Dream Final Set In Halle: Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev
by Staff | June 24th, 2017, 5:09 pm

The dream final was set in Halle Saturday as Roger Federer and local wunderkind Alexander Zverev advanced to a tasty title match tomorrow.

Federer eased past Russian Karen Khachanov 6-4, 7-6(5) in his first meeting with the powerful 21-year-old.

“I thought it was extremely close, especially that second set,” Federer said. “I’m still just very happy how I was able to close it out in the tiebreaker.”

Federer was broken early and again when serving for the match at 5-4. The Swiss then fended off set points at 5-6 before closing out the match in a breaker.

Federer is into his 11th Halle final and he’ll seek a ninth title.

Zverev had a little tougher day beating Richard Gasquet in three sets 4-6, 6-4, 6-3. The German fought off an early test from Gasquet at the start of the third to take the last four games of the match.

Zverev beat Federer in Halle last year. The series is 1-1.

“He’s got home-court advantage. He’s got a wonderful serve and one of the best backhands in the game,” Federer added. “He takes big cuts at the ball, returns very well. He’s a tough player to play against.”

Both finalists are seeking a fourth title on the season, and neither has lost in a final in 2017. Zverev is also bidding for a grass title after already having won this year on hard and clay.

“I don’t really know what to say, that was fantastic,” Zverev said. “It’s always fun to play in front of this fantastic audience. I have played three times against Roger and twice I won. Probably it’s one of the dream finals of the tournament and I’m very much looking forward to it.”

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64 Comments for Dream Final Set In Halle: Roger Federer v Alexander Zverev

James Says:

Zverev has played only twice against Federer, and its 1-1. Why does he say three times and won twice – is he already counting his chickens before they hatch???

I don’t think Zverev wins tomorrow. Federer has often lost his first match against a good player – until he figured the player out. This is their third match. Federer knows more about Zverev than he knew a year ago, and he wasn’t totally healthy then. Though Zverev is also a better player today than he was a year ago.

Lets see.

Berghain Says:

James, didnt they play at the warm up tourney before AO? I think thats what Zverev meant.

Mridul1 Says:

Federer lost to Zverev in Hopman Cup and so he is right to say that he has so far won two matches against the Maestro

Nitesh Says:

I hope Federer will get his ninth Halle title.

Humble Rafa Says:

Hopwoman cup is not tennis. It is something else men and women do under the guise of tennis.

skeezer Says:

HR is a true fan of the GOAT, he loves to post about him. Jealousy or admiration, both telling.

Truth Says:

You can’t blame most people for crying hysterically for Fed to stop playing and legitimizing
FAKE sportsmanship awards. LMAO
You’re a Fed fan but you demanded that everyone declare Fed as ancient and useless because you were bitter, for a decade, as a result of watching many unentertaining matches from Fed and his weak era lapdogs.
Lapdogs that lost 6-2 6-2 and 10-13 straight matches vs. Fed and Djokovic.
Of course, Fed fans say weak era clowns’ losses equalled superiority .
They believe Djoker had great health in 2009.
I laugh because fanatics of “Elderly Fed” act like Fedal play the best and most variety filled matches together, yet they whine more than any other fan group when their idols tank matches & play a lot more horrid matches.
Funny how opponents that declared Fed as the best player ever were washed up and overrated too.
They didn’t reach most quarterfinals, let alone semis. According to Fed, lapdogs’s bad losses meant that Fed was just magical.

Youyong Says:

HR is a troll and is not a Rafa fan. Hasn’t anyone here figured that out already? His posts have done nothing positive for Rafa fans. He is more likely a Federer or Nike fanatic IMHO.

Youyong Says:

*Nole. Sorry auto correct. Lol

Giles Says:

At this rate old fed might go for LaDecima in Halle soon! ROFL

Navdeep Says:

Halle title almost in Federer’s grasp.

Pitchaboy Says:


Berghain Says:

Federer just crushed Zverev. If the courts in Wimby are not to slow this year… Watch out!

jatin Says:

It was one of the most clinical grass court display I have ever seen from Fed ( aside from that murray semis). He was ruthless.
Alex had no clue what to do on court.
Congrts champ for another title and all other fellow fed fans.
WIMBY next :)

Navdeep Says:

This does makes Federer the heavy favourite for Wimbledon if he wasn’t already?

Humble Rafa Says:

Would you have ten FOs or nine Halles?

Berghain Says:

Would you rather have 7 Wimbledons or 10 FOs?

Wimby any day.

skeezer Says:

Dream final. Fed won. Congrats Champ, welcome back.
Now go get another Grass Slam!

steve-o Says:

Congrats to Roger Federer! His best match of the tournament by far. Ninth title here. Now for Wimbledon!

FedExpress Says:

Congratz jatin, madmax, Daniel and all the other fed supporters.

What a display. And his slices and drop shots. Out of this world. And that insane defending to get to the 2 BPs in the 2nd set.

He is a genius. A virtuoso. A maestro.

Congratz Fed you beauty.

