Murray Upsets No. 1 Djokovic, Bencic Wins in Canadian Finals
by Staff | August 16th, 2015, 7:04 pm

Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic for the first time in nine meetings on Sunday, his 11th career win over a world No. 1, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3 in approximately three hours, notching victory on his fifth match point at the Rogers Cup in Montreal.
It was the third career Canadian Open title for Murray, who will on Monday move to No. 2 in the ATP Rankings behind Djokovic. It was the 35th career title for Murray who also won in Canada in 2009-10.

In the third set the Brit ran out to a 3-0 lead, and serving at 3-1 held after 10 deuces and six break point saves.

“Unbelievable tough battle again,” Murray said courtside after the match. “He obviously fights right down to the last ball. Thankfully I put up some good serves at the right time and was able to get through it.”

For Djokovic, who looked sluggish at times during the week, the loss broke a streak of 12 consecutive Masters-level final wins.

In the women’s final world No. 2 Simona Halep succumbed to heat illness at 7-6(5), 6-7(4), 3-0, retired, as unseeded Belinda Bencic of Switzerland completed her dream week for the biggest title of her career.

In the hot and humid conditions in Toronto Bencic completed a week of upsets that included wins over former world No. 1s Caroline Wozniacki and Ana Ivanovic, and in the semifinals world No. 1 Serena Williams.

“Even if I lost today it would’ve been an amazing experience thanks to all of you,” Bencic told the crowd afterwards. “I don’t think I’m so good at speeches yet. But first I want to congratulate Simona on a great week, and my mom, my dad and my team. And my fitness coach — I really needed my fitness today. And also Melanie Molitor, my coach — a big thank you to you too.”

It was the second career title for Bencic after winning Eastbourne on grass in June. She is projected to rise from 20 to No. 12 when the new WTA Rankings are released.

Halep will attempt to recover in time for her start in Cincinnati this coming week where she receives a bye in the first round.

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39 Comments for Murray Upsets No. 1 Djokovic, Bencic Wins in Canadian Finals

skeezer Says:

Congrats Murray, a well deserved win, gutting out tough situations, and…putting in some deep clutch second serves!
Well done mate!

Ben Pronin Says:

Good match. I was rooting for Djokovic but I’m happy for Murray today. He fought hard and earned the win. As for Djokovic, I thought he played well for the most part except for some strange mistakes. Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call and he’ll be even stronger come the US Open.

Thangs Says:

Hope it continues . Nole was enjoying no opposition for long time . Whoever opposed him faded away . Dek Potro , Murray with back surgery , nadals downfall , only federer beat him now and then in best of 3.

Tom Says:

Wow, this loss somehow made people think No1e will be beaten in New York. I don’t know if you people realize he did play doubles and it’s clear his serve wasn’t there with his elbow flaring up. Even with all that, it took an epic game by Murray just to beat him. It’s also clear No1e was playing with Tipservic to get ready for 2016 in Rio which I don’t understand why he would put himself in that situation to affect his singles. Enjoy the win Murray fans, but lets not get carried away here like most of the social media world has. Because I’m still not convinced Andy can beat him in a best of 5… and last time I checked, darkness can’t stop play in New York ;-)

chris ford1 Says:

Tom – No secret Novak sees his net play as an area of improvement. And has progressed since the 2013 French Open. And has been convinced by others to continue to evolve to leave the baseline whenever the opportunity presents to move in and get the tactical advantage by doing so.
He needs to have actual match play to get more experience in pressure and competition. Playing doubles now is not Olympics but doubles to help Nole’s singles tennis skills.
Lot has to do with Becker, but also recognizing the success and career-lengthening Fed has had. Djokovic sees some present advantage in what Fed is doing and an investment in the future emulating Fed if Novak is 34, 35 and still in the Top 5.

Jack Lewis Says:

I’m convinced he can (whether or not he will is another issue) as I kind of remember it occurring before.

Georgy Gal Says:

Looking back at 2011, another great season for Djok, I remember Djok had shoulder problems in Cincy. He conceded the final to Andy but he went on to win USO. So I don’t think Djok fans have to worry about his elbow. It will not prevent him from doing his best for USO. He has his priorities right.

Georgy Gal Says:

Paradoxical though it might seem, many Djok fans are relieved Djok lost. They were afraid the law of averages would catch up with him at USO if he kept winning before that.

