Tennis Players React To The Paris Attacks
by Staff | November 14th, 2015, 10:12 am

The world turned its attention to Paris on Friday when one of the great cities was under terrorist attack. Many of the top tennis stars took to twitter to offer their support for the Parisians:

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12 Comments for Tennis Players React To The Paris Attacks

Purcell Says:

For those of you going to the O2, you will have received an update on security, in the light of the terrible events in Paris. It’s much the same as on the site but reassuring nevertheless.

jane Says:

i saw that… it’s good that they’re being vigilante. reassuring indeed purcell. are you going?

jane Says:

vigilant. no “e”

jalep Says:

Thanks to Tennis-x posting this as a thread.

I love Paris/ heart is with France!

Purcell Says:

Yes Jane we’re going on Tuesday. We’ve been every year through thick and thin.

Wog Boy Says:

The horrifying thought is that terrorists could cause much more carnage if the security didn’t cought one of them trying to get to the football match France/Germany with suicide west, and he had a ticket for the game. The plan was that he enters the match and activate it ones in the stands, that would cause carnage and stampede, the other two suicide bombers would be waiting outside, mix with the stampede and activate their vests. I can’t even think about what carnage would that cause.
When the first one got cought trying to enter the stadium, he ran away and blew himself up without killing anybody, the other two did the same, but one civilian was killed in McDonald’s where one of them ran in before blowing himself up according to news. How much hate and brainwashing can even contemplate such thing is beyond my understanding.

BTW, Ana Ivanovic was at the stadium, her fiance is the captain of the German team, she is on the right side of reporter, dressed in black:ć+bila+na+stadionu+u+Parizu+za+vreme+napada.html

Gypsy Gal Says:

Its so sad to see whats happening in the world,my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris,to think what these vile people could do next doesnt bear thinking about,so sad very sad :(….

SG1 Says:

It’s been a month of inexplicable sadness that started with the downing of the Russian airliner, the explosions in Lebanon and now this horrific attack in Paris. These psychopaths have made it clear that none of us is safe…anywhere.

And it’s perhaps even more sad that the leaders (perhaps too strong a word) of this world will ultimately exploit these incidents to increase their political capital rather than banding together to protect humanity.

SG1 Says:

I generally never pull for France in tennis or any sport for that matter but it would be a nice story (kind of like the Saints winning the Super Bowl after Katrina), if the France could pull off a Davis Cup win for the morale of their citizens. Or one of their players winning a slam. Hope that 2016 has some red, white and blue in it.

Gypsy Gal Says:

On Friday 13th too,and a couple of days earlier we had a couple of minutes silence for rememberance day,so sad that after all these years we have actually learnt….

Gypsy Gal Says:

^Nothing shouldve been the last word after learnt^….

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