Willow Says:

Congrats Federer and fans, didnt see the match as i was working, home in time for the Queens final though come on Feli , hope its the same scoreline ….

Willow Says:

Agree with you Youyong ….
And i agree with you Navdeep, most people have penciled him in for winning W anyway lol ….

Daniel Says:

Too early on Sunday for me to watch, will catch highlights now.

Seems he saved the best for last and that Haas loss last week was indeed irrelevant and a give away to his old friend.

4th title of the season, 16th on grass, entering Wimbledon on a high, as on of top 3 favorites.

Wimbledon has aways been one by the Bug 4 since 2003, last 14 years andI expected that to continue. To me the favorites are Fed, Murray, Djoko and Nadal, in that order.

Djoko made finals in Rome, QF in Garros and can surprise us next week, as I said before just one big win and things can change. Actually Djoko can return to #1 if he wins Wimbledon and depending on how Murray and Nadal performs. He has 3 titles.

Nly place Nadal as favorite due to his Big4 status and last result, but still think someone with a decent game gets him. Grass doesn’t allow time form and he mentions several times that lasted years the surface seems to bother his knees. Thinks he knows he has a better shot at USO.

Murray plays well on grass but this year is on a train wreck, but Wimby is a Slam and he is defending champion.

Daniel Says:

Also Fed takes out 500 pts difference from Nadal in race points

Tomorrow race rankings:
Nadal – 6915
Fede – 4545

Currently 2370 difference

Let’s see how the race will be after Wimbledon. That would be key, because if Nadal has a decent run there he may increase the gap. If he loses first week again, Fed can further take out the difference even not winning the title.
But if he does win Wimby (which is always his season goal, together with clay rest to better prepare), he can enter HC season less than 1000 pts from Nadal. He can easily gain those if he plays a few tourneys (Cinyc, USO, Shangai, Basel and WTF), even if he skips Canada and Paris to recover and not play back to back weeks.

So this Wimbledon can determine this years #1 ranking. Any other Big winning will also have a shot. And could determine the GOAT debate for good.

A 8th Wimbledon and 19 Slams will end the debate for good, again;-)

Daniel Says:

Also Fed is 2 titles away from Lendl’s 94 which he can tie or surpass this season for another milestone, being alone in second most title won only behind Connors 109.

Willow Says:

YAY Well done Feli, this was a great final, hope he takes it forward to Wimbledon ….

J-Kath Says:

Okiegal: He’s all yours – no Judy in sight. PS: But, but, but – what about Rafa?

jalep Says:

Margot — breaking news…

I didn’t know where else to post this but look:


Winner on both WTA brackets – Birmingham/ Petra!
and in Mallorca – your Sevastova, Gorges, and Garcia picks were spot on@ You are a natural on GRASS! :D

Go Petra!

Berghain Says:

I know its early, but a Rafa-Fed Wimby Final would be sooooo Sweet.

J-Kath Says:



Willow Says:

I Want a Murray / Nadal final in a GS, weve never had that permetation between the top 4 before, i thought we were about to get one at the FO, but the tennis gods robbed me, i do hope we get one eventually ….

Berghain Says:

J-Kath, Honestly?

Cause I think Federer has a good chance of beating him :). Also I think it would be a great final. As a fed fan I obviously dont want him to loose to Djokovic again.

I know youre a Murray fan. Who would you like Murray to play in the Final?

Berghain Says:

Willow, whats the difference? Nadal would of won anyway.

Okiegal Says:

@JK……Rafa will always be my favorite player……..and Feli is my favorite handsome player. There is no way Rafa? stands a chance against Feli in the looks dept. I think Rafa is a cute guy but he’s no competition for Feli! Judy has good taste in men……I’ll give her that!! Love l

Willow Says:

Berghain because i want two favorites to face of in a final for a change, if they met in a final anywhere other than the FO , im sure it would be 50 /50 ….

J-Kath Says:


That’s why I asked – because although I prefer Rafa over Roger – it’s hardly a fair deal on grass with Rafa’s knees.

As for Andy – I’ll be happy if he doesn’t lose the first game – he is the current champion will be on court first – let’s hope its is a shingles free day. got two new favourites one is 18 and the other 21.

Willow Says:

Okie i beg to differ, Rafas gorgeous, matter of preferance though i suppose, having said that i also prefer Chardy over Feli but thats just me, and still think Fabio is gorgeous, my favorite handsome retired player was Pat Rafter, just thought id throw that in there lol ….

Temple Says:

“He’s got home-court advantage”.

First point, Zverev serves, two or three balls exchanged and Zverev nets an unforced. Crowd ERUPTS for Federer.

Come on Roger, no need to pretend. I’d bet in a Wimby final between you and Murray, the majority would still back you.

Having said this, today’s performance was an absolute masterclass. Poor Sasha looked like a Petri dish sample, shaken all over.

Willow Says:

Whats it matter who your favorite player plays in the final as long as they win, not something ive ever cared about, i firmly believe certain fans sometimes favour certain rivalries only because their favorite has the monopoly , why wouldnt they after all ? ….

