phenomenon soon after beating Nadal at Wimbledon, but he just faded away. It is nice to know that he is getting into his groove and he is rediscovering his form to an extent. I hope to see him in the top 20 soon.

Humble Rafa Says:

“I am extremely satisfied about being able to defeat a player like Nico in straight sets in the final”

In a match against a good player like Nico, only one outcome is possible. Either I win or he chokes to defeat. But I am glad I won, because my knee was acting up due to the cold weather.

I am also glad that I don’t lose to fellow Spaniards – made up Chokemeisters like Hot Sauce, Nico, and The Unkempt One.

Humble Rafa Says:

Would you say Your Great Davy and Rosol have little thing in common?

Actually no. Rosol is like temporary Sinus, Great Davy is like a pain that lasts 5 years, and then it disappears. More of a long term menace.

John Says:


Who is the Unkempt one..Ferrer?

Humble Rafa Says:

Who is the Unkempt one..Ferrer?

That would be a right guess.

Polo Says:

Humble Rafa, I hope you always remain humble, even if I continue to sing you praises for your consistently insightful posts. At your most humble best, you are numero uno (just like in clay).

Steve 27 Says:

Nadal will play Basel with Federer this year. And is not a joke.

John Says:

So Basel is the best :)


Please lets not go down that rabbit hole again…

volley Says:

^ nadal will indeed play at Basel. a furore is currently brewing at the tournament due to a feud between the tournament director and Federer. Brennwald is openly criticizing Roger in the press for not responding to his offers or talking to him directly. maybe that’s why he deliberately courted rafa.


John Says:


Interesting Article thx for link

The Question now is will Federer play?

Maybe not.

If they have already signed Nadal…there is little Money left for Fed..and since Money is what the dispute is about…maybe we see no Fed in Basil!

volley Says:

john, the strange thing is i thought federer was already announced as participating. if so, this outburst in the press is all the more remarkable.

John Says:

I don’t know why Roger Brennwald has suddenly gone Public with this..

After all Fed has done for the tourney over the years. Kinda ridiculous. Hope they sort it out.

Fed’s always handled himself like a gentlemen so in my opinion its Brennwald thats to blame :)

The Swiss people will bite his head off if Roger doesn’t play! That’s for sure. Ill be there throwing tarts on his noggin! :)

John Says:

I suppose the bigger question is…what did he do upset Federer?

Now that hes publicly showing people that Fed wont answer his calls!

Come on! Seriously!

Bound to Spell trouble that’s for sure..

John Says:

^what did he do to upset Fed

RZ Says:

John, also, I don’t know why he expects to negotiate with a player directly. The whole purpose of having an agent (and Fed has had Tony Godsick as his agent for years now) is for the agent to make these deals. Sounds like Brennwald doesn’t understand everything about the biz he’s in.

John Says:

Thx RZ

Seems like im in a time warp!

Agree…Wish Fed could buy the tourney!

RZ Says:

Nice to see Rosol playing some decent tennis recently.

rogerafa Says:

Brenwald’s has a huge ego and Roger hurt it. Now, Brenwald has reacted by doing something which will obviously not amuse Roger. It is clear that he does not care if Roger plays Basel or not. By roping in Roger’s nemesis and great rival for his home tourney, he has hurt Roger’s ego big time. It appears he wants to deliberately humiliate Roger publicly and thinks everything is fair in the process. He has done so despite Roger’s announcement about his participation this year. I wonder what went on behind the scenes and if Roger again sent sufficient negative signals to make Brenwald insecure about lack of sufficient star appeal this year.

Steve 27 Says:

And I thought the Swiss were peaceful. lol

John Says:

Aside all the drama.

When can we buy tickets?

I think its great that Rafa and Roger will be playing!

Good chance they will meet, which is always awesome.

steve-o Says:

Federer is already playing Basel, without a contract. That’s a sign of good faith.

Without a contract, they could screw him over by cutting his pay or other things. Sure, it would play over horribly in the press and would probably alienate him permanently from the tournament, but they could do it.

The tournament stands to lose very little if Federer withdraws (now that he has announced his participation, people have already bought tickets hoping to see him), but Federer is sacrificing the opportunity to play more Asian tournaments.

If they screw him over now, he will probably have to not play in the future; he can’t just accept such an insult.

Note that Federer has not said a word against Brennwald in public. Only that negotiations were going on. We have only heard Brennwald’s side of the story. No doubt he’s trying to pressure Federer through going to the media.

Federer has remained discreet.

Sirius Says:

I wish fed would play beijing and not basel. By playing basel most probably he’ll skip paris. He’s already skipped miami and monte carlo. If he skips paris, the chance of getting 1000 points will be wasted.

steve-o Says:

It’s part of trimming his schedule for this year. He’s aiming to go deeper in fewer tournaments.

There is one day between Paris and the WTF; that’s the problem with shortening the season as they have. That short turnaround between Paris and London would be really tough even if Federer skipped Basel.

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