Roddick Meets Mayer Tonight in San Jose; Djokovic in Rotterdam SFs
by Sean Randall | February 11th, 2010, 6:37 pm

It’s not a true marquee matchup, but I’ll be interested in tonight’s result between Andy Roddick and Leonardo Mayer from San Jose. ADHEREL

Roddick (perhaps better known in some circles as SI cover girl Brooklyn Decker’s husband) was actually down big yesterday in the second set to Ryler Deheart before he recovered and won 6-1, 7-6.

The 22-year-old Mayer figures to be a much tougher foe than Deheart. The Argentine has a prototypical clay game but play wells on all surfaces. At 6’2” he’s got some pop and I’d be surprised if a year from now he’s not in the Top 40 or higher.

The winner, which I think will be Roddick, gets Tomas Berdych tomorrow night. Also today Fernando Verdasco is in action against Ben Becker with former junior No. 1 Ricardas Berankis awaiting the victor Friday.

Ongoing at the moment is a good matchup between two big-serving Americans, Sam Queerey and Taylor Dent. Indoor tennis should favor Taylor in that one.

In Rotterdam, Novak Djokovic has already reached the semifinals. The Serb straight-setted Marco Chuidenelli earlier today and then already received a walkover from Florian Mayer in his scheduled quarterfinal round. On Saturday Novak will face either my man Gael Monfils or Mikhail Youhzny.

In the other semifinal looks like a Nikolay Davydenko v. Robin Soderling showdown. I like Davydenko there and then again in the final. In best-of-3 he’s been the man!

There’s also some wet clay action in Brazil. Juan Carlos Ferrero is already in to the quarterfinals. The red-hot Tomasz Belucci is scheduled to play his second rounder today once the rain clears.

I wrote last week on Rafael Nadal’s future. Well, Uncle Toni spoke and he says Rafa will be back on the tennis courts next Monday. He said next month’s Indian Wells was a go for Rafa with the Davis Cup still a possibility.

On one hand it’s good news that Rafa’s recent knee injury wasn’t that bad. On another, I have to wonder if a few weeks to heal a tear is enough time. What’s the rush?

And if you are wondering Roger Federer’s next event is in Dubai which begins a week from Monday. Federer’s Australian Open victim Andy Murray returns in Marseille next week along with Jo Tsonga and Juan Martin Del Potro.

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76 Comments for Roddick Meets Mayer Tonight in San Jose; Djokovic in Rotterdam SFs

Kimmi Says:

Sean, thanks for posting a thread to talk about this week tennis. All previous threads were swallowed up..much appreciated.

“Federer’s Australian Open victim Andy Murray returns in Marseille next week along with Jo Tsonga and Juan Martin Del Potro.”

so delpo is also playing marseille next week. hmmm! why these guy miss an ATO 500 and play a 250 is beyong my understanding. The only reason I can think is they needed another week rest after the AO?

“In the other semifinal looks like a Nikolay Davydenko v. Robin Soderling showdown. I like Davydenko there and then again in the final. In best-of-3 he’s been the man!”

A little bit too early to predict the final, Sean…Hope you did not jinx davy already lol

Kimmi Says:

Del Potro out for up to eight weeks with wrist injury

US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro has injured his wrist in training and is likely to need up to two months to recover from the problem.


jane Says:

Oy yoi yoi. Too bad about Delpo. Too many injuries!! He won’t be able to defend his run at Miami then… To the semis wasn’t it?

contador Says:

sean randall, thanks for the updates.

lol, true, maybe it’s not a “marquee match-up” , but when one needs a tennis fix….roddick v leonardo will do just fine.

and it is about to start, kimmi, anybody care?

19 yr old, ricardas berankis of lithuania? well, he’s close to latvia, home of gulbis. not that, that matters. but barankis i read is only 5’8″, which in the era of 6’6’ers is a quite the disavantage for getting too far up the rankings.

delpo has a smart team. he will try to be in peak form in time for an FO title, is what i think. get in line guys.

jane Says:

You have me curious contador; I am watching. : )

contador Says:

help! i feel like cheering for underdog, leo.

whazzup with that? i think i’m just hoping for a match- not a roddick practice session.

contador Says:

curious yes, but excited? i’m not quite there yet, Jane. hoping leo can hold serve like sometimes is all.

contador Says:

yeah! leo is on the scoreboard!

