World No. 2 Federer Unlikely Underdog Against Murray at Indian Wells
by Staff | March 20th, 2009, 11:03 am

It will be an anomaly when world No. 2 Roger Federer enter’s Saturday’s match against Britain’s Andy Murray as the underdog in the semifinals at Indian Wells.
Federer is 2-5 career versus Murray, and will attempt to stop a slide that includes losses in their last three meetings

“He’s a great player and great players are tough to play against,” Federer said of Murray. “He’s young, so you still have to figure him out a little bit. He’s changing his game as time goes by. Every time you play him, he plays a bit different. Whereas for me, it’s different. He knows what to expect. That’s the advantage of a youngster.”

The 27-year-old Federer sees his advantage over the “youngster” Murray in big matches.

“I’m aware he has beaten me more than I’ve beaten him but, on big occasions, I think I came through,” Federer told reporters. “I have to build on that and make sure I play a tough and good match against him. Anything else is not going to do the job.”

Federer lost to Murray this year in Doha and the two times before that in 2008, but beat the Brit en route to the title at last year’s US Open.

“I’ve just got to make sure I finish because I know it’s not physical, the end of the matches,” said Federer of the best-of-three format at Indian Wells. “Three sets, it never really becomes physical. It’s only maybe in the fifth set if that were to happen.”

Murray has a unique philosophy against Federer that other players could learn from — don’t press and try to do too much. Leverage the weaker Federer backhand, but don’t feel you have to ‘go for broke.’

“It’s important to serve solid, make a lot of balls and not feel like you have to do anything special on each point to win against him,” Murray says.

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33 Comments for World No. 2 Federer Unlikely Underdog Against Murray at Indian Wells

I like tennis bullies Says:

the swiss crybaby will win

Shan Says:

“Federer lost to Murray this year in Doha and the two times before that in 2008, but beat the Swiss en route to the title at last year’s US Open.”

Did Murray change his citizenship recently?

Arvis Says:

Which Swiss crybaby are we talking about, since Andy Murray changed his citizenship and all? =D


ertorque Says:

I say Murray will have the edge; 60:40 to Murray.

I have clay in my pants Says:

I dont mind if either of these crybabies , just dont want it to be a steroid baby….. one of them got packed yesterday, tennis would be better if the remaining clean players can stop the other steroid baby remaining

janeway Says:

Unfortunately, Andy’s still struggling with his fitness after his virus. He’s going to struggle with this one unless he can win in the first two sets.

zola Says:

It is a tough call. Fed played very well against Verdasco. Still, Verdasco was not able to take advantage of his opportunities. Murray can be different, but he has to hold mentally still against Federer. To me it is a 50-50.

Yan Says:

Anyone know what time is this match and whether we can watch it on the web? thanks,

jane Says:

I tend to agree: it’s a 50-50 proposition. Murray didn’t play fantastically well against Ljubicic yesterday. Federer looked a little sharper against Verdasco. So I’d give a slight edge to Fed, who is also out to prove something. Mind you, zola’s right that Verdasco didn’t use his opportunity to close out the second set, so perhaps Murray could do a better job of this.

Plus, something about Murray the “youngster’s” game troubles Fed, clearly, given the H2H. Murray seems to play against Roger with a lot of confidence and I totally respect that about him. Even his comment about not doing anything “special” to beat Fed suggests something interesting in his attitude towards Roger. He just treats him like another opponent and that’s great.

Anyway, it’s a toss up in the end. I had thought Murray had the edge until I saw yesterday’s matches; based on those I think Fed has a slight edge.

fedster Says:

Of course Fed has a great chance of winning as always but Murray after all is the only guy whom I genuinely trust to win against the biggest of players on the biggest of occasions, he’ll surely prove it to the nay-sayers as Novak already has by trouncing Federer enroute to his Aus Open victory in 2008. In Fed v. Murray, my head is with Andy a bit more than it is with Roger but my heart is 100% with Roger and it will always be! And again …. hell with the anti-feds !

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

Federer is a poor tennis player. He always has been. He was extremely lucky to win 13 GS and will never ever win another grand slam in his life. Nadal will end up winning 25 grand slams. Nadal and Murray owns Federina.

Federina is the ultimate loser.

tenisbebe Says:

It’s close but I’m giving Murray as edge based on Fed’s performance yesterday-felt like he let Verdasco beat himself. Mind you, as Jane pointed out, Muzz did not look particularly sharp against Ljubicic, but I think he has a slight edge in this match.

fedster Says:

Nadal of course may win 25 slams, but not less than 15 of them will be doubles/mixed doubles! And then ‘Nadal’s the GOAT’ will line up to marry Rafa, but the proud Mallorcans will kick the ass of ‘Nadal’s the GOAT’. But may be some kind Mallorcan would arrange his marriage with some Spanish bull/cow and Rafa on Maria’s insistence would at least wish him a happy married life.. LOL!

