Rafael Nadal Speaks On Court After Winning His Ninth French Open Title [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 8th, 2014, 3:12 pm

After winning his ninth French Open title, beating Novak Djokovic 36, 75, 62, 64 in the final, King of Clay Rafael Nadal spoke on court during the ceremony.

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11 Comments for Rafael Nadal Speaks On Court After Winning His Ninth French Open Title [Video]

Giles Says:

Well done Champ!Understandable emotions from a great Champion.
Stay Healthy!

Steve 27 Says:

Rafa, the best male tennis player since 2005, your detractors failed so miserably again, that is more sweetier your victory.
Like I said two.months ago, Rafa will tie Navratilovas record, winning a same major 9 times.
And winnings at least 1 major 10 years in a row.

queen Says:

Djoko looks post love it:)

metan Says:

Magnificent NINE!
Thank you Rafa for two awesome days @Roland Garros. I will remember forever! And I am in nine cloud .
Good bye Paris!

Michael Says:

Magnificent Nine !! Ofcourse Metan !!

But I would say ‘incredible Nine’ !!

Michael Says:

One man’s despair is another man’s ecstasy. I have a suggestion to make to the French Open authorities. Why not they change Rolland Garros to Rafael Garros ? That fits very well. Rafa has literally dominated this tournament as no other player ever had done before or ever will. So, it would be a fitting tribute for this tournament if it changes to Rafael Garros.

Steve27 Says:

Or Roland Nadal, Michael.

Michael Says:


Roland Nadal sounds nice too !!

metan Says:

Thanks Michael for incredible nine.
Anything with nine for Rafa, I feel good.

Shall we make a petition to change the name from Roland Garros to Rafael Garros ???

Michael Says:


Well, I was just kidding ? But, Rafa just deserves it. It is another matter, the French Open authorities will never consider it given the historical animosity that exists between France and Spain. The amazing records he has piled up at Clay courts will not surely be broken for another 1000 generations.

grace sette Says:

rafa and his expections of wimbeldon will be tested. so far, his health is alright big factor. its so sad when players have to retire due to injuries, etc. it is such a joy to watch him play and of course other opponents are equally proficient. but, there is only ONE RAFA, thank god!!! good luck!!!

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