David Ferrer Interview - Monte Carlo, Apr 17

Posted on April 17, 2011

David Ferrer Interview
Rolex Masters - Monte Carlo
April 17, 2011

Q. It was a huge fight today out there. How close were you in the second set?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Well, it was extremely tough. But at deuce I missed two forehands, and that's why I didn't win.

Q. Do you have regrets?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Generally speaking I'm very happy. I'm happy with my game also. I was a bit sad about certain moments.
But generally speaking I'm happy. I'm satisfied with my game.

Q. You played Nadal a lot of times. What are your thoughts about this match today?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Well, Rafa is incredible on clay. I mean, he's everywhere at the same time. He's the best player on clay in history.

Q. Do you think there's a chance Nadal will never lose on clay in his whole career?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Well, he's not a machine. He can lose.
But he's No. 1 and he's the best in history for the time being.

Q. Compared to Rome, do you think it was closer this time?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Both matches were similar. There was a lot of rhythm in both matches. When the balls were new, it was going a bit faster.
It was almost the same in Rome. In the first set I had my chances, too. It was very tight.

Q. People tend to under evaluate you in relation to Nadal, Federer, the other top players. Do you think after this final, which you played very well, that you will be more considered by tennis fans, by the media also?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) In fact, I feel good. Everybody is treating me well. The media is treating me well, too.
I have no problems about feeling I'm not considered or anything, no.

Q. You played a great tournament, especially with your return. Is it a good sign for the rest of the season on clay?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Returns are very important. It's my game, indeed. In the first set, I didn't return so well, so returning was very important.

Q. You reached the semifinal last year, final this year. Are you going to win this year?
DAVID FERRER: (In English.) I will try to. Maybe if Rafa have injury, I will have a chance (smiling).
(Through translation.) I was joking. But, in fact, reaching the finals here is very difficult to achieve and I'm very happy.