Will Nadal Beat Ferrer And Get His French Open Snowman? Men’s Final Picks And Pans
by Sean Randall | June 8th, 2013, 1:48 pm

Two Spaniards, Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer have reached the men’s French Open final, and one of them has yet to lose a set. Would you believe the one who hasn’t lost that set is not Nadal but rather Ferrer? It’s true.

But that’s a note I don’t think matters much here in this one. Sure, Ferrer is playing some really good tennis. He got a great draw early on then pounded a completely MIA (missing in action) JW Tsonga to finally arrive at his first career Grand Slam final at age 31. After all the years of playing second fiddle, it’s nice to see David get rewarded.

It would be a crime if players like Martin Verkerk, Alberto Berasategui, Mariano Puerta, Andrei Medevedev, etc, made the French Open final but never Ferrer.

Now Ferrer gets his chance, and perhaps his only chance, to become one of the elite in tennis: A Grand Slam champion. Unfortunately he’ll have to go against his countryman and the one true King of Clay, Rafael Nadal.

Rafa, though, hasn’t been at full Rafa strength this event. But even at 90% he’s still better than the field.

In a pulse-pounding semifinal thriller yesterday, he dug deep to overcome a break to the bad in the fifth to beat world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. And he beat a Djokovic who had immense motivation, had just stunned him in Monte Carlo, and even he couldn’t put Nadal away. Not even with that break lead in the fifth – though it’s baffling to me why serving at 7-8 Novak had to go on that extensive tirade at such a crucial moment; that lapse proved to be the Serb’s downfall.

But back to the final.

Rafa has only lost once on the French Open courts – that to Robin Soderling – and no one has really come close to beating him in any of his previous seven finals. Still, Rafa remains his usual humble self.

“I don’t feel [like the] favorite,” said Nadal. “I feel that I am [a] finalist.

“Tomorrow will be a great day for the sport in Spain. It is very difficult to have Spanish players in the final of a Grand Slam.”

In this first Spanish French final since 2002, Rafa has beaten Ferrer 19 of 23 times, winning all 16 straight meetings on clay, the favorite choice of both players. Ferrer beat him at the Australian a few years ago when Nadal was injured early. He also beat him at the 2007 US Open where the quicker courts helped the weaker Ferrer power winners past Nadal who still wasn’t season on the hardcourts.

“I have arrived to the final playing well,” Nadal said. “I have improved a little bit in every match during the tournament.

“But [David] hasn’t lost a set during the whole tournament, so he’s a player that brings you to the limit. He’s a player that if you are not playing perfect you will be in big, big trouble.”

On the slower clay, hitting winners against Ferrer becomes that much tougher. And to me that’s the difference because Rafa simple does everything better than David. So unless Rafa has an off day, which is entirely possible, it’s going to be extremely tough for Ferrer to win three sets.

“I know he’s the favorite, but I am going to be focused every point. I will try to do my best,” Ferrer said. “I am not thinking about Rafael, [if] he’s better than me or not. I will try to fight a lot and to play very good match. After that, the match [is going to] depend on a lot of things.”

Ferrer did play Nadal tough in Madrid and at Rome last month, getting a set in both and he probably should have at least had a match point in that tight match in Spain. Rafa, though, has only lost once at the French and unlike Madrid and Rome, he’s going to be extra focused on winning his snowman – and 8th French Open.

I still feel Ferrer keeps it close enough for a set, but in the end the match is on Rafa’s racquet and the King of Clay is remains the King of Clay. He gets his snowman.
The pick: Nadal in four

NBC will have live coverage from 9am ET. Rumor has it rain could again be an issue on this final Sunday. Let’s hope not!

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76 Comments for Will Nadal Beat Ferrer And Get His French Open Snowman? Men’s Final Picks And Pans

Giles Says:


The Great Davy Says:

I am now best player to never make slam final. Give Your Great Davy this crown!

Sirius Says:

Will Nadal beat Ferrer?

Is that a question? Let ferrer start with a two sets lead in the final, he will lose it from there for sure.

RSP Says:

“I don’t feel [like the] favorite”
I wonder how he said that with a straight face.
The final was over yesterday. Tomorrow is just the formality. Nadal in 3 it will be.

Simon Says:

“Is that a question? Let ferrer start with a two sets lead in the final, he will lose it from there for sure.”