Pitchaboy Says:

Federer is the crowd favorite no matter where he plays. He is tennis royalty.

Berghain Says:


I dont know. Nadal has been playing really well this year so anything is possible. Also, surely if hes good enough to reach the final, the knee cant be that much of an issue. What im trying to say is, if he is good enough to reach the final, he should be good enough to play a competitive match against Federer- should it happen. Which im sure all fans want.

I wouldnt worry to much about Andy, he played well at the FO. Wimbledon is slower than queens and the ball bounces higher. On a fast, low bouncing grass court (Queens,Halle,Stutgart).. the gap between players is so small… anyone can beat anyone on any given day. It would be good for Andy not to land in Feds half though.

Willow I agree. I would still give Murray the edge on Grass tough.

Willow Says:

He isnt royalty he is a tennis player ….

Berghain Says:

Willow its all a matter of opinion. I wouldn’t mind if Federer lost to Murray in the final. I would be pissed if he lost to Djokovic.

Markus Says:

Metaphor. It would be good to know when people use metaphors.

Willow Says:

Markus fair enough as its you lol ….

Markus Says:

Willow, as usual, you’re lovable…and that’s no metaphor. :-)

Markus Says:

Willow, as usual, you’re lovable…and that’s no metaphor. :-)

Willow Says:

Berghain i thought you liked Djokovic ? ….

Willow Says:

Markus your in a small that thinks so but thanks anyway, even my hubby says i do love you, but i dont always bloody like you lol ….

J-Kath Says:

Berghain: That’s what I meant – the chance of Rafa reaching the final is very dubious – because he’s really never been at his best on grass.

I’m serious – Murray is not up to par – with his condition it has become the throw of the ball – not the tennis ball the roulette ball. But thanks anyway for encouraging noises – off!

Berghain Says:

Willow I dont mind Djokovic but sure as hell dont want Fed loosing to him again on Grass.

J Kath that roulette comment was funny. We will see. I wish him the best.

Im off too. Twin peaks part 8 starting soon, been looking forward to it all week.

Willow Says:

I Could never get into Twin Peaks, found it rather confusing, watching Glastonbury festival at the moment, some great acts on ….

J-Kath Says:

Berghain – Thanks.

PS: “noises off” means something different – think about it…it’s a joke kinda thing.

Good watching

Berghain Says:

J-Kath ahh I get it now.

Thank you I definitely will enjoy.

Willow, yes David Lynch is not for everyone. I find the detail, and clues he leaves (for the audience) in his work truly amazing.

Margot Says:

Jalep, all I can say is: Jeepers creepers 😄🙋

Navdeep Says:

Willow, I have lost hope of a Rafa-Andy final. Some how, Some way I just doesn’t happen.

Okiegal Says:

@Willow…….I loved Pat Rafter too……followed him very closely back in the day. About Feli…. I was so happy he won! He played some great grass tennis. Served unbelievable…….I think he’s a living doll…….it’s all in the eyes!!👁👁 His parents were so proud of him……loved his speech……heartfelt!

gonzalowski Says:

I didn’t watch Twin Peaks in the 90’s, but I’m with it now, just started 2nd season… :)
I did’nt know there was so much clowning around on it, but I like. At least David Linch and his acolytes have their’s own world

Daniel Says:

Grass is easier for an upset to happen, that´s why we have several upset in Wimbledon before; Queerey vs Djoko last year, Stakovs vx Fed a few year Back and all Nadal´s firts week hurdles.

On clay, even with Djoko and Murray not on top form they were able to reach QF and smeis, adn all other baseliners went far: Nadal, Wawa, Thiem. Zverev was the only exception.

On grass, firstweek, everybody can loso to almost everybody. Is more unpredictable, even tough is not a surface for everybody.

Points a short, serve is more rewarded, we have serve and volley, mroe tibereaks. Contrary to clay, where you ccould watch a whole set without a single ace.

Even tough Big 4 are the favorites and all won multiple Wimbledon and domianted the tourney since 2003, with the uneaven form of Andy and Nole, Nadal´s first weeks losses, even Fed can eb surpsised and we could have none of them in second week.

Fed is the favorite and together with Murray, they are ones with least early losses there. I think Murray is on a streak of reaching QF and beyond since 2008.

chrisford1 Says:

Daniel – At the time Sam Querrey beating Djokovic was looked on as a big upset. Now we know it was just the beginning of Djokovic’s Time of Stinkitude. With Credit shared by his wife, brother Marco, and Pepe Le Phew.

Berghain Says:


Neither did I(watch it in the 90s), was only born in 88. Glad you enjoying it. Wait till you get to season 3 then it gets really crazy. NO more clowning, its hardcore and pure genius. There are some funny moments, not many though.

Willow Says:

Sherilyn Fenn was gorgeous a real classic beauty, and still looks amazing now ….

Willow Says:

Okie i was happy Feli won Queens, he is a nice guy, played well and deserved to win, i was gutted Pat never won W that year even though i was happy for Goran ….

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