Andy Murray Took A Bath With His Wimbledon Trophy
by Tom Gainey | July 10th, 2016, 5:30 pm

Why not celebrate? Following his second career Wimbledon title, an elated Andy Murray took the trophy with him into the ice bath!

“Holding this bad boy makes the ice bath that little bit more bearable 🏆😉” Murray posted on Instagram.

Holding this bad boy makes the ice bath that little bit more bearable 🏆😉

A photo posted by Andy Murray (@andymurray) on

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29 Comments for Andy Murray Took A Bath With His Wimbledon Trophy

AndyMira Says:

Whatever you wanna do andy,just do it!Just make sure you didn’t put your precious trophy in the middle of the bed,otherwise BIG BOSS will not hesitate to kick your b@#%!Win Wimby or not!Lol..

RZ Says:

I think I found the pic for the next bracket challenge.

Margot Says:

Andy looks as if he’ll never let it go!
RZ: YAY! Great pic to use. So pleased for Andy, he’s had so many struggles since that awful op., fantastic to see him cope with failure and strive to get better and better. Love him to pieces.
@AM: If only you lived next door dinner and flowers would be yours, virtual doesn’t really match up to real, does it?

AndyMira Says:’re still in good moods today,that’s why i choose to tease you with our old jokes,no chocolate and no flowers in this world can compare with the joy and satisfaction that i still feel in my chest when i imagine how happy my virtual friends feel all deserved this happiness M..just hug to your chest and don’t let go okay?

Willow Says:

Just love this picture, he looks so happy, well done Andy, now go and get some more ;-)) ….

Margot Says:

Andy Mira, you are a darling, hugging and hugging happy feelings and you too now. x :)

J-Kath Says:

RZ: Great choice!

AndyMira Says:

Thanks M,when i watch andy cried so hard last night,i cried along with him..because i know how he and you guys feel,we rafa fan through the dark moment ourselves this last couple of hurts so much..and to see Andy lift that precious trophy and cried,all my entire being feel with him and you guys..

Honfleuraise Says:

Hi Margot
Who is a happy bunny!!!!!!!

From the off I felt in my bones he was going to do it. But I wasn’t expecting to see him swat Milos to one side like a pesky wasp. lol.

My heart was in my mouth when I realised they were heading to a TB in the first set. I think it was Henman who mentioned Andy’s poor tiebreak record and was steeling myself to see MR waltz away with it. Could have knocked me over with a feather when Andy pulled into the lead so easily. Loved the way he repeated the feat in the 3rd set to prove it was not a lucky fluke.

Boy was he a man with a mission! Not surprisingly there were people trying to take the lustre off his win by pointing out he didn’t have to get past Novak. Well Novak took himself out of the equation by caving in against Querrey and to quote the old truism – you can only play the man in front of you.
End of.

Just praying he doesn’t pick up an injury and he continues on a roll. Right now the sky is the limit.

Did you see Lendl actually smile when he won? I swear his eyes were brimming too.

Margot Says:

Hon, hon.,
I’m so thrilled for Andy, what a long, hard road he’s travelled since his back op, so much failure, so near yet so far. As he said in interview, it makes this win seem all the sweeter. Also said he wants Sophia to watch him play, so that means he’ll keep going for a few years yet if he can, good news for us his fans.
Did you make any progress with the Rickster over exchanging our emails? I guess he’s been at Wimbledon, so a teeny, weeny bit busy….It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it…;)

SG1 Says:

Very happy for Andy and his fans. Been a tough patch but he’s over the hump and I think we’ll seen Andy break through a little more often in slams over the next couple of years. The career grand slam would be a nice feather in his cap. And it seems quite achievable as Andy has a game that translates well to all the surfaces. Would be pretty cool if all members of the Big 4 are member of this club.

SG1 Says:

I’m a Wawrinka fan but it didn’t seem right that he and Andy both had two majors. Murray’s career has been head and shoulders above Stan’s…even with the injuries.

Willow Says:

SG1 Nice summary ;-)) ….

