Djokovic Ends Year On Top With ATP Finals Title Over Ruud

by Staff | November 20th, 2022, 8:27 pm

Djokovic began 2022 in the worst possible way getting deported from Australia. But the Serb finished on top in his own way winning his sixth ATP Finals title trouncing Casper Ruud 7-5, 6-3 Sunday in Turin.

The win puts Djokovic even with Roger Federer for the all-time record at six ATP Finals. It was also his first crown at the event since 2015. And at 35, he’s the oldest winner in tournament history and in three different decades.

“I missed a couple of forehands in the last game when I was serving for it,” Djokovic said after his 91st career title. “I had nerves, but I am really grateful to be able to serve the match out. I had a big ace to close out. Seven years has been a long time. At the same time, the fact that I waited seven years makes this victory even sweeter and even bigger.”

Djokovic improves to 4-0 against Ruud and 8-0 in sets.

“One break of serve was enough in both sets. I knew Casper was playing really well coming into this match. We both served really well and I think in some decisive moments, like the 12th game of the first set, I managed to put a few returns back in play,” added Djokovic who lost just six points on first serve.

”I made him run, made him play. I was really pleased with the way I played. I was looking to be very aggressive and it worked great. I am really pleased with the performance.”

Ruud was appearing in his first ATP Finals title match, and finishes the year with runner-ups at two Slams and also Turin.

“In the end it’s been disappointing to end up losing these big finals,” Ruud said. “Overall, if you gave me an offer to end the year at No. 3, play the finals that I’ve played, at the 1st of January this year, I would probably sign the contract right away. No doubt about it.”

One thing Ruud shook was the label of a clay court player. The Norwegian made the US Open finals and made the championship match in Turin.

“This result to me is maybe one of the most surprising, finishing the year here on a blistering fast indoor hard court, making the final, not something that I found very likely,” Ruud said. “Maybe neither did I, in the US Open, to make the final.

“I’ve overachieved compared to my own mind, so I’m very happy about that.”

Djokovic finished winning 18 of his last 19 matches and will finish No. 5 but next year. He will have plenty of points coming his way with Australia (Ruud also missed the Australian) and potentially Indian Wells and Miami.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that what I hold in my mind is a huge hunger still to win trophies,” said Djokovic. “Make history of this sport, compete on the highest level all around the world, bring good emotions to sports fans, tennis fans. That’s what drives me a lot.

“I have a lot of different motivational factors, and I don’t lack any motivation for the moment. Of course, we all have bad days or bad weeks. But generally the feel is still there.”

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31 Comments for Djokovic Ends Year On Top With ATP Finals Title Over Ruud

Mee-Losh Says:

Funny enough – give Djokovic those 2K Wimbledon points that were inexplicably withheld from him, and he actually ends the year No. 1.
Without even having played AO, USO or any of the North American masters.

Ste Says:

Mee-Losh: If ranking points were awarded for Wimbledon, then Alcaraz’s total would increase as well.

Alcaraz would still be #1

Mee-Losh Says:

True, true, you have a point.
Still, difficult to imagine a world where Djokovic not being ranked No. 1 seems fair. He’d basically had to have won 250 points *combined* at AO, USO and the North American masters, and he’d easily be 1st.
But, such is the world we live in.

chrisford1 Says:

The problem is that the ban on Russians and Belarussians changed the who dynamic so no one knows if Djokovic would have won, Alcaraz placed well – had the Russians played. You can’t award points for a hypothetical contest.
Wimbledon really blew it with over-virtue signaling.
And the Fudds in the All-Wimbledon Committee left the USA, which plotted and fomented the Ukraine proxy war against Russia, unscathed for their aggression. They also never banned the USA for other wars of bombing, invading, regime change aggression the USA launched, mostly because America’s British lapdog was loyally at heel.

Going to be a bad winter for dumb Green Germans, but a worse one for any Ukie that lacks the wealth to get out and ride out the winter in an Oligarchs Condo high rise in Miami, Tel Aviv, the Caymans.

zed Says:

ChrisFord1, I think we are only 2-3 weeks away before the ground freezes and activities in Ukraine accelerate.

The goal was demilitarisation of the Ukrainians and whilst that has been progressing very efficiently the supply of additional (although outdated) military equipment via NATO has somewhat extended the operation. Additionally, things have been somewhat on hold with the current muddy conditions but the ground freeze is coming and we should see things accelerating towards resolution.

Once the train lines coming from Poland are taken by the Russian forces currently waiting just over the border with Belarus, Kyiv will be cut off. Add that to the power infrastructure being picked off on a daily basis by the drones and I think you’ll see Zelensky and his cronies retreating to their multi-million dollar mansions in Florida and Israel as you have pointed out. They’ll be enjoying life by the pool and the warm sunshine.

