Djokovic Saves 3 Match Points In Dubai Thriller v Monfils, Will Meet Tsitsipas In Final
by Staff | February 28th, 2020, 10:16 pm

After three easy matches, Novak Djokovic was up against the wall courtesy of Gael Monfils who was in control of the World No. 1 in the Dubai semifinals.

But up a set and leading 6-3 in the second set breaker, Djokovic showed his true champion colors saving three straight match points then cruising in the decider to win his 17th straight match.

“It’s like being on the edge of a cliff,” said Djokovic. “You know there is no way back so you have to jump over and try to find a way to survive I guess and pray for the best and believe that you can make it, that there is something that is going to help you.

“That’s one of the things that I feel at the moment. Okay, one point away, one shot away. There is no going back. This is it. I accept the situation and try to make the most out of it.”

The win also Djokovic’s 17th straight over Monfils and ended the Frenchman’s 12-match win streak.

Djokovic is now 17-0 this year having won his last 20 matches dating back to the Davis Cup last year.

In the final, he’ll seek a fifth Dubai crown against Stefanos Tsitsipas who returned to the final for a second straight year after 6-2, 6-3 win over Dan Evans.

”I just managed to stay solid throughout the whole match,” said Tsitsipas. “I didn’t have massive breakdowns and just played a quality of tennis which I enjoyed.

“I am really impressed by the quality of my game today and I really hope to bring the same and possibly even better in the next round.”

Tsitsipas takes an 8-match win streak against the Serb who he has split four meetings with. But Djokovic won two of the last three including the Paris Indoors last fall.

“He’s in really good form and shape. He’s been playing great tennis. Everybody has seen what he did at the Australian Open,” said Tsitsipas. “For sure, I’m going to have to bring the best out of my game and reduce my mistakes and in general reduce everything, stay aggressive like today I would say… It’s going to take something extra for me to beat him tomorrow. I’m going to try and seek that.”

Added Djokovic on the final, “He’s one of the leaders of the new generation. He’s now established Top 5, Top 10 player of the world. He is a hard worker, dedicated, very charismatic guy, nice guy. He has a lot of talent, a lot of passion for the sport, for the game,” he said. “I think he’s fantastic for our sport, not just the way he plays but his charisma, his character, the way he behaves. He’s a really nice guy to have for tennis. It’s anybody’s game really.”

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10 Comments for Djokovic Saves 3 Match Points In Dubai Thriller v Monfils, Will Meet Tsitsipas In Final

FedExpress Says:

Dimi is a failure

Daniel Says:

Congrats Djoko on title #79. Also 18 straight matches win now entering IW-Miami, a combo he made te most. Interesting.

Nadal also playing for another title in a few hours in Acapulco vs Fritz. With his serve he can be dangerous but Nadal should prevail.

Madmax Says:

Fantastic result for Novak. Always a great player to watch, pure gymnastic ability and genius coupled together.

The Plant based diet rocks.

chrisford1 Says:

Madmax –

1. The plant based diet may have been the prime cause of Novak getting a little (but enough) worn down 2nd half of 2019. Parts of that year, he looked like he was semi-cadaverous. Feed him fish, at least. Electroshock him to salivate at sight of fish like a sea lion would.

2. Agree on watching Rafa, Novak, and a healthy Murray play tactical brilliant defense that can shift to-offense at an instant. Each is a dedicated world class athlete with each having their own artistry and elevation of an element of the sport.
Not to slight Roger, as he wants to have short points and not be tactical past one or two shots. He actually is excellent on defense to offense. But they are defense tennis artistry, he is offense play artistry!

Wog Boy Says:

CF1, he is entering animal proteins into his body, he might not eat animal products but he is definitely entering them.

chrisford1 Says:

Entering without eating? Before figured you probably meant protein supplement pills, I was thinking you mean animal products entering his body as suppositories.
“Sasha! If inserting a chicken drumstick to supplement my shredded Canadian lichen salad wasn’t enough, you are putting a foot long mackerel in there! ”
“Not all of it, the tailfin is sticking out.” Pause. “Sort of looks cute.”
“You know, Novak, chicken doesn’t taste bad at all, and mackerel on the barbie is great. That is what normal people do with them. They eat them for nutrition!”

Wog Boy Says:

Whatever he is doing, but he is not vegan nor he looks like one, nor acts like one. Every vegan I know is very pacified person, moving quietly through the life, with no aggression whatsoever, Nole is not that.

Jelena is pragmatic boss, she figured out that she is losing millions of dollars so she told him:

“ok, take a leave from veganisam and sect, beat the crap out of tennis ball for few more years and then we will search for nirvana again”
… and he obeyed.

My favourite rugby player is Mormon, he also asked and was allowed by his “church” not to follow strict rules while he is active player, particularly that he cannot play on Saturday or Sunday, I am not sure which day Mormons cannot do anything but praying.

Nole himself said ones that he is pescatarian more than vegan, but again, maybe he asked Novartis for help, those Swiss are geniuses, just wait and look, 38 years old will come back better than ever, like last time after knee “surgery” and disappearing for 6 months;)

skeezer Says:


Wog Boy Says:

Magic potion before Wimbledon and Tokyo, takes 6 months to kick in and keeps him going for another 6 months, remember 2015/16, makes sense, no?;)

Ahh those arthroscopic “surgeries” that don’t leave a scar…it was groin and bad back combined at AO otherwise he wouldn’t have lost to Nole and suddenly from nowhere appears bad knee and 6 months break..:)

Truth Says:

His legs were bigger but his arms were weak, so he caused a tragic career 3 years ago.
I’m glad he stopped being a tree hugging baby. He hugged ivanisevic instead.

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