Nadal is the GOAT Says:

How do you rate the chances of Rafa’s mixed doubles partner being Federina? That would be great, wouldn’t it? She will struggle to return Sharapova’s serves.

tenisbebe Says:

Speaking of Sharapova, I am very disappointed that she is not recovering more quickly from her shoulder surgery. Hopefully she will be able to play Pedro Beach on clay & we’ll be able to see her in action. The WTA needs her. Get well Maria.

margot Says:

Would someone please interpret the above two blogs for me? On second thoughts please don’t bother…
Please people don’t predict a Murray win out LOUD, I’m superstitious you know…but you can keep your fingers crossed…as long as nobody sees…

margot Says:

tenisbebe: that wasn’t for you!! Many apologies it was for above you two!

sar Says:

I want Murray to win this but not because I am a fan of his.

tania Says:

Nadal is the GOAT. Why do you talk such a load of garbage saying that ‘Federer is a poor tennis player. He always has been’. Man are you watching tennis before your eyes or just wishing that you could be as good as this guy? And of course you have NEVER cried have you? Because you are tough and completely unintelligent…you moron. It’s amazing that you don’t turn pro…oops… just remembered, you didn’t make it. Pure projection. Go see a psyche.

zola Says:

I posted a reply to you but I think it is stuck somewhere because it has links in it!

anyway, today’s matches start at 3 pm IW time ( 6 pm ET) ( in my other post I wrote 5 pm- correction here)

you can watch the streaming here:

scroll down and find the BNP Paribas tennis matches

madmax Says:

yeah. Agree with previous comment. Nadal is the GOAT seems a bit weird if you ask me conjuring up fantastical images of fed in his own mind. What a weirdo.

tenisbebe Says:

margot – No worries, it’s gets crazy with so many posts. Sorry to post my “prediction”, hope I will not jinx Murray.

Colin Says:

John Wertheim is one of those who think ALL tournaments should be played over three sets. I have never agreed with this, because some of the greatest matches have been five-set epics. However, from a British point of view it mightn’t be such a bad idea, because Murray would probably get to Number One and win loads of slams!
On the whole, I think i’m pleased he’s playing Fed in the semis. He does seem to get under Federer’s skin and unsettle him, whereas Verdasco might have had a psychological edge after Australia. I’m not going to dare to make an actual prediction, though.

jane Says:

tenisbebe, I agree with you about Maria. As loud as she is, I miss her in the women’s events. She’s got such a great competitive spirit that she’s fun to watch – even with the shrieking. And there’s always the mute.

zola Says:

I miss Sharapove too and I can use the mute as well. WTA needs some blood transfusion. such a big difference in depth between WTA and ATP.

tenisbebe Says:

Spot on Zola – the WTA desperately needs more depth. Jane – got confused as I posted about Maria on the other thread…. Hope she’s back soon but there are murmurs that this injury might end her (young) career. That would be tragic.

FedAll TheWay Says:

Well duh! Obviously Federer’s gonna win! There’s no doubt about it. At the end of the match, the only “Cry Baby” is going to be Murray. Murray’s always won against Federer at those events that Federer doesn’t really care about… hello! Take a look at their match record, Federer’s always won in Grand Slams… when he really wants to and when he really puts in effort.

andrea Says:

here’s hoping for another fed/nadal final, but i’ll take roddick/fed as a runner up final.

Colin Says:

“Fed’s always won in Grand slams”? How many times have he and Murray played each other in a slam? And as for Fed not caring, he has frequently, when losing to Murray, given a damn good imitation of someone extremely annoyed!
“Obviously Fed”, eh? Well, we’ll see…

NachoF Says:

I hope Fed wins!!

Von Says:

I only know of ONE GS final that Murray has played against Fed and it was a dog-tired Murray against a well-rested Federer. Murray played two finals at the USO last year — Nadal and then Federer. Give some credit to the young one, he deserves it.

margot Says:

Colin: do you watch from europe/uk? Have you found a decent stream? have tried ADHE(!) but it kept freezing. I wont pay for Sky.
fedalltheway: why diss another player in order to blag up your favourite? Murray’s match against Rafa took TWO days remember?

jane Says:

margot, don’t know if you can find, but sometimes when atdhe freezes on me, I find that feed works better. Good luck to your Murray today!

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