Why Rafael Can Win Wimbledon before Roger Wins the French
by Sean Randall | June 18th, 2006, 12:34 pm

Rafael NadalThat’s right. Call me crazy — I know you will — but that’s what I think.

Ask yourself this — who is more likely to lose before the final the next few years, Rafael Nadal at the French Open or Roger Federer at Wimbledon? Tough call. Probably neither, but if I had to pick one I’d go with Roger.

On clay, Rafa, as we all know, is the man, er, the beast. To beat him three sets on the red at Roland Garros has been next to impossible — actually it’s been impossible! And while the competition overall is much stiffer at the French Open, it’s doubtful anyone is going to be favored to knock him out before the final.

At Wimbledon, Roger has dominated recently like few others. Three straight titles, all relatively easily, has put the Swiss well above anyone else on that surface. But on grass a hot-serving player is always a threat, and Roger could find himself playing that roulette-like tiebreak tennis that we see so much at Wimbledon.

A couple bad bounces in a tiebreaker, a couple breaks and Federer could be finished against a guy like Ivo Karlovic at Wimbledon. Whereas on clay, Nadal would have a better chance of working his way through such jams.

(Example: If Fed was down two sets to Karlovic at Wimbledon or Nadal was down two sets to Fernando Gonzalez at the French, who would be most like to come back and win? I’d take Nadal only because Fed is not going to break Karlovic three times, thus he would have to play a tiebreak or two to sneak by and win.)

But back to Nadal winning Wimbledon. How can that happen? First, he needs a good draw — that is no big servers like Karlovic or Andy Roddick or even Greg Rusedski. And then of course he needs Federer to get bounced at some point — Nadal isn’t beating Fed on grass, at least not anytime soon.ADHEREL

On the plus side for Nadal, despite his lack of grass play the Spaniard should fare well given there are so few grasscourt specialists around who can take advantage of the surface, which is seemingly only getting slower. Also, the turf at Wimbledon rewards guys who are quick (Nadal), can return serve (Nadal), are strong mentally (Nadal), possess a big serve (okay, not Nadal but he does have a high first serve percentage) and can volley well (not Nadal, but he’s improving).

Andre Agassi won it. David Nalbandian reached the final. Xavier Malisse and Sebastien Grosjean reached the semifinals. If they can do it can’t Nadal? Agassi and Nalbandian are both very crisp ball strikers, return well and can take the ball early. Nadal doesn’t have that kind of game back came make up for it with his raw power and foot speed.

Still not feeling my vibe? Okay, we’ll imagine Nadal gets the exact same draw at Wimbledon that Federer had last year.

Match-by-match, ask yourself if Nadal would win:
First Round: Paul-Henri Matheiu. Tricky first-rounder with the talented Frenchman, but edge goes to Nadal as Matheiu hasn’t exactly set the grass on fire.
Second Round: Ivo Minar. Big edge to Nadal here.
Third Round: Nicolas Kiefer. Kiefer is certainly tough, but he’s also rather squirrelly and quite the headcase. Very slight edge to Nadal who could lose this match.
Fourth Round: Juan Carlos Ferrero. Huge edge to Nadal in this one.
Quarterfinal: Fernando Gonzalez. Slight edge to Nadal but Gonzo could win this (or any match for that matter) in straights.
Semifinal: Lleyton Hewitt. Nadal would come in as the underdog in this one, but it’s winnable for the Spaniard.
Final: Andy Roddick. Roddick would be the clear favorite but would you really bet the house on him? Doubt it! The guy needed five sets to beat Danielle Bracialli last year.

And there you have it, Nadal just won Wimbledon!

Nadal of course will not roll through that draw like Fed did but he’d be likely favored to win each match up until Hewitt, and once he gets to that stage of the event and if Fed’s been eliminated then who knows.

As for the flip side — Fed winning the French — the problem is that there are more players who can give Fed a run on the clay than can give Nadal on run on the grass. Fed does have a better chance of beating Nadal in the French final than Nadal does have of beating Fed in the Wimbledon final but both I think are long shots.

