Ivan Ljubicic Quotes

"This trophy is one of the most beautiful we have in tennis -- The Golden Falcon. I wanted it so bad. Andy was a very good opponent. He fought hard and didn't miss many balls. But I was patient. I knew I had to be aggressive but not too aggressive. Against someone like Andy you need to find the perfect balance, because if you go to the net too much, he will pass you. And if you stay at the baseline, he's too solid. So the combination was the key today."
-- Ivan Ljubicic after beating Andy Murray in the Doha final.

"I'm not impressed with that streak. He was close to losing many times. If I play my game, I know I can beat anyone. Why not Rafael Nadal? I definitely know I have my chances. He keeps winning on clay but he can't win for ever."
-- Ivan Ljubicic on Rafael Nadal's claycourt winning streak before facing the Spaniard in the semifinal at the French Open.

"Even Roger Federer never won Davis Cup, so it's really something special, something that gives you confidence when you go out there and you look at the other opponent and you feel like you have something more than the other guys do."
-- Ivan Ljubicic on winning the Davis Cup.

"He's a little weird. He can play great or he can play horrible. He's spoiled. I think he'll grow as a person, but right now, he's a kid and he's acting as a kid."
-- Ivan Ljubicic on French teen Richard Gasquet.

"He is Andy Roddick, we are in the States, and if somebody says something bad about him, then it's a big boom. I'm sorry if he's expecting everybody's going to like him. He thinks he's the best, the greatest, the most beautiful. But that's not the case...I mean, generally, I don't like him. I mean, not me, nobody in the locker room likes his acting on the court."
-- Ivan Ljubicic on his new best friend Andy Roddick.

"I feel I am the best server in the world right now -- really. I understand how well I am playing. Mentally I have changed my second serve, I am really going for the points on my second serve, but I have not altered the action technically." -- The humble Ivan Ljubicic.

"I was as low as possible. I felt like I wasn't going to play Davis Cup anymore. The feeling at the time was: 'I don't need this.'" -- Ivan Ljubicic on almost giving up Davis Cup play for Croatia after losing three matches in his debut in 1997 at Finland. "I don't need this," sounds like Jan-Michael Gambill.

"Fortunately for us, it's Mardy Fish. It's not Andre Agassi or Pete Sampras or (Andy) Roddick or (Jan-Michael) Gambill. With this team, it's easier for us." -- Ivan Ljubicic, after beating Mardy Fish to give Croatia a 1-0 lead over the U.S.

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