Injured Serena Takes the Money and Limps Home at WTA Marbella
by Staff | April 8th, 2009, 3:00 pm

Apparently the appearance fee justified a plane trip to Spain and back, as injured world No. 1 Serena Williams lost first round on Wednesday at the WTA Tour’s Andalucia Tennis Experience tournament in Marbella, Spain.
Last Thursday the younger Williams injured herself in the semifinals at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, limping through the final set of a win over sister Venus. Two days later she played the final against Victoria Azarenka with a heavily-wrapped thigh, limping to a quick loss.

Rarely one to play injured, Williams nonetheless flew to Spain, today losing 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 to No. 95-ranked Klara Zakopalova of the Czech Republic on the red clay, against limping around with a heavily-wrapped thigh.

Williams was the top seed at Marbella this week, which also includes Serb Jelena Jankovic.

The injured Williams lost to Azarenka 6-3, 6-1 in the Miami final, and now has a rare two-match losing streak going into next week’s Family Circle Cup in Charleston where she is scheduled to appear.

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25 Comments for Injured Serena Takes the Money and Limps Home at WTA Marbella

Bojan Says:

Well, totally expected. She got the money and went home. She won second set just for the stats, so it doesn’t seem that she got thrashed by no.95.

And btw, Ana Ivanovic is not playing at Marbella.

Von Says:

I don’t understand why some players cheapen themselves so much just for the sake of money. It’s not as though Serena is needful of the money — Lord knows she’s made tens of millions of dollars, hence why go to the trouble of travelling from Miami to Spain, playing and losing. If she won one set and the other set, she lost only by one break, it shows that if she wanted to she could have possibly won the match. Going by what’s involved it definitely appears as though she was in it for the money. Too, too bad.

Kimmi Says:

Azaranka played well in Miami…Even a fit serena would have trouble. Serena was lucky azarenka fell ill in the AO.

I can’t wait for the re-match.

lucy Says:

So when Serena withdraws due to injury and go surfing she should have played hurt. When she play hurt then she is only doing it for the money. So I guess nobody everrrrr goes into their job and work when they have an injury. Hmmmm. I guess someone should tell sharapova since the only things she’s done since being injuried is endorse crap to make more money than the more talented William Sister’s.

darius Says:

Yea its so funny how when it comes to the williams sisters everyone criticises them when they play for money but what about the other reasons such as people in spain wanna see her play and even tho she was injured at least she showed up and not give up….
KIMMI… well your totally wrong there because serena was leading the second set at the oz open and was opening up her shots, at least serena even though injured still played on instead of pulling out, it was clear to see she shouldve pulled out but no she still played, that shows a true championship as for the rematch?? SERENA IS GONA BEAT HER DOWN!!!

BT Says:

It’s just been announced that Serena will lose her #1 ranking to Safina on 20th April. I wonder if that is also why Serena had tried to play Marbella, to get some more points and stay #1

I think Safina is as worthy of the top spot as JJ was. No slams but consistent (although not so much of late).

If the Williams’ had got over their Indian Wells spat, Serena would probably have enough points to hold her off.

zola Says:

this is a bit of a judgemental article. Even down from the title Serena is doomed. This is not about tennis, but about Serena and that makes it hard to comment about it.

It might be money and it might be the fact that she had promised the tournament and people had already purchased tickets and would have been disappointed if she did not show up at all. It might be that she thought she could play as much as her body let her. We have seen Serena play when injured.

I like Safina a lot. Good for her for getting to No 1. But as some say, if Serena plays more, she will be the one sitting at the top.

blah Says:

Safina can’t even make a serve in… does anyone really care about the wta right now?

-And regarding Serena showing up to not disappoint people, I doubt any of the Willams family members care about anything other than their own motives…

Von Says:

Safina is fast becoming another Dementieva or maybe worse with respect to her serves. Dementieva has been able to work on her serve and is serving much better. I thought tennis is about the players, because without the players there won’t be any tennis.

If Sharapova’s sponsors are happy with her endorsements even though she’s not playing tennis, then she’s got it made, without having to pick up a racquet and sweating it out on the court. Usually players lose sponsors when their rank begins to fall, etc., but things seem to be status quo for Sharapova.

MMT Says:

Spot on Lucy. She played and lost, and this article makes it out to seem like she showed up, didn’t put in any effort at all and went home. Very unfairlly slanted against her.

Steve Says:

“Rarely one to play injured, Williams nonetheless flew to Spain, today losing 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 to No. 95-ranked Klara Zakopalova of the Czech Republic on the red clay, against limping around with a heavily-wrapped thigh.”

Like many articles on this site, the staff makes terrible typos. Internet journalism I guess.

Vared Says:


Dear Fans

I have decided to accept a wildcard into the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters tournament that begins on Monday. I will head there this weekend to start the clay court season.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

All the best,


zola Says:

Thanks a lot. I hope we see another Rafa-Fed final and I hope Rafa can win again.

jane Says:

Interesting – I wonder why Roger decided to play Monte Carlo after all? Maybe it’s points, or maybe he’s thinking ahead and realizing he might have to or want to miss a few events once the baby is born. Anyhow, it makes the field that much deeper!

