Federer Tries To Stop The Rot; Roddick, Raonic Return From Injury In San Jose
by Sean Randall | February 15th, 2012, 9:12 am

Turning to tennis, there are several significant players in action on this Wednesday. Roger Federer will try to end a 3-match slide (including doubles) today in Rotterdam against Nicolas Mahut.

Federer was swept in both Davis Cup matches over weekend on his home turf by the U.S., including a stunning loss to Mahut’s conqueror in the longest match in tennis history, John Isner. Roger, as he’s done so often in the past, will try again to put the past behind him and focus on winning more titles and possibly returning to No. 1. He says the passion in still there.

“I think I do [still] have the pressures of a World No. 1,” said Federer. “That never really changes with all the success I’ve had. I have the same attention; there’s just different stories written. I’ve had a wonderful career so far. The fire is the same, basically. It’s just in terms of having a family now and not being World No. 1.

“But I take so much joy out of playing this sport and travelling the world still. I do care mostly about trying to win tournaments. That’s what’s important. That’s how I could get back to World No. 1 potentially. I have to get back to winning ways again after losing the last two, and I hope I can start doing that on Wednesday.”

Also in Rotterdam, Juan Martin Del Potro is in action right now against a tough indoor foe in Michael Llodra. No. 2 seed Tomas Berdych was already a winner.

In San Jose, it’s the return of two of the biggest servers in men’s tennis, Andy Roddick and Milos Raonic.

Roddick has been sidelined since injuring his hamstring against Lleyton Hewitt at the Australian Open. Though from the video it doesn’t look like he’s been shaken up about the the injury. Tonight the former No. 1 battles young American qualifier Dennis Kudla.

Meanwhile, Raonic, who won the San Jose title last year, injured his knee over the weekend in Davis Cup. The oft-injured (I hate to say it, but he is) Canadian withdrew from a much-anticipated match against JW Tsonga in the reverse Davis Cup singles Sunday, and also pulled out of a doubles exo Monday night in San Jose.

If Roanic’s knee is healthy he’ll begin his maiden title defense tonight against Tobias Kamke.

Ryan Harrison and Sam Querrey are also scheduled on a busy day in San Jose.

CENTRE COURT start 11:00 am
[Q] M Bachinger (GER) vs M Baghdatis (CYP)
L Rosol (CZE) vs [2] T Berdych (CZE)

Not Before 1:30 PM
M Llodra (FRA) vs [3] J Del Potro (ARG)
[WC] T de Bakker (NED) / R Haase (NED) vs M Fyrstenberg (POL) / M Matkowski (POL)

Not Before 7:30 PM
[1] R Federer (SUI) vs N Mahut (FRA)
[Q] P Mathieu (FRA) vs N Davydenko (RUS)

STADIUM start 9:30 am
M Ebden (AUS) vs D Sela (ISR)
D Istomin (UZB) vs S Querrey (USA)
R Harrison (USA) vs [8] O Rochus (BEL)
[5] J Benneteau (FRA) vs R Sweeting (USA)
J Cerretani (USA) / M Ebden (AUS) vs [WC] R Ginepri (USA) / T Rettenmaier (USA)

Not Before 7:00 PM
[Q] D Kudla (USA) vs [2] A Roddick (USA)
[3] M Raonic (CAN) vs T Kamke (GER)

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23 Comments for Federer Tries To Stop The Rot; Roddick, Raonic Return From Injury In San Jose

Humble Rafa Says:

The oft-injured (I hate to say it, but he is)

Why should you hate to say it? come on. Your Humble Highness is injured most of the time but is not shy to discuss them at length at every single opportunity. Don’t be shy, mate.

Angel Says:

Humble Rafa, why don’t you get a life a stop the stupid behavior of crticizing Federer for everything he does. You must be really pissed that your humble hero won’t be able to pass the 16 slams and will be remembered as the best number 2 in the history. Get over it.

RZ Says:

Angel, if you read a lot of Humble Rafa’s posts, you’ll realize that he/she pretty much criticizes everyone, including Nadal. It took me some getting used to, but I now find his/her comments amusing.

Polo Says:

I thought Humble Rafa’s post is really funny. I don’t see anything there that was critical of Federer. He was making fun of his Humble Highness. We all know who he was referring to. I don’t know what Angel was complaining about.

Kimmi Says:

humbel rafa seem to get lots of back up in here. congratulations, tennis-x bloggers must love you.

Nicole Says:

All the guys are too “clean”, reserved, and most answers are political…I wish there were more guys like McEnroe, Nastase, Becker, or Krajicheck who speak their opinion even or especially when it is controversial. Nowadays, a press conference feels like “State of the Union Address”.

I like http://www.fit-2-hit.com

Fritz Says:

Angels are usually smart, but this one who commented above at 11:31 is a moron.

I am actually stunned by his/her stupidity! It appears to be a Federer fan.

skeezerweezer Says:

Soooo…anyhow…..uhmmmmm..Fed wins his first round against Mahut 4 and 4 :) @ Rotterdam.

Wog boy Says:

Youzhny withdrew, Federer in QF !

Kimmi Says:

Is that right wog boy, hmm, i was wondering why he is not playing tomorrow.

jane Says:

Here’s a very long – and positive – article for Fed’s fans:


dari Says:

Will have to wait till Friday to see Rog play, wanna see how he is doing after rough weekend!

vox777 Says:

@Humble Rafa:
Don’t worry, most of people understand and appreciate your comments. But you are not highness anymore… Maybe Viceroy? :)

vox777 Says:

@Sean Randall:

More info for your blog:

Don’t miss out news :)

Polo Says:

Novak Djokovic is indeed very deserving of the highest award his country can give to its citizen. He has represented his country very well to the rest of the world. Another big congratulations to him.

jane Says:

That was a nice honour vox777. Congrats to Nole.

roy Says:


rafa is only 25, so you can count on 2-3 more french at least. might start getting nervous then huh? bloated winning record against the goat, olympic gold,davis cups, more masters, better winning percentage…fed fans are very lucky novak hit some form or the GOAT debate would practically be over as of now.

Angel Says:

Roy I don’t think that Rafa can beat Novak anywhere so I would be really sorprised if Nadal win one more Grand Slam.

Mark Says:

@Angel. That is just wishful thinking on your part.

alison hodge Says:

novak is the hottest male singles player atm,but thats not to say hes a shoe to necassarily win every grand slam final hes in,or even get to every final,if he and rafa hold onto there ranking spots,nole will have to face either roger or andy,so either of them could meet rafa in the final,assuming they all get that far.

Daniel Says:

French Open tickets bought today, forgot yesterday was the opening day for individual tickets and almost lost my window.

With RG 2012 I will complete Wimby, US Open and RG, missing only AO, hope next year. Dream come true!

I have tickets for Tuesday May 29th and even though would love to see Fed play live again, I hope to see Nadal play in RG. Actually, hope the ranking holds and I got to see both of them on the dirt:)

jane Says:

Lucky you Daniel; congrats and I hope you get your wish and see Nadal. What years did you go to Wimbledon and the USO. Have you seen Nole play live? Murray?

Daniel Says:

Wimby 09′ and US Open 11′.

Got to see everybody but Murray. Nadal’s crazy spin passing shots, Nole’s return are amazing, and Fed hit the ball harder than it seems.

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