Serena Bagels Suarez Navarro For 8th Miami Open Title; Stays Perfect In 2015
by Staff | April 4th, 2015, 3:17 pm

Eight Miami Open singles titles. A streak of 21 wins in a row stretching back to last year. Like a fine wine, Serena Williams seems to get better with age.

World No. 1 Serena Williams breezed past Carla Suarez Navarro in a forgone conclusion 6-2, 6-0 on Saturday, improving to 5-0 career against the Spaniard in once again raising the trophy on Key Biscayne.

The title for many was a lock for the American after she weathered a three-set challenge in the semifinals from rival Simona Halep, the last player to beat her at the 2014 WTA year-end championships.

“Congratulations to Carla,” Serena said after losing only 14 points in the final 10 games, and just 5 in the second set. “She’s had a fabulous two weeks. This is just the beginning. I’m really proud of you — we always get along and it’s always great to see you do well, so congratulations.”

Suarez Navarro, who had upset Venus Williams earlier in the tournament, hit three winners in the match to Serena’s 27.

Williams joins three players who have won a tournament eight times or more: Martina Navratilova (Chicago-12, Eastbourne-11, Dallas-9, Wimbledon-8, Washington-8), Steffi Graf (Berlin-9), and Chris Evert (Hilton Head-8).

It was the third straight Miami Open title for Serena, whose eight titles in 10 finals are a record (2015-13, ’08-07, and ’04-02).

“I would love to dedicate this to my dad,” Serena added. “He’s not here. I miss him. I hope he’s watching. I love you daddy — this one’s for you.”

Serena now has won 66 career titles in 83 finals. She has also won her last 12 finals and her record on the year is a perfect 18-0.

Serena now shifts to the clay where she’ll return on the dirt at Madrid in a month. The 33-year-old has won six of the last nine Premier Mandatory events she has played.

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15 Comments for Serena Bagels Suarez Navarro For 8th Miami Open Title; Stays Perfect In 2015

skeezer Says:

Congrats to THE Warrior of womens Tennis.

skeezer Says:

“She has also won her last 12 finals and her record on the year is a perfect 18-0.”
Can’t believe there isn’t any posts here about Serena. She is dominating the competition @ 33.
Is this just a fan fav site for Tennis?

chris ford1 Says:

The lack of comment on Serena’s latest “The Queen is Dominant!!” win shows the problem of lack of competition in a sport. Fans just don’t tune in or comment on a Final that is a pure gimme.
Too much dominance hurts a sport. Yes, you have the “My Queen, my Queen and her Amazing Stats” fanbase, but few others following Serena matches, Even with all the talk about slotted prime Sunday viewing time TV viewership for a Serena USO victory, only when Azarenka was thought to have a shot in 2012 and 2013. (That had higher viewership than the Monday mens match in Monday working hours or commute time for most America.
Fans want a competition. That is why an American crowd in her Miami “home turf” had fans cheering for Simona Halep playing an unexpectedly tough semi against Serena.
“Is this one of the few women that has a chance on rare occasions?? Maybe.”

Serena, no fault of her own, with her exceptional genetic upper body strength, is one reason why the WTA is suffering in popularity compared to the ATP.

Okiegal Says:

The commentators were talking about how many Romanians were there and cheering very loudly. Surely it was them and not the Americans. I saw a few Romanian flags there, but I think they were just more avid toward their favorite than the Serena fans……I want to think so, anyway.

Serena is amazing and she acts like she wants more records at this stage of her career than when she was younger! Another 33 yr old taking it to the youngsters! GOOD FOR HER…..I’m a fan for sure! Her passion for the game is what I admire most…..

jalep Says:

Chris Ford is right. Most fans want competition in sport not perpetual dominance by one individual. Not Serena’s fault that she has no rivals in the WTA. All her competition are underdogs and need a miracle to get the win.

skeezer Says:

Lack of competition.
This makes me laugh. All her opponets are “competing” to play. That is Tennis. It’s a competition.
The answer Serena is just better than all comers. She is that dominant.
Put it another way; if Murray, Novak or Rafa was dominating for years would you all be saying the same?
The word hypocritical comes to mind.

jalep Says:

Yes, right now what Serena lacks is a true rival – someone to give her real competition. As it is the only way Serena loses is if she beats herself.

She is far above the field of competition. Do you watch Wta, Skeezer?

jalep Says:

The rivalries amongst Rafa, Roger, Nole, & Murray (hoping) make following Atp more interesting. Rafa and clay season …yeah, can be dull. Not his fault – he is just better than anyone else.

martins take Says:

Serena continues to boggle me mind. Clearly, she is the greatest female champion ever to play the game. Thank heavens she’s American.
Keep pushing Serena!

danica Says:

We will never know how great Monika Seles could have been but clearly, she was on a path to be the greatest ever.

vox Says:

True Danica

Markus Says:

If it’s Serena, it’s because she is so much better than the competition. If it’s Federer, it’s because of the so-called “weak era”. Double standard.

Hippy Chick Says:

Markus i think its more like the other way around lol,Serena is in a weak era although its not her fault as she doesnt have a great rivalry with anyone since Henin and Clijsters retired,Federer was in a strong era the competition for him was much better,however i doubt either would care either way….

Richard Says:

Greatness has no rival. Would anyone say that Michael Jordan has a rival? It is not about “weak era”, everyone would be weak to Serena. Lest we forget Serena’s serving skills and her ability to run down balls no others can minus her sister. Muscles can be built, skills learned. Why aren’t the other women putting in the hard work? Leave Monica Seles out of the conversation. Serena would dominate any female tennis player of any era. Stop looking for the “great white hope”. The talk of ATP vs WTA viewership is akin to the NBA vs WNBA viewership. Men and women watch male sports more often than female sports.

brando Says:

Weak era, strong era: how much to the record books care for that? Not much at all. In fact: not at all. Should you dominate then you deserve your praise. It’s not Serena’s fault that she’s on a completely different tier to everyone else. I don’t like WTA but the truth is quite clear: Serena Williams is the dominant force on either tour in the last 25 years possibly ever. She’s on a different level of domination. And she’s such a colossal in her 30s. Different league altogether.

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