LOL! Ferrer cannot beat any of the top 3 on clay. You have to admire the guy for his work ethics, but this guy will not even be in the top 10 clay-courters of all time. In some senses this is a weak-clay-era. The top 2 and 3 are on clay in this generation – Federer/Djokovic have clay as no.4 or no.4 in their strongest surface list. Federer’s best surfaces are grass,indoors and hardcourts followed by clay. While for Nole it is Hardcourts, indoors and then clay.

Where are the brugueras and kuertens of this era? or even Gaudios!

James Says:

Indeed, a weak clay era with Nadal making every player look ordinary. A weak grass era too. Wasn’t Nadal supposed to be clay court specialist? How on earth did he beat the supposedly best player on grass to lift Wimbledon??? Great grass court players wouldn’t have let that happened. Nadal won it twice, I believe. Weak clay and grass era! :D

Ben Pronin Says:

Nadal certainly makes the era look weak the way Federer used to make the whole world look weak in 04-07.

Now that I think about it, who would have stepped up if Nadal wasn’t winning everything? Ferrer? Almagro? I mean it’s so hard to imagine these guys as having any sort of real success after a decade of being made look awful compared to this guy. But if there was someone like Nadal in the 90s, then we don’t remember Courier, Bruguera, or Kafelnikov the same way? It’s simply a different time. Not weaker, maybe not even “stronger”, but certainly evolved. Just the circumstance is different.

But when you see Nadal hit that heavy forehand up the line and smack the corner time and time again, who, from what era, is going to have an easy time against that?

Simon Says:

That is not true Ben. Courier, Bruguera Kafelnikov would still have won the clay masters where nadal lost.

Who do we have here? not the clay courters but Federer or Nole who do not count clay as their best.

The other way round, Hewitt/Safin/Roddick/Novak/Murray/delpotro/berdych/tsonga who were Federer/djokovic’s foes on the grass/hard/indoors have great achievements to their list. Slams, slam finals, masters titles etc.

Almagro has done squat and Ferrer is a little better but even his sole master’s title was indoors in paris. If you take Nadal out of the picture, Fed would have atleast 3 french opens. Not so for nadal. He has been stopped and dominated by various people on grass/hard – muller, rosol at wimbledon, tsonga/gonzo/ferrer at AO, blake/youzhny/ferrer at USO.

Infact, like a lot of players, ferrer has a winning h2h outside clay against nadal. 4-3. This is a guy who has won 6 sets against federer in 14 matches. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that Federer/Djokovic have fared much better on their weakest surface than nadal has done on his weaker surfaces.

Another way to look at it, Fed will be in the top 10 on clay with 1FO and 6MS titles and a host of finals losing to the GOAT of clay. I personally don’t think anyone other nadal could have stopped Roger in all those finals.

Nadal’s hard court and indoor record are below-average and abysmal (respectively) when you look at the all-time records.

Djokovic’s achievements are more in the federer mold than rafa. 6 slams outside clay, 2 WTF, no olympics singles gold etc….. He has not suffered so much in the h2h because of 3 primary reasons

a)double-hand backhand. [think about this, who is the last single-handed back hand guy to have defeated Rafa at a grandslam – answer Federer 2007 wimbledon. I cannot think of a singhle-handed player beating Rafa twice in GS, other than Federer]

b) age : he’s 1 year younger and professionally came into significance/winning about 3 years after Nadal.

c)played rafa lesser on clay as opposed to fed. [16/35 for nadkovic but 15/30 for federer in fedal. ofcourse both players play rafa more on clay because they are better on clay than rafa is outside clay]

James Says:

And yet Rafa has won 2 HC Slams and 2 Grass Slams and will win some more. Roger has 1 clay Slam and Djokovic has 0 clay Slam.
Keep trying to belittle the achievements of Rafa Nadal. Keep making a fool of yourself. Like it or not, Nadal is one of the greatests ever to play the game of tennis. One of the few to win both Career Grand Slams and Career Golden Slams. Even if he were to retire tomorrow, he’ll always be remembered as one of the greats of tennis.
But for now, FO trophy tomorrow, Wimbledon challenge next!

contador Says:

It is a pity that, that ugly bolero topspin forehand of Rafa’s has to be so potent and important on clay. I would rather watch Soderling’s and Gulbis’ forehands any day.

