Tennis-X Notes: Edberg Returns, Gasquet Tanks, Perry Booted
by Staff | May 20th, 2008, 11:24 pm

EDBERG TO MAKE SENIOR TOUR DEBUT: Former No. 1 Stefan Edberg will play competitive tennis for the first time in 12 years on the BlackRock Tour of Champions in late 2008. Edberg will compete in Paris, France (The Trophee Jean-Luc Lagardere on Sept. 18-21) and at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England (The BlackRock Masters Tennis on Dec. 2-7. Pete Sampras, who will also make his debut this year on the European senior tour, says he is excited at the prospect of playing the 42-year-old Edberg. “I’m looking forward to playing against him because I always looked up to him with his serve-volley game, his movement and the attitude that he had,” Sampras said. “I always thought that he was a real gentleman and I’m looking forward to seeing him, talking to him and just seeing how his life is as I haven’t spoken to him for many years.”
BACK TO BANGALORE: Bangalore will replace Mumbai on the ATP calendar and change weeks to Sept. 29. The outdoor tournament will be played at the 7,000 seat KSLTA Signature Kingfisher Tennis Stadium in Cubbon Park.

GASQUET TO SKIP FRENCH?: French head case Richard Gasquet, who famously avoided Andy Roddick in the U.S. vs. France Davis Cup tie earlier this year, says he might skip the French Open due to his fragile mental state: “I am not fit to play tennis — running, moving, everything is becoming difficult. I am going to cut myself off for the week. Forgetting about my racquet can’t do me any harm. For Roland Garros, we will see. Don’t expect a big tournament from me — if I take part in it…Imagine what I would do at Roland Garros, it would not be nice for anyone.”

AGASSI’S BUDDY BOOTED: Perry Rogers has been removed from the ATP Board of Directors by a vote from the 10-man ATP Player Council, comprised of President Ivan Ljubicic, Vice President James Blake, Thomas Johansson, Olivier Rochus, Paul Goldstein, Davide Sanguinetti, Bob Bryan, Kevin Ullyett, Paradorn Srichaphan, and Martin Garcia. Rogers was the manager for Andre Agassi throughout his career and remains Agassi’s best friend, and has been a staunch supporter of ATP CEO Etienne de Villiers. The move was a signal from the ATP players who have felt underrepresented in decisions affecting men’s tennis over the last few years. Many of the top ATP players signed a petition to not have de Villiers’ contract automatically renewed for next year.

NADAL PREDICTS DJOKOVIC NEW NO. 2: World No. 2 Spaniard Rafael Nadal says that Novak Djokovic will overtake him for the No. 2 spot on the ATP Rankings by Wimbledon. Nadal has to defend ranking points from last year’s victory at the French Open, and a runner-up effort at Wimbledon: “Djokovic is very close, there’s no doubt about that. I think, no I’m certain, that the logical thing is that he goes past me here, gets to No. 2 here or at Roland Garros or in Wimbledon. He’s a great player and he’s doing things very well. If I’m No. 3, I’m No. 3. When it happens I just have to accept it and fight to get the position back.”

