American Tennis Player Odesnik Caught Smuggling HGH
by Staff | March 26th, 2010, 9:25 am

American tennis player Wayne Odesnik is looking at a possible two-year ban after pleading guilty in an Australian court to smuggling human growth hormone (HGH) into the country.
The 24-year-old was found with eight vials each containing six milligrams in his luggage in January when he was en route to play the ATP tournament in Brisbane, then the Australian Open, Australian media reported.

The Australian Associated Press says he was fined 8000 Australian dollars ($7,286) and was ordered to pay court costs.

“For possession there’s a possible two-year ban,” a spokeswoman for the International Tennis Federation said. “We know the court hearing is over and we now await a report to be sent to our Tennis Anti-Doping Program. Until then we can’t provide any further comment.”

Odesnik reached a career-high ranking of No. 77 in April last year.

“Now that the civil case is concluded, the Tennis Anti-Doping Program will being an investigation, as we would in any doping case,” said ITF head of communications Barbara Travers, speaking to local media. “We don’t really comment on it once it’s gone into the system. We’ve confirmed that he’s going to be investigated but other than that, we don’t really comment.”

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20 Comments for American Tennis Player Odesnik Caught Smuggling HGH

Sean Randall Says:

To add. Guess what player who is announcing his retirement from the game was planning to coach Odesnik?

Guillermo Canas!

I’m not making it up, either!

Siddy Says:

Didn’t see that coming. What a STAIN on American tennis. How embarrassing for us. He’s an idiot for even trying it.

sar Says:

He used to brag about how he was the best American on clay.

Ben Pronin Says:

You guys realize he’s not the only one who uses PEDS, he just got caught in a dumb way.

Voicemale1 Says:

The funniest part of all this is that even using HGH, he’s still ranked no higher than #77 in the world :)

So you could make a case by asking how much does it really help you to win?

MMT Says:

He should be banned.

madmax Says:

really sad to read about this. How very disappointing that he could think he could even get away with it. Wonder what the other American players say about this? – naughty boy!

Riot Nrrrd™ Says:

He’s going to claim he got the vials from kissing a girl at a party.

(I agree with Voicemale1. For HGH being classified as a PED, it doesn’t seem to be helping his results very much.)

Amazed that anyone would use Steroids and the like. Didn’t Lyle Alzado teach us anything?

JoshDragon Says:

Unfortunately, I think a lot of players are using performance enhancing drugs, they’re just not getting caught with them.

Pretty sure Rafa and Serena, have both used them before. No other explanation as to how Nadal could have been so ripped at 18 or 19 years old.

Voicemale1 Says:

Ben Pronin Says:


This blog is a waste of time. It’s filled with nothing more than crackpot kook conspiracy theories. The author of this blog engenders the wholly ridiculous and impossible premise by his accusations: he expects the accused to prove the wildly absurd, unsubstantiated and conjectured claims of the accuser are untrue. His sensationalistic and tabloid-esque blog is designed to do nothing more than drive traffic to the site so he can raise banner ad revenues. He’s an idiot.

And this HGH story on Odesnik he trumpets on his blog is a case in point this blog’s author has no clue what he’s talking about. He rails incessantly about all the TOP players allegedly being on some kind of PED which leads them to be at the top (his bathroom break suspicions posting on his own site should prove to everyone once and for all he’s deranged). Yet here’s a guy trying to in fact smuggle into the USA for the exact purpose of using it, yet his performance hasn’t exactly sent him directly into the Top 10 because of it! Odesnik’s career is proof that even if you use such things it guarantees you absolutely nothing.

GlobalTennisForum Says:

Even though none of us wants to believe that there are doping cases in tennis every once and a while we find out one. Shame..

Von Says:

Isn’t HGH being manufactured by companies that sell natural supplements?

Not there Says:

Voicemale1: “Odesnik’s career is proof that even if you use such things it guarantees you absolutely nothing.”

Of course it guarantees you absolutely nothing, that is dead obvious. The real question is, why does it guarantee you nothing?
1) because a tennis player taking drugs does not play better than one not taking drugs,
2) because all the rest of the top 100 take drugs too.

Make your pick!

Andrew Miller Says:

This Odesnik case is bad news! The decision to dope is a big one and I would think it did not come to Odesnik on his own, That means some pressure it out there which means more than Odesnik are using.

Bad, bad stuff. I fear what it means for tennis.

Andrew Miller Says:

Sean’s link was no fun to read. Clearly Guillermo Canas doped and this Odesnik guy is stupid. Ben Pronin’s statement that there is more doping out there is no fun to read either.

I guess the players really are being stupid.

Vincent Says:

Voicemale1, the blog may be sometimes over-the-top, I sometimes think the author goes too far in his suspicions, but it’s meant to be like this. It just wants to wake people up, and it had some good success recently, as far as I know it was this blog who really broke up the story about the ITF 2009 statistics. Steve Tignor followed up, Bonnie Cramer at ESPN. Go read their articles, they’re no crackpots, yet they are disturbed.

And for Odesnik, please don’t rehash this super-old trope. Of course doping won’t turn a #200 into a #5. Talent, with or without doping, plays a role. However doping CAN make a #200 into a #100. It CAN make a #50 into a #40. And for lowly-ranked players, it can mean the world. There’s a reason why challenger tournaments are called the “jungle”.

Andrew Miller Says:

From one player (via

“A fellow player, who wished to remain anonymous, told that the revelation was less than shocking.

“I’m not surprised about Wayne,” he said. “We all had suspicions about three to four years ago. His upper body got huge at one point and his legs stayed skinny. He had zits all over his back. But it’s never worth all that risk.”

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