Rafael Nadal: I Don’t Like Playing Indoors
by Tom Gainey | October 31st, 2013, 9:36 am

Commenting yesterday after a 75, 75 win over his Spanish countryman Marcel Granollers at the Paris Masters, Rafael Nadal admitted that he doesn’t like playing indoors.

“I never like it a lot, playing in indoor, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot play well,” said Nadal.

“If I am able to find the right feelings, seriously, I am not scared about playing indoors. It is a surface that I can play well. But it’s true that probably arrive to this positive feelings is a bit more difficult than in other circumstances. That’s the only thing.”

Nadal, who can cement his 2013 No. 1 ranking this week, has won 60 ATP titles in his career, but only two have come indoors: 2013 Brazil, 2005 Madrid.

In his fall indoor debut yesterday, Nadal also said it wasn’t his best performance, but he’s use to winning when he’s not playing well.

“Is very important win matches when you are not playing well,” Nadal said. “I am probably one of these players that I won more matches in my career without playing well, and that’s why I had the chance to be probably to where I am today.”

Later today Nadal will play towering Jerzy Janowicz in the third round.

“He’s one of the players that should be in the top in the next years,” Nadal said of the 2012 Paris runner-up. “His serve is unbelievable. He plays well from the baseline. His movements are very good for big‑‑ you know, talking about his tall. He’s very tall. I know he has a lot of positive things that to play well and to be candidate of win the best tournaments of the world.”

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51 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Don’t Like Playing Indoors

Perfect fan Says:

Prove ur critics wrong by winning back to back indoors in paris and london….go for it rafa!

allez roger!!

Giles Says:

^^^ He will try his best, no?
Vamos Champ!

hawkeye Says:

Indoor tennis is for weenies.

hawkeye Says:

Rafa has nothing to prove. He’s already GOAT. Onto the gravy BOAT.

Giles Says:

Weenies indeed! These indoor types can’t tackle the elements.The roof is their salvation.

skeezer Says:

“I never like it a lot, playing in indoor….”

sniff sniff…poor baby.

hawkeye Says:

C’mon skeezer, I know Fed was tearing up when he lost to Delpo in Basel, but no need to make fun of him.

So disrespectful to TMF. Tsk, tsk.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Reading between the lines,i think what he really means is i dont really like it as its not really my best surface,but as he says that doesnt mean to say that hes not capable of playing well or having a great tournament,for someone who hasnt played indoor HC for two years i dont think he played too bad yesterday against Granollers,he didnt face a BP either,the match against JJ should give us a better indication of where hes at i would think,so lets see.

Sirius Says:

A little correction alison, He did face a BP while serving for the 1st set :)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Sirius yeah whatever,but the point is considering he has not played on indoor HCs for two years,IMO not a bad performance but still only IMO.

SG1 Says:

Wonder if he’d like an indoor tourney on red clay? I’m a Rafa fan but he shouldn’t really complain about playing a little indoor tennis. He didn’t like the blue clay. He doesn’t like indoor tennis. I don’t blame the guy for not liking it as his record indoors isn’t stellar. For this reason, his dislike comes off more as sour grapes than anything else.

hawkeye Says:

WTF exho indoors. Now all the majors are moving to roofs.

Too late for the indoor GOAT, no?

All cozy inside. (Unless the A/C gives him a rash.)

skeezer Says:

“Indoor tennis is for weenies.”
kettle, meet black.

Giles Says:

@SG1. Rafa plays great on indoor clay. Remember DC final a few years ago against Delpo?

skeezer Says:

I think he has played Clay DC indoors, and did well….
Then there was that blue stuff…;)

hawkeye Says:

TMF beats yet another 30 yr old non-top 10er looking like he’s back to weak era form yet again.

TMF doing well in early rounds is a lot like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

Wonder who TMF plays next?

Oh….. DelPo. Top 10 player.

Deja vu, all over again.

Seems like self-claimed scrollers can’t scroll.

It’s KILLING me. sniff sniff poor baby.

Josh39485 Says:

Watching Nadal vs Janowicz now, and all I will say is this: Andrew Castle – terrible commentator.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Josh you have just said what i have been thinking for years lol,JJ serving is amazing,nothing Rafa or anyone can do about all those booming aces.

Josh39485 Says:

Hippy Chic – just as you spoke, Nadal has broken!

Giles Says:

Josh. Andrew Castle is the worst ever commie. He should get his marching orders !

Josh39485 Says:

Exactly Giles. And I’ve noticed how much of a bandwagon jumper he is as well! He started off the match saying Nadal is great, all mus bow before him. But by Game 7, Janowicz serves 4 aces in a row and he immediately starts kissing up to him. Just cannot stop saying how amazing his “sledgehammer” of a serve is and bangs on and on about it for the next 20 minutes!

On top of that, he gets all his statistics wrong – e.g. this is NOT the first time these two have played, people have served 4 aces against Rafa before, etc.

Polo Says:

I think Janowicz is not a very smart tennis player. His choice of shots is horrendous. He prefers showy shots over less showy but more effective shots.

metan Says:

Congrats RAFA. In to the next round VANOS.!

