Ana Ivanovic Interview - Australian Open, Jan 19

Posted on January 19, 2010

Ana Ivanovic Interview
Australian Open
Tuesday 19 January 2010

Start of Transcribed Interview

An interview with: ANA IVANOVIC

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Not so much about your game, but there's been a number of players younger than you climbing up the rankings last year. Which one of them are you most impressed about?

ANA IVANOVIC: There is lots of them. You know, I just feel like a veteran at 22, which is kind of different.

But I think Azarenka is doing a really good job; and Sorana Cirstea; she played really well in Paris. There is lots of them coming, most of them from eastern Europe, yeah.

It's good to see that. They bring lot more excitement to the game.

Q. What about Wozniacki?

ANA IVANOVIC: Definitely. She's been around for a while. I played her a few times, you know, at the Grand Slams as well. She's a good player. She has a lot of potential. And, yeah, she's the one to look out for.

Q. How do you assess your form today?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, it was very good. I was pleased with the way I played. The conditions were very tough. It was very cold and windy and a lot different than Brisbane or what I been used to.

But I just tried to work my way through, just taking time, try to stay composed. I thought I played well and served good. I'm very happy to have victory, because she had lot of matches already. She's dangerous opponent. She likes to come in and serve and volley. Doesn't give you much rhythm or time.

Yeah, very happy to have victory.

Q. Is Adam here or is he in the States?

ANA IVANOVIC: No, he's not here.