Another thing to consider is that Fed is nearly five years older than Nadal meaning that Fed’s physical skills are far more likely to slide than Nadal’s. And to win the French especially over Nadal you have to be at your best physically.

Of course if Nadal does lose early at the French, Fed immediately becomes the favorite, but at Wimbledon should Fed lost early Nadal probably isn’t among the Top 3 favorites who can win the title.

But bottom line is I can’t see Rafa getting knocked out early at the French the next few years whereas Fed could get bumped early at Wimbledon, and that’s why I say Rafa can win Wimbledon before Roger will win the French.

Just some added food for thought. Remember the last guy to beat Roger on grass, Mario Ancic? Guess who beat Ancic the following year at Wimbledon? Yup, Rafael Nadal.


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53 Comments for Why Rafael Can Win Wimbledon before Roger Wins the French

Suzie Says:

Mr.Randall, yes, you’re crazy. Yes, definitely.

So, after seeing just two wins at Queen’s, you concluded that he’d beat all the players in the draw of Federer’s at last year’s Wimbledon(including Kiefer, Hewitt, Roddick)? Wow, some analysis.

Now I start feeling for Rafa. You’re almost making him like a fool. Yes, this kid is good on hard, the best on clay. But please give him a break and face some reality. He even doesn’t consistently win the matches on hard court. Then on grass? Besides 2 weeks after the FO? You demand too much from him. Just leave him alone until his on grass will be proven as a contender in Wimbledon.

Adolfo Says:

Mr Randall

You are not crazy. I think like you.
Maybe not this year, but is possible in 2007. Nadal needs to understand, how must play on grass and mentally he learn fast. For me is more easy Nadal win on grass or hard court that win on red clay ( 1,85 h / 85 kg ? isn´t a good body structure to play on this surface)


Ted Martin Guildner Says:

Rafael Nadal is an anomoly that you folks, and the most part of the world, do not yet understand. Not only does Rafa have a better chance to win Wimbledon than Fed at Paris, but Rafa may start to dominate all the other surfaces as well. You see, this is a young, strong, passionate man who is completely ambidextrous and his natural talents and feel for the game are oozing from every pore. On top of that, he actually has a personality and his head and heart are solid stuff. The wonderful joy of the sport and the child-like zeal for the competition give him such an advantage, he has the capability to absolutely champion the tennis world. I love to see his honest passion and sincere game. He developed his style on his own, and youth and strength and lust for the pureness of the game and the joy it is supposed to provide show forth in his play. At last, a man I can cheer for other than Agassi!

zaid(hewitt) Says:

hi guys i think that u have forgotten that there are many talented players rather than federer and nadal u have forgotten that there is a player called lleyton gyne hewitt who is one of the best player in the world and maybe the best , yeah dont say i am crazy but see that hewitt in last match against federer in us open if u have seen it he controlled most of the match but unfortunatelly roger was quite lucky to win him and against nadal hewitt made a great match against the beast of clay in rolland garos the third set must went to hewitt but he was very unlucky ok no problem after that they met in queen’s club and hewitt won the match ,but despite nadal retreat from the match for an shoulder injury as he said, i don’t think there was any injury becoz he was shooting the ball very strong and easily so if there was any injury how could he did that so if there was no injury nadal shoots will becom nuclear pumps hhhhhhhhhh and dont forget in the match hewitt got 14 break point and he converted only 2 of them for 2 for nadal which was converted easily so that mean hewitt was dominating nadal’s games. ok and now hewitt won london queen club and his confident is very high now so i hope he will win wimbeldon and stop the dominant of federer,,,,,,,,,,, and u saw in gerry weber that federer won most of his matches in three sets so he is now in danger he saved 4 match points against oliver rochus…..so may this year we would see a new champion in wimbeldon hopefully hewitt……….sorry guys for grammer and spelling mistakes……

anna karenina Says:

sorry zaid, i can’t understand what you are saying. try using the full stop sometimes. tq

Pragmatist Says:

There might be some truth in your comments. But I think it is too early to say Rafa will go on to dominate all other courts before he has won another grand slam besides French Open. He is young, he is athletic, he has the passion but I have followed tennis for years to see such guys/women with passion fade away in years. New stars keep emerging. Chang won wimbledon when he was 17, Hewitt was predicted to dominate for years, so was Safin!). I would never think of Nadal as a true competition to Roger in Wimbledon or other courts unless he really performs in other courts. Its just too damn early. He might just be another clay court king like Courier, Bruguera, Muster etc, well perhaps the best of them.