FO final? I keep one eye on the score line every once in a while; but an eighth win on the table and the match-up promises it to be not quite as interesting as watching paint dry. And I would say the same no matter who was getting their eighth win.

contador Says:

Something I must add about Ferrer.

That guy is so much fun to watch vs. Nadal in a practice match. Too bad he can’t bring it like that to the big stage.

James Says:

“I would rather watch Soderling’s and Gulbis’ forehands any day.”

Please do. Players like them need more appreciation.

James Says:

Contador, I wouldn’t cry if Ferrer beat Nadal to win the French Open. But I know he won’t. Last year, Barcelona Open, David was playing so well and fighting so hard, I really wanted him to win the trophy, but Nadal was just ruthless to him. I think it will be the same tomorrow.

contador Says:

No one is taking Nadal’s wins away from him. Who could do that? Posters on the internet?


Maybe sneak attack by a Soderling or a Rosol; or better luck next year, please to Novak. It will be a long year. Ajde Nole.

contador Says:

James I do love Gulbis again :D The thing is, your man will play EG again. Definitely still a reason to watch that match-up.

Teeg Says:


I completely agree. The constant need to try and diminish Rafa’s accomplishments is a joke. Rafa single-handedly stopped 2 of the greatest players in history from potentially being even greater, stopping Roger dead in his tracks from achieving the calendar slam 2 times and denying Novak a career slam twice. All the while himself going about his business, winning on his least favourite surfaces to complete his own Golden Slam. Rafa is a true great despite what his pundits may say.

James Says:

If Nadal gets outplayed by any player, fine! If they play good enough to beat him, they deserve the win. I’m sure Rafa would say the same.
Yes, it will be a long year, like it is now for Djokovic’s French Open (Career Slam) dream.

contador Says:

LOL, there is nothing to suggest that Rafa will be easier on Daveed at Roland Garros, James.

But I have imagined since Rafa cancelled his appearance in Halle that he could be just enough less focused thinking about last year and how that worked out for him going into Wimbles, that he might allow Daveed into the match. Daveed has to be alert to such an opportunity and take heart. though easier said than done.

James Says:

no worries, contador, if Rafa wants to be the best again, he needs to consistently perform well whether it’s Roger, Andy M, Djokovic, Rosol, Ferrer, Delpo or Gulbis he’s playing. Nothing comes easy. You gotta earn it.

contador Says:

The need to diminish Rafa? No, it isn’t that, in my case. However I do feel the need to express my disappointment at having the same winner year after year at the FO; which is nothing personal against your need to cheer on Rafa – simply a collision.

I wont post tomorrow or interfere with the celebration. I love tennis – this disappointment is temporary.

James Says:

contador, if Rafa underestimates Daveed and plays casually, trust me, he’ll pay for it with the FO title. When I play tennis or any game with a player I’ve always beaten, and don’t play my best, I usually lose. Usually by the time, I try my best it’s too late. Fortunately, Rafa isn’t like me, and has respect for his opponents and don’t take them likely, which is why he’s achieved great success despite some of his limitations.

Simon Says:

There are no bigger fools than people who think winning is the only thing. There is something that separated men from animals. It is called aesthetic sense. On that front rafa comes a cropper. Lendl has won much more than Becker/Agassi but for sheer charisma, he won’t be anywhere in the conversation.

Rafa will always be a lendl to the greatest tennis icon of this side of 2000s, Federer. Djokovic has a greater chance of challenging Federer on that front than Rafa. Rafalings have to find a way to deal with that.

The truth is Rafa’s work is not even admired by the country of his greatest achievements – France. He has been booed in his loss to Soderling and he does not get the same approval from the crowd that Federer does. You can win matches, but you also need to win the adulation of the crowd which Federer is leagues ahead of Rafa.

Sportsmanship awards, Laureus Awards, Fan favorite awards, Endorsement portfolio…. any which way you look Roger the Icon is as impressive as Roger the player and a large part of it has to do with how he plays and how he conducts himself.

You can keep your head buried in the sand and think French Open title has the same significance as Wimbledon in the sporting world. Tennis writers and historians and experts know the truth and speak the truth every day, week. You would know it if you were not punch-drunk by the rafa cool-aid

James Says:


Steve 27 Says:

Agree, Sean, 4 sets for Rafa: 64 75 36 62 and his snowman!.