SG1 Says:

Martina always says it. If you’re looking at a Wimbledon final and you want to pick a winner, choose the better athlete. Year in and year out, this is a mighty good bet. And this year, as in most, it held true.

Milos is going to get his major (maybe more than one if the stars align for him). He’ll just have to wait a little longer. Milos is a student of the game and a damn hard worker. It will pay off for him. He was a little nervous in his first GS final. He’ll play more freely the next time.

Khb Says:

Novak had final after final for years. It is no prob to see a nice guy like Murray in a final.
Fedal fanatics are the ones that mock Andy more.
They were sure that no one except Fedal would win 10+ slams, not even Novak.
Those fanatics like to pretend they love or respect Novak, but they cheer for Fed.

Murray isn’t that bad in tiebreaks. The Brit media pressured Andy no matter
how many events he wins, and he finally can relax now.
Henman couldn’t even get past Ivanisevic on grass 😆

Markus Says:

It does seem like poetic justice that each member of the Big Four has more slam titles than any of other players currently active in the tour.

J-Kath Says:

SG1 & Khb

Great sentiments.

PS: I also like Wawrinka.

BBB Says:

Hm. I don’t like Wawrinka, but I like SG’s comments, so perhaps I’ll reevaluate….

Honfleuraise Says:


Still no reply. I’ll give him time to get his feet under the desk and have another try. If he doesn’t respond I’ll put up one of my rarely used email addresses here. Doubt anybody will be bothered to hassle me as I only occasionally post here and as far as I know have not made any enemies. If anybody does then I can have them blocked anyway.

AndyMira Says:

@Margot..i have a question for you..don’t you think Andy should be granted a title ‘SIR’ after his latest victory for Britain?I mean..ALL his biggest success were made in Britain..2 wimbledon,1 olympic and although he won Davis Cup in Belgium but it’s for Britain me his success is no different from sir Bradley Bradley Wiggins got his SIR and not Andy?I doubt if it’s not because of Andy,Britain will taste all the glory that Andy brought to them..not to discredit other Britain’s tennis player but none of them has shown their reputation yet,so all the success that andy already achieved were unlikely to be repeated in the near future or ever me what andy’s done for Britain is HUGE and AMAZING,he deserved to be recognized same like sir Bradley Wiggins..

Margot Says:

Andy Mira: I think, but don’t know, Andy turned the offer down. I don’t really think he’s the kind of person who would want to be a “sir.” Perhaps when he retires?
Let him get SPOTY again tho., that would be great!
@Hon hon: OK :)

AndyMira Says:

Margot..andy turned the offer down?really?oh well..maybe he’s not ready yet..or maybe he want to’schooled’ himself first..i mean it wouldn’t do a SIR cursed left and right on court just because the ball was out right?

Margot Says:

Lol Andy Mira! I mean what on earth would those royals in the Royal Box think? ;)

AndyMira Says:

Margot..think is one thing but to get summoned to the palace and got scolded by Queen is another!”Andy lad,don’t ye know you’re a SIR now?Act like one!Spank!,spank!kapow!..Nah!we wouldn’t want our hero to be treated like SIR yet..

Willow Says:

Would love to see Andy get some more GS, get to 6 and be up there with Becker and Edberg, which i think is pretty do-able, also like SG1 says to win an AO and FO to have a career GS, isnt out of the question either ! ….

Humble Rafa Says:

That’s gross. I understand the feeling to keep the trophy with you at all times but in the shower, seriously. I also feel sorry for the only adult in the Mr. Lady Forehand household.

If he sleeps with the trophy, I am sure the lovely and vulgar Kim will kick him out. Didn’t he get kicked out once for playing video games.

Thank god, it’s only a replica.

Margot Says:

^ Getting a bit lame now. Stuck record etc etc.

J-Kath Says:

Humble Rafa:

Who knows how many dirty hands had been on the trophy before Andy got it…ugh. I would have steeped in disinfectant before the shower…assume that is what you meant if he intended to sleep with it.

AndyMira Says:

To andy’s,novak’s,roger’s and rafa’s fan..for those of you who still didn’t see this,i wanna share it with you guys..

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