Kimmi Says:

I think this delpo injury is becoming serious one, It started end of last year.. played poorly in Tokyo, retire in shanghai and was still nursing the wrist in Paris but manage to play well in WTF. He then re-injured himself in Kooyong..which slowed his performance in the AO and now he re-injured himself again. hmmm! not looking good. They say tendinitis isn’t it? lots of players are struggling with that..Murray too, he needs to be careful.

jane, 8 weeks out means back on clay I guess, he defends Qtr final in IW and semi in miami. We will see. BTW davydenko has zero points to defend till clay season, there is potential he will move to # 5 maybe even 4 depending on how rafa does.

Its raining cats and dogs in Brasil Open..was looking forward to see Belluci but no matches so far today..I have become a fan, the guy can play on clay. Hope he does well here.

Contador, Roddick already on the court and doing OK as usual so far, will see how far I can go ..almost my bed time.

Kimmi Says:

The guy is making bad errors early on here!

jane Says:

Yes, they are both holding steady, kind of feeling each other out I think. contador, I know what you mean; it’s better to see a close match than a rout, generally speaking.

Kimmi, I worry that Delpo will continue to be injury prone. Seems he was somewhat injury prone as a junior too right? His back? Anyhow, we’ll see.

Kimmi Says:

break, and there goes the set

jane Says:

Yep there she goes; when you’re playing Roddick you have to hold unless you are a great returning and have a chance of breaking back.

contador Says:

i am unable to watch, jane/ kimmi. some non tennis watching friends stopped by.

have to miss this one; but will read thread later tonight.

go leo!

Kimmi Says:

“some non tennis watching friends stopped by. ”

LOL enjoy but I don’t think there will be “go leo” he is a set and a break down.

Goodnight guys – tomorrow!

jane Says:

contador – the match is firmly in Rod’s hands now, not missing a tense one or anything. In fact I think I just caught Andy yawning waiting to return one of Leo’s serves. LOL!

jane Says:

Nite Kimmi – I am out too. : )

contador Says:

LOL….roddick yawning, eh?

well, roddick might, there is a chance for a decent quarterfinal match in san jose, depending if the berdie comes out playing tennis or not, that is.

yes sadly, and i have tried in every which way to sell it to them but all relatives and acquaintance are stubbornly, non tennis watchers, who have absolutely no clue why i have my laptop streaming tennis this time of year, lol..

only time watching tennis to them is acceptable is during us open and sorta during wimbledon. so sad, isn’t it?

jane Says:

contador, lol. yeah, most of my family is not huge on tennis either (except for husband, son, aunt, uncle and great granddad) – most are into hockey and/or skiing/snowboarding. Monf is getting beat by Youz a.t.m.

contador Says:

yes, i have a stream, Jane

“(except for husband, son, aunt, uncle and great grandad)” that sounds like a team to me!

unfortunately, my dad is gone, as in died too soon, in 2002.

(not meaning to get to personal here.)

and if he was still here, he’d even be ‘concerned’ about me following as much tennis, as i have started doing.

it’s all about basketball here, since superbowl is over. but i’ll have plenty of company watching the winter olympics., especially the boarding, downhill skiing and hockey…none of the macho set will endure figure skating- at least men’s figure skating….though i love it all jane, even luge and the one on ice where people use brooms to sweep a disk into a target area- what’s it called?

and it’s a break chance for youzy after losing first set…

oops, deuce again.

contador Says:

youzy broke monf!

now hold. make a match here, youzy, you can do it!

jane Says:

Sorry to hear re: your father contador. : ( On a positive note, I just watched the torch being passed in my neighborhood – my 9 yr old son was thrilled! Lots of red and white needless to say. One of the luge riders was just in a terrible accident during training: don’t know from where or how serious but just saw footage of the crash and it was awful.

Back to tennis – looks like Youz is making another push in the second, but somehow I see Monf coming through.

contador Says:

luge is truly frightening. have no idea why one would do it, but there you go.

no worries about my dad. life is tough sometimes for ALL of us. hopefully, we gain something positive, in time.

yes, i agree monf will come through- unless monf starts to crack and youzy summons the unusual confidence he was playing with last fall, for awhile.

the torch in your neighborhood—how exciting! ohh Can-a-da!

jane Says:

Well, this is clearly going 3 sets hey?

