Novak Djokovic Explains Why He Keeps So Fit And Motivated This Time Of Year
by Tom Gainey | October 15th, 2015, 10:20 am

While many players are running on fumes or simply given up this time of year, Novak Djokovic is still firing on all cylinders. The Serb who has the World No. 1 ranking wrapped up for the season, has now won 14 straight matches after his win today over Feliciano Lopez in Shanghai.

And Djokovic has won 14 straight sets since the US Open without anyone even reaching four games in any one set!

So how does Djokovic do it this time of year when it’s so easy to let down and ease up on the gas?

“I take care of my body,” Djokovic said. “I respect the preparation and recovery routines that I have with my team. You know, it’s all about self‑discipline and being able to understand what you need to do to have the kind of longevity and to endure throughout the entire year, to be able to play this many matches on a high level.
I think scheduling is also one of the key factors of my ability to be consistent throughout the entire year, just being able to peak at the right time and then recover, which is equally as important as the work, as the performance.

“I’ve always liked playing in the last couple of months, as I was answering before, the last couple months of the season. For some reason I’m very successful at this period of the year.”

Djokovic will await the Richard Gasquet-Bernard Tomic winning in the quarterfinals tomorrow. He lost in the semifinals last year to Roger Federer. Since that defeat he has added a baby boy and was married this summer.

“I enjoy my life. I’m happy with my life in general, private life and professional life. So I do have time to reflect, to enjoy other things than tennis. But this is my choice, you know, to come here and play. I do enjoy it. I do like competing. I also have responsibility towards myself, my family, people around me that are working hard to have me play at this level.

“Of course, there are days when you’re not feeling maybe as motivated as some other days. But generally there’s this flair in me about this sport and it keeps me going.”

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic Explains Why He Keeps So Fit And Motivated This Time Of Year

Tennisfan Says:

“And Djokovic has won 14 straight sets since the US Open without anyone even reaching four games in any one set!”

Impressive!! He could realistically win all of the important season-end tournaments tbh.

Giles Says:

Oh kaman joker, tell us the truth for a change. It’s the EGG isn’t it?😜

chris ford1 Says:

Djokovic always wants to get better. He responded in a media interview that he was happy with his game right now, but still has many shots that he can improve on, and that motivates him to work hard.

The attitude extends off court. After he hit the wall in 2011 in the fall due to going so deep and playing the best he could each point, he set out to figure how to schedule better and have a full, strong season. Part of that was nagging Pete Sampras in 2012 before and after Indian Wells to explain how he did it. Pete finally gave in and had some sitdowns about best scheduling on off days while still enjoying life and doing things outside the “tennis job”, how to conserve energy by playing to win with just enough to win fast. (I’m sure Pete said a better serve really helps this and I am sure Djokovic said he knew that and would keep trying)
Novak also knows Federer has mastered scheduling and has had a history of strong falls, but obviously Roger is not going to advise Djokovic on how to beat him better and more often. But Djokovic and his team watched how Federer approached this and credited Roger with some changes he made.
Later though, to their great credit, Roger and Mirka have given the Djokovics good advice on what they learned about pregnancy and parenting while travelling on tour. Some things they learned as parents in the same basic situation as Nole and his wife are now in.

Wog Boy Says:

Somebody let a stinker out on this thread, Sean, can you please open the windows?

Rick Says:

Soderling 2 would had got beaten in the final, if he was to play Warinka, but Fed!

Rick Says:

Fed did the dirty job for him in the semi. Warinka would had beaten Nole at the US Open final.

Michael Says:

I like the way Novak organizes his calendar by not just taxing himself much. That is the way of a thorough Tennis Professinal who knows the rigours of the sport and the commitment it demands in every tournament where the competition is quite intense. I think Novak is following Roger’s lead in this regard which has worked so wonderfully for his career.

His game may not be stylish or graceful or elegant as Roger, but what ultimately matters is that it is quite effective. His indomitable spirit, mental fortitude and greater endurance are his chief source of strength and that is why he has been so consistent in his career and managed to be a top Three player for so long. His never say never die attitude and that innate fighting spirit is what made him a legend today in Tennis sport. Living long under the shadows of Roger and Rafa, he never allowed himself to be intimidated and grew up by experience modeling himself on those Greats and aspiring himself to reach great heights which he has triumphantly achieved and has now emerged a threat to overhaul the records of the above Greats from whom he was greatly inspired.

He has achieved everything in life, living with a great family, a fascinating and fabulous Tennis career and still not resting on his laurels he has this motivation to become even better. I think this positive attitude and the ever inflaming fire in his belly is going to take his career from strength to strength.

jane Says:

“indomitable spirit” – nice wording michael; i like it.

agree with you that scheduling is key. i don’t know where to find the stats but i think novak plays almost the least tournaments of almost anyone? or certainly the least out of most of the top guys??

Wog Boy Says:


I think Vajda said in his recent interview, that they decided while back that in order to prolong Nole’s tennis life, so to speak, to play no more than 16 tournaments a year.

BTW, thanks for that article on the other thread, great reading.

chris ford1 Says:

Jane, Djokovic has been in the Top 5 in matches played per year since 2007, save for one year, 2014, when he was 6th. Many years he is at the top of the list. And more of his matches are against other top players because the guy almost always goes deep – so by and large his matches are more challenging.
And this is driven by his all-court ability which translates out into ALSO being in the Top 5 in winning percent each year since 2007.
Federer has also had long stretches of being at the top of the list in winning percent and matches played in the 2000s.

Go to:

click on statistics.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Rick i do like Stan,and i agree he has the game to trouble Novak,as he matches up well with him, but he wasnt good enough to make the USO, so im afraid what couldve happened has no relevance….

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