Federer Loses to Unheralded Coric in ATP Halle Final
by Staff | June 24th, 2018, 6:12 pm

If you can beat Roger Federer on grass, safe to say you can probably win Wimbledon yourself.
Which has to be a quandary for Croatia’s Borna Coric, who had prior to this week in Halle won only two career matches on grass.

Coric on Sunday upset the top-seeded Federer 7-6(6), 3-6, 6-2 to raise the trophy at the 2018 Gerry Weber Open in Germany.

“Just really surprised…I had not even dreamed of this,” said an almost speechless Coric after the final.

It was only Coric’s second career title after 2017 Marrakech, and snapped Federer’s 20-match winning streak on grass.

“The whole week I was serving really well,” said the 21-year-old Coric. “I felt confident that I could hold serve and then automatically I can play with less stress.”

In March Coric lost to Federer in three sets in the Indian Wells semifinals. After this week he improved to 2-3 in career finals.

“I’m definitely going to leave with my head high, thinking it’s been a good run in Stuttgart and Halle,” said Federer, who was 2-0 against Coric entering the final, and will drop to No. 2 in the ATP rankings behind Rafael Nadal.

Coric will rise to a career-high No. 21.

In the third set Coric broke for a 4-2 lead before riding out the victory.

“I looked up to him when I was younger, watching his matches back at home with my mum, my dad and my sister,” Coric said of Federer. “Just playing him here today was a very special moment and beating him just makes it even bigger for me.”

Federer will enter Wimbledon with a Stuttgart title and Halle final during the grasscourt run-up to The Championships.

“[Coric played] quality tennis at the very end of that first set and then in the third…He never really dropped his level and that was it,” said Federer. “So, it was an unfortunate match for me but credit to Borna to really come out and play a tough match today.”

Federer dropped to 98-51 in career finals.

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30 Comments for Federer Loses to Unheralded Coric in ATP Halle Final

Humble Rafa Says:

No worries. At 101 years old, we are all lucky to watch him play. Oh one other thing, he is the favorite for Wimbledon according to the crowd here.

skeezer Says:

^true Fed fan, no?

Humble Rafa Says:

^true Fed fan, no?

Go ahead and dream. You have a week. Then reality hits.

AndyMira Says:

Commies to all Fedfans especially my friend Amit & Squirrel…It was not meant for him to win Halle this year…Imo playing B2B takes a toll on his body…

I wish him & u guys all the best for Wimby okay?

skeezer Says:

“Go ahead and dream. You have a week. Then reality hits.”
Your the one with the obsession. Dream on.

the_mind_reels Says:

Certainly a bummer for Federer, but he’s had plenty of match-play on grass over the last couple of weeks, so that’s good. And he’s come off a loss in the Halle finals before and run the table at SW19, so it’s not like he’s finding himself in uncharted territory.

As others have pointed out, it does seem like he could stand to clean a few things up in his current form, but grass is a surface of such slim margins and few chances. Credit to Coric, who has really grown in confidence over the last 12 months. The guy’s career on grass was non-existent until last week, so maybe he likes the stuff! I saw the two of them duke it out at Indian Wells earlier this year and was really impressed with Borna’s grit and ball-striking.

skeezer Says:

Fed has lost some in Halle before, Hass and Kohls. He lost at Halle in 2012 and then when on to win Wimby.
But agree tmr he is not in the mode he needs to be, like uber AO aggressive mode. Hope he finds that uber BH at Wimby. His serve is fine, FH has been shaky also, needs to clean that up. All this requires good movement, imo he has been lacking this season so far.

Humble Rafa Says:

Losing to unheralded player is bad, no?

RZ Says:

Nice to see Coric get a tournament win.
I had read that Fed seemed cranky and tired in his semifinal, so I wasn’t completely surprised by this. I think the week off will do him good.

skeezer Says:

“Losing to unheralded player is bad, no?”
Yes, Daniel Brown comes to mind.

rognadfan Says:

2 things. Coric is not exactly unheralded.
Second, people were somehow seeing Fed really sharp all week long which I thought was totally incorrect. Based on what I saw in the Paire match, he was Tsonga like sharp; not the Fed or other top dogs sharp; too inconsistent points-to-point, within games. And that led to close-escapes all week. So, someone like Coric, who tries to emulate Nole, would not let him off the hook like the “I-don’t-have-FH-only-the-Beard” Paire or Ebden (I don’t remember his game enough to really judge) did. So, the morning really showing the day in this case (i.e., Fed not winning the title), imho.