So what is the true yardstick – The previous era had Sampras and Agassi and this era has a meltdown of the two in Roger Federer. Roger makes mistakes and can have an off day but only very few people have beaten Roger and it takes significant effort to beat Roger. Every defeat Roger suffers only pushes him to another level.

I never thought there would be a guy who could play better than Pistol Pete or have an all court play like Agassi. Roger is definitely a genius to have achieved what he has achieved right now and will go on to mesmerize his opponents and the tennis world.

Roger will win this wimbledon no doubt! Unless Roddick does a Krajicek.. Is safin around?

Jack Carlson Says:

Even Nadal would have to laugh at your pajas mentales. Get a life.

rjnick Says:

I think getting to the second week would be a good result for Rafa this year. I hope he does seriously contend for this title. I think all four grand slams are better off if the top players are all serious contenders — and not just threats at one or two of the slams.

vince vega Says:


Jon Says:


I agree with Mr. Randall- but not because of the reasons he has given. The buiggest asset to Nadal is he is young and he has got great mental strength – he is completly fearless. And he is learninig fast.

And that is why he will will Wimbledon. Not because Federer will get more threat at grass. He is super talented- and that is what helps him on tight situations. But then he always gives a chance. Nadal has been more than eager to grab those. At times, Federer can be quite ordinary.

But the point you said againt Nadal is what is more relevent. Hewitt and Roddick are too good for Nadal at grass right now. (That may soon change though. )They can stop him far too easily than Federer.

On the other hand, a good draw can get Roger a French Open too. What would have happened if Nadal had lost to Mathieu? Federer played 4:30 Hrs less than Nadal to reach final. How would have won? Just see the semifinals on this years French Open – except Nadal no one was a clay specialists. Other not-so-good clay players like Hewitt and Roddick too did resonably well. So you can see that there is no one is going to hurt Federer much there-the playes he will be playing againt are going to be his grass and hard court opponenets only, with their sting considerably mellowed. If you think this way Federer has a real chance at French Open !!

Only time can tell.

Mauro Says:

Roger will win Wimbledon this year, period. Unless he gets injured, I don’t see him losing. Who is the threat; Hewitt or Roddick? Maybe you all have forgotten about the last few years and the direct matches. After Paris all the press, as expected, was starting to “question” and sensationalize everything that Federer did/does. Here is a simple fact that we all forget: Roger, over the last few years, has progressively shown that he can and will get better and better on clay. He reached the final this year and will win next year. Mark my words. Also, although Federer may be older than Nadal, there are definetly more chances that Nadal will have to slow down or stop due to injuries. Nadal’s game is unbelievably physical and the odds are greater that he will get injured and Federer will continue onward.

kansri Says:

hi, mr. randall
i think u r the most idiot i’ve known. ur idea about roger is so stupid. from ur idea (i can assume that u never believe like every one in the real world do that is roger is the best player in all court…i say all court not only clay)u admire nadal much, u never complement roger when he can be in fo final, pete never did even semi-final. in my country esp. the poeple i know all say that nadal’s character is so rude. we never like the way he shows his fist every time he got the point or break others’ games. maybe it’s ur culture not to support the great one and pray for him to be the best as possible
as he can till he feel bored or would like to retire. ur idea is there must be someone get rid of him like nadal or does sth that make him get hurt by ur stupid pens!
i’d like to tell u that u r reporter or writer, u should let every one know both sides of every thing not only one side from ur idea. u know ur idea shows every one in the whole world that ur super idiot. one thing i think it’s u who can teach nadal to stop roger but before that time teach him to pass the second or the third round in winmbledon or not to get hurt as he did in stella artois, can u?
god bless me not to be born in ur country and get such bad idiot idea as u do.
be nice mr. idiot or u cannot have along term working for media.