Luge is scary; I said to my husband: “that’s one thing about tennis. Overall, it’s safe!”

contador Says:

overall, if monf can keep it together, as in attention span, he is sure to use his height and power over youzy.

love monfs smile as he wins a line call.

monfils still appears to be having fun. 15 minute game goes to a very casual, unphased monf.

set points for youz but no. monf is cool.

contador Says:

here we go into the decider. youzy tight, monf a little too casual.

monf is being monf. chose a ‘hotdog tweener’ on an important point.

gotta love him. he’s entertaining.

and a mto for the russian. getting an arm massage

jane Says:

This is a tight one. Yes, Monf is fun to watch. Good to have some characters like him, even if he’s often frustrating too.

contador Says:

is it choke time for youzy?

jane Says:

Surprise – Youz upsets La Monf in a tight one. I guess it’s not too shocking given that Youz has won this event in the past; it must give him some confidence.

contador Says:

3 match points ….

there it is. youzy has little chance against djoko.

monf has such a great first serve, if it’s on, which it wasn’t today and his speed, his reach…

is ‘i am it’ posting under a different name? where’d he go?

Kimmi Says:

la monf, la monf..Thanks for the live commentary guy. The moment I think he is now getting it..he frustrates and disappoints again. Oh well, still holding hopes for him.

sar Says:

If Djokovic doesn’t beat Youzhny tomorrow I won’t speak to him again.

contador Says:

me either, sar. it can’t happen!

i caught a little of the djoko v chewy replay this afternoon. djoko looks to be is good form.

youzy was barely a warm-up i’m afraid for davy, assuming davy takes care of le soda.

Kimmi Says: are funny! I know for sure Djoko will beat Youzhny, it is davydenko that I would worry about. But davy has a very difficult “le soda” tomorrow. Contador..I love that :). Soda loves indoor fast courts and he had davy number till recently. hope it is a cracker. For a better final, davy will be good to win this.

contador Says:

kimmi, i am amazed you even understood my meaning in that sentence!

meant: youzy will be barely a warm-up for djoko to get ready for davy.

le soda pop ( i actually really like robin soderling ) loves an indoor fast court but i have not seen him play since last fall. if he’s injury-free, yes, that semi will be a “cracker!”

and shoot! i wanted to watch some berankis v nando streaming, mainly out just curious to have a look at barankis. but alas, all attempts to excuse myself from going out for pizza have failed.

tomorrow the “cracker” though!

the youzy can’t beat djoko. i mean djoko would have to be having a REALLY off day.

Kimmi Says:

making sense there now contador..I give Djoko a straight set win. Le soda saved a bread stick and bagel to benneteau, really! was soda that good? should davy be really afraid? Will see tomorrow eh

I love hot sauce, I think i will watch. I saw on ATP site this berankis (?) guy breaking to the first qtr final ever done by a man from Lithuanian..good for him.

Kimmi Says:

s/b le sada served up a bread…

Andy Says:

Good preview, but let’s give De Heart some props, a career Journeyman who pushed Roddick to a tiebreak. His career, and his press interviews, are help illustrate the difference between the greats and the merely supremely talented.

Kimmi Says:

hmmm! My guy belluci finally lost to a brazillian wildcard (what an effort for this WC) in a day that had winners play 2 matches due to that rainy day yeaterday but he had a great run coupled with a title last week.

And in san jose, it is the end of the road to berankis. good effort though, better luck next time.

OLYMPICS! YAY! opening ceremony just starting! great! Sad day though for that Olympia from Georgia..what a tragic. Really real hope everything else ends well from here!

Kimmi Says:

Anybody else watching Davy v soda? I think will be a good match.

contador Says:

i’m trying Kimmi….but no stream yet, just live score.

soda was about to break davy to go up 2-0 but now it’s a battle at deuce. that’s the good news. both starting right of with fire…

oh, just gimme a stream, channelsurfing, puuuhlease.

Kimmi Says:

Soderling playing better right now, serving bullets..this match could go either way..

