Querrey: ‘I Refuse to Lose’ to Odesnik Saturday in Houston
by Sean Randall | April 10th, 2010, 12:59 am

Some interesting happenings and rare tennis smack talk out of Houston where the alleged druggie Wayne Odesnik has defiantly marched his way into a semifinal grudge match against the popular Sam Querrey. And Sam’s having absolutely none of it. ADHEREL

“I refuse to lose to that guy,” Querrey told the Houston Chronicle in reference to playing Odesnik who was busted just a few weeks ago for transporting HGH into Australia. And that was before he knew Odesnik would in fact be his opponent.

After whipping Xavier Malisse, who had some drug issues of his own not long ago, Odesnik has now won all three matches in Houston this week without dropping a set to earn a spot opposite Sam.

When asked by the paper of Sam’s statement, the reserved Odesnik offered, “We’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

And we shall, Wayne. And, honestly, we can’t wait.

Odesnik and Querrey meet in the semifinals at 3pm local time in Houston (4pm East I believe) and the match is scheduled to be televised live on the Tennis Channel.

So get your chores done early. That means the yard work, washing the car, walking the dog, cleaning the house, taking the kids to soccer, painting the guest room, doing your taxes or even watching Tiger Woods at the Masters because tennis’s very own (alleged) disgraced cheater will be front and center against someone who says he’ll take him down. Get the popcorn ready, it’s virtually Christmas in April.

Querrey, a three-set winner over Nicolas Massu, is into his first career clay court semifinal. Odesnik, one of the better clay courters from the U.S., was a finalist in Houston a year ago.

The two Americans have never played at the pro level, but Odesnik has won three straight wins in minor leagues (Challengers, Futures) over Querrey, all on hardcourt most recently in 2006.

But Sam’s a far better player now and even though Wayne excels on the clay, I admire Sam’s attitude and his mission.

In the earlier 1pm semifinal 2009 New Comer of the Year Horacio Zeballos, a winner over former champ Fernando Gonzalez, will face fellow Argentina Juan Ignacio Chela. The veteran Chela ended Lleyton Hewitt return bid and hopes of defending his 2009 title.

If Odesnik-Querrey doesn’t rock your boat there’s always the Monte Carlo draw which should be released in the late morning.

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44 Comments for Querrey: ‘I Refuse to Lose’ to Odesnik Saturday in Houston

Kimo Says:

Blast him off, Sam.

Kimmi Says:

he he he! funny!

I wonder what will happen if odesnik win?

I like sam but in this instance i would like to see odesnik win…oh boy that would really pump up sam!

jack Says:

Odesnik is a cheater, not an alleged cheater – he already entered a guilty plea and was sentenced in Australia. This creep should be banned for life.

Maya Says:

A whole lot of people who could care less about a Sam Querrey match will be rooting hard for him. I hate cheaters and that’s one of many reasons can’t stand baseball’s A-Rod. Can’t wait for Odesnik to be banned.

Nick El Says:

Surely if Wayne has not consumed HGH, then merely being in pocession of the substance, is not grounds for a ban. If someone trafficks heroin, they can’t be automatically veiwed as a user.
Give the man a chance.

Kimmi Says:

I don’t know much about this kind of drug, but could they test his blood, tissues or whatever to see if he has ever taken it?

MMT Says:

That Odesnik is a disrace is without a doubt. The larger question is how it is he has not been caught in drug testing? If he is getting away with it, there’s a big hole in the system that needs to be filled.

contador Says:

anyone watching the houston semi-final?

contador Says:

first set going to a tiebreak!

must be a great match- *sigh*

golf highlights. i like the 16 yr old italian-wow.

Kimmi Says:

Hi conty..not watching. Who is playing in Houston now?

just checking at the score board

Querrey v odesnik

Querrey with the mini break here

Skorocel Says:

MMT: “The larger question is how it is he has not been caught in drug testing?”

Mind you, he’s just transporting it ;-)

Kimmi Says:

Querrey just cannot lose to odesnik..first set in the bag for querrey

Ben Pronin Says:

MMT, they don’t test for HGH.

