Venus Williams Wins Acapulco; Skipping Indian Wells Up Next
by Jeremy Davis | February 27th, 2010, 11:09 pm

Former No. 1 Venus Williams ended the week much as she experienced the bulk of it at the Mexican Open in Acapulco, needing three sets to defeat an opponent ranked outside the Top 50, topping Polana Hercog 2-6, 6-2, 6-3.
In the quarterfinals Williams defeated Spain’s No. 399-ranked Laura Pios Tio in three sets, and in the semis she beat No. 164-ranked Edina Gallovits in three. Hercog is ranked No. 60.

It was the second consecutive title for Williams after winning last week in Dubai, with the elder Williams sister successfully defending her Acapulco title from 2009.

“I played such a good opponent,” Williams said. “In the first set she did not miss one shot and I had to find a way to get into the match.”

The 19-year-old Hercog was appearing in her first WTA final.

“I would love to come next year,” Williams said. “I have to make it three, a hat trick. I think I can do it. It’s not an easy tournament to win, as you can see this year.”

Williams will now take a three-week break from the tour as she is not in the draw at Monterrey, Mexico this week, and annually skips the two-week Indian Wells event since 2001 when her sister and father branded the event and California fans racists after they booed the sisters when Venus defaulted five minutes prior to a scheduled semifinal match against Serena, and booed Serena in the final. The sisters’ father, Richard, says he heard racists comments during the final.

“The elliptical way in which this was communicated by the sisters, coupled with the cryptic comments made by their father Richard, suggested the default was triggered by something other than a legitimate injury,” recalled tennis writer Joel Drucker, writing for ESPN. “Two days later, when Serena took the court to play the finals, an angry crowd booed her. Serena and Venus haven’t been seen at Indian Wells since.”

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10 Comments for Venus Williams Wins Acapulco; Skipping Indian Wells Up Next

Jess Says:

After getting great support from the Mexican fans Venus stated that she had never, ever received that kind of support before. Not Fed Cup, US Open, the Olympics or at home. How sad.

Jess Says:

Now I understand why she is not jumping up and down to play Fed Cup at the age of 29. Venus and Serena helped to win Fed Cup in 1999, and have 5 Gold Metals between them and they still get less support then non-Americans at home.

tennis served fresh Says:

It’s been 9 years since that “incident”, I think people need to put it behind them and start playing tennis – that’s what people pay to see.
Oh and Jess, yes, they are great athletes, however; their attitudes stink, it’s clear that the Williams sisters aren’t desiring their fans attention, why would they be supported?

Herbert Says:

No, thier attitudes DON’T stink. I guess you have never been subjected to rascism the way we Africans have been. Imagine not being allowed into a supermarket because it’s for white people only, not allowed to walk on certain roads because they are for white people only, having an education system for white people and and a “Not so good” one for blacks, not allowed to vote in national elections because I am black. If you have been through not only the above, but even much more, then you can understand those girls and thier father. I’m black but I have no problem with white people, only the rascist ones are the ones I can’t stand, and in my part of the world there are countless.

Jonathan Says:

I will forever support the Williams Sisters boycott of Indian Wells until their retirement. I understand their stance on it, and wish them all the best.

tennis served fresh Says:

Not being able to walk into a market or having to walk on certain roads because a person is black? Are we still living in the 50’s??? How much farther has society progressed in the last 60 years? Haven’t you been paying attention? And yes, their attitudes do stink, professional athletes should not pull out the race card against their fans and tournament organizers…you don’t see the whities calling racism in the NFL or NBA do you? Is Gael Monfils calling the sport racist? Last I remember, he is black. And tennis is not a “white” sport, it’s constructed of 85% of countries of the GLOBE, white, brown, yellow, green, blue…you name it, that race is playing tennis.

Sissi Says:

What happened in Indian Wells (i’m not telling everywhere but in THAT PARTICULAR PLACE) was complete racism @tennisservedfresh (something i’m sure you never experienced). It’s not about professionalism, it’s about standing up to the values and integrity.
Why would it benefit them to lie about what happened? Indian Wells is a big tournament and i love that they have strong feelings about that;
After all you are a white person, you certainly can’t understand so don’t try to find ecxuses.
Your excuse about Monfils is lame. First he’s not american and YES, tennis has always been a White sport and always will be.

k Says:

I dont believe they think the sport is they just felt that the home crowd should be more supportive and i have to say its been 9 years now or more that they have not play trust me if a person from any race boycotted for that long I got to believe they felt discriminated again especially at your home crowd. you have to remember Indian Wells is also part owned by Billie Jean King and the sisters both love and support her and she has stated herself she does not try to convince them to play!

I agree with u (tennis served fresh) they should just put it behind and move on cause its an American tournament and if i decide to go buy a tennis ticket it would be to see them play but i just wait till they play in that Bank of west tournament in california; I think that they never expected the treatment that they recieve and dont ever want to be reminded of that experience I mean look how much cash the given up not including the yr end pool they are not eligible for because of non participation were talking millions those girls really were racially discriminated against in my mind i dont see any other reason being a fellow american they would give up all those millions when they could play and just choose to lose in the first second or third round lets be honest they do that at other liuttle tournaments why not this one???

tennis served fresh Says:

Sissi, that’s very assuming of you…what makes you think that I’m white? Or that I have never experienced racism? As a matter of fact, I am a minority here in the US and YES I have been placed into a certain racial category. However, I keep on doing what I’m doing, not because I’m too proud, I do it because it’s what I signed up for.

I’m not racist against the Williams sisters, I do admire their game (tennis). I just don’t think it’s fair to all the their tennis fans that they bail out of a tournament.

SouLKid Says:

Did u say its not fair to their fans? You mean the ones that booed Serena throughout the final in 2001? I don’t know about you but I don’t boo my favorite players even during their lowest moments. And please do not speak for WS’ fans because their true fans know how unfair they have it out there.

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