MISCELLANY: Serena Williams withdrew from the Rome quarterfinals last week with a back injury she sustained in practice, and says is minor…French Open wildcards have gone to Gustavo Kuerten, Eric Prodon, Olivier Patience, Jeremy Chardy, Adrian Mannarino, Jonathan Eysseric, Olivia Sanchez, Severine Bremond, Stephanie Foretz, Mathilde Johansson, Youlia Fedossova, Violette Huck, Americans Madison Brengle and Wayne Odesnik, and Aussies Robert Smeets and Samantha Stosur…Richard Gasquet has left coach Eric Deblicker and picked up with Guillaume Peyre…French Open withdrawals thus far include Andy Roddick (back, shoulder), Justine Henin (retirement), Tatiana Golovin (fatigue), Lindsay Davenport (personal), Meghann Shaughnessy (knee), Meilen Tu (hip), and Sania Mirza (wrist). Possible French Open pulls: Serena Williams (back), Lleyton Hewitt (hip), Bob and Mike Bryan (undisclosed)…Nikolay Davydenko blogging from the ATP event in Austria: “I’ve been enjoying the spas at the tournament hotel here in Austria, but I must say they do things a lot differently than in Russia. Back at home they separate the men and women, but here not only do men and women take spas together, many of the hotel guests don’t have anything on beneath their robes. Which all makes for some interesting sites. At times it’s like watching the Playboy channel. Some of the guests don’t like the idea of us wearing shorts, but I’m not ready to adopt all the local customs just yet! Call me conservative, but I am just not ready to bare all at this point.”…From The Guardian’s Steve Bierley: “The ATP, as ever, bumbles on in its own fashion, assuring everyone who is bothered to listen that all will be well, while producing publicity material, posters and the like, that appear to have been formulated by someone devoid of the least understanding of what the game is about.”

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14 Comments for Tennis-X Notes: Edberg Returns, Gasquet Tanks, Perry Booted

jane Says:

It’s sad reading that about Gasquet on the one hand, but on the other, I’d like to think he knows what’s best for him, and if that means a break, well then he should take it. But it’d be nice to see him pull it together too.

Glenn Says:

I was diagnosed with a mild case of bipolarism (more on the depressive side) about three years ago and am taking medication. It is really tough to even get the will to do anything during those depressive moments. Maybe Gasquet has a similar ailment. He is so talented, it’s hard to imagine it is anything else. Hope he recovers. I do enjoy watching his tennis (skill AND on-court behavior).

The blurb from Nadal really demonstrates what a great sportsman Nadal is. I mentioned in another place how I heard Nadal in an interview say that he doesn’t play for the points or the glory, but for love of the game. This latest comment from him is consistent with his excellent athletic character.

Dr. Death Says:

If any more men take a pass at playing the tournaments, we will have to start picking on the Women’s tennis.

Does one care if Perry Rogers is AA’s best buddy? He does not represent Agassi on the Board. The revolution has begun. A big head on the pike very soon?

Del Torri Says:

I’m obviously a new poster here (having been a ‘lurker’ for a month or so); I feel compelled to point out something I recently read about a *certain* player, having read a *certain* post on this blog!

This is addressed to Glenn, in response to some remarks you made about Mardy Fish, in Sean Randall’s blog “Djokovic out for Number Two Ranking…”:

Glenn says,
“Mardy Fish aside (BTW, who WOULDN’T be respectful to such a nice guy like Mardy Fish!)”

“The only ones I can think of right now who fit the bill of “heroes” are Nadal, Wawrinka, Bolleli, Fish, Kohlschreiber, Blake and Federer”

I’d now like to draw your attention to a post made in the forum “Kings of Clay” (

NF says:
“At Madrid last year, he said ‘I’m gonna beat his f*ckin ass’ after his opponent PHM took a lengthy injury timeout, and at the end of that match he referred to him as a ‘f*ckin shitty frenchie’. I have to admit that I found the whole sage hilarious to watch, but still that was deplorable conduct from Fish.
Against Nieminen at the Aussie Open this year, he incessantly cussed and swore following a code violation from the umpire.
At Miami 2004, during his defeat to Benneteau he shouted to his supporters ‘I cannot lose to the worst player in the draw’, and after the match he said to Benneteau at the net ‘this is the last time you’ll beat me’, and not in a jovial manner.
The guy has frequently insulted fans who have the sheer cheek to root for his opponent, and has used the f-word to address fans who are seeking his autograph at the end of matches.
If he regularly went deep at the big and televised events, he would be far more notorious than he is currently is.” [Source:

Now I have nothing against Fish, and obviously this is only one poster’s opinion, but it definitely casts a shadow of doubt over his character. Having read the above extract a few days ago and your comments, Glenn, just a few minutes ago, I just thought that it would make an interesting read, to say the least!