Kimmi Says:

How did querrey lose 1-6 in the second set..not good…

Kimmi Says:

Odesnik broke early in the third set 3-2 odesnik serving..not looking good for querrey.

Kimmi Says:

ok querrey breaks back, so we are back on serve..

jane Says:

Come ON Sam!! WIN! No double faults allowed, lol.

jane Says:

That’s better… second serve Ace.

Kimmi Says:

still on serve, sam service games are going faster.

5-4 sam. Crunch time now!

Ben Pronin Says:

Wow, 7 double faults? What’s up with that?

jane Says:

Come on Sam Q.!!

Kimmi Says:

double faults seem to be the trend this year

Oops..0-30 sam two points away

15-40 two match points

Kimmi Says:

what happened, my score board is frozen

jane Says:

Mine too > What the what??

steve Says:

I’m guessing they had to stop due to rain, given that the daily weather forecast for Houston predicts rain.

Ben Pronin Says:

Everything stopped. What’s going on???

Sean Randall Says:

Odesnik dismissed. Querrey broke Wayne to win 7-5 in the third.

Sean Randall Says:

Ted mentioned on the telecast (Tennis Channel) that there was some computer bug causing a scoreboard issue.

I guess that may have been what many of you saw with online scoring.

Kimmi Says:

is there a match were had to be suspended on a match point? crazy stuff. Odesnik will go to the locker room, re-group, comeback, hit 3 aces..take the match to the tie break and….ok impossible!

Ben Pronin Says:

Good to know. Sean, did Querrey shake hands with Odesnik?

Sean Randall Says:

Sam had a simple put away at the net on match point.

Handshake was quick with no words exchanged.

In the postmatch interview Ashley Fisher never asked Sam about Wayne’s drug controversy and of Sam’s pre-match proclamation.

Kimmi Says:

Thanks sean..haaaa! Querrey “I refuse to lose to that guy,”..well, he was not kidding!

jane Says:

Thanks Sean. Sam “I refuse to lose” does it – Woot!! Now win the title Sam. You’ll be following in Roddick’s footsteps, as I believe he owns a title or two from Houston.

Yeah, I am curious too – what was the exchange at the net like?

jane Says:

Oh, thanks again for clarifying Sean.

And Kimmi, we’re right on cue again. ; )

Sean Randall Says:

Credit to Sam, he backed it up! Not easy to do especially for a guy as mild-mannered and relaxed as Sam. I’m sure it’s huge weight off his shoulders.

I’ll be interested to see if Wayne plays more events.

Kimmi Says:

hahaha jane..weird!:)

Sean Randall Says:

It was like a WTA handshake. Real quick. The two may not even have looked at each other.

Ben Pronin Says:

Odesnik or not, I do want Sam to win this title.

Roddick owns 3 titles there and 2 other finals.

Dan Martin Says:

Good win for Sam!

jane Says:

Anyone following Sam Q’s ‘I refuse to lose’ scores right now? He’s in the third set versus Chela – the decider just started.

jane Says:

Bummer: Sam has just been broken in the third, and so Chela’s now serving for the match/title.

Kimmi Says:

I was on the other thread..watched a little bit of a match..after he got broken in the second set sam seem to have lost it. His FH was leaking big time..he seem to be going for too much, wants to finish point early…you can tell by a margin of the UE on a match point.

As I said on the other thread, chela must be on a resurgent, he dissapeared for a while. Good for him.

How old is he now..must be in his 30s maybe..let me check..yap, he is 30.

TD (Tam) Says:

I am very pleased Sam beat Odesnick, his continued run was turning Houston into a joke! It must not have been easy for Sam to play since he made the match so personal, he doesn’t strike me as the rumble type lol. Maybe he will have learned something this weekend about himself and what he must do, and not do, in order to close out matches. He should not have lost to Chela in the final. I wish him great luck at Roland Garros.

MMT Says:

According to this site:


WADA has been testing for HGH since 2004. I don’t know what this punk’s excuse is for carrying vials of it if he’s not using. He should explain himself because his legal proceeding is concluded with his guilty plea in Australia. There’s no reason for him to hide behind his lawyers.

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