Teeg Says:


So winning approval from the crowd is a must in tennis? What a stupid thing to suggest. I dont even want to get into such a conversation about who has more style, fans etc. So because the French crowd cheers more for Roger, that makes him moreof a llegitimate tennis player than Rafa?

James Says:

Last time I checked Rafa Nadal’s FB page has over 11.5 million fans and has over 4 million followers on twitter which includes some of the most famous people in the world. And people do like him, watch him at Wimbledon ;)
and of the big three players, Nole is the most misunderstood by the general public. Many people take his passion and confidence for arrogance.
Roger definitely is a people’s player. So is Rafa. Watch him at Wimbledon ;)

James Says:

@Teeg, when Rafa was out for 7 months, tennis fans missed him and had nice things to say about him. Now he’s back and dominating the tournaments he’s taken part in, and suddenly some fans of certain players don’t seem to like it. That’s how it goes, I’m afraid. Glad he’s doing great. Hope he does well at Wimby too. My cousins in London can’t wait to see him in action at Wimby.

Simon Says:

“So because the French crowd cheers more for Roger, that makes him moreof a llegitimate tennis player than Rafa?”

You must have a negative IQ to think your personal opinion has more weightage than an entire country and an ex GS winner, Yannick Noah’s questioning of Nadal’s integrity.

There are a lot of people in the world who have not got their head so far buried in their own behind that they cannot see the real facts.

James, I would hope to see a lot of Rafa. I really wanted to last year to. Please continue your worship at the Rafa altar and ask him not to lose to a 100th ranked player in 2nd round, ok? That way we will all get to see him a lot. While you are at it, tell him not to withdraw from Cincinnati, where he has not reached a final ever. Incidentally, the fastest hardcourt in North America, that one.

Simon Says:

“There are a lot of people in the world who have not got their head so far buried in their own behind that they cannot see the real facts.”

Just in case you are confused. You are not one of them, Teeg!

James Says:

“ask him not to lose to a 100th ranked player in 2nd round, ok?”

Sure, Simon, next time I go fishing with him, I’ll tell him not to.

“tell him not to withdraw from Cincinnati”

that’s for him and Uncle Toni to decide, no? Hopefully, he’ll be there. ‘Tis same tournament even the great HC player Nole hasn’t won yet, no?

Anything else, bro?

Teeg Says:


Yannick Noah is openly jealous of Rafa’s French Open domination. Even claiming Rafa uses PEDs. What a joke from a one-hit wonder. Citing him doesn’t do you any justice I’m afraid.

And I pray Rafa withdraws from Cincy to save himself for the Open.

James Says:

@Teeg, individual opinions don’t matter as much the records of players in tennis or any sport.
Take John McEnroe for instance, the old boy is beginning to call Nadal the GOAT. Too early, and incorrect.

James Says:

“You can keep your head buried in the sand”

Simon, that’s you when you don’t acknowledge the greatness of Rafa Nadal in tennis. I have no problem acknowledging Roger’s greatness, his 17 GSs and as more gifted than Nadal.

James Says:

“There is something that separated men from animals. It is called aesthetic sense. On that front rafa comes a cropper.”

Tell that to Roger Federer and see if he agrees.

Skeezer Says:

I have never had a problem with Rafa being great. He is.
Fed? He’s just greater. And he’ll down in history as so.


James Says:

@skeezer, Nadal himself acknowledges that Fed is greater.

James Says:

@Ben, thanks for the link. Winning matters a hell lot to proffessional athletes. Most, including many greats, would rather win (playing) ugly than play beautifully and lose. Roger is a proud man and hates losing.

Fedster Says:

I was wrong with my prediction. I thought Rafa would win in 3 or else Joker would win in 4 or 5 because of his superior physical and mental strength.
A surprising result for me. Lets see how Ferrer can cope up with Rafa who seems to be a bit vulnerable and he should also be a bit tired after that marathon.

Dan Martin Says:

I pick Rafa in 3 – http://tennisabides.com/2013/06/08/french-open-championship-preview-prediction-nadal-vs-ferrer/ I have other content up as well. My wife and I welcomed our 3rd child recently so I have not been as active in tennis posting until that past 2 weeks.