Jerome Says:

Nadal winning Wimbledon? Unlikely, you would say. But still.
– How many people dared to predict in 1976, just after the French, that Wimbledon would win Wimbledon?
– How many people dared to predict that Borg would win a second Wimbledon in 1977?

History proves that matches are won on courts, not on paper

Jerome Says:

Ofcourse I mean…’that Borg would win Wimbledon.’ Typo!

joy Says:

Roger Federer has already reach French open final. Nadal has not been even close to such an achievenmt in Wimbledon yet. So, Mr. Randal…think about. It would be better for you to say that Nadal is your favourite player and we will undestand you.

Swiss Bull Says:

Sean, I’ve watched Federer over the years on grass, first of all; he won’t lose, if no illness or injuries) so Nadal will have to face Roger the next years on Wimbledon in the final (if they give the Spanish Bull seed nr.2), like Roger probably will have to face Nadal at Paris.

Fed Express will beat Karlovic in the tiebreaks too, as it’s not so much about luck there, the Croat will crumble in the rallies, which they have a few. Besides Roger has read his serve better than anyone else.

BUT (AND THIS IS A VERY LARGE BUTT) Nadal is far more vulnerable to injuries. I have no doubt he will miss one of his next Roland Garrosses(!) where as I don’t see Roger being injured too often, as he dances so smooth on the court.

The best conclusion I can give is that your prediction is not based on a lot of facts and mine offers a little more facts but it’s still all looking into dirty glass, no?

CB Says:

Fed took 8 FO to reach his first final.Nadal has only played 2 Wimbledons so you can’t really compare number of finals reached.

In his first 2 Wimby’s Fed lost in the first round on what is now considered his best surface.In his first two Wimby’s Nadal reached the 3rd and 2nd round.As long as Nadal gets to FO final Fed won’t win it.Nadal may very well win Wimbledon before Fed wins the French.He is very young and learning very fast.Nadal played pretty well at Queens.Already improved a lot from last year-don’t write him off.

mel Says:


Bas Says:

Yes I agree with Joy, although Nadal is stil young he only reached the fourth round of a grandslam other than Roland Garros ones. He lost all four times to Hewitt when he played him on another surface then clay(He also lost al hardcourt matches against Rodick and Blake). Hewitt winner of Wimbledon(2) and Queens(4) will be a HUGE favourite against nadal. Federer already demonstrated he got Hewitts number on grasscourts aswell as Roddicks. And if it wasn’t for Roger, Roddick and Hewitt would have won 6 wimbeldons and 7 queens titles together. So it is certainly not only roger stopping Nadal from winning grascourt titles! And until Nadal doesn’t even score wins against Blake, Roddick, Nalbandian and Hewitt on hardcourts he won’t even dream about winning wimbeldon.

One big result from Nadal on hardcourt though is that he won from Federer in Dubai. But one win against at big player is not enough to win a grandslam. Federer didn’t win wimbeldon when he beat Sampras, Ancic didn’t win wimbedon when he beat Federer and Karlovic didn’t win wimbeldon when he beat hewitt.

Jerome Says:

Hi Joy: Bjorn Borg already won two french titles, and his best achievement was a quarterfinal at Wimbledon (1973), and one in 1975 (he lost to Ashe). Then from 1976 on…

Mr. Randal is not saying that Nadal is going to roll over Wimbledon… he just fancies his chances now the grass courts are playing like hardcourts…even Tin Henman is not playing serve & volley any more!

Adolfo Says:

I never though that’s possible someone insult you in public.

Why so many experts in world, call you “idiot”???

only was an opinion…

Good Bye , Mr Randall

Roy Says:

Mr. Randall:

I would like to give you the benefit of doubt and assume your comments were meant to be provocative. That said, I believe this post to be filled with uninformed analyses and reflections. Most seasoned tennis observers have given Roger Federer a much greater chance of winning the French Open than Rafael Nadal of winning at Wimbledon. That’s not to say Nadal won’t ever have a chance at lifting the Wimbledon trophy, but that it’s relatively unlikely compared with Federer’s chances in Roland Garros.