That said, HR is having the period of the year right now; no expectations from his god (in his mind) plus, he gets to bash the ones he hates a few times every day.

rognadfan Says:

Good thing this year’s wimbledon will not be on my tv-watching-calendar like past years (yeah football, bi*ch), So I won’t have to read HR’s little pellets of BS everytime I open TX, :)

skeezer Says:

“Losing to unheralded player is bad, no?”
If Coric is “unheralded player”, you got unheralded first by him a long time ago.

Truth Says:

Of course, if Freezer had escaped with the ‘weak era’ win, Skeeze would be huffing & puffing like Nadal narrowly lost to his maestro. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

lylenubbins Says:

I missed the match but from what I have read, Roger was not in good form. It is true he loses matches in grass warm up events (e.g. last year to Haas) but this is different because it was in a final at the end of a couple of weeks of play. We shall see . . . might be Novak’s opportunity.

Daniel Says:

Every time Fed recahed Wimbledon final he also reach Halle final before. There were times this didn’t happend because he skiped Halle when it was a week right after RG final (in those old days he was making it;-)

So, good indicator. Let’s see if he can reach final #12 in Wimbledon.

Wimbledon seeds is here:

Draw out on Friday and the 2 big questios are: Who will face Andy MUrray first round and who gest Djokovic R16? Djoko is 12th seed, so he can land in Fed, Nadal, or Cilic R16.

Kyrgios also 16th seed and could be dranw to one of top 4 either (Fedal, Cilic), most liklelly one of them gest him.

I think this year draw will be more vital than ever for a few players.

Humble Rafa Says:

We shall see . . . might be Novak’s opportunity.

Obviously, I think I am the favorite. Grass and clay are somewhat related, you know. Other than me, you are right. The Egg Lover is the next favorite. If he wins the Grazing Tournament Played By Gentlemen, Pepe is not going to be happy.

Daniel Says:

Murray beats Wawrink 6-1, 6-3 in Esastbourne, nice win!

j-kath Says:

Daniel: Thanks for your positive comment re. Andy vs. Stan.

You say there are 2 big questions: (1) Who will face Andy 1st round? and (2)Who gets Novak R.16?

What are your thoughts behind these 2 questions? (not trying to be difficult – just curious – e.g. PS – worried about these two or worried that they may be spoilers, or?). PS: Andy has yet to confirm he’ll play Wimb.

Daniel Says:


More like I don’t want to see Murray play Fed or Nadla in R1, rather than play at leats R16 onwards.

And specially for andy hope he gets soem easy rounds to pkay himself into form.

I know their ranking are low, but a Fes x Djoko or Nadal x Djoko in a Slam R16 will kust feel akward.

Humble Rafa Says:

Japanese Daniel,

Hate to tell you the news. You need to work on your spelling, grammar..the whole thing. Even with a Japanese to English translator, we are having difficulties understanding you.

SG1 Says:


I thought Daniel’s post was quite clear. Careful not to poke yourself in the eyes with all that twitching…

Humble Rafa Says:

I thought Daniel’s post was quite clear.

Dear Genius,

What do the following words/names mean?

Fes x
kust w

skeezer Says:

Easy peasy

Nadla – your fantasy
leats – least
pkay – play
soem – some
Fes x – your obsession
kust w – just
akward – awkward

If you are having further problems, c&p into a spell check. It will help you.

Humble Rafa Says:

If you are having further problems, c&p into a spell check. It will help you.

Since you spend a lot of time with cats, you probably only know two languages – English and cat language.

Some of us know more languages. Those words mean different things in those languages.

# probably an american

skeezer Says:

You can just answer it with your imfamous cats rebuttal? Lol ..your limitations are noted.

Enjoy your cats. Meow.

Madmax Says:

Happy for our dear Fed that he won Stuttgart. Happy that he got to the final. Was surprised, but oh my did Coric play the match of his life. No one could deny him his first title on grass. Fed was wonderful and gracious and happy for this player.

Now that is behind us, all of our energies will be focused on him at Wimbledon.

A request to FedExpress, relax please. Federer has done amazingly well this year. Since January, 2018, look at what he has achieved. Wimbledon is an open tournament for anyone to snatch, I just hope that Federer can snatch this for himself! If not, Wimbledon is to be enjoyed every day our incredible Fed walks onto court.

No. 1 court too, with the roof, is fantastic!

Strawberries and cream anyone?

Humble Rafa Says:

our incredible Fed walks onto court.


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