Rafael Nadal: I’m Not Happy About Today, I’m Not Happy With How I Played
by Tom Gainey | April 18th, 2014, 10:48 am

Rafael Nadal is not happy. In an error-strewn loss the “King of Clay” was shocked by countryman David Ferrer 76(1), 64 today in the Monte Carlo Masters quarterfinals. Nadal, who had been to the final the loss nine years at the event winning eight, suffered his first loss on clay to Ferrer in 10 years.

“Losing hurts everywhere. On clay always a little bit more,” said Nadal. “I am not happy today about what I did. Not very happy about the way that I played the second set after losing the first. I didn’t play with the right intensity at the beginning of the second. I give him big opportunity at the beginning of the second. I cannot do that.”

Nadal finished with 44 unforced errors and was broken four times by Ferrer who he had beaten 17 straight times on clay.

“When you play tennis, you can lose, you can win. When the opponent is doing things better than you, the normal thing is you lose. That’s what happened today,” said Nadal. “I didn’t play the right way. I didn’t play with the right intensity with my forehand. I played too short. I give him the chance to have control of the point almost all the time. He did much better than me, so I just congratulate him.”

The 32-year-old Ferrer who’ll face Stanislas Wawrinka in the semifinals tomorrow, called it a special win.

“It is special,” said Ferrer. “Last time I beat Rafael on a clay court was 10 years ago. I had to wait 10 years to beat him on a clay court! I am happy because I am in the semi-final and because I am playing very good this week. Maybe this week, it was my best week of the season.”

Nadal will maintain his World No. 1 status, but has just two smaller titles on the year at Doha and Rio and has just one Top 10 victory.

Nadal now heads to Barcelona where he will seek a ninth title.

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49 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I’m Not Happy About Today, I’m Not Happy With How I Played

Giles Says:

Bad day at the office.
Good luck in Barcelona.
Vamos Champ!

Josh Says:

Did this really happen? I still don’t believe it – bad luck to RN, but he’ll probably come back well at his next tournament

Slice Tennis Says:

Clay court tennis requires aggressive gameplan with variety which was missing with Rafa today.
Ferrer outplayed Rafa.
Onto Barca.

Andrea Says:

wow!!!!! This is incredible. What a win for ferrer. Even more so cos let’s face it no one thought he would win. Nice stuff.

Giles Says:

metan. What’s a bad sign? What do you mean?

Hippy Chic Says:

Rafas not happy with the way he played,well good the day he says otherwise is the day hes actually stopped caring IMO,and i dont want him to be happy about losing,show me a good loser and ill show you a loser as the saying goes….

metan Says:

@Giles, may be he won”t be able to defend RG this year. I hope he can coz I am going to RG after Rome.
Vamos, Rafa, must keep RG!!

Gordon Says:

Starting almost every sentence with the word “I” is straight out of the Serena Williams “I lost it; my opponent didn’t win it” press conference protocol.

Hippy chic – there is nothing demeaning in being gracious in losing but as No one is invincible.

Even on clay.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Not sure what went wrong, but watching the match looked like Rafa is playing with lot of stress. His free movement on clay is missing, specially on the FH side.

Credit to Ferrer too, but i did not see him do anything special which he did not do in his previous matches where he lost to Nadal.

It was on Rafa’s racquet and today it faltered. I would consider things are bit alarming, if he does not win any masters leading up to FO. I doubt it would happen.

Giles Says:

metan. No need to be pessimistic. This is the first tourney of the CC season.

Giles Says:

Hey Gordon. What is your problem man? This loss was all about Nadal losing. He can say “I” a million times if he wants to. Pfft!
Vamos Rafa!

Hippy Chic Says:

Gordon no one is invincible even on clay, that is exactly what i have been saying for weeks….

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Probably Rafa needs to loss few more for people to really understand what he has been doing in clay courts for past 8-9 years. Though there is a consensus that Rafa is the greatest clay courter, the magnitude of his success is something unreal. He had been good almost in every match played on Clay for past 8 years.

madmax Says:

hippy, it is just a bad day for your guy. No one saw this coming. No one. Not even rafa.

Hippy Chic Says:

Madmax actually i did,im sick of the sound of my own virtual voice lol,but as i keep saying the law of averages catches up with all players eventually,no disgace but it was to be expected sooner or later….

Giles Says:

The “law of averages” preacher strikes again. Give it a rest please!!

Hippy Chic Says:

^Nah just giving my honest opinion is all^….

Giles Says:

madmax. Your man did well today coming from a set down. I have a sneaky feeling he might just win his first MC.

Gordon Says:

Giles – I don’t have a problem, “man.” I just find it amusing that, realizing the “I had an injury or I would have won, no?” excuse can only be used so many times, he resorts to being a jerk. When you are not the better player on the day it doesn’t matter if you are the better player overall; you lost! Show a little humility and go take an ice bath and play some online poker.

Giles Says:

We have an honest preacher in our midst. Geez!!

Giles Says:

Gordon. The last thing Rafa needs is advice from the likes of you. Hand it out to people who care!