M Says:

@contador –

“I would rather watch Soderling’s and Gulbis’ forehands any day. “

Too bad Gulbis can’t stay in the same mind for a whole match and completely lacks anything remotely resembling a work ethic.


For the record, I think Rafa’s SI-described “whip” forehand is a thing of beauty. Did you know it can make the ball rotate up to 5200 times per minute?


M Says:

Congratulations, Dan!

Steve 27 Says:

Congratulations, Felicitaciones, Complimenti, Glückwünsche, Parabéns Dan, is a boy or is girl?

Skeezer Says:

“For the record, I think Rafa’s SI-described “whip” forehand is a thing of beauty”.


Skeezer Says:

Congrats Dan!

Skeezer Says:

Fedster says

“I was wrong with my prediction”

No sh!t Sherlock.


James Says:

Congratulations Dan!!

James Says:

FO final 2013:

A tennis reporter asked Ferrer how difficult is to beat Rafa on clay. And Daveed went “But he’s very good in all courts, no? Defeating Rafa is very difficult on any surface – even worse on clay.”

about Ferrer, Nadal: “When I read a few things about the semi-finals, Tsonga against David, seems like Tsonga gonna have a good semifinals. I never felt that way. When you play against David best of five on clay, it’s very very tough match.”

We know who’s gonna win, but love the respect these two Davis cup team-mates have for each other.

Dan Martin Says:

Thanks! I to this point have not worked a tennis name into my children although my oldest’s middle name is Justine but that was not for tennis reasons. Same with a middle name of Patrick and Thomas for my 2 sons. They were not picked due to Muster or McEnroe … None of their first names have tennis ties. Maybe if we have a 4th I’ll get Boris Bjorn Martin or Steffi Vika Martin

Steve 27 Says:

Lol, Dan.

Dan Martin Says:

I’m not saying this is Laver vs. Stoltenberg in terms of countrymen who would like one another but be mismatched, but Ferrer has his work cut out for him.

Michael Says:

This must be one of the boring major final in recent memory. I do not think Ferrer has even a glimmer of chance in this match. I would say 98:2 in favour of Rafa. The 2 percent provision I provide for Ferrer is because of a possibility of Rafa being physically challenged during the match. Other than that, it should be smooth sailing for Rafa. Probably in straights and he might be stretched to four by the maximum. Even if Ferrer leads by two sets to love, he has no chance against Rafa. This is because he doesn’t know how to win against him especially on Clay surface. He doesn’t have a strategy to counter Nadal’s heavy top spin or his murderous forehand or his unbelievable retrieving skills. Ferrer just goes with the mindset into the match not to win but to console himself of reaching the final. That kind of mindset cannot help against Rafa. You need that positive attitude and forebearance like Novak does. But that is not easy and so I would say Nadal in straight or utmost four.

Steve 27 Says:

I think more predictable than Nadal Ferrer and much more “boring” was Federer Roddick

I believe 19(20) vs 4 (2 of this victories for Ferrer was in GS matches) is less predictable than 21 vs 3 but of course you are “objective” person.

Michael, you sound skeezer, shame on you!

Forehand Says:

“Michael, you sound skeezer, shame on you!”


You are toooo harsh. Michael is just a biased fan as we all are. He is not bad. Comparing him with Skeezer is the worst abuse you can hurl at anyone. Please apologize….LOL.

Forehand Says:

about Ferrer, Nadal: “When I read a few things about the semi-finals, Tsonga against David, seems like Tsonga gonna have a good semifinals. I never felt that way. When you play against David best of five on clay, it’s very very tough match.”

Rafa and his Uncle have a great knowledge on tennis. They called it correctly. There is a reason why Rafa is soooooo dominant against the field (83.5%) AND against his chief rivals.

Michael Says:


You are losing your sense in deriding me. I take it lightly. There is no shame in telling the truth. What did I say to rub you the wrong way ? I only said that it was a boring match wise from earlier experiences. Ferrer or Almagro or Verdasco or Felciano will never be able to beat Nadal on Clay. Period !!

Thanks. You said I am biased. Well I am not denying it. I might be a little biased towards Roger and Novak. But I never failed to appreciate the likes of Rafa and Andy. I respect talent wherever I see it. I have said before and say it again that Rafa is the GREATEST player on Clay. He has nothing much to prove. He is also one of the GREATEST on other courts as well. But I cannot consider him as a GOAT since he has some more things to prove.

