Strange Days in Tennis: Clijsters Loses, Schwank Fined, Odesnik Plays Thru
by Sean Randall | April 8th, 2010, 1:28 pm

Just five days after winning the Miami Sony Ericsson Open former World No. 1 Kim Clijsters got bounced earlier today by someone named Beatriz García Vidagany 7-5, 4-6, 6-4 in the second round at Marbella. ADHEREL

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve heard of Ms. Garcia Vidagnay because I have not. Turns out the 21-year-old Spaniard is ranked No. 258 in the world and she’s never played a single Grand Slam match before.

Amazing how a player like Clijsters can go from the top of the world on Saturday in Miami destroying Venus Williams to a stunning loss to a nobody a few days later.

Clijsters will now return to the Southern U.S. to play Charleston next week. I guess they pay well in Marbella. Why else would you go from South Florida to Spain then back to the U.S. in Charleston in 10 days?

In Houston, Eduardo Schwank was fined $1,000 for tanking yesterday in a three set loss 6-1, 6-7, 6-1 to Juan Ignacio Chela. True story.

The question is how the hell do you win a set and still get fined for tanking? Well, in the third set fans began to boo when “Schwank the Tank” started hitting drop shots on every point. He claims his back was bad – plausible, everyone is injured these days!

And going on court shortly is alleged druggie Wayne Odesnik who will play his second rounder against Kukushkin. Again, I give the guy credit for playing and taking the heat, but I just don’t understand why go through it (I believe he’s allowed to play until the ITF makes a ruling) and face the scrutiny.

Odesnik did release a statement that read:”The ITF is presently conducting an investigation of me regarding my possession of HGH while in Australia earlier this year. I have never used nor taken HGH or any other banned substance in my life. I am fully cooperating with their investigation and I will have no further comment on the matter until it is concluded.”

So I guess he only transports HGH, but never uses it? I don’t see that defense working. Then again I didn’t think the kissing defense worked either.

Strange days these are in tennis.

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15 Comments for Strange Days in Tennis: Clijsters Loses, Schwank Fined, Odesnik Plays Thru


That has a nice ring to it Sean – Eduardo “The Tank” Schwank.

Skorocel Says:

“So I guess he only transports HGH, but never uses it?”

LOL :-)

Skorocel Says:

Nice gesture from Clijsters, btw… Grab a hefty appearance fee, play one or two matches, tank it, and get the hell out! ;-)

steve Says:

Hey, maybe he was doing it as favor to a friend. Haven’t we all snuck a little HGH through customs for a buddy from time to time? Y’know, help ’em out when they’re in a bad spot?

steve Says:

As for Clijsters, she was personally offered a last-minute wild card at Marbella by the director of the tournament–Conchita Martinez.

I suppose when one of the icons of Spanish tennis personally invites you to enter her tournament, you do it, even if it messes up your travel plans.

Kimmi Says:

Hope Clijsters plays better that this week on other clay tournaments.

She keep saying clay is not her surface but this was poor..

Andrew Broad Says:

Clijsters is a hard-court specialist. Today she lost to a clay-court specialist on clay.

The first time I ever heard of Beatriz García Vidagany was when I saw the qualifying-draw for this tournament.

Marbella is really showcasing the tremendous depth that women’s tennis now has. It’s no longer the case that the top players are the top players on all surfaces.

Kimo Says:

Andrew, depth has nothing to do with it. It’s just that nobody is that good on the WTA anymore.

tennis reckets Says:

Amazing how a player like Clijsters can go from the top of the world on Saturday in Miami destroying Venus Williams to a stunning loss to a nobody a few days later.

Hardsoulpoet Says:

Maybe Odesnik is playing drug mule to earn some extra scratch? In terms of Clijsters, give her a break. At least she made the trip versus pulling out last minute citing “exhaustion” or the every popular “strained leg”.

Mixed Singles Says:

I wouldn’t read too much into Clijsters’ loss. She was probably tired and jet lagged. She also probably got a huge appearance fee and now she can be on her way.

Regarding Odesnik, have they televised his matches, or has anyone been at the tournament? I am wondering if he is getting booed by fans and people are cheering for his errors. I can’t imagine the locker room is a very friendly place for him right now.

Ashino W. Sushanti Says:

For a while I thought that this blog would offer a more balanced and fact orientated view of court coverage. Less biased or purely one-sided on the behave of a few hyped players regardless if they play the ATP or WTA tour. A blog which could make a difference concerning fair analysis and better background information. Which is hard to find on either sides, pro tennis sites by tennis journalists or in the universe of tennis blogs. What one can find today is too often almost an overkill of bad researched match reports, player statistics in general and sometimes even ridicules statements to take a side of the everybody darlings of tennis nowadays or comments full of hatred or way too fanatic. Gosh I’m fed up with all those “bad knees (or even recently bad teeth”) news of Mr. Nadal, when at the very same time at least five other players (Gonzales, Simon, Monfils, Gasquet just for instance) suffering from similar injuries and that’s get hardly mentioned in any story if they’ll lose. How can one call the Miami semifinal match a shock defeat by Mr. Roddick if you just take a look at the currents lose/win statistics of Mr. Nadal (he has lost 6 of 7 matches and 13 of 15 sets against top 10 players since the FO and even before it wasn’t that good) !! What a poor state of WTA tennis when the number one player got pushed to her limits by a player who came just back after a break of almost two years and only played one single tournament before. How can you wonder about the loss of Mrs.Clijsters on red dirt after she hasn’t played on that surface for almost three years. There’s a huge game difference compared to hard courts. How hypocritical to beat up Mr. Odesnik( who was caught by police and wasn’t tested positive, how can this be!!!) instead to discuss the whole issue, because most leading anti-doping experts agree upon the much fishy state of doping controls within both bodies, ATP & WTA. If you want to know more than please go to http:/

Skorocel Says:

Hardsoulpoet: “At least she made the trip versus pulling out last minute citing “exhaustion” or the every popular “strained leg”.”

Yeah, and grabbed some € 100 000 of “under-the-table money” along the way ;-)

Kimmi Says:

a little bit of tennis

zeballos beats gonzalez easily in houston.

i remember watching one of his matches in miami..goodall from tennistv was saying ‘watch for this guy”. looks like there could be some talent here!

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