Novak Djokovic Nearly Lost An Eye When Popping The Champagne After His Rome Title [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 18th, 2015, 9:20 am

Novak Djokovic’s French Open hopes and dreams nearly came to a crashing end yesterday after winning his fourth Rome title, beating Roger Federer 64 63.

During the post-match trophy ceremony, Djokovic popped the customary champagne, except the cork nearly hit him in the eye!

Watch for yourself:

Djokovic had to get treatment for the injury which drew blood near his nose.

“I am very, very fortunate to still have my eye,” Djokovic said. “We had an argument with Mr Champagne and he certainly threw a punch I will not forget.

“He must know I don’t like drinking champagne, so he decided to strike me. Luckily it was only my nose.”

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5 Comments for Novak Djokovic Nearly Lost An Eye When Popping The Champagne After His Rome Title [Video]

RZ Says:

Good thing the cork didn’t hit his eye and he only got away with a minor nose injury. Would have been terrible if he had to withdraw from RG due to a champagne cork incident.

MMT Says:

With F1 podium ceremonies the bottle is already open – the headline is not an exaggeration – the speed at which a metal encompassed champagne cork travels when popped could easily have blinded him.

How stupid would that have been?

kriket Says:

He really should’ve known better than to look “down the barrel”. You never open up the champagne bottle holding it like that.

Giles Says:

What a Wally!!

jalep Says:

Oh bad one, Nole…

Doesn’t look like he opens champagne much, if ever. You don’t want to aim the cork at your face!

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