Steve 27 Says:

You are right, Forehand, this was too much

Michael, Nirmal and few other besides their preferences, at least are educated people and in this forum, this is really rare.
Rafa in 4 sets and and 8RG. Vamos!.

Michael Says:

If Tsonga had reached the finals, it would have generated some amount of interest atleast for the Paris crowd as well as Tennis enthusiasts. We can have some ray of hope that if Tsonga had a good day in Office, he might fuel an upset. That is not the case with Ferrer who is consistent enough but has not got the goods to defeat players of calibre like Rafa in a major final.

Steve 27 Says:

Michael, do you agree Andy is the main favorite to win SW19?

Forehand Says:

Michael Says:
“You are losing your sense in deriding me.”

Oh poor skeezer….Michael himself is agreeing that comparing him with you is “deriding” him….ROTFL.

Michael Says:


Andy is one of the favourites in my opinion and so are Rafa as well as Novak !!

James Says:

“Rafa is the GREATEST player on Clay. He has nothing much to prove. He is also one of the GREATEST on other courts as well. But I cannot consider him as a GOAT since he has some more things to prove.”

Michael, you’ve got it right. The greatest on clay, one of the greats on all surfaces but not the GOAT.

jane Says:

I think Nadal will win tomorrow, in straight sets, with probably one lopsided set like 6-0, 6-1 or 6-2.

There is a chance that Ferru will take a set though. He will fight the good fight, as he always does. He seems to be a very sweet man and is definitely a very consistent and hard-working tennis player who has sometimes been overlooked, as Nole said about Daveed before they played at last year’s USO,

“David is a fighter. He’s one of the biggest competitors we have in the game. People do not, I think, talk too much. They overlook him. But he has been one of the most consistent players on the tour. He plays great on every surface. You need to earn your points against him.”

Anyway, good luck to him; I think he’ll need it! I hope he can keep it tight and make it a competitive match with Rafa.

But I have no doubt who the winner will be.

jane Says:

^ no doubt in my mind/gut obviously – I can’t predict the future, alas.

nadalista Says:

There will be no bagels or breadsticks in this match. Ferru is going to stretch Rafa. I have Rafa in 4, with 2 tight sets.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I remember saying this before RAfa returned after his injury. I said, we might see for next 2-3 years the level of tennis we have not seen before if both Raf and Novak can keep healthy. I believe we saw glimpse of that in the 5th set of FO.

I know people mocked at me, saying how Rafa is going downhill. I believe by the end of the year most likely USO will help us decide where he is, since he has always been great in FO.

nadalista Says:

RT @DavidLawTennis: “Asked if David #Ferrer had a chance against Rafael #Nadal, Andy #Murray instinctively paused, filled his lungs and exhaled. Said everything.”

the DA Says:

The current weather conditions are wet and windy and few signs of a let up all day. That might have some impact on it being a foregone conclusion. Still find it hard to muster any excitement about this final, apart from watching Rafa hold the trophy for the 8th time. Ready to kick some grass.

Julia Says:

As much as I would like to see Rafa win, I will also give Ferrer the respect he deserves. He IS a fighter and is very consistent and who knows if the weather will come into play, if Rafa will be tired (Nole was his first 5 setter in 18 months I think I remember them saying), if Rafa serve or return or Bh or FH will be off. There are many “ifs”. I think we all just wish for a good match!

Giles Says:

This final might extend to Monday like last year. Weather today very iffy.

nadalista Says:

I wouldn’t mind if postponed the whole thing to Monday, give Rafa more time to recover!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Im not saying Rafas the most popular tennis player,i would say thats Roger,but i dont think hes unpopular either,as James said about all those followers on FB and twitter,unless they are all lying? Rafa said when he beat Andy twice at Wimbledon how fantastic the crowd were towards him,even though Andys a Brit,as for his playing style thats purely sujective i suppose,but ex players,and some that are still playing like Steffi,Monica,Hewitt,Castle,to name but a few enjoy watching him,i dont know maybe im an idiot though?but surely we cannot all be wrong?

Giles Says:

There you go, even Serena loves Rafa. Good taste Serena!

Forehand Says:


I am happy that its not the other way around.

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