Arun Says:

Good analysis – I agree with you provided Rafa works on a bigger serve to take advantage of the speed on grass, also if he works a little on his footwork, getting used to not sliding around as he does on clay. If the footwork doesn’t change a little he could get an injury. Queens did however show Rafa is getting used to the change in movement and I like the way he hasn’t written off his chances at Wimbledon; as he did last year after the French – it would take a small miracle this year for him to win, but it shows he is taking grass seriously I’d give him 3 years to show up in a Wimbledon final.

Suzie Says:

Jerome, tennis in 70s was a lot different from modern tennis. In Borg’s era, almost all players served and volleyed with wooden rackets regardless of different surfaces. Today’s tennis requires more ‘differentiated’ approach in terms of technique, mindset, foorwork, etc, in order to master both of clay and grass games. In other words, clay and grass in modern tennis are far distant extremes than in 70s. Therefore, it’s soooooo much harder to win both of FO and Wimbledon these days.

Remember that Nadal’s tennis is a perfect fit for clay in every way. In fact, too perfect. Then how far can he modify his game to win Wimbledon? Just improving his serve and footwork on grass a little bit will be never enough to beat Roddick or Hewitt, let alone Federer. Speaking of Federer’s case, he has much rounded game than Nadal so that he can adjust his game to grass more easily and smoothly.

Another significant problem is that grass season always begins in 2 weeks after FO and lasts just 4 weeks. How much time will he get for adjusting his game from clay to grass? He would have to sacrifice FO title if he desperately wanted to win Wimbledon. Look at Federer. After digging deep into every clay tournament and FO which he’s never done before, even he struggled to win in Halle.

Legolas Says:

The facts presented by Mr. Randall is based upon favortism rather than reality. Rafael Nadal can never win the Wimbledon due to the pace on grass which I feel he lacks to adjust to, soon after winning the French Open. Maybe, just maybe he can win the Championships if he skips the French. Lets Hope. Go Roger!!

Sue Says:

Hurrah! I so agree with you, and it is great to have a supporter for Rafael Nadal in the press. I have watched tennis since the 1950’s, and supported Lew Hoad, Ilie Nastase, Andre Agassi, and Roger Federer amongst others. I think Rafa will turn out to be the greatest of them all. I find it incredible that so many people do not seem to recognise his amazing talent, & strength of character.
Vamos Rafa!

Budz Says:

I think you are crazy. For the reason that Nadal plays far too many tournaments and therefore he is very injury prone. I believe Nadal is bound to be injured for one of the next 3 French Open’s due to this and his high number of matches on clay before the French. And currently considering Federer is easily the 2nd best on play in the world, its only a matter of time before Nadal is injured and Federer wins the French. In addition to this Federer seems to only be getting better on clay.

Chris Says:

Tennis is not an exact science so you cannot exclude that Mr. Randall’s prediction will happen. What is sure is that a few weeks ago, Nadal himself said that Roger was closer to win the French Open than him to win Wimbledon. I guess he knows what he is talking about…

Nat Says:

A Roddick-Nadal final? Roddick will probable be on Federer’s side of the draw, and Nadal will be lucky if he reaches 3rd or 4th round.

Agassi and Nalbandian can have outstanding performances on all surfaces, unlike Nadal. Perhaps in the future Nadal can have a shot at Wimbly but it’s not gonna be this year.

Nadal wouldn’t be able to beat Federer on grass. At least not today.

Tracey Joy Says:

Wow. While I think Nadal is a great player, I think he has to show some consistency on a surface other than clay. Let’s not forget, Feds has reached the finals of every major tournament this year, (including French, which is his worst surface) and Nadal is the only player to have beaten him. I love Nadal’s heart; he never gives up and he is a very physical player. I don’t know whether or not he will ever win Wimbledon, but I do think it’s more likely that Feds will win French sooner that Nadal wins Wimbledon, simply because there are more players out there than can beat Nadal. By the way, doesn’t Uncle Tony have an uncanny resemblance to Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban?