Kimmi Says:

contador, there u r! how come no streaming yet, bummer. I am watching on

here..go ATP rotterdam. I like this site better actually

contador Says:

yes, i like that one better too. atp rotterdam is listed now on both sites but no sound or picture yet.

wow! the score appears like soda wants this? or is davy not on a roll?

Kimmi Says:

aaarg! poor game by davy, 2 double faults..sod breaks 4-2! really davy needs to do something quick..this match looks like its soda all the way!

Its true soda has davydenko number

contador Says:

the first set will be over fast!! pop, pop, soda pop

Kimmi Says:

Strange! what happened to that stream, there was a picture before..when I posted the link but now no picture

Kimmi Says:

davy has no look at soda pops (serves) at all..he has won I think 2 or 3 points since the start of the match. bigs serves from soda though

Kimmi Says:

do we see a choke from soda..davy breaks back, we have a match!

contador Says:

i have sound, sorta …..

just in time for davy to break back. the russian apparently alive now, eh?

contador Says:

soda is no stranger to choking

Kimmi Says:

hope davy can take it to tiebreak..this set deserves

Kimmi Says:

very disappointing from davy..a df to end the set tells it all.

contador Says:

laptop completely froze. had to restart.

now no pic, no sound. but at least livescore

and i see we are in a tie breaker now

i think davy will get it done

much as i love soda- well if i was watching it’s always a toss-up between them- never know which to cheer

oh 3 set points for soda!

swedie got it, first set.

now, c’mon davy! step on the gas and take the 2nd, so we get a decider!

Kimmi Says:

Contador, tou have some drama with your tennis watch today..he he good luck.

Soda is poping again

contador Says:

sound returned.

british comentator says: ” watching davydenko live is mesmerizing.; lightening quick speed.”

Kimmi Says:

OK..that did not make sense. What I wanted to say much drama for you while watching tennis today.

I agree, davy needs to take this to decider..c’mon davy

Kimmi Says:

yeah contador, I heard something like that and they urge us to watch these guys live..apparently its worth it!

contador Says:

someday soon, kimmi.

problem is: i get the tennischannel? oh brother, nothing else will get done.

oh it’s nic lester commentating. and ‘robbie’ ? love those guys.

even in the 2nd. any looks at mrs davy, kimmi? team davy? eduardo?

contador Says:

it’s not easy to write in complete sentences lol

contador Says:

davy has his ‘improved’ serve, too.

robin has his head under a towel, i imagine about now.

Kimmi Says:

Mrs davy very tense right now..her man is hanging on a rope…c’mon davy third set

contador Says:

yeah, i bet she is tense. her man has to get this set.


kolya will get this done, in 3. maybe

Kimmi Says:

maybe maybe. but kudos to soda for putting a good fight

Kimmi Says:

hmm davy fell off, and calls for trainer..oh dear

contador Says:

really? davy fell down?

Kimmi Says:

oh nothing major, just a little cut but he is facing 3 break points..oh no!

Kimmi Says:

oh dear another double fault from davy to give the break to soda..I am afraid this is the end of davy. 5-4 soda..serving for the match

contador Says:

eee gads! break back, kolya, break back!

still time for robin to choke? finishing of the match?

Kimmi Says:

choking time..hehe or NOT booming forst serve..match point soda

Kimmi Says:

game set match soda..he really has davy number.

7-6 6-4

contador Says:

super soda got it.

boohoo’ing for davy. nasty loss, i think.

contador Says:

hmm, soda v djoko tomorrow?

thinking that one over….

Kimmi Says:

thanks contador for the company. Great match, to be honest did not give soda a big chance..why would I doubt him, he is playing briliantly. congrats soda..needs to get back to order, did not start well this year.

contador Says:

yes thank you more, kimmi!

great job by soda.

gotta go, but tomorrow will try again to ‘watch’ kimmi. should be another ‘cracker’ of a atp 500 final!

jane Says:

Wow Soda won; I am surprised, but good for him. He’s been to the finals here once before. He’ll want to win this time and he has a good shot. Beat Novak last time they met, and he’s 1-1 versus Youz, winning their only match in 09 – Youz won here before in 2007 so it won’t be a cakewalk for Novak. We’ll see.

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