Patson Says:

Congrats to all Murray fans.

Tough luck Nole ! Onto Cincy now. The bigger prize is the US open. Keep your eyes on that. Consistently appearing in finals is no small feat. Good luck.

chris ford1 Says:

Meant to say congrats to Andy and his fans in a previous post, on a well-deserved win. Had Andy lost another few to Nole, it might have messed up his head like with Maria-Serena.
So I am happy that is not happening so we can resume a competitive, close Nole-Andy rivalry again.

skeezer Says:

This win DOES and SHOULD give Murray confidence. He grinded out some good points and won, regardless if Nole had a hurt arm( then why did he play doubs ?).
One thing I do not like is what is becoming prevalent in todays game is” injury gamesmenship”. Nole shakin his arm then hitting overhead winners. Murray grabbing his hamstring in agony., then sprinting to hit a winner shortly after. There is many more of these moments by both in the past, as well as a few other players on tour.
Buck up, quit playin injury agony games, and play tennis or quit and get off the court. Man up.

Humble Rafa Says:

I have asked uncle Toni to get pregnant as soon as possible and deliver a baby. Apparently good things happen to players when coaches give birth.

RZ Says:

Yay for Murray. (Finally!!!) So nice that he dedicated the win to Amelie.

@HR – make sure Uncle Toni times the birth to coincide with a tournament final. :-)

RZ Says:

And WOW, what a week for Belinda Bencic! She did not have an easy road to her victory. Everyone she played was either a grand slam winner or finalist, and all were rated in the top 25.

Georgy Gal Says:

Bencic seems to be the Real Deal.

Margot Says:

So pleased for ANDEEE! Had to happen one of these days.
Very much liked his aggressive play,improved second sereve and willingness to volley much more. He knew he had to play like this to get a win.
Really sweet to dedicate this to Amelie on her most event day too.
Hope this gives him a shed load of confidence.
And, although I really like Halep, how amazing from Bencic. A new star is born?

danica Says:

Not surprised by Andy’s win. Bravo and well deserved. Congrats to Andy’s fans :).

PS: whatever did he get that warning for?!

Okiegal Says:

Something about the on court camera. He hit it or looked like he was going to….They played the incident over and I couldn’t tell what the big deal was and the commentators thought it was a bogus call…….

Michael Says:

Congrats to Andy the Champion. What is creditable is that he managed to adorn this crown after beating the World’s best player and that is really something he can be proud of and doesn’t happen often. Novak is very hard to beat.

It was a quality match where Andy had the upper hand initially. But Novak then as you can normally expect from him made a fight back by putting his foot on the peddle and probed Andy from the back of the court. Both the players were hitting incredible angles and managing awesome retrievals taking the sport to the next level. But what made the difference at the end of the match is the quality of Andy’s serve. He made first serves where he really needed and even his second serve which was considered as his weakest link had a measure of sting in it which prevented the opponent from easily attacking it. To do it against the best returner in the World is indeed remarkable.

Novak on the other hand had some issues on his elbow and every time he hit a shot, he was clasping his hand to give a sign of distress. I hope it is not serious and if possible to avoid risk, Novak can also consider withdrawing from Cincinnati to make him fully fit for the crucial US Open. It is a hard decision to make considering that Novak is yet to win Cincinnati and thereby complete a Master series sweep which no professional player has done before. All said and done, that is a tough call he and his team have to make.

But for now, the seat of glory belongs to Andy !!

Colin Says:

It’s true that darkness won’t end play at the USO. It’s also true that there could be some fierce weather, and Andy has already shown that he can deal with that better than most. For years we have heard how he needed to improve mentally. Well, now he is doing so let’s give him credit for it.

By the way, Nole may have suffered from playing that doubles, but Andy didn’t have a full day off after beating Nishikori, did he?

On to Cincy, where Andy has done well in the past – it was there he first beat Roger – and the expected extra humidity shouldn’t worry him.

I feel sorry for Simona Halep. She battled her way up the rankings despite a relative lack of sheer power, and is young enough to wait for Serena Williams to retire, then along comes the younger Belinda, who can overpower the Romanian, and is improving her overall skills at an amazing rate.What’s the Romanian for ODTAA (one damn thing after another)?

Giles Says:

Congrats to Andy and fans. Well deserved win.