Gordon Says:

Giles – who am I jealous of? Have you been drinking or is your normal demeanour in here?

Social media is a tool without any conscience of its own. Yet it has become, in the hands of the embittered, a malignancy.

Give the bile a rest, “man”.

Hippy Chic Says:

Off topic and i dont quite know which thread to put this on,but Laura Robson will miss the FO and Wimbledon through injury :((….

Frankie Says:

Just getting older and slower perhaps?

Hippy Chic Says:

Frankie well yeah but the same thing happens to all players eventually,lets see what happens in the rest of the year yet,though before we start writing the obituries….

Okiegal Says:

David broke a 17 match losing streak…..yeah that was bound to happen……another preacher on the subject of the law of average……what can I say…it’s the true, no??

lylenubbins Says:

I love Rafa. The key to his game is depth of shot. He is unbeatable if hitting deep. Vs. Ferrer, lots of mid-ct balls. Same as at Indian Wells vs. the Joker. This might be his back bothering him, not hitting all out.

Ben Pronin Says:

Gordon, when you hit 44 errors over 2 sets, then I think it’s okay to say “I lost”.

Giles Says:

Oh BTW fed received a warning for ball abuse!

Okiegal Says:

@Ben @4:29

I couldn’t think of a comeback for that remark and by jove you nailed it! Maybe he should have said “me lost”…….lol Yeah, Rafa was off, but David played awesome, and that’s the bottom line! David’s good play was probably responsible for those errors. Better luck next time for my guy!

Giles Says:

His English is not that bad for him to say “me lost”!!! Lol
Actually his English is improving all the time.

skeezerw Says:

“Rafael Nadal: I’m Not Happy About Today, I’m Not Happy With How I Played”

Awww c’mon Rafa. Not happy?
You need some Pharrel;
I’m happy!

Kishore Says:

To me Rafael seemed more worried about the way Novak is playing. I don’t think he was ready to take another loos to Novak after Miami. IMO I think that played mentally on Rafa coz if not he would have easily come back to win it . Also Stan May have also played a mental dent in Rafa. I wish him GL but Novak is going to win RG this year, way overdue for his talent n shot making

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Nadal lost “the power inside” … not that the others played better.
Carole Bouchard @carole_bouchard
Nadal said that after Melbourne he lost “the power inside” of him. Had to work harder to find it back.

Dc Says:

Federer has a 14-0 h2h over ferrer. Nadal is 21-5 over ferrer.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa, I know how you feel…..I’m not happy either!
Get the kinks worked out, work on the timing of your serve, try to save seconds by changing your routine…your losing focus worrying about getting a warning. Figure out a way to speed things up!


Okiegal Says:


What did Fed do to a poor little innocent fuzzy ball? I didn’t get to see all of the match.

Do you know what’s wrong with Joker’s wrist? Didn’t get to see that match either. Just curious.

Okiegal Says:

How many Skeezer alter egos do we have on TX? LOL
Will the real Skeezer make another profound statement predicting the winner of a particular match……..OK?? Lol

skeezer Says:

Watch and listen to;
Trust me, you’ll feel better, maybe Rafa should watch it too. After all, he says repeatedly he is not Happy.

Hippy Chic Says:

Kishore why would Rafa be worried about Novak when hes playing David Ferrer?

Michael Says:

No shame in losing to David Ferrer who is a clay court specialist. But, the victory was set up by Rafa himself for Ferrer who was making far too many UEs than usual thereby gifting the match. I am not sure what was troubling Rafa on court, but what was evident is that he was not at his usual self. This loss would deal a psychological blow for Rafa going into the clay season. However, the silver lining for Rafa is that the season has just begun and Rafa has more opportunities to keep himself counted. May be the loss instead of acting as a dampner might propel Rafa with more vigour in the remaining tourneys.

metan Says:

Hello everyone, Rafa lost yesterday, it was just a minor things, not a big deal. He still comes back with a bang. VAMOS., RAFA.

metan Says:

Rafa doesn’t need pharrel, he needs Julio Iglesia, eh.

Giles Says:

metan. Too right. :)

Okiegal Says:


I clicked on your posted link and it said video not available. I will try to find it another way….you’ve got me curious. Well, how do you think Fed will do against Novak today? I like his chances, especially if the wrist is troubling Novak…..not that I don’t think Roger could beat Novak if his wrist was perfect. Roger is playing really well. Good luck to him. I cant wait for the match…..as the Brits say, I think it will be a cracker!

Dc Says:

Could we say that nadal played in a .’weak clay era’…just like fed played in a ‘weak era’!??

Dc Says:

One more very important record was broken-
This was the first time a healthy nadal lost !!

MMT Says:

I think Rafa’s analysis was accurate. He did concede control of the points and he was landing his strokes very short. He didn’t mention all the unforced errors but that was also significant. He normally doesn’t make that many errors in 2-3 matches let alone one!

To be honest, although he did play very well, I don’t think Ferrer’s level was extraordinary, nor did he do anything different than he normally does. In the end I think he would admit that this was down mostly to Rafa’s low level. Unlike Australia and Miami where his opponents really played exceptionally well.

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