For the average Ukranian citizen there is no military plane waiting to take them to sunnier climes. They will be wanting life to return to normal (such as it was before all this) and maybe realising they’ve been had.

For Western Europe, particularly Germany, they must be wondering who their actual enemy is. The conduit for the gas that could have heated their homes and powered their industry was clearly blown up by their “friends”. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Many people on this forum live in the UK. They must be wondering how they can make ends meet with the rising cost of energy, food and now increasing taxes. All of this thanks to the very politicians that are supposed to be looking after the best interests of the people.

Maybe people will finally realise that their masters don’t care about them and in fact are making things harder for them or maybe they’ll just keep taking it and suffer in silence. I honestly can’t guess which way they will go.

All I know is it’s going to be a tough Winter.

At least you’ll all be able to watch Australians sweltering in the Summer heat as we watch Novak take his 10th Australian Open.

chrisford1 Says:

Novak’s 10th. That would be a sight to see. If he only wins one Slam the rest of his career, and who knows, other players look and play great until one month in one year, it stops, and they are ordinary again – another French Open.
Almost more than that, he wins another Monte Carlo and Cincinnati and becomes the 1st to achieve a triple sweep of the Masters.
I will enjoy the decline of Novak as well. Something compelling about seeing the great champions finally giving way to the new dudes on the block. Alcaraz isn’t the only one, just the one who has dazzled more than the others, but his talent and abilities are not a huge leap away from games that Sinner and Fritz have going.

I’d like to see the Russians and Belarussians back at Wimbledon. Don’t know. This war was needless and brutal and only the rich are going to be better for the war. But the USA, which started the proxy war, is still supporting their Neocon and international banker masters. With Ukraine, With COP27. And letting China into Brazil and Africa, big time. I don’t think sanctions will end by the time of next Wimbledon.

Wog Boy Says:

Redemption time for Rennae Stubbs, she wasn’t talking like that in January, but we accept apology:

Tennispompom Says:

Zed, you’re right, things are not good in UK. Inflation is horrendous and bound to get worse. Not just the quadrupling of the gas and electric costs, but basic food – the real essentials like milk, eggs, meat, fish. Seriously depressing. Scotland wants to leave the Union, more than ever, NHS is not functioning, underfunded year after year for the past 10 – 12 years, and getting worse. Can’t get a face to face GP appointment for love or money. I’m lucky to have a great dentist! Lots of people don’t. But worst of all are the shortages – these mysteriously happen from time to time, the current shortages are eggs – supermarkets are rationing people to two boxes, but even so – the shelves are emptied out pretty quickly.

We’re up the proverbial shirt creek without a paddle.

Tennispompom Says:

ChrisFord, there are a couple of really good videos of Djokovic on tennis dot com (post-match press conf after Medvedev match, and another one after winning the trophy). Djokovic talked of his love of tennis and how he intends to go on competing for the foreseeable future.

But I do agree, a decline is inevitable sooner or later. He seems to be as strong as he was in 2021, when he was one short of a calendar year GS, but I’m not so sure of his endurance – he’s no spring chicken. Remember that famous Djokovic Nadal AO Final, which lasted nearly 6 hours? I don’t think either of them could do that any more.

The secret is to enjoy tennis, win or lose, support other players. I’m currently predicting good things for Novak, Rublev and Rune in 2023. Also hoping for Zverev’s return.

zed Says:

Tennispompom, It does seem like the world is hurtling towards a precipice.

The staggering printing of money by all Western nations will lead to even greater inflation. History (all the way back to the Romans) shows us that this is the inevitable result of having the ability to create money out of thin air and then abusing that privelege.

It seems that lessons are never learned. Already we have seen American officials threatening to “price-cap” fuel prices. As stupid as it is, it got a lot of support from a lot of stupid people.

Whilst things in Australia are not perfect, we are blessed with two things. A very small population and enormous, seemingly inexhaustible, natural resources. If things get too hard Australia is always an option. Similarly, New Zealand has a standard of living.

Responding to ChrisFord1, I also look forward to the final transition from the big 3 to the new guard. I probably wouldn’t phrase it as “The decline of Novak” but I take your point that he represents the final brick in the wall that the big 3 have built and the young ones need to dismantle.

I feel that Novak will reach a crescendo in 2023 but it will take everything out of him. He’ll be very careful about pacing himself to use energy as efficiently as possible. Older athletes always hit this phase, just look at boxing. In this phase their experience allows them to compensate for aging bodies for a while but of course in a battle against time, time will always win.