Giles Says:

Hopefully mat4 and gang will stop yapping for a while.

Jock-KatH Says:

@ Tom

Gosh – see what U say, but I’ve always had more belief in Andy’s ability to win in 5-setters rather than in 3. Accept, Andy has been the “bridesmaid” and not the “bride” in recent times – but he’s been in a lot of finals and semis in the Slams and perhaps now he is capable of producing that extra determination that has been lacking over the past 2 years….some of it health related

Jock-KatH Says:

Like Danica – I don’t know why Andy was given a warning……….

Wog Boy Says:

Andy was given warning for going into camera with his racquet without trying to avoid it, it was little bit to harsh. It was something else I didn’t like it, Jonas was talking too much to Andy, even didn’t hide it but on the contrary, putting his hands around his mouth to make sure Andy can hear him.

FedExpress Says:

Ryan Sweeting retired

FedExpress Says:

at the age of 28 years

sienna Says:

this is great for Roger.
another guy who can take out the faker.

and hè himself posing no danger to Roger.
0-4/ 0 and 1 etc etc


Honfleraise Says:

Just popped in to say Hi. It was a long wait, but worth it to see him fighting as of old, no?

I had one of my ‘hunches’ and predicted a win in 3.

Now perhaps he will be shown the respect he deserves.

Georgy Gal Says:

If Andy wins USO this year then we will know he is back. Andy is one of the most talented players ever and if he shows the mental strength he showed in the Montreal final, I am sure he will win at least 3 more gs. And all the doubters will be forced to give him the respect he so richly deserves.

Honfleraise Says:

btw. There was some dodgy, bordering on biased, umpiring in that match. First the way Murphy advised Andy the ball was ‘well wide’ when in fact it was later shown to have been good. Then told Andy he could challenge if he wanted to knowing he only had one challenge left. Next he issued a code violation insisting he had ‘seen’ Andy hit the the camera.

I am also pretty sure Vadja was coaching with signals to Djokovic. He kept fiddling with his cap each time Nole was looking his way: e.g. lifting it up and down, scratching the top of his head, touching his ear etc.

Just saying.

Okiegal Says:

@FedExpress….I guess Ryan wants to spend more time with his wife who plays Penny on the Big Bang Theory. She used to be a tennis player herself. I can’t spell her last name so I went with her “stage” name!! Lol

Okiegal Says:

@Honflerise…..There was a lot of that (coaching) going on this tournament. I noticed it too…..
On coaching, I think it’s weird that you pay a coach to coach you and then when you get in a match and might need his or her help more than ever and they’re not allowed to give it! But I don’t think that there is one male player who would admit to needing help and call the coach on court….considering the macho male ego and all that jazz…

Honfleuraise Says:

Even odder. Equal pay was brought in for the women and the right to be coached on court. So why don’t the men have equal rights to be coached. The rule dates back to the amateur era to make it fairer for players who could not afford personal coaches who travelled the world with them.

SG1 Says:

The call by the umpire regarding the camera was odd to say the least. Serena pounded her racket into bitty bits and I didn’t hear so much as a peep from the umpire. What’s up with that? Andy’s a curser but he’s not a camera basher. Give Andy credit for not losing it on the umpire and keeping his focus on Novak. I don’t know if he can beat a healthy Djokovic 3 out of 5 but at least now, he has something to build off of. Losing to Djokovic 8 times in a row was definitely in his head which you could Andy fighting with in the 3rd set.

One other thing…anyone getting fed up with players yelling at their box when the lose a point. Serena, Murray and Novak seem to do this far too often for my liking.

Matt Says:

My takeways; let me know what you think!

Get that arm healed and continue to build for NYC. Those are the only things Nole should be concerned about.

MMT Says:

SG1 said: “One other thing…anyone getting fed up with players yelling at their box when the lose a point. Serena, Murray and Novak seem to do this far too often for my liking.”

Here, here – it is beyond absurd.

Jock-KatH Says:

SG1 – Andy has beaten a healthy Novak at a 3 out of 5 already (he has 2 GS’s – admittedly much less than Nole – but it’s not a given that he can’t do it again) – Just saying….

Margot Says:

Waves and shouts to Honfleuraise! Ta darling!
A long time coming indeedy but it has taken Andy 2 years to get over that blooming back operation and build some confidence.
All credit to Amelie.

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