Del Torri Says:

Just to clarify this as his name is not alluded to in the extract, NF is of course referring to Fish! If you click on the source site, the selected post is the fourth one down from the top of the thread page.

I should also say that I chose to post here because the thread in question is quite old by now, and this relatively new one should make for a more suitable discussion base.

Finally, I apologise for the presence of obscenities in the extract! I was a bit too intent on transferring it into my post without really reading its contents, although I remembered the gist of his comments.

deb Says:

According to the FO website Gasquet had 2 practice sessions yesterday so maybe the coaching change has reignited his interest.

zola Says:

I think it might be the weight of expectations on GAsquet ( same as Murray) that is just too overwhelming. He grew up with Nadal and won his first ATP title when he was 15 or something . I wasn’t following tennis like this at that time, but I imagine how exciting that would have been for France. Then Rafa zoomed out to be No 2 and is sitting there, while the rest still ae trying to catch up and being compared to RAfa and Djoko all the way.I think the DC incident was a factor too.

Maybe GAsquet needs some time out to sort out what he wants and then come back like Agassi and concentrate on his tennis.

I like tennis bullies not tennis sissies Says:

Fish is my new favorite player!

Von Says:


“It is really tough to even get the will to do anything during those depressive moments. Maybe Gasquet has a similar ailment. He is so talented, it’s hard to imagine it is anything else.”

I am so sorry about your problem. The conversion, of which we previously spoke will help in many ways. :) I believe Gasquet is feeling a tremendous amount of pressure from the French Federation and fans in general. He’s had a tough path to follow — expectations of filling the shoes of the greats who’ve gone before him. From the age of 6 these high expectations were placed on his shoulders — that’s a heavy burden to carry for one so young. Unlike Nadal, where Spain had so many talented athletes, France had very few, and the country’s need to find a new hero, like yesterday, became an obsession. This obsession translated itself onto Gasquet’s shoulders — too much for any athlete to handle. Maybe the new coach and a new mindset can put Gasquet back on track. I’d like to see this metamorphosis begin, and soon the butterfly will be soaring. Here’s a smile to brighten your day. :)

kamret Says:

Roger Federer used to be a lot like Gasquet (i.e., an incredibly gifted player but also a major underachiever/choker) until he turned 22 and suddenly changed into superman. Maybe it will be the same for Gasquet. I expect him to explode and start winning major titles soon or later. If he doesn’t turn his career aroubd soon, he could end up being the greatest underachiever in the history of tennis (based on his incredible talent)!

Dave B Says:

Glenn says France does not have that many talented athletes in comparison to Spain. If you count the number of French players you will find quite a few: Tsonga, Monfils, Mattieu, Santoro, Llodra, Simon, Mahut, Grossjean, Benneteau, Clement etc. I think there are more top French players than Americans. Tsonga I think has the potential to be a true superstar.

Andrew Miller Says:

Question! Are there any WTA players with creative games, to look forward to seeing? I have heard big things about Agnes Szavay

Love watching Kirilenko but I know it is for other reasons unfortunately (think she’s beautiful! That’s the man in me). I like Elena Vesnina’s game a ton but I dont see great results from her :(

I love Hantuchova’s game but she is so fragile on the singles court (but an amazing doubles player! I still remember seeing her play in person with Chanda Rubin – I thought wow, what a doubles player!)

LK Pratt Says:

Back on the Fish bandwagon: there was a challanger event in Atlanta a few years ago when Fish was trying to regain ranking points (I think after some injuries). I volunteered at the event, and Fish was quite the Prima Dona. He was rude, demanding, inconsiderate … despite how highly the other American players seem to regard him, I have had trouble seeing him in a postive light ever since …

Todd Says:

Stop making excuses for Gasquet…he hasn’t lived up to expectations outside of Wimby in 2007 (comeback vs. Roddick was amazing & unexpected, but then absolutely no follow thru – lost 2nd round @ US Open).

And the Fish stuff was quite interesting, what a punk. Gives Americans a bad name, furthers poor stereotypes many have of Americans.

Check my French preview here…

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