Jerome Says:

Hi Suzie

Yes, the times are changed. And if Borg (by some kind of Back to the Future miracle) would play current players, he would have a hard time. I was not comparing the circumstances, though, just the expectations about Nadal/Federer, and how these two have chances on each surface. The fact is: you just don’t know. Agassi winning his first Grand Slam on grass? Geez. That would have been just a weird prediction (before he did it) as Nadal having a chance on grass. I don’t think he will do it this year. But once in a lifetime? Don’t be so sure about him not doing it.

mike Says:

Yes, I agree that Nadal still needs some work to do on grass, but he is also showing how much he is trying to improve on all surfaces. I believe that by the end of next year he will have won at least one other Grand Slam title besides the french.(possibly Wimbledon with enough determination)
Vamos Rafa!!!

Eleven Says:

Look at the Wimbledon draw this year. Rafa can definitely go into SF, where he will face Hewitt or Roddick. I think Rafa will have a chance.

Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!

Mari Says:

i think Rafale Nadal rlly can win Wimbldeon n it can happen earlier than all of u thinks! he has the talant, strength n everything to be no 1 on all the surefaces. i believe in him!

Adolfo Says:

Nadal on 2º week at Wimbledon.
Who will believe?

Maybe now Mr Randall is not so idiot like was called.

jen Says:

those said you are an idiot are the biggest idiot!

never underestimitate nadal….

mr randall… nice article!

i believe nadal can win wimbledon one day…

(though i also believe federer will win RG one day…)

zaid Says:

Hi all,
I beleive that Nadal is very talented player. okay that is right , but this Wimbeldon title will be won by one of the two players(hewitt or federer) hhhhhhh i hope hewitt will do it this year. Hewitt is my favourite player but also i like federer.But just i want to tell you that hewitt has’nt have big first serve (his fastest 1st serve is around 124) but he could win easily.i mean hewitt doesnt depend on his first serve , he depends on his skills in rallies . not like federer and also nadal depend quitely on their 1st serve . we saw nadal in his 3rd and 4th round served many aces and served also many strong serves ,it reached 128 and 129 mile ,so please don’t say that nadal doesnt have big first serve . also nadal’s run in this wimbeldon is not a big surprise that he reached the quarter final , he did’nt meet any difficult and strong apponent,and every body says that hewitt had got an easy draw ,noooo that is wrong in hewitt’s draw were many strong players like (safin,roddick,agassi,gonzales,ljubicic,baghdatis,and also rochus wo got 4 match points against federer in gerry weber) so it is not an easy draw. i hope u will open ur eyes and see who will win this wimbeldon title . it is hewitt (come ooooooooooon).

adolfo Says:

I said to mr randall that Nadal ws a Big talent; You remember!
To you Jen

Nadal statistics ¼ final Roland Garros vs. Wimbledon
Roland Garros Wimbledon
1 62;76;61 64;76;64
2 62;61;64 67;36;76;75;64
3 57;64;64;64 76;62:64
4 62;57;64;62 63;76;63
Total games win 83 86
Total games lost 50 66
Sets win 12 12
Sets lost 2 2
Match in 4 sets 2 0
Match in 5 sets s 0 1

It’s possible to win Wimbledon this year?

adolfo Says:

if you clic/ my name will acess my blog and can understand much better the statistic
in Can Nadal Win …

Lynne Says:

Craziness is sometimes part of every prediction. But you never know, there’s always this possibility that Nadal will win. He has this hungriness to win in grass courts (especially Wimbledon). You can see in him the willingness to venture into unknown surface to conquer the possibility. Federer is great player, so is Agassi and Sampras and many others who was first before him. But someone will always be greater and younger. Who knows? The ball is round anyway.