Having said that, I think he will continue to compete in 2024 but it will be harder, much harder, and he won’t be able to match 2023. He’ll turn 37 in 2024 and I expect if he hasn’t already retired by Wimbeldon 2024 then he will at the end of that tournament. He loves Wimbeldon, it was his dream when he was a child and it is the appropriate tournament for his swan song.

Rafa is a year older. Whilst he rules at RG he’ll turn 37 in 2023 and in 2024 he’ll be 38, it would be asking too much of him to win RG 2024. If he did achieve that then that’s one for the history books, it would be remarkable.

I see Rune, Sinner and FAA challenging Alcaraz more than people think today. I watched Rune beat Novak at Paris and whilst I’m no expert my guts tell me that he is going to dominate more than Alcaraz over the next 10 years.

Last word. Sanctions against Russia are already hurting Western nations more than they ever hurt Russia. Support for said sanctions will only wane going forward, WEF-owned politicians will receive ever increasing constituent hostility as Winter bites. I can’t see the trendy virtue-signaling continuing all the way to Wimbeldon 2023 so I think Russian and Belarusian players will be back and everyone will pretend like it never happened.

Novak to retire with at least 23 slams, probably 24 and quite possibly 25, 26 at the outside methinks. Rafa most likely to plateau at 22 but maybe retiring with 23.

Wog Boy Says:

Nole won’t retire before Olympics, he’ll have another crack at it, last hurrah.

zed Says:

WB, yes you are correct. He really wants to win Gold for Serbia but in that year do you think he will be playing his usual schedule or a somewhat reduced schedule?

zed Says:

p.s. Thought the people on here would enjoy this very thorough examination of the players:

Wog Boy Says:

He is already pacing himself differently than before, I believe he’ll do GSs, not all masters, Belgrade since it’s family business and do Olympics between Wimbledon and USO.

Japan was huge mistake, everything was wrong with Japan 2021. he was told that by coaches, friends, but that stubborn Serbian DNA didn’t want to listen.
Nobody is perfect.

zed Says:

WB, I’m reading he will start his year playing in Adelaide. It is very tempting to go and watch him play. For me it’s about an 8 hour drive, for you it’s more than that I think.

zed Says:

p.s. Everyone should watch this, it is brilliant

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, for me it’s double that time.

Wog Boy Says:

Jim Courier is right on the money, as usual, nothing to do with Nole so haters can open the link:

skeezer Says:

Djoker is not even on the nominee list for the this years ATP Sportsmanship award.

Giles Says:

Lol skeezer. Well, he is clearly no sportsman. Lying, cheating, humbug deserves to be out in the cold.

zed Says:

Seriously Giles, nothing will improve in your life until you decide to take steps towards improvement.

Wog Boy Says:

What kind of credibility has award that in the last 18 years has been won by 2 (TWO) players?!
Put Novak aside, don’t tell me that in the last 18 years it was no other player worth sportsmanship award but those two?!
Talking about this year nominated players, how on earth can you nominate “permanently injured one” after what he did to Sonego (against all ATP rules) at Wimbledon or Tiafoe after calling Tsitsipas “Greek Yogurt”?!
Try to imagine Tsitsi calling Tiafoe “American chocolate”?!

chrisford1 Says:

The Edberg Award is a farce.
Same with “ATP fan favorite” when you think about it and how a player from 1 of 3 markets must always get it on fan numbers their area can crank out. USA, China, Western Europe.
But the Edberg Award aka the “Roger Federer Award” is true farce because there are many notable sportsmen on the ATP Tour but 20 straight years of nothing but Nike’s duo of Roger & Rafa? Players, even announcers laugh over the “suspense” of who might win for several years.

zed Says:

Most awards get corrupted or politicised. For example, the Nobel peace prize long ago became a joke.

Everything is run by people and people are not to be trusted, thus most things cannot be trusted.

Eat, drink, love those that love you, accept that the human race is flawed and don’t believe what people tell you until you can verify with your own eyes and ears.

Giles Says:

XYZ. Grapes are sour ……. comes to mind! Lol

zed Says:

Do you have anyone that loves you Giles?

Okiegal Says:

I love all Rafa fans and Giles is at the very top of my list! Giles is as loyal as I am. Birds of a feather, flock together………….tur-key (Zed)‼️ 😜😜😜

zed Says:

Thanks Okiegirl, I guess my question has been answered.

Okiegal Says:



Giles Says:

Hey Oki. Thanks much for your generous comment. The feeling is mutual. How are you doing? Just ignore xyz. He’s a nonentity as far as I’m concerned!

Alison hodge Says:

Seasons greetings to all our TX posters old and new, hope your all safe and well
😍 And to J. Kath if you see this message as we share the same one Happy birthday 🎂

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