Vared Says:

Who knows about Roger, maybe he wants to prove he can beat Murray/Djokovic before Nadal thrashes him.

Von Says:


“Who knows about Roger, maybe he wants to prove he can beat Murray/Djokovic before Nadal thrashes him.”

I would think that Federer is going through a very tumultuous period in his life and is utterly confused, which is very understadable. There’s a positive to what he’s doing, as the saying foes, when you fall off the horse, you need to get right back on again.
I laugh at the reasons why some people want to see Federer playing v. Nadal. Makes me wonder if it’s because they genuinely enjoy watching the tenn is the two play (which I don’t believe) or is it that they derive some kind of sadistic pleasure watching Federer receiving a good beating from Nadal. It seems to be somewhat similar to what the Fed fans feel whenever he competes against Roddick. Very interesting how it is so blatantly stated even though there is an attempt to disguise the obvious.

Von Says:

correction: “as the saying foes,” s/b as the saying ‘goes’.

Von Says:

I suppose Fed’s indecisiveness is the reason why the mc draw has not as yet been done. I’m curious as to where he’ll be placed in the draw, now that he’s not a ‘seeded’ player.

tennisontherocks Says:

‘Von Says:

I suppose Fed’s indecisiveness is the reason why the mc draw has not as yet been done. I’m curious as to where he’ll be placed in the draw, now that he’s not a ’seeded’ player.’

The draw is rarely done before Friday (some exceptions are the slams). It has more to do with late player withdrawals as opposed to wild card entries. Roger will be #2 seed even though he is WC.

zola Says:

sadistic people look for sadistic reasons.

Rafa and Fed have produced many great matches. they bring out the best in each other. Only the French Open 08 and the shanghai 2007 was a beat up. The rest have been magnificent. wimbledon 07, wimbledon 08, Rome 06, …..just to name a few.

Von Says:

Oh my, did I hit a raw nerve and some guilt perhaps? I didn’t know I was speaking to any one person in particular, especially not you, but in general terms. Why else would a Nadal fan be delighted if he plays Fed in the finals, if not to see Fed get beaten once again considering their H2H on clay? Gimme a break!! You can foll others with the goody two shoes,vacilllation, but I don’t buy it. all that talk about Fed being a god athlete, blah, blah, and I hope Rafa can win, is all hogwash, you know you feel Nadal’s the best, and he’ll win. I bet if it were the other way around where Fed wins all of the time, the final between those two wouldn’t be so appealing to you, and would definitely want it to be avoided, No? I see the rat smelled the cheese. Too bad you’re making your thoughts so obvious, and stop the ankle biting about every one of my remarks, you’re not the main attraction here and the least in my mind — zero importance. No one else took umbrage, not even ‘vared’ who was the person addressed in my post. Last evening out the blue, the same happenend where you went off on a tangent adding superfluous nonsense, about Nadal’e 4 FO titles, etc., etc., due to my remarks earlier on regarding Nadal’s time violations in his match v. Roddick. Get a grip will ya, you’re losing it and fast. Now you can run crazy and groove into your ‘jaws of life’ mode, and/or a troll post lashing out at me. WOW. perhaps later tonight I’ll see a post from a troll stating how terrible I am, as in the past — I’m hip to it now.

It’s very obvious you’re looking for your usual jollies of becoming embroiled in arguments with others if they only mention Nadal, e.g., Cindy Brady, and you’re the first to get on the podium about people becoming personal, attacking them and what you perceive to be their personality flaws. You get away with youjr attacks because you know the nadal fans wil back you if you use him in your defense. in reality asll you’re looking for is a nice old brawl. Gosh, so much displaced anger and game playing, it must be torture.

I know I’ve played right into your hands by answering you, but this one’s on me, because you’re not going to get anymore answers. Find another channel for the negativity, AAA, EI, needlepoint or something else, but not me. BTW, nice to see you championing Murray’s cause now, considering how much you knocked him down in past. Dale Carnegie, “How to win friends and influence people”. A good read.

Von Says:


I’ve seen in the past where Roddick took a W/C to some US tourneys and was not placed on the draw as the No.1 or 2 seed, when he should have been, but somewhere else on the draw, what’s the difference, now that Fed has taken a wildcard?.

zola Says:

I am not here to argue with you and won’t sink to your stinking level. write all you want and don’t forget your pills!

tennisontherocks Says:

It does not matter who takes wild card. If Roddick was not seeded 1 or 2, then he was not the highest ranked player out there. Check out the draw from memphis this year. He was #1 seed and WC.

Von Says:


Thanks for the link. I suppose it really doesn’t matter if a seed takes a wild card, he’ll be seeded at correct his ranking in the draw. That’s good and bad in some ways. Imagine how disappointed some of the players at mc will be now that Federer has announced he’ll be playing? I see a few objects being tossed around. Ha, ha.

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