Giles Says:

Vamos Champ!
Coming through a very tricky opponent!

Brando Says:

Vamos Rafa!

Big win!

I loved the intensity from Rafa: he’s keen to do well and that’s awesome to see!

Never thought i would see QF lineup at Bercy with all the top 8 but here you have it.

A first time for everything: why not Rafa winning the WTF then! :-)

Brando Says:

Vamos Rafa!

Big win for him v a very dangerous player.

Loved the intensity from Rafa on court: show’s he’s keen to do well and that’s great to see.

And if ever there was a game that summed up Rafa then that last one was it.

Never thought i’d see a Bercy last 8 with all the top 8 of the world, but there you have it.

A true first.

Why not have Rafa winning his first WTF then this year also. :-)

Brando Says:

oh shoot. Thought my post did not go through since I did not type ID but there it goes again.

Apologies all: but a double vamos i’m sure is loved by all quarters. p

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Fabulous match,agree with Brando whos to say he cant win both Paris and the WTF,he certainly looks up for the challenge,prove them all wrong Rafa,you can do it,sooo proud of your achievements this year.

Josh39485 Says:

After a performance like that, the Paris Title and the WTF Title are well within reach for Mr Nadal. After all, a few people have won both titles back to back before, and if he plays well he has a good chance.

hawkeye Says:


Polo Says:

Well, the Paris Masters quarterfinals is offering a very interesting preview for next week’s year-end-championship tournament. It is the same exact cast!

hawkeye Says:


In THIS golden era?

You cannot be SERIOUS!!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Saying it a million times doesn’t make it true. This is not a golden era.

Steve 27 Says:

After all, a few people have won both titles back to back before, and if he plays well he has a good chance.
You are correct.
Nastase in 1973
Becker in 1992
Sampras in 1997 and
Federer in 2011 are only ones to win back to back Paris Bercy and The Masters

Bad Knee Rules Says:

oh shoot. Thought my post did not go through since I did not type ID but there it goes again.

It’s hard to keep track of all the monikers you are using, isn’t it? You’re doing well … so far.

roy Says:

”Saying it a million times doesn’t make it true. This is not a golden era.”

compared to what? the hewitt no.1 era? roddick no.1 era?
the federer versus teenage nadal and ljubicic era?
the anglo era with most of eastern europe blocked out?
the ”can’t be bothered to play the australian open” era?

even if you want to argue this isn’t THE golden era, it’s certainly one of them

hawkeye Says:

Not hard at all. I have a collection of sock puppets with all my monikers hand stitched onto each one.

Great tennis players past and present have said that this is truly a golden era in tennis!!!

Even if it wasn’t (which it is), it certainly ain’t no weak era a la 03-07.


M Says:

“even if you want to argue this isn’t THE golden era, it’s certainly one of them”



hawkeye Says:

For the federazzi, the only golden era is one with TMF at the top year after year after year, no?

tennisfansince76 Says:

@polo that’s often true of young players. the key is to grow out of it as soon as possible

Perfect fan Says:

Great to see rafa through with this match….i had this feeling that this could be a tricky match for him. But now I feel its going to be a smooth road to the finals.

Vamos rafa….

Allez roger !!

skeezer Says:

Agreed, great power, but dumb decisions in shot selection which brings the inconsistency. This…is why you fail.

James Says:

Looks like Rafa will clinch the YE #1 in Paris.

Has anyone won China Open, Shanghai Masters, Paris Bercy and WTF, all four in a row? I don’t think it’s happening this year either.

James Says:

Looks like Rafa will clinch the YE #1 in Paris.

Has anyone ever won China Open/Tokyo Open, Shanghai Masters, Paris Bercy and WTF, all four in a row? I don’t think it’s happening this year either.

James Says:

Oops! Sorry for the double post.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Does it mean that Rafa can make the final and secure the number 1 ranking regardless of him winning it?

hawkeye Says:

If Nole wins Paris, Rafa will have to wait longer.


Patson Says:

@Ben Pronin

Explain to us what is then a golden era ? Do you have a relative definition of a Golden era or an absolute one ? Enlighten us sir. Because if you don’t, people are open to compare this era then any other they grew up watching and many do feel this is the best one they’ve watched. Maybe the baby bloomers will think otherwise, but the millenials definitely don’t.

I hope you have a relative definition for the Golden era. We’ve had this discussion before. I want to hear what you think about different eras. Knowing what you’ve said before, you don’t consider Laver a GOAT because he played when our parents were growing up. So let’s focus on say, after the 1980s.

I would like to see you start the discussion. The onus is on you to prove that this era is no better ( or even worse) in terms of competition than say 1980-1985,1986-1990,1991-1995, 1996-2000,2001-2005, 2006-2010, and 2011-till now. All eras are given 5 years starting from 1980. Go ahead sir. We’re waiting.

hawkeye Says:

The golden era for the federazzi was 2003-2007.

(RIP weak era tennis.)

Michael Says:

Rafa is an all rounder. He plays well on all courts. Indoor might be his least preferred surface where his success rate might be relatively less appealing.

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