Roger Federer Doesn’t Want To Cut Himself Shaving [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 19th, 2013, 10:50 am

Gillette has released a couple of new videos featuring their spokesman Roger Federer who reveals that he likes to look good and doesn’t like cutting himself shaving. (He’s not the only one.)

Following a disappointing US Open, Federer is expected to return to tennis next month at the Shanghai Masters on October 7.

The videos from Gillette:

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15 Comments for Roger Federer Doesn’t Want To Cut Himself Shaving [Video]

Giles Says:

There you go fed fans, an exhilarating thread just for you! Lol

SG1 Says:

LOL. Gillette. The best a GOAT can get.

squirrel Says:

why the hate Giles and SG1?

hawkeye Says:


Characteristics of a Champion.

Vinod Says:

@Hawkeye nice one :)

Steve 27 Says:

Now is for the Ads he receive all the attenion.

skeezer Says:

Fed, regardless of ranking, is still the premier sought after player for sponsorship.
Cha ching. Thats the sound of mo money going into the bank account of the GOAT, the all time money maker of the sport.
He deserves it, and earned it. Enjoy the spoils Fed, 17 will never be touched.

Steve 27 Says:

17 will never be touched.

Hahaha. In three years we talk.
Never say never, kid.

Perfect fan Says:

Nobody in history has got that much adulation, love and respect… FED has got so far.

Nobody in tennis has been searched so voraciously as FED has been for years….

No athlete in tennis history has such a huge fan-base across the planet….as FED has….

Still any doubts, why he has such a huge line-up of sponsors at his doors….why??

Not jus coz….he has 17 slams, is the most loved player……but coz he is “ROGER FEDERER”. The name itself is “$$” man!!

Right now, he is not playing well enough. Well to be honest, he is playing near to disaster!! But he is still the best in terms of milking money….nobody is even nearer to him.

Can anybody boast the same….even in their prime….name it NADAL, NOLE, MURRAY….anyone!!

Currently, NADAL & NOLE are the best on tour….how much they claim?? Its all about popularity man….and it comes with humbleness, graciousness and respect for fellow players, on & off the court. Most importantly, to be able to digest….that you are one of the elites, which FED can do while sleep-walking. Nadal does that but is only second in the queue. NOLE & MURRAY doesn’t qualify to say the least.

FED for the last decade….is the most favourite player awardee on tour. Nobody could beat that or take away from him,so long he is there on tour.

Win or Lose….FED lovers & admirers are not selfish enough to love him jus bcoz he is winning titles….it is pure love and admiration for the greatest tennis player ever born….BOOM !!

Giles Says:

“But he is still the best in milking money”. That’s right, that’s what he is doing at the moment. Ahh, the mighty $$$$$!!
He’s been around for how long???

Margot Says:

“Best in terms of milking money” Lol noooo, compared to what the Bankers did to the pension funds, Fed is a mere amateur…….

skeezer Says:

@Perfect Fan
Fantastic post!!!
The truth hurts the haters ;)

“He’s been around for how long????”
Not long enough!

James Says:

^^ The truth hurts indeed :(

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

I agree with almost everything in Perfect Tennis post,al be it except the second sentence,Roger is without doubt the most popular tennis player win or loose in terms of endorsements,and i also believe hes one of the most popular sportspeople ever,but as for been thee most popular overall sportsperson ever its a title thats way OTT as there are many sportspeople just as popular,no harm or foul or anything,just saying sorry,and id say the same about any tennis player or sportsperson.

SG1 Says:

squirrel Says:
why the hate Giles and SG1?


just a joke dude. chill out. go bury some nuts or something.

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