Castle Says:

Nadal will win (one day), for sure.

terry Says:

If he wins it will be a steroid induced win like all his others. Look back 2 years ago normal kid. Look how steroid boy has grown without exercise he says. I have been calling him steroid boy for a year- I can’t be the only one to consider it. Should be checked every day for year. Roger’s greatness is Roger hard work and extreme talent.. By the way there was a brief period when Hewitt was steroid man-before baby.

zaid Says:

hey guys excuse me , hewitt will conquer nadal in semi enshallah…………hhhhhhhhhh u will see

hewitt is the bestttttttttttttttttttt

come oooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn

jen Says:

sorry guys, but those who think hewitt is best and hewitt will win…

not going to happen this year…


zaid Says:

hey u called ur self jen, just shut up ur mouth and don’t talk alot , hewitt will still the best and ur stupid bull nadal will get his ass kicked by marcos baghdatis.

come ooooooooooooooooon hewitt.

jen Says:


whatever.. i dont really care as nadal in the semi now…. i will also be happy if macros win! coz i like both guys….

(i am really sorry about hewitt though… but at least he will not be embarrassed by federer by having bagels in a Slam again….)

adolfo Says:

Mr Randall

You remember what i said June 18th ?
Maybe Rafa dont win W/ this year…

and possible,2013/14 the wimbledon final can have this two players…
…..Rafa Nadal(27 old/spain) vs Carlos Boluda (20 old/spain)

zaid Says:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,(HI JENS) u r making me laugh my friend , come on, u r very hopeful about federer ,i just want to ask u this question ,did u see the last match between hewitt and federer in us open, did u see ur favourite player (federer), hhhhhhhhh, hewitt is able to conquer federer ,in their last match in us open ,hewitt was just unlucky . federer save 5 set points in the secon set and lost the third set ,if only hewitt won the second ,that was enough to turn the events . and i hope nadal will win over baghdatis in semi, i don’t like nadal , but i hope he will meet federer in the final ,and federer hammer him in three straight sets ,i really hope that to happen ,to make federer get some confidence against nadal.

hewitt is the best
come ooooooooooooooon

adolfo Says:

Nadal Wimbledon Final !

Who have talent?

I… and Rafa

but…the kid suprise me

Jason Says:

If Nadal wants to win Wimbledon, he better do it in the next few years. The guy’s entire game is based on speed.

Jason Alfrey Says:

Hey Sean,

Looks like you could be right. Kudos. However, I think that by Rafa making the final it just shows there’s a lack of variety in the game of tennis.

John Says:

Hey everyone
well, we ve seen what happened at wimbledon. federer has finally beaten nadal a second time, although the spaniard made a great run. Federer is not about to lose on grass against nadal, but lets not forget he had two match points agains nadal on clay this year. federer has more talent and more shots in his repertoir, so he his going to start beating nadal regularly. as for the comments of the first dude, they were totally stupid. federer doesnt get lucky when he wins a tiebreak. dude, hes won 4 wimbledons in a row and 48 grass matches, how can you say he got lucky!

Neutral Says:

How on earth can we can compare the Extraordinary skills of Federer with Nadal.It does obviously mean that we all have not understood Tennis at all.It is like comparing Sampras with one of the power players say,Safin.Would you dare to ever compare them.We all know Sampras is far ahead of Safin.Federer is God-like on any surface.His preciseness,accuracy,Volleying prowess is unmatched by anyone in the history of the Game.I have not seen anyone dominate Tennis with such skills in the History of the Game.His skillset is Sublime.Then,the big question is why is Federer losing to Nadal.Very gud question indeed!.But,the answer lies in the fact that all the gr8s of the game have had that sort of a problem.Look,Sampras had a poor run against Richard Krajicek.His record against him was miserable.Does that ever mean that Krajicek is greater than Sampras?No way coz any gr8 player has always been under that sort of a problem wherein they wud beat all their fellow oponents easily but are always stuck against one guy who has mastered the skill to beat the greatest player alone.Sampras even in his peak suffered from this against Krajicek but still went on to win many grandslam titles(5) after losing to Krajicek in the ’96 Wimbeldon..It also happened to Garry Kasparov in Chess.He was God like in Chess but had this vulnerability against Kramnik…always even in his peak.So,I mean to say that Federer will always improve and go on to win the French Open next year for sure because i dont think he lacks any skills to achieve that which he has already proved by entering the French Open Final.He has already mastered every skill in the game and Kudos to the great man that we are all fortunate to watch the greatest man in Tennis history to be playing in our times.Just watch out for him and he